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2019-6-20 Forgiveness & Repentance: The Lord's prayer indicates that we need to ask God to forgive our trespasses, but He indicates that we must repent or we will perish, so how can we stop sinning completely? Can you help me understand what repentance is? [Galatians 5:16-17].
2019-6-20 Determining Intended Audience: How does one determine the intended audience meant in various scriptures? Especially in light of the views of Don Preston and Full-Preterism? [2 Thessalonians 1:4-8, Revelation 1].
2019-6-20 Living in the spirit or in the Flesh: What does it mean to "be in the spirit" vs "living in the flesh"? [Romans 8:9].
2019-6-20 Christian Scientists: What is "Christian Science"?
2019-6-19 Transgression, Lawlessness, Iniquity & Generational Sin: Can you explain the use of the words lawlessness and transgression, and if they related to generational sin? [Psalm 32:1].
2019-6-19 Biblical Meaning of "Sleep": Can you explain this verse, particularly, when it says they "sleep". [I Corinthians 11:30, 15, I Thessalonians 4].
2019-6-19 Loved Ones Not in Heaven: What do you say to someone who says they don't want to go to heaven, because a loved one is not going to be there? [Luke 16:19f].
2019-6-19 Filled with the Spirit: Doesn't the filling of the Holy Spirit need to be a daily and ongoing event? [Ephesians 5:18].
2019-6-19 Sinning Daily: Some say we sin every day - is that correct? [ James 3:2-11, Galatians 5:16].
2019-6-19 Incomplete Call: Incomplete Call [Numbers 25:10].
2019-6-19 Generational Sin: What is meant by "generational sin"?
2019-6-19 Just a Call of Encouragement: Pastor Clay just calls to encourage Steve's ministry and people to access the website.
2019-6-19 How Do I Learn More About the Bible: How do I get to the place where I know enough to answer questions about the Bible?
2019-6-19 Time of Jesus' Return: When will Jesus return? What season? Will it be the Feast of Trumpets? [Acts 1:7].
2019-6-19 Sharing the Love of God with Jehovah Witness: How do I lovingly approach someone with whom I am not on good terms and was steeped in Jehovah Witness organization?
2019-6-18 The Lake of Fire (Hell): What is the lake of fire? Do you believe in eternal torment? Could the fire be a purifying fire? [Luke 23:34].
2019-6-18 Christians Falling Away: Is Peter referring to believers in this verse? Have they fallen away? [2 Peter 1:9, 2:20].
2019-6-18 Melchizedek: Who is Melchizedek and what is the correlation to Hebrew's reference to him? [Genesis 14, Hebrews 7:1-28].
2019-6-18 Day of Pentecost (Filling of the Spirit): What happened on the day of Pentecost? Would you encourage people to pray to receive the spirit like they did on that day? [Isaiah, Joel 2, Ezekiel 36:26, Acts 2 & 4].
2019-6-18 Kathryn Kuhlman & Lonnie Frisbee: Could you give me your assessment of Kathryn Kuhlman and Lonnie Frisbee?
2019-6-18 Immaculate Conception & the Rosary: Would you comment on the Catholic beliefs of "The Immaculate Conception" and their rosary beads?
2019-6-18 Jonah: Is the book of Jonah actually historical, or is it a parable or satirical story? [Jonah, 2 Kings 14:25, Matthew 12:40].
2019-6-17 Key Word Study Bible: What do you think of the Key Word Study Bible and ESV translation of the Bible? (The Word Study New & Old Testaments).
2019-6-17 The Word: What is the literal translation of "the word" [John 1:1]?
2019-6-17 Holy Spirit: How we forgotten how alive the Holy Spirit is today? [I Corinthians 12, Galatians 5].
2019-6-17 The Narrow Path Few & Saved Multitudes Contradiction: Is there a contradiction between the scriptures about "the narrow path" and the "few who find it", and the multitudes that come to Christ described in Revelation? [Matthew 7:13, Revelation 7:9].
2019-6-17 Pre, Post & Amillennialism: What is the difference between the views of the Millennium (Pre, Post, Amillenial)?
2019-6-17 The Millennium: Did the disciples think about the millennium at all? Did they even know about it? [Revelation 20].
2019-6-17 Arnold Murray, Shepherd's Chapel & Cults: What do you think about the ministry of Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel (Modalism or Oneness, Serpent Seed doctrine)? What is a cult?
2019-6-17 God Choosing People: Can you explain the choosing of Jacob and Esau, and God hardening Pharaohs heart? [Romans 9:6].
2019-6-17 Continuing in Sin: How do we sort out the difference between living a life of sin, and a believer still falling to sin?
2019-6-07 Financial Stewardship: Retiring, Saving, Living by Faith, Giving, What to do financially?
2019-6-07 Alaskan Cruise: Steve's going on a cruise? Caller didn't think he did that type of thing.
2019-6-07 Rewards in New Jerusalem: Can you tell me what you think the rewards and New Jerusalem will be like?
2019-6-07 Forgiveness & Remission of Sins: Is there a difference between the forgiveness of sins & the remissions of sins?
2019-6-07 Fruits of the Spirit: Are the Fruits of the Spirit listed in the order of importance? [Galatians 5:22-23]
2019-6-07 Joseph Prince: What does Steve think of Joseph Prince's Ministry?
2019-6-07 Work Environment: Caller is concerned about being surrounded by evil/darkness while he's working, concerned because it's advised we shouldn't be. [Ephesians 5:1-17]
2019-6-07 Parenting, Communion, Baptism: Concerned that his kids may just going through the motions of baptism but not really meaning it, and wondering if they shouldn't take communion until they are baptized.
2019-6-07 Seventh Day Adventists/SDAs: Caller says a friend invited him to the SDA church, so does Steve know anything about them?
2019-6-07 Astrotheology: Has Steve ever heard of Astrotheology?
2019-6-07 Jesus Coming for His Bride & the Pre-Trib Rapture: Have you heard of the traditions of the Jewish Wedding and the parallel to how Jesus will come for his bride, the church, and its alignment to the Pre-trib rapture? [John 6:39-40, 44, 54].
2019-6-07 Global Warming in Revelation: Do you think that today's global warming claims may be parallel to the scorching form God predicted in Revelation? [Revelation 16:8-9]
2019-6-06 Judging Others: When is it sinful to judge others, and when is it not? [John 7:2-5, 24].
2019-6-06 Atonement for Intentional Sin: Is there a a sacrifice for sin that is for intentional sin? [I John 1: 7, 9, Hebrews 10:26, 13, 18, Acts 13: 38-39, Jeremiah 31, Hebrews 9].
2019-6-06 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: How to you understand the unforgiveable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? [Matthew 12:31-32].
2019-6-06 Satan Being Loosed: The binding of Satan and a thousand years of peace is described in Revelation, but why is Satan let loose for a little while at the end of the millennium? [Revelation 20].
2019-6-06 Whistling in the Theme Song: Is that you playing the guitar and whistling at the beginning of your show?
2019-6-06 Where Did Jesus Go After Death: What happened after Jesus died-where did His spirit go? [Ezekiel, 2 Corinthians 12, Luke 23:46].
2019-6-06 Do Christians Need to Ask for Forgiveness: Does this verse actually apply to non-Christians, particularly since this seems to be written to unbelievers? Do we need to continue to ask for forgiveness of sins, once we have been saved? [I John 1:8, 9, 2:1, 18, Matthew 6:9-13].