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2019-5-23 None Ascended: What does it mean that 'no man has ascended up to heaven'? [John 3:13]. 23, 7, 2, 2938
2019-5-22 Disagreeing: If you disagree w/ Steve Gregg, don't be fearful of calling & stating your disagreement!
2019-5-22 Take Up Your Cross: What is the context for “take up your cross”? What would the listeners be thinking it meant? [Matthew 16:24-26, 10:38].
2019-5-22 Wood, Hay & Stubble: What is meant by the passage about "wood, hay, stubble"? Does it support the Catholic view of purgatory? [I Corinthian 3:5, 12, I Corinthians 1-4, I Peter 2:5].
2019-5-22 Nicolaetins: Who were the Nicoleatins? [Revelation 2:6, 15].
2019-5-22 Confession: If we confess, do we suffer less consequences (heavenly or earthly)? [I John 1:9].
2019-5-22 Assurance of Salvation: How can one know if they are a true believer?
2019-5-22 Repentance: What about repentance?
2019-5-22 The Law: Would someone have to go to court in The Law? [Romans 10:4].
2019-5-22 New Living Translation: What do you think about the New Living Translation (NLT)?
2019-5-21 Holy Kiss: Should we be greeting one another with a holy kiss? How does on determine what is a cultural and local admonition, rather than a command to obey? [I Corinthians 11:14-16, 2 Corinthians 13:12].
2019-5-21 God, the Word: Why did the translators elect the grammar to render, "The Word was God", rather than "God was the Word?" [John 1:1].
2019-5-21 Don't Cling to Me: What did Jesus mean when he said to Mary, "Don't cling to Me"? [John 20:17].
2019-5-21 Tree of Life: Where is the Tree of Life? Is it on earth? Genesis 3:22-24, Revelation 22:2-3].
2019-5-21 Wearing a hat to worship: Is it sinful to worship while wearing a hat?
2019-5-21 Demon Possession of Christians: Why do you think Christians can be possessed? Possession vs. Oppression? [2 Corinthians 12:7].
2019-5-21 Partial-Preterism: What is Partial-Preterism? [Revelation 20:9-end].
2019-5-21 Springs of the Sea: Are we to take literally the verse in Job about the "springs in the sea"? Is there a hermeneutic principle when determining when to ascribe literal vs symbolic meanings to scripture ? [Job 38:16, 2 Peter 3:10, Genesis 14:10].
2019-5-21 Mary's Genealogy: What do I tell a Jewish friend about Jesus' direct bloodline to David? [Luke 3:23f].
2019-5-20 Council of the Gods: Are angels God's human judges? Do you know much about Michael Heiser and his writings about this? What does it mean, "you will die like men, perish like princes"? [Psalm 82:1,7]
2019-5-20 Praying to Mary: What do you say when you speak to a Catholic about praying to Mary? [Matthew 6:9, Luke 11:2].
2019-5-20 Dinosaurs: What about dinosaurs, Leviathan, and Behemoth? [Job 40:15-24, 41:1-34].
2019-5-20 Salvation & Filling of the Holy Spirit: What is the distinction between receiving the Holy Spirit upon salvation and being filled with the Holy Spirit? [Ephesians 5:18, Acts 2:4-5, Acts 1:5, Acts 19:6, Acts 8:17].
2019-5-20 Rastafarian: What do you know about Rastafarianism?
2019-5-20 Solomon's children: Did Solomon have children with the Queen of Sheba? Was she Ethiopian? 20, 5, 1, 1703
2019-5-20 Amazing Grace Lyrics: What does it mean when the song lyric says, "how sweet the sound"? Shouldn't the sweetness be Jesus, not a sound?
2019-5-20 Seminary: Do you have to go to seminary?
2019-5-20 Charismaticas: Are the signs of the charimastics often fake?
2019-5-20 Christianity's Beginnings: When did Christianity begin?
2019-5-20 Denominations: What are denominations? Are we not the one body of Christ?
2019-5-17 Demon Possession: Can a Christian be demon possessed, or if they are possessed, would they go to heaven? [Blumhardts Battle].
2019-5-17 Ten Commandments: Does Exodus 34 indicate another whole set of commandments? [Exodus 34::27f, Exodus 21-23].
2019-5-17 Book Recommendations: Would you recommend some contemporary books for a Sunday school class to read through together?
2019-5-17 Book Recommendations: Another's book recommendations: The Cloud of the Unknowing (anonymous), writings of Teresa of Avila
2019-5-17 Contemplative Prayer: What do you think about contemplative prayer?
2019-5-17 Belshazzar: Where do ministers get the idea that Belshazzar wet himself in Daniel 5? [Daniel 5:6].
2019-5-17 Gift of Singleness (Being Single): Do you think there really is a gift of "singleness"? How do you determine if that is what you are destined for? [I Corinthians 7:7f, Matthew 19:10].
2019-5-17 Demon Possession: How could a Christian have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, and also have a demon, too? [Galatians 5:17, Matthew 8:28-34, 9:32].
2019-5-17 Land of Israel: Does the New Covenant cancel the Old Covenant and the promise of the land of Israel? Who is Abraham's seed? [Galatians 3:16, Psalm 2:8, Deuteronomy 28:15, Leviticus 18:28].
2019-5-17 Martha's Awareness of Resurrection: What scripture would have informed Martha about the idea of resurrection in John 11:24? [Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 26, John 6, John 11:24].
2019-5-17 The Curse: Was the whole creation, or just the creatures, cursed? [Romans 8: 19-22, 2 Corinthians 5:17].
2019-5-16 The Wrath to Come: What is "the wrath to come?" [1 Thessalonians 1:10].
2019-5-16 Disciplining Children Biblically: What does the Bible teach about disciplining children? [Proverbs 22:15, I Kings 1:6, Ecclesiastes 8:11].
2019-5-16 Esau's Birthright & Salvation: Did Esau lose his salvation because he sold his birthright? [Hebrews 12:16, Deuteronomy 21].
2019-5-16 Mary's traditional attributes: Where did all the Catholic traditional beliefs about Mary begin (being the mother of God, perpetual virginity, etc.)? [Matthew 1:25, Hebrews 13:4].
2019-5-16 Gospel during the Millennium: Will the gospel be preached in the millennium (the 1000 year reign)? [I Cor 15:51-55, 38].
2019-5-16 Who Comes Back with Jesus: Who is being resurrected when He comes back with the saints and the angels?
2019-5-16 Will We Have Bodies in Heaven: Will we have glorified bodies in heaven? [I Corinthians 15:20, I Thessalonians 4:16-17, Matthew 27:52-53].
2019-5-16 Adam & Eve in Heaven or Hell: Did Adam and Eve go to heaven or hell?
2019-5-16 Three Dispensations: Are there three dispensations (Pagan, Mosaic, Christian) in God's timeline? [Hebrews 11]. 16, 6, 2, 2336