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2018-11-19 Tithing: What do we owe to God now as far as tithing?
2018-11-19 Demons that were cast out: When Demons are cast out of a person, can they go into animals now?
2018-11-19 Clemency for the Jews: Do jews have some type of clemency?
2018-11-19 Flat Earth: Flat earth comment.
2018-11-16 Spiritual Warfare: Why is there spiritual warfare? How did it get started, w/ satan in heaven? (A lot of echo of each caller.)
2018-11-16 Flat Earth: Caller can't believe people actually believe in a flat earth!
2018-11-16 Jesus & His Siblings Growing Up: What kind of challenge did Jesus provide for His siblings since He was so righteous as a kid?
2018-11-16 Relic Bones of Elijah: Relic bones in the Catholic Church, what should I make of them? [2 Kings 13:20-21]
2018-11-16 Capital Punishment: Spare the rod, spoil the child, what does this mean? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 23:13-14, Proverbs 22:15]
2018-11-16 Continuing in Sin: When sin seems to keep winning when does God finally give up on you?
2018-11-16 Cremation: Is cremation acceptable after you die?
2018-11-16 "He Cannot Sin": Practicing sin or continuing to sin without the fight against it, His seed being in us so we can't sin. [1 John 3:9, 1 John 2:1, Romans 6]
2018-11-16 God Testing us: If God knows everything, then why would He need to test us?
2018-11-16 John the Baptist baptizing & getting Baptized: John the Baptist baptizing Jesus, & John getting baptized, & people in heaven, people in earth (I frankly have to idea what the caller is getting at.)
2018-11-16 Original Sin: Are we capable sinlessness, does sin send us to hell? How come we didn't have a chance to not sin on our own first? [Romans 5:12-21]
2018-11-15 Praying for your Enemies: Praying for your enemies, does that include satan?
2018-11-15 Flat Earth: Caller thinks there's evidence of a flat earth, what does think about that?
2018-11-15 Holy Spirit an Angel: Is the Holy Spirit is an angel?
2018-11-15 Spiritual Warfare: Are the powers of hell coming against us & is Satan in hell?
2018-11-15 Satan entering Judas: When Jesus was washing all the feet of His disciples, He said, "not all of you are clean", when did satan enter Judas? [John 13]
2018-11-15 Spiritual Gifts in each Church: How come most churches don't follow the spiritual gifts that Paul laid out at the end of 1 Corinthians, especially 1 Corinthians 14:26?
2018-11-15 Delivering Over to Satan: When Paul says to deliver one over to Satan that he might be saved, what does this mean? [1 Corinthians 5]
2018-11-15 Angels Mating with Women: Sons of God marrying women, where is that? [Genesis 6]
2018-11-15 Flat Earth: Caller believes the earth is stationary, & doesn't describe a round earth.
2018-11-15 Structure of the Church: Mormon caller, structure of the church, foundation of the apostles & prophets.
2018-11-15 Wine Purifying the Water: Did they know that wine intoxicates back then even though they used it to purify?
2018-11-15 Having Righteous Anger: Is having wrath in your heart okay like when Jesus had it for the moneychangers?
2018-11-14 Genealogy of Mary & Joseph: Are the Genealogies found in Matthew & Luke, both Joseph & Mary's genealogy, are they both of David's lineage?
2018-11-14 Young or Old Earth: I took an IQ test, & it had a question about the age of the earth & it gave me the choices of 6,000 years or 4.5 Billion years, & I picked the young age answer, & they said it was wrong, & as a result it gave me a lower IQ score for believing the Bible. So is it possible that it could be older than 6,000 years, since a form of the earth might've been here for a very long time before God actually started creating? [Genesis 1 & 2, Exodus 20:11]
2018-11-14 Hank Hanegraaff & Eastern Orthodox: Hank Hanegraaff, he recently converted to Eastern Orthodoxy, & to do so, you has to give up a lot of his formally held beliefs, like for example, Sola Scriptura.
2018-11-14 Elder, Bishop, Overseer & Pastor: Are the terms elder, bishop, overseer & pastor all the same words?
2018-11-14 144,000: What can you tell me about the 144,000, who are they & are they literal?
2018-11-14 Creation of the Earth: Could not God have created an earth that was already aged (being in full maturity already)? Weren't Adam & Eve created as adults?
2018-11-14 Becoming a Roman Catholic: What reasons would you give to not becoming a Roman Catholic because I'm thinking of becoming one?
2018-11-14 Calvinism: What part of Calvinism do you disagree with?
2018-11-14 Heaping Coals of Fire: Heaping coals of fire on our enemies, what does this mean? [Romans 12:20]
2018-11-13 History Channel & Aliens: I'd like to be able to answer people who after watching the History channel who have all these Qs about aliens. Can you help me out?
2018-11-13 Mansions in Heaven: Jesus said he was going to prepare many mansions, but we are temple of God & have the Holy Spirit already, don't we? [John 14]
2018-11-13 Assisted Suicide: Is assisted suicide murder?
2018-11-13 Atheist & Noah's Ark & Flood: What do you say to atheists who say the story about Noah's flood is too far-fetched to be believable?
2018-11-13 Aliens - Extraterrestrials: As far as your call about extraterrestrials, & there are a couple documentaries about this kind've stuff such as Rare Earth, Privileged Planet.
2018-11-13 Jesus' actual Commandments: What are Jesus' actual commands?
2018-11-13 Intermediate State between Death & Glory: What happens after you die?
2018-11-13 Rapture Questions: How close are we to the Rapture? How long will the people who stay after the Rapture be here? Who is the woman, the Harlot, in Revelation 17? [Revelation 17]
2018-11-13 Word of Faith Healers: Do the Word of Faith people actually heal people?
2018-11-12 Persecution of the Jews & Josephus: So even after the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, the Jews were majorally prosecuted, like in the cities in Damacus. We get this from Josephus & his works, do we?
2018-11-12 Jews being Cutoff: The Jews being cutoff from the people, what does that mean? Could they come back?
2018-11-12 Pre-existence for Jeremiah: God knew us before we were born, does that mean we had a pre-existence? Did Jeremiah know God before he came down here? [Jeremiah 1:5]
2018-11-12 Speaking in Tongues: Alternate viewpoint in speaking in tongues.
2018-11-12 Baptism: Is it okay if a mother baptizes her son even though women are not supposed be elders?