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2016-1-11 Heaven: What is heaven? Where is heaven? Who is going to heaven?
2016-1-11 Winning the Lottery: What would you do if won a lot of money from the lottery?
2016-1-11 God speaking to you in a Dream: How do you know if God is speaking to you through a dream or not?
2016-1-11 Jesus Preparing Mansions: Jesus says He would go build many mansions, what does that mean? [John 14:1-4]
2016-1-08 New Perspective's Course & Islam: Just wondering if you have ever heard of the new perspective's course teaching about Islam?
2016-1-08 C.S. Lewis' belief in Purgatory: What C.S. Lewis? Did he believe in Purgatory?
2016-1-08 Red Letter Edition of the Bible: Michael the Buddhist wants to know what the best translation is & especially a red letter edition of Jesus' words.
2016-1-08 The Doctrine of Purgatory: Is Catholicism the only belief system that believes in the doctrine of Purgatory? Is it another view of Hell?
2016-1-08 The Duties of the Holy Spirit: What are the responsibilities of the Holy Spirit, activities that are assigned in the New Testament? Did He ever show Himself in the Old Testament?
2016-1-08 Rap Music: What exactly makes Rap music so bad? What makes Christian music Christian?
2016-1-08 Announcement Regarding Missions: Announcements about stuff happening in Beaverton, Oregon.
2016-1-08 Listening to Archived Radio Shows: Caller says he listens to a lot of the past radio shows & then Steve comments about archived radio shows. (You can listen to them even easier now on
2016-1-08 New Perspectives Program & Islam: Caller heard a previous call about New Perspectives teaching about Islam. He doesn't know the answer but is going to look into it.
2016-1-08 Rap Music is Not Peaceful: Jesus is the Prince of peace, & caller does not think that rap is peaceful. You are not being racist because you don't like rap.
2016-1-08 People Making Excuses for Racism: Caller thinks a person can't make excuses for people who are racists & possibly the reason some don't like rap music is because they are.
2016-1-08 Messianic Judaism: Of an SDA mindset but non-denominational, a friend of the caller believes there's a new covenant in Hebrews but disagrees with Paul & other apostles.
2016-1-07 Inexperienced Callers Welcome to Call: Steve makes the announcement that he welcomes new, inexperienced callers to call the show.
2016-1-07 Understanding Greek using Lexicons: Caller wants to be able to understand the Greek language, using the different forms of tenses, using a Lexicon.
2016-1-07 God's Sovereignty & Child-bearing: What about a couple wanting children but God not allowing it?
2016-1-07 God's Sovereignty & Our Free Will: God has His sovereignty & He gave us free will, but what about Him allowing people to commit murder, allowing people to commit suicide? A person can shorten their life sooner than God was intending them to die, but they can't live longer than He wants.
2016-1-07 Literally Eating & Drinking Jesus' Body: Can you explain why we are not literally eating & drinking the literal body of Christ, why it's not correct? [john 6:53]
2016-1-07 Addictive Behavior or Living Sin: We don't have to torture ourselves, our body, in order to get out of a life of sin, do we?
2016-1-07 Taking Up Your Cross Daily: What exactly does Jesus mean to take up your cross & follow Him daily? Does that mean living a holy life? Is it talking about day-to-day activities & life, such as who you are going to marry? [Luke 9:23]
2016-1-06 Harmonizing End time Event Scripture: Are these connected in any way? [Daniel 12:10, Revelation 22:11]
2016-1-06 A verse about Steve Gregg: Caller thinks a certain verse is talking about Steve Gregg specifically. [1 Corinthian 15:10]
2016-1-06 Women Calling the Show: Caller is curious as to more women don't call Steve's show.
2016-1-06 The Resurrection involving Isaiah: Is this passage from the OT talking about the Resurrection? [Isaiah 26:20-21, Isaiah 27:1]
2016-1-06 The Resurrection: "Many of them that sleep" in Daniel as opposed to "All" will come out of their grave. [Daniel 12:2, John 5:28-29]
2016-1-06 Books of Maccabees & Esther: What's more special about the Esther that it's included in the canon of Scriprure but Maccabees is not?
2016-1-06 Rachel & Leah: Were Leah & Rachel twins? [Genesis 15:29-30]
2016-1-06 After Fall born of the Devil: So then every one who was born after the Fall until converted is a seed of Satan?
2016-1-06 Seed of the Serpent & Woman: The seed of the woman & the seed of the serpent, is this spiritual seed or physical seed that it is talking about? [Genesis 3:15]
2016-1-06 Biblical Definition of Marriage: What is the biblical definition of marriage?
2016-1-06 Engaged Couple being Intimate: What would you say about a couple are living together, having sex & justifying it because they are going to be getting married?
2016-1-06 The Parable of the 10 Virgins: Is the Parable of the Virgins talking about 70 AD or Jesus' second return? [Matthew 25:1-13]
2016-1-05 Allegorizing or Spiritualizing Scripture: Why do Dispensationalists think you need to "allegorize" Scripture involving prophecy? What is the difference between allegorizing & spiritualizing Scripture?
2016-1-05 Speaking in Tongues-Signs for Believer or Unbeliever: Is speaking in tongues a sign for the believer or for the unbeliever? [1 Corinthians 14:20-25]
2016-1-05 Leaven: What does leaven mean in a parable Jesus gave? [Luke 13:20-21] (same phone call as above, but different caller)
2016-1-05 "And the Bride": In the parable of the 10 bridesmaids, they (the Aramaic Bible) add the phrase, "and the bride", meeting the bridegroom AND the Bride! [Matthew 25:1]
2016-1-05 Different Resurrections: What about the different resurrections? The first fruits coming back with Christ, so some of "the bride" is coming with the groom? What about different rewards? Even Paul wasn't sure he'd be resurrected with the righteous. [1 Corinthians 15, Philippians 3:11]
2016-1-05 The Aramaic Bible: Are you familiar with the Aramaic Bible in English?
2016-1-05 Anabaptist, non-violence: How should an Anabaptist deal with these passages in Isaiah about violence?
2016-1-05 Harmonizing Scripture of Jesus' Coming: Trying to understand 2 Scriptures, & phrases like the blood of Christ, & the vengeance of Christ. [Isaiah 63:1-6, Revelation 19]
2016-1-05 Slavery: Slavery in the New Testament was different, more positive, than what we think as slavery today, isn't that right? Indentured servitude [Matthew 6:24, Luke 6:13]
2016-1-04 Eastern Orthodox Church: Is the Eastern Orthodox Church the same as Roman Catholic Church but without the Pope?
2016-1-04 A Hard Heart: What does it mean for a man's heart to be hard?
2016-1-04 God Hardening Pharaoh's Heart: What does it mean God hardened Pharaoh's heart?
2016-1-04 Man Hardening His Own Heart: What does it mean for a man to harden his own heart?
2016-1-04 Plucking out the Eye: So we shouldn't really do what that verse says, pluck out our eye? [Mark 9:47]
2016-1-04 Differences in Belief in Church I Attend: How do I deal with teachings in my church that I disagree with but don't want to switch churches because of those differences?