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2014-9-30 God's Chastising: How do we know if it's God punishing us or if it's just our own sin catching up w/ us when something bad happens? [Hebrews 12:5]
2014-9-30 Sam Harris: Sam Harris is looking into Buddhism.
2014-9-30 Sanctification: Sanctification is change of the heart.
2014-9-30 Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Show: Caller really appreciates Steve Gregg's show. He has his own radio show, but he just wanted to chime in & say how much he appreciates his.
2014-9-30 Current Events of Israel: What does Steve think about the current events happening in the Nation of Israel right now?
2014-9-30 Love One Another & the Good Samaritan: What is the balance of giving to the poor & having enough for yourself, & doing it w/ the motivation of love? [Galatians 6:10, Luke 3:11]
2014-9-30 Septuagint & Masoretic Texts: In your honest opinion, what is your opinion on the Septuagint & Masoretic Texts, which one is more useful?
2014-9-30 Contemporary Christian Artists: If a Contemporary Christian Artist has awesome music, such as Steve Camp, but way off on their theology, does that mean we shouldn't listen to their music?
2014-9-30 Olivet Discourse: I've heard you say most of Matthew 24 has been fulfilled. Christ hasn't come yet, so how can you say all these have already happened, but not going to happen again? [Matthew 24]
2014-9-29 Homestuck Webcomics by Andrew Hussie: How do I be a gentle father & tell my daughter that she probably shouldn't be doing this Homestruck?
2014-9-29 Gift of Prophecy: Preaching the Goodness of God, is that Prophesying? [1 Corinthians 12:28]
2014-9-29 Miracles: What about Miracles & other gifts? [1 Corinthians 12:28-29]
2014-9-29 Pentecost: The Pentecostal Church has two baptism, one in Water & one in Fire (by the Holy Spirit). What do you think about that, them always emphasizing speaking talking in tongues?
2014-9-29 Praying in Tongues & Gift interpretation: What about being able to interpret when speaking in tongues? [1 Corinthians 14:5-6]
2014-9-25 Baptism: Have you said that Baptism isn't necessary based on the Thief on the cross?
2014-9-25 Early Church & Breaking Bread: How often the early church is supposed to breaks bread has come up. We need sacrifice to the Lord, not a bloody sacrifice, but a sacrifice. [Malachi 1:11]
2014-9-25 Paradise or Heaven: Jesus didn't really go to paradise on the same day He promised the thief that he'd be Him in Paradise? [Luke 23:43]
2014-9-25 Amillennialism & the Kingdom of God: Forever & a 1,000 years, how can it go from forever to 1,000 years or for however long it is?
2014-9-25 Conflicting Dreams: I'm having dreams that seem to contradict each other, dreams that contradict the Bible. Can you tell me about dreams? [Deuteronomy 13:1-5]
2014-9-25 "Perfectly Joined together": Why so many denominations? Why can't we all be united? [1 Corinthians 1:10-14]
2014-9-25 Narrow Path is Hard but Yoke is Easy: Which is it, is being a Christian hard or easy? [Matthew 7:13-14,11:29-30, 1 John 5]
2014-9-25 Church Teacher: What is the legitimacy of being a Bible teacher even though I don't attend a church right now?
2014-9-25 Water Baptism: A new Member didn't want be baptized because his previous church did require it either, so even though the church required it, they gave him an exception. What do you think?
2014-9-24 Mary the 2nd Eve: What do you think about Eve being the Second Eve as the Pope declares?
2014-9-24 Purification of Mary follow up - "There" or "Her": Caller does a follow-up on a caller who was concerned about the word "there" or "her", & giving his insights he gleaned. [Luke 2:22] {Editor's note: Just for the record, I don't remember the question that he's talking about, & I spent over an hour looking for it. If anyone finds the call he's talking about, let me know!}
2014-9-24 Institutional Church, Chaos & Early Church: Caller thinks institutional is sort've on its way out but doesn't want chaos but should go back to early church ways.
2014-9-24 Theology (Apologetics) verses Christian Living: Discussion about Christian living over knowing Theology, Apologetics.
2014-9-24 Son of Man: Why did Jesus refer to Himself as the, "Son of Man"? [Daniel 7:13]
2014-9-24 Devil & his Minions: What is the Biblical reason that God allows the Devil & Minions to scourge us in addition to what we already have to deal with in our own evil desires & carnal nature? So many things stacked against us, in addition to him & his associates! Why? {James 4:7]
2014-9-23 In Jesus' name: Is it necessary to say, "In Jesus name", when ending every prayer?
2014-9-23 Christian Science & the Interpreter's Bible: Do you know anything about the Interpreter's Bible?
2014-9-23 Studying Prophetic Scriptures: Did you say there is no value in studying Prophetic Scripture? What if the futurist paradigm was correct, would there be value in studying them? Why isn't there any value in what the Church Fathers believed about a future antichrist, a future temple.
2014-9-23 Taking Words out of Prophecy & Alpha & Omega: "I am Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end." Modern Bibles have taken those words out of Revelation. Is there a good reason why this can be done? [Revelation 22:18-19, 1:10-11]
2014-9-23 Slavery - Servitude: If Jesus & the Apostles had perhaps been more opposed to slavery, there wouldn't have been such a problem in our own country. What say you?
2014-9-23 Witnessing To Christian Scientist: A follow up call about how to witness to Christian Science.
2014-9-23 Slavery follow up: We are all slaves.
2014-9-22 Love is Inclusive: Love is inclusive, you'd think, so why all this criticalness of one group bashing another group because of their beliefs?
2014-9-22 Not Judging your Neighbor Are we allowed to judge someone's behavior? [James 4:12]
2014-9-22 Wicked for a Day of Disaster: What does this verse mean, that God made the wicked for a day of disaster? [Proverbs 16:4]
2014-9-22 Importance of Man: Just how important is man?
2014-9-22 Not Peace but a sword: Doesn't it say that Jesus came to bring a sword & not peace? [Matthew 10:34]
2014-9-22 A future war of surrounding Israel: Caller has his Scripture ideas as to why there is going to be a future onslaught of Israel: "Redemption draweth nigh", there's no redemption in 70 AD; "There shall be a tribulation such as has never been before", & he feels 70 AD pales in comparison to the Holocaust. And then Satan makes war w/ the woman, caller correctly point out that the woman is remnant Israel. [Luke 21:20, Matthew 24:15, Revelation 12:17]
2014-9-22 No Dispensationalism, no 1948 Israel: Didn't some of the church fathers believe in a restoration of the land of Israel?
2014-9-22 Nephilim, Giants, Daughters of Men: This compromised the human makeup, the angels having sex w/ women. And so then God had the Flood to destroy them. [Genesis 6]
2014-9-22 God's Love for us: Why does God love us?
2014-9-19 Apocrypha books - Epistle of the Barnabas: Where does it say that an apostle can be the only ones that write a book of the Bible, & if it doesn't say that, why can't people like Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph write a book for the Bible?
2014-9-19 Protestants Saved or not Saved: In our last discussion you said Vatican 1 Protestants were condemned to hell, & that in Vatican 2 they were only separated brethren, but wasn't it the Council of Trent that said it & not Vatican 1?
2014-9-19 Time Lapse Between Jesus Birth & the end of Acts: How can the time between Jesus' birth & the end of Acts only be 30 years?
2014-9-19 Polygamy & the Mormon Church: Polygamy in the Old Testament, why did God permit it? There was polygamy in the Mormon Church, & they don't like having it in their history.
2014-9-19 Understanding the Bible in a new lens: I appreciate you teaching me how to study the Bible in a different lens than Evangelical Traditionalism.