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2018-7-20 Death Penalty: What do you think of capital punishment, the Death Penalty?
2018-7-19 Dispensationalism: Dispensationalism has legalism within the group that is causing division, that if you don't believe their paradigm your salvation is in question. What is Darby's primary point that the whole system is constructed on, & how can you refute that point?
2018-7-19 Panhandlers: What do we do about panhandlers? How do we respond to them?
2018-7-19 Homosexual Lifestyle Accepted in the Church: What do you think about Churches that are embracing the homosexual lifestyle?
2018-7-19 Ray Comfort: What do you think of Ray Comfort's ministry's evangelism method?
2018-7-19 Adoption: Someone was asking about adoption, & there is an abundance of availability of children. Not many infants, but teenagers, but 6 years old or up.
2018-7-19 Noah's son Ham: Noah's son, Ham, why was he cursed?
2018-7-19 Calling a church to Repentance: Preaching against sinners in church, accusing people in the church about their sin, is that right to do?
2018-7-19 Adam & Eve & Race: How did all the races come about if we all came from Adam & Eve?
2018-7-19 John MacCaarthur's View of the Nephilim: The Nephilim, are they demons or angles that had sex with women? John MacCarthur thinks so. [Genesis 6:4, Number 13:33]
2018-7-19 Greet one another with a Holy Kiss: It says to greet one another with a holy kiss, what did this mean?
2018-7-18 Baby considered a Sinner: Why are we considered sinners as soon as we are born, even before we have a chance to sin?
2018-7-18 Bible Study Tools: Do you have any recommendations for tools to study the Bible, like a good Interlinear Bible that you use? A lexicon?
2018-7-18 Kicking Against the Pricks: What does it mean "it is hard to you to kick against the pricks"? [Acts 9:4-6]
2018-7-18 A Divided House: Binding the strong man, Satan bound, demons leaving but 7 more come and take over, I can't figure out what's happening here. [Luke 11]
2018-7-18 Baptizing in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost The term God the Father , The Son & the Holy Spirit, to use for Baptism, is not even in the Septuagint.
2018-7-18 Sleep Paralysis: I, too, like felt a Sleep Paralysis, felt a force leave me.
2018-7-18 Prophets Today: Are prophets still part of the spiritual gifts for today? [Ephesians 4:11]
2018-7-18 Title Prophet: Is that what we'd call them, Prophet so & so?
2018-7-18 Color of Stones being Red: Color of the stones jasper & sardias in scripture, what is the meaning?
2018-7-18 Awarded According to My Righteousness: How can the writer call himself righteous according to his works? David says he wipes out his enemies, how is that righteous? [Psalm 18:20]
2018-7-18 Good because God Says it is or Because it is Good: Is something good because God is the one that decides what is good, or does God call it good because it is Good?
2018-7-17 Parable of the Talents: In the Parable of the talents what is the severity of the master about? [Matthew 25:14-30]
2018-7-17 Single Parent Adoption: Should single people adopt?
2018-7-17 Addiction: Struggle with Addiction a lot.
2018-7-17 Demonic Pact & Its Ramifications: I made a demonic pact made when a youth, so what are the ramifications, does there need to be a special deliverance? [2 Corinthians 5:17]
2018-7-17 Parables: Weren't the parables generally directed to the people of Israel?
2018-7-17 Church Organization What is the role of leaders and the general hierarchy of organized church? I know you don't believe in Church Membership. [1 Timothy 3, Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12]
2018-7-17 In the Regeneration: In your paradigm of preterism & amillennialism, where do you place the 12 apostles, judging 12 tribes in the regeneration fit in? [Matthew 19:28]
2018-7-17 Concerned Salvation: Caller is questioning her salvation & concerned that she is not long for this world, & wondering what to do.
2018-7-17 Sleep Paralysis: Have you ever heard of sleep paralysis? What about anointing a room for protection? an ex-mormom wants to know
2018-7-16 Sufferings of Christ: I'm wondering about having the sufferings of Christ that Paul was talking about in Philippians. Can you explain it? [Philippians 3:10-11]
2018-7-16 Glory of the Lord: What is Paul talking about in the last verse of 2 Corinthians 3, the veil being removed & us able to see the glory of the Lord? [2 Corinthians 3:18]
2018-7-16 Man of Sin, Man of Lawlessness: In your series, "When Shall These Things Be?", you start to talk about what you think Daniel 7 & 2 Thessalonians, the Man of Sin & the Man of Lawlessness. But then you said you were out of time & would talk about that some other time. When do you talk about it further? [Daniel 7, 2 Thessalonians 2]
2018-7-16 Stone Growing into a Great Mountain: Stone growing into a great mountain to fill the whole earth. [Daniel 2:35, Daniel 44-45]
2018-7-16 Estranged Children from the Lord: Children that are not following the Lord, caller will be praying for a previous caller who's son has departed the faith.
2018-7-16 Remembering the Bad Stuff in this Life: Caller doesn't think that we'll remember all the bad stuff anymore on the other side of glory, including lost loved ones. [Isaiah 65:16-18, Revelation 21:4]
2018-7-16 Pre-Tribulation: Caller thinks Steve needs to go the Pre-tribulation Research Center Website. He thinks that he needs to read a paper from Arnold Fruchtenbaum that explain the Millennium. There will never cease to be a Levitical Priesthood, the caller thinks. [Jeremiah 33:16-18]
2018-7-16 Hank Hanegraaff: What do you know about the Eastern Orthodox church? My family & I have started attending one, & Hank Hanegraafff switching over has influenced our decision.
2018-7-16 Purgatory: Is purgatory biblical? I can't find it anywhere in the Bible.
2018-7-12 Justification by Faith: So Martin Luther re-discovered the fact that we are Justified by Faith alone, so did God use a proviso for all the people who were taught by the Catholic Church that it was by works?
2018-7-12 Abomination of Desolation: When the Disciples aske Jesus, "when shall these things be?", what is the Abomination of Desolation? [Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:26-27]
2018-7-12 Charismatic Movement: Where did the passion go that saw in the Charismatic Movement we saw in the 70s? Was that experience that I had just a spill-over of that happened with you & the Jesus Movement?
2018-7-12 Tithing: My husband & I have been being convicted to tithe, wondering how to do it, who to give it to?
2018-7-12 Cast Down & Not Forsaken: What did Paul mean by being Cast down & not forsaken? So who casts us down? Who forsakes us? [2 Corinthians 4:9]
2018-7-12 Overcoming Evil with Good: How do I overcome evil w/ good when people leaving messes for me to clean up?
2018-7-12 Book of Jasher: Have you ever seen or read the Book of Jasher?
2018-7-12 Homosexuality & LGBT Community: LBGT community needs our love & kindness. How should we be meeting their needs?
2018-7-11 Male & Female: Why can't people just let people do what they want as far as what sex people want to be, a Christian niece asks the person making the call, being influenced by college says. [Matthew 19:4]
2018-7-11 Losing One's Salvation: Can you lose your salvation in Christ?