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2016-12-15 Marriage discussion: Complicated Issue.
2016-12-15 Adam & Eve: How come they didn't die the day they ate the fruit like it says in the Bible? [Genesis 2:17]
2016-12-15 Books of the Bible: Why are some more included in some Bibles?
2016-12-15 Garden of Eden: Was the Garden of Eden here on earth?
2016-12-15 John the Baptist being Elijah: Was John the Baptist Elijah? [Matthew 11:11-14, Matthew 17:10-13, Malachi 4:5-6, Luke 1:17]
2016-12-15 Homosexuality: Some think you can be a Christian & still be a practicing homosexual. [Romans 1:26-28, 1 Corinthian 6:9]
2016-12-15 David: David claiming that he had not seen people in need? Won't God supply everything Christians need? [Psalms 37:25, Matthew 6:31:34]
2016-12-14 Replacement Theology: Why is this considered so derogatory & why is it so threatening? (AKA Supersessionism)
2016-12-14 Eternal Security: Caller is trying to figure out if once saved, always saved is biblical?
2016-12-14 Pre-Tribulation Rapture vs Post-Tribulation: Caller heard Steve disagrees w/ a pre-trib rapture & would like to know why.
2016-12-14 Jesus coming to the Mount of Olives: Caller thinks the reason people think ethnic Israel still plays a role in end time events is because Jesus is supposed to be doing that. [Zachariah 14]
2016-12-14 Leprosy - Simon/Naaman: If leprosy was so contagious & dangerous & they had to be quarantined, how come they were mingling w/ their people?
2016-12-14 Love covering a multitude of sins: What does it mean love will cover a multitude, what sins is he referring to? [1 peter 4:8]
2016-12-14 Race: Where does race come into play, caller wants to know? Where/when did it happen since we are all from Adam & Eve?
2016-12-13 Cremation: What does Steve think about cremation?
2016-12-13 Celebrating Christmas & Easter: We shouldn't just celebrate those 2 days, we should do it all the year long!
2016-12-13 Pangenderism, LGBT: What if you aren't willfully really sinning, being homosexual, LGBT, pangender, but are just confused, is that possible?
2016-12-13 Women Pastors: Is there any Scripture that talks about Women Pastors, Women in Leadership?
2016-12-13 Jesse Duplantis: Does Steve know anything about him, God has power to take human life, but doesn't have the authority to take them.
2016-12-13 The Narrow Path's Theme Music: Did Steve do his theme music or someone else or what?
2016-12-13 Walking in the Light: Can Steve explain, Walk in the Light, as I am in the Light"" [1 John 1:5-7], what that means practically?
2016-12-12 Daniel's Dream: Is it applicable to the church today & or was it already fulfilled? Are there differences of interpretations of the symbols? [Daniel 2 & 7]
2016-12-12 Harold Camping: Harold Camping predicted Jesus would return twice on specific dates, & even though he's dead, apparently he said we should leave the churches & just listen to radio.
2016-12-12 Ex-convicts/Drug Addiction: Some fear they might go to hell, not having complete victory over drugs. Even being addicted to coffee is bad (after break).
2016-12-12 Sabbath: What happens to the people who don't keep the Sabbath because we they had to work, & do we have to keep one at all?
2016-12-12 The method of Sharing of Gospel: The caller is concerned about what we share as the gospel, a born again experience, the blood of Jesus, instead of the Kingdom of God.
2016-12-09 Baptism: Is it necessary to get baptized to be a Christian?
2016-12-09 God Creating us: If God knew we were going to Fall, & He's complete by Himself, why did He create us in the first place?
2016-12-09 Being at Peace: How to make peace, have humility, [Mark 9]
2016-12-09 Interpreting Scripture: Prophecy is of no PRIVATE interpretation, Left Behind scenario nottrue, so why do they do it? [2 Peter 1:20]
2016-12-09 Holy Sprit's Role in Eternity: What will the role of the Holy Spirit be in eternity since we are already redeemed?
2016-12-09 John the Baptist's Baptisms: What was the purpose of John the Baptist's baptism if it wasn't the same after Jesus died?
2016-12-09 Disciples baptizing before cross: Did the people who were baptized by John the Baptist or the disciples have to get rebaptized after Jesus' death & resurrection?
2016-12-08 Love: What is love? [1 Corinthians 13]
2016-12-08 The Statue of Daniel 2: What does the Statue represent? What does clay represent? [Daniel 2]
2016-12-08 Marriage Problems: The wife has just completely shut down & won't even communicate w/ her husband & tell him what is wrong & he doesn't know what to do
2016-12-08 Red Letter Bible Christian: Caller's daughter is only a "red letter" Bible Christian, only wanting to do what Jesus said & not what the apostles said, especially Paul.
2016-12-08 Tithing: Are we supposed to be tithing in this day & age? [Matthew 23:23]
2016-12-08 The Binding of Satan: Caller differs w/ Steve about the binding of Satan & wants to discuss it.
2016-12-07 Glorifying God: How do you glorify God? How do you bear fruit? [John 15:8]
2016-12-07 The Book of Revelation: Can it be seen as a courtroom throughout the book? (general discussion of the various topics in the Book, letters, visions, 7 seals & trumpets).
2016-12-07 Gold & jewels described in Heaven: Even though man likes those metals down here, why would that be enticing for us? Just foliage of living green would be more enticing.
2016-12-07 UFO's in Scripture: In Ezekiel 1:4-15 is it talking about a UFO? [Ezekiel 1:4-15]
2016-12-07 Heresies in "Christianity Today": The Christianity Today magazine had an article in it called, "Our Favorite Heresies", & Caller thought it is was a little weird.
2016-12-07 Cain's wife: Where did Cain & Abel get their wives?
2016-12-07 Death - Presence of God or Soul Sleep: Caller doesn't think it makes sense that we go to heaven after we die since we are going to be resurrected when Jesus comes back?
2016-12-07 Eastern Orthodox Church: Praying for the dead, & praying to the dead?
2016-12-07 Prophecy: What is role of the spiritual gift of prophecy for today?
2016-12-05 Mormons: Are Mormons Christian, Christian heretics or a cult, & can they be saved if they are a cult?
2016-12-05 Unbelieving Wife/Secret Rapture: Wants to save my wife, make her have an interest in Jesus, & thinks the "Secret Rapture" would actually help her & so hopes he can stay behind & help her. He prayed for that. Was that wrong?