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2016-2-25 Old Man or Old Self: Why do some Bible translations change it from "old man & the new man" to "old self & new self"? [Colossians 3:10]
2016-2-25 Retreat Supports Abortion & Homosexuality: My church goes to a retreat that is pro-abortion & pro-gay, so should I participate?
2016-2-25 Church Membership for Church Discipline: A church requires church membership because of church discipline so they don't get sued for slander.
2016-2-25 More & More Evil: What about Jesus said it will become more & more evil & prosecution will happen. Gender-neutral Bathrooms.
2016-2-25 Preterism: What is preterism? What does it mean?
2016-2-25 Charismatic: In the book of Acts, when they had the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, there was something where they knew they had received it, & why & when has it changed?
2016-2-25 Women in Ministry: Caller enjoyed the previous day's show about Women in ministry.
2016-2-25 Sea Cow (Manity): what is a sea cow? (A Manity) [Exodus 35:21-23]
2016-2-25 Church Wants Its Members to Comply with New Theology: my church was arminianism for over 35 yrs but have switched over to a more Calvinistic approach & they are passing out membership cards you have to sign that says you will submit to how the elders interpret the Bible
2016-2-24 Greg Boyd & Women in the Ministry: Greg Boyd talking about women in ministry, being in leadership positions, that it was just a cultural issue during Paul's time which is why he seemed against it. [2 Timothy 2, Romans 16:7]
2016-2-24 Man at Pool of Bethesda: The miracle at pool of Bethesda, was the man saved or did he just get healed? did he know that he was turning Jesus in to the authorities? [John 5]
2016-2-24 Authority to Forgive Sins: Asking a priest for forgiveness, When WE forgive, or the priests forgive & the sins are forgiven, what authority does the priest have to forgive sins? [John 20:21-23]
2016-2-24 Powers of the Age to Come-New Heaven & Earth: In the Dispensational view, the coming of new heavens and new earth, is this during the new covenant order happening or is it talking about the Millennium in Revelation 20? New Testament writers always seemed to apply Isaiah’s poetry to their own current church age, poetic language, God’s people will have eternal life. [Isaiah 65:18-25, Revelation 20]
2016-2-24 Trinity & Jesus being the Son of God: esus, the Son of God, distinction between being the Son & being God, how is God in the flesh?
2016-2-23 Scholars: I thought scholars were to just be able to translate Scripture in from the language they are interpreting from & not present their own theology. Is that right?
2016-2-23 Testing a Prophet-Especially Joseph Smith: How do you test a prophet?
2016-2-23 Witnessing to Mormons: It says in the Bible that no one can become gods, & the caller gives Scripture to counter the Mormon claim that we can. [Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 44:8, Deuteronomy 4:39-40, Jeremiah 10:11]
2016-2-23 "Blessed is He that cometh": How would you as a Partial Preterist & how would a Dispensationalist interpret Matthew 23:37-38? [Matthew 23:3-39]
2016-2-23 Birds Eating Carcasses: The birds coming to eat the carcasses in Luke, is it related to Revelation 19? [Luke 17:37, Luke 24, Revelation 19, 1 Thessalonians 1:9]
2016-2-23 24 Elders in Revelation: The Dispensationalist view is that the 24 elders represents the church, & if the 12 disciples are part of these, wouldn't John be including himself in them? Can you comment on this? [Revelation 4:4]
2016-2-23 Modern Day Idolatry: What constitutes an idol for the modern-day Christian? [1 John 5:21, Ephesians 5:5]
2016-2-23 Receiving Christ: Is there a proper way to receive Christ?
2016-2-23 Comments about 24 Elders & Preterism: Caller has a convoluted way of saying Revelation is mostly talking about 70 AD & not the future, talking about 24 elders & so on.
2016-2-23 Biblical Inerrancy: Caller doesn't believe in Biblical inerrancy & wondering if Steve can comment on it. [1 Corinthians 1:10-17, Titus 1:12]
2016-2-22 Witnessing to Mormons: Caller thought he presented a pretty good presentation on Christianity to some Mormons, but the Mormons presented why their church was right.
2016-2-22 Great & Terrible Day of the Lord: What is the great & terrible of Day of the Lord? I thought it was the destruction of the 70 ad of Jerusalem, but apparently it's not? [Acts 2:19-20, Joel 2:31]
2016-2-22 William Branham: I have someone who is interested William Branham & the Emerald Tablet, a healer prophet, but do you have anything about him that I can give them?
2016-2-22 Testing the Spirits: Can you explain what John meant by "testing the spirits"? [1 John 4:1, 1 Corinthians 14:29, 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21, Deuteronomy 13:1-4]
2016-2-22 Nero being the Anti-Christ or Beast: Would you consider Nero to be the antichrist? [1 John 2:18-22, 1 John 4:3, 2 John 1:7]
2016-2-22 The Eucharist: The bread & wine turning into the body & blood of Jesus, the only way you can tell is by the way of a bell.
2016-2-22 Differing Groups of Saints: There isn't going to be different groups of saints, is there?
2016-2-22 Mormons: Something about Mormons, connecting it to Jim Jones.
2016-2-19 First Fruits into the Storehouse (Tithing): Involving tithing, who was responsible to bring the first fruits into the storehouse?
2016-2-19 Giving over entire Check: Pastors say that people's first check of the month has to be given over to them. Is that true?
2016-2-19 Mount of Transfiguration Experience: Was the Mount of Transfiguration a vision or an actual appearance of Elijah & Moses?
2016-2-19 Generational Curses: If that isn't the case that the child is not responsible for the father's sins, what about "generational curses"? [Exodus 20:5]
2016-2-19 Sons Bearing the Sins of the Father: Do the sons bear the sins of the father or not? [Ezekiel 18:20]
2016-2-19 Calvary Chapel & Calvinism: How long did it take you to get out of the Calvary Church & Calvinism? (the Church doesn't subscribe to Calvinism but Dispensationalism.)
2016-2-19 Calvary Chapel: Have you ever heard of Mark Knudsen or Terry McNabb who belong to the Calvary Chapel?
2016-2-19 Churches that do believe in Calvinism: What are some churches that DO believe in Calvinism?
2016-2-19 No More Repentance Required: since we are under grace, once we accept Jesus we no longer have to pray for forgiveness? Is that true?
2016-2-19 Shedding of Blood: Why was the shedding of blood necessary?
2016-2-19 Brian McLaren & the Emergent Church: Have you ever heard of Brian D. McLaren & what do you think of him & his teachings? He belongs to the Emergent Church Movement.
2016-2-19 God Ordaining Governments: God ordaining government authority [Hosea 8:4, Romans 13]
2016-2-19 Water & the Blood: Caller tosses out a theory about a previous call about Jesus coming in water & blood, when the veil was ripped in twain. [1 John 5:6-8]
2016-2-17 God Knowing Everything: Does God really know EVERYTHING (open theism) because what about instances like God testing Abraham & saying, "Now i know that you fear Me"? [Genesis 22:12]
2016-2-17 400 Years of Silence: Between the Old Testament & the New Testament there are 400 years of silence, an Intertestamental period, & are we now living in such a silent period again?
2016-2-17 End Times: Caller wants to talk about all this weird stuff or signs that make it seem appear that the end is really upon us.
2016-2-17 The Revelation of Jesus: Can you explain the Revelation that was given to Jesus, which was then given to the angels, which was then given to John, & the 7 churches?
2016-2-17 Women Apostles or Bishops: What is your take woman apostles in the Bible & are there any in modern times, apostles or bishops?