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2019-2-21 God Speaking to us: Does God speak to us through other people?
2019-2-21 Reincarnation: What does the Bible say about reincarnation?
2019-2-21 Early Manuscripts: Early manuscripts of the Bible comment.
2019-2-21 Eusebius: Why don't you quote Eusebius who believes the same as you, as far as eschatology? 21, 6, 2,
2019-2-20 Word of Faith movement: How much power do we have in praying for the salvation of someone?
2019-2-20 Follow up to Discussion about Ouija Boards & Demon-Possession: Ouija boards & demon possession.
2019-2-20 Spiritual World: Is the spiritual world just as real as the physical world?
2019-2-20 The Firmament: What is the firmament in Genesis? [Genesis 1]
2019-2-20 Differing Views of Hell: Can you tell me your views about Hell? What happens to the wicked? Are they annihilated?
2019-2-20 Views of hell: What is your personal conviction hell?
2019-2-20 Near Death Experiences: Why do some people who die sometimes linger and then come back to life (near death experiences)?
2019-2-20 Tithing: What are your views about Tithing, Old Testament & New Testament?
2019-2-20 Women pastors: What do you think about Women Pastors?
2019-2-20 Jesus' Childhood: Why is there no documentation about Jesus from 12 yrs old to 30 years old?
2019-2-19 The Sabbath: The Sabbath becoming Sunday, how come the people in the New Testament didn't call Sunday the Sabbath with a better term?
2019-2-19 Coming in the Clouds: Coming on the clouds as being relative to coming in judgment, rather than the second coming [Matthew 13:24]
2019-2-19 Jesus' Witnesses after His Resurrection: Jesus was only seen by fellow Christians between the time of His resurrection & His ascension? [John 14:19-21, 1 Corinthians 15]
2019-2-19 Partial Preterism & Amillennialism: Under the Model of Partial Preterism/Amillennialism, what are some predictions/prophecy that remain to happen for those that hold that view?
2019-2-19 Best Place to Start in New Christian Experience studying the Bible: Where to begin in the word, for a new believer?
2019-2-19 Everlasting Contempt: Does this apply to the view of hell of eternal torment, people sleeping in dust & the wicked having everlasting contempt? John 5 seems to be about hell. Transition from old covenant to the new covenant? Discussion of the traditional view of hell [Daniel 12:2]
2019-2-19 Demon-Possession: Demons, Ouija boards, wondering about the idea that something like a Ouija board could actually be dangerous. Does the Bible tell us how people get demon-possessed?
2019-2-19 Composition of Adam & Eve: What was the physical composition of Adam and Eve? Were they the same as us? Did they digest like us?
2019-2-18 Tips on Calling the Narrow Path Radio Show: 3 suggestions when making a question on the Narrow Path Radio show.
2019-2-18 70th Week: Why would the Messiah make a covenant for only 1 week? [Daniel 9:27]
2019-2-18 The Millennium: Could the book of Revelation be revealing a millennium? [Revelation 20]
2019-2-18 Works of the Flesh: List of carnal things that will keep you from inheriting the kingdom of God. Does this include Christians who do some of those things? [Galatians 5:19-21, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10]
2019-2-18 Salvation through the Gospel of John: Can an unbeliever become a believer by just reading the book of John?
2019-2-18 Guide us into all Truth: How should we interpret that? The Holy Spirit leading us into all truth? Why do we have so many disagreements on what is true?
2019-2-18 Queen of the South: Who is the queen of the south? [Matthew 12:42]
2019-2-18 Triune God: Where does Paul talk about a Triune God?
2019-2-18 Two Bears killed Youths: So 2 bears came out of the woods & killed the young men that were mocking Elijah. What's up w/ that?
2019-2-18 Street Preachers: Are street preachers doing the right thing, yelling at unbelievers? Is this right or wrong? [I Corinthians 5:12-13]
2019-2-18 Communion: Holy Communion, open or closed? What are the qualifications to receive it?
2019-2-15 Trinity: Why does a person believe in a Trinity when 1), it's not in the Bible, 2) God never commanded us to refer to Him as that, 3) there's only one literal Holy Spirit & 4) it wasn't even part of the early church's dogma? (Argumentative call) Discussion about the Rapture comes up.
2019-2-15 Abyss: We know what hades & gehenna are, but what is the abyss? Is it hell?
2019-2-15 Differing Kinds of Spirits: We know there are different kinds of evil spirits, spirit of infirmity, & spirit of fear, but what about different kinds of good spirits?
2019-2-15 Tithing & Animals during the Exodus: How were the Israelites able to tithe in the wilderness, & how were they able to keep their livestock healthy?
2019-2-15 Sabbath: Why we don't keep the sabbath on the 7th day of the week & when was it changed?
2019-2-15 Deathbed conversion as opposed to long-term Christians losing their faith: What about a good person who was a Christian most of their life who ends up going to hell & a person who was evil most of their life who repents and becomes saved?
2019-2-15 Born Again: What does it mean for a person to be saved?
2019-2-14 Sealed by the Holy Spirit: So if we are sealed w/ the Holy Spirit, we shouldn't be able to lose our salvation, should we? {Ephesians 4:30]
2019-2-14 Soon meaning Soon: Jesus said He is going to come "soon". Other prophecies did happen soon after John wrote them, but Jesus hasn't come back yet 2,000 years later, so how is that soon? Doesn't that mean some of the prophecies that you thought were already fulfilled still have yet to be fulfilled, besides Jesus actually coming back?
2019-2-14 Losing Zeal: I've lost my faith, and I want to know how to regain it.
2019-2-14 Baptism; Should I get re-baptized since I didn't know what I was doing when I was first baptized?
2019-2-14 Taxes: Tax laws & being deceitful
2019-2-14 Tempted by Satan or the Flesh: What percentages are we tempted by Satan verses how much we are tempted by our flesh?
2019-2-14 Showing judgment to the Gentiles: Is this a prophecy in Matthew regarding the Gentiles? [Matthew 12:18]
2019-2-14 Encouraging a Previous Caller: Caller wanted to call & encourage a orevious caller who wants to re-gain his faith.
2019-2-14 Working out your own Salvation: What does it mean to "work out your own salvation"? [Phillipians 2:12]
2019-2-14 Losing your Faith: Asking if Steve agrees about a statement she says about losing our salvation (inspired from a previous caller).