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2018-10-22 Gambling: Am I contributing to other people's gambling problems doing what I'm doing in gambling by being proficient at playing Poker?
2018-10-22 The Anti-Christ & the Abomination of Desolation: The image of the anti-Christ & the abomination of desolation, is this in the middle of the tribulation? [Matthew 24:25]
2018-10-22 Demon-Possessed People: Are demon-possessed people inherently lost? In other words, can Christians be demon-possessed, because I thought they were supposed to have the Holy Spirit?
2018-10-22 Giving Someone a Glass of Water: What does this verse mean about giving someone a glass of water? [Matthew 10:42]
2018-10-22 Interlinear Bible: I'm looking for a good interlinear Septuagint bible that has that has hebrew, greek & English. Do you have any ideas?
2018-10-22 Gambling might be a good thing: Caller thinks you can legitimately gamble to help build a church.
2018-10-19 Me-Too Movement: What about this Me-too Movement, some women falsely accusing people of rape.
2018-10-19 Feed My Sheep: "Feed My sheep", is this negative or positive connotation here?
2018-10-19 Pride: What is pride? Is there a pride that is not a sin? How do we define it?
2018-10-19 The Book of Ecclesiastes: Who was Ecclesiastes written to & why?
2018-10-19 Dispensationalists: Dispensationalists trying to pull scripture to support the millennial sacrificial system
2018-10-19 Mllennium: Did you say some church fathers also were premillennial?
2018-10-19 Calvinism & the Sovereignty of God: The Calvinist definition of God's sovereignty discussion.
2018-10-19 Lectures on Relationships: Where can I find your lectures on Relationships?
2018-10-19 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, Mary's pregnancy. [1 Corinthians 14:33] (Editor's Note: I frankly have NO idea what the caller is talking about!)
2018-10-19 Marijuana Use: What can you tell me about marijuana use? I think I keep thinking I have victory over it & then don't.
2018-10-18 Differences of Opinions: How do we know how to determine when it may be acceptable to disagree and when it is dangerous?
2018-10-18 Studying the Bible: Is it possible studying the Bible is a bad thing? What is required when studying it?
2018-10-18 Original Sin: Are we born sinners?
2018-10-18 Dispensationalism: Can you please explain Dispensationalism?
2018-10-18 Job & His Friends: Job friend's Elihu, Bildad, Zophar & Eliphaz, Ehilu didn't have to repent at the end because a prophet?
2018-10-18 Jesus Second Coming: Is Jesus on the white horse or do we meet Him in the air?
2018-10-18 Salvation in the Old Testament & Samson: How were people saved in OT times? was samson saved? Is Jesus on the white horse or do we meet Him in the air?
2018-10-18 Eating, Drinking, & being Merry: Why would God allow so many people to not be saved? Only a few people are going to be taking the Narrow Path, why does satan's way seem more appealing?
2018-10-18 Being Blinded: The god of the world blinding the mind, what does that mean? [2 Corinthians 4:4]
2018-10-18 Women Leadership: So women can't have authority over a that true? [Timothy 2:12]
2018-10-17 Calvinism-Election: I was at church the other day & Calvinists seemed to be reading way more into this passage of Scripture than should be. What do you think? [Acts 18:9-11]
2018-10-17 Christian Lifestyle: Attempting to live an obedient life but the pull of the world so overpowering.
2018-10-17 Trinity: Trinity, disagrees about the "One", wasn't Jesus begotten prior to the Incarnation?
2018-10-17 Having Children: What does Steve think about having children in this day & age? [Psalms 127:3-5]
2018-10-17 Show & Don't show your Works: Conflicting Scripture about doing deeds in the view of others or doing them in secret, which is it? [Matthew 5:15, 6:1]
2018-10-17 David's Tabernacle: God will rebuild again the tabernacle of David to its former glory, what does this mean? [Amos 9]
2018-10-17 Having Children: Caller wanted to follow-up & encourage the person who called before her to be encouraged about having children.
2018-10-16 Resurrection of the Dead: The Resurrection of the dead in Revelation 20, does that correspond w/ the first resurrection in 1thess 4:16? [Revelation 20:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:16]
2018-10-16 2 Gospels: Gospel of the Kingdom vs the Gospel of Grace, is it supposed to be 2 different gospels? What is YOUR view w/ amillennialism?
2018-10-16 Mandates of Christianity: Is it possible to reject Jesus by not living by all mandates of 1 john? What about eople claiming to be Christian but not bearing the fruit
2018-10-16 Ash Heap: What is the ash-heap? [Job 2:8-10]
2018-10-16 Taking the Name of the Lord in Vain: Taking the name of the Lord in vain, what does "vain" mean, using it as a swear word or professing His name & making Him look bad?
2018-10-16 Laborers for the Harvest: Paying for more laborers for the harvest, is it still applicable for today? [Matthew 9:37-38]
2018-10-16 Receiving the Holy Spirit: The laying on of hands to receive the Holy Spirit, should this be pursued? Is there a difference between "having the Holy Spirit" & being "filled w/ the Holy Spirit?
2018-10-16 Communion: Should children take Communion before they are baptized?
2018-10-16 Communion: How often should churches perform Communion?
2018-10-15 God having 2 different Wills: Does God have 2 different wills? Because God says not to murder, but then He sanctions Jesus to be killed.
2018-10-15 God Ordaining: I know you don't believe God doesn't ordain all things, but what about Exodus 11 & 12 & the first born, where He ordained all the first born to be killed.
2018-10-15 Rapture Obliteration: Total incineration of the population when the rapture happens?
2018-10-15 Jesus Being God: I'm trying to figure out how God can become God in the Flesh, like the Jehovah's Witnesses don't think they do. [Revelation 4, Philippians 2:6]
2018-10-15 Receiving 100 Times: Receiving 100 times for following Christ, leaving your family, what did Jesus mean by that? [Mark 10:28-31]
2018-10-15 God Speaking: Does God speak to us in our thoughts?
2018-10-15 Assurance of Salvation: How do I know I'm saved?
2018-10-15 Facing Temptation: What does it mean to face temptation? Jesus faced it, but how did He overcome it?