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2015-9-11 Tree of "Wisdom" (Knowledge of Good & Evil): Why did God put the Tree of "Wisdom" (he meant knowledge of good & evil) if He didn't want them to partake of it? For tempting? Testing? Was Adam an atheist?
2015-9-11 Disagreement about Canon of Bible: Little convoluted in what his actual disagreement w/ Steve was on the Canon of Scripture....slavery, & other stuff.
2015-9-11 Wealth & The Ministry: What is wrong w/ ministries getting a lot of money?
2015-9-11 Transgression vs Sin: What is the difference between "Transgression" & "Sin"? [Genesis 6:1-13, Romans 4:15]
2015-9-10 Davidic Covenant How does Israel's rejection of Jesus affect the Davidic Covenant, whether you're a Premillennialist or an Amillennialist? [2 Samuel 7:12]
2015-9-10 Premillennialism vs Amillennialism: Can you please educate me on the difference between Premillennialism & Amillennialism?
2015-9-10 Baptism Should baptism be done in only the name of Jesus or the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 28:19]
2015-9-10 Blood Moons: What do you know about Blood Moons?
2015-9-10 Purgatory: People use a particular Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3 about purgatory, but I had never heard it being used as such. Can you comment on it? [1 Corinthians 3:13]
2015-9-10 Eastern Philosophy infiltrating the church: What is Steve's opinion about incorporating Christianity with Buddhism, Hinduism, Metaphysics, Transcendental meditation and so on?
2015-9-09 Judaism: Judaism believes in reincarnation also, the caller's father believes.
2015-9-09 Past Life Regression: The caller's father SORT'VE believes the Bible, but he's also heard about people in their past lives where they are pretty accurate w/ stuff that happened to them, can describe stuff that really happened in history.
2015-9-09 Reincarnation: Is there a place where the caller can find more Christian resources on the reincarnation?
2015-9-09 Universal Reconciliationism: Does Philippians 2:10-11 give evidence of universal reconciliationism, because if it's coerced, it won't really be a confession & bringing glory to God? [Philippians 2:10-11, Romans 14:11]
2015-9-09 Dating of the Book of Revelation: Have you ever heard that 50% of the Bible scholars of today believe that Revelation was written before 70 AD?
2015-9-09 Revelation Written in 95 AD: What would Steve do/believe if it WAS proven that the Book of Revelation was written in 95 AD?
2015-9-09 God Creating Us: How long was God waiting in Heaven before He created us?
2015-9-09 Old Covenant debt relief laws vs Modern day Redistribution of the wealth: Weren't the old covenant laws for debt relief similar to redistribution of the wealth in modern days?
2015-9-09 Socialism & Slavery: How can Steve be against socialism but be in favor of slavery?
2015-9-09 Partial Preterism: Is there any documentation that the early church fathers actually believed 70 AD WAS indeed the fulfillment of Revelation since you think it was?
2015-9-09 An Israelite marrying a Moabite: I was just reading in the Deuteronomy that if a Jew married an Moabite that they could not enter the temple & were unclean for 10 generations. So how did David get away w/ being able to enter the temple since it hadn't been 10 generations yet....or Solomon for that matter? [Deuteronomy 23:3]
2015-9-08 Knowing the Will of God: How do we know God's will for us? Even micro-managing in day to day decisions can He reveal to us?
2015-9-08 Chronological Order the Books of the NT: What would Steve say about the chronological order of the books of the New Testament?
2015-9-08 Church of God & praying to Mother God: Caller was invited to the Church of God, & was told that they needed to pray to the Mother God because Jerusalem is the mother of us all & it faces the east.
2015-9-08 "Short Time": So if Jesus ascended to heaven 2,000 years ago, the devil/dragon has been doing his thing for that long, & THAT'S not a short time, is it? [Revelation 12:12]
2015-9-08 End Times - Man Child: Who is the "Man-child" in Revelation 12 talking about? [Revelation 12:5, 13]
2015-9-08 Little Horn & Times & Times & Half of Times: Again, how can it be a short time if Satan has been doing his work since Jesus ascended to Heaven? [Daniel 7:8, 8:9, 12:7]
2015-9-08 Voting: Would voting for 3rd party candidate who agrees w/ most of my beliefs, even though it'd be a throw-away vote, should I still vote my conscience & vote for them?
2015-9-08 Taking the Bible literally or figuratively, Idioms: Does Steve take the Bible more literally or figuratively?
2015-9-08 Works as a Result of Faith, Enduring to the End: Our good works are a result of our strong faith, is that right? What does "Enduring to the End" mean? [Matthew 24:12-13, Matthew 10:22 22]
2015-9-04 Revelation 20 & Partial Preterism: Caller agrees w/ Partial Preterism, but has a hard time understanding [Revelation 20] & Satan being loosed for a 1000 years. Can Steve help?
2015-9-04 General Assembly: Does Steve know anything about the General Assembly church? Is it a cult? [Hebrews 12:13]
2015-9-04 Prayer Labyrinth: Do you know anything about Prayer Labyrinth?
2015-9-04 Sons of God - Angels - Nephilim: Did the "Sons of God" (angels) come down from Heaven & have sex w/ women? [Genesis 6:4]
2015-9-04 Adam & Eve & Sons of God: Is it possible Adam & Eve had children before the Fall, before they had Cain, & that's what it meant by the Sons of God had sex w/ women? [Genesis 6:4]
2015-9-04 Adam's & Eve Fall & Altering of the Human Spirit: Adam & Eve's decision to eat the forbidden fruit alter the Human Spirit forever, is that right? [Genesis 3:1-7]
2015-9-03 Bible Translation Corruption: Discussion about the best to worse Translations of the Bible.
2015-9-03 Light before Sun & Moon: There was light for the earth for 3 days before God made the Sun, so if He would've taken the sun away again after the 3rd day, would there still be light, what there was before God made the sun? [Genesis 1:3-5, 14-18]
2015-9-03 Steve makes an interjectory announcement about getting together w/ like-minded people: Steve's offers his effort/availability to try to get people of like-minded who are in the same area in touch w/ each other so they can fellowship with each other.
2015-9-03 Moving in & out of the Spirit: Is it possible to have the Spirit in you one day & then out the next, in & out, in & out, in & out?
2015-9-03 Spirit & Truth: We have to worship God in Spirit & in Truth, so what does that mean? Was He changing how it was done right then because how could they do that up to that point since there were no regenerated Christians yet? [John 14:23-24]
2015-9-03 Eternal Security: Some people believe in conditional security & some believe in once saved, always saved. What does Steve believe & what scripture evidence does he use?
2015-9-03 Satan a Fallen Angel or the Tempter: If Satan was created at the Tempter, we'd have to attribute evil to God because Satan would have no culpability? Why would God judge Satan? You couldn't really say Satan was evil then.
2015-9-02 Men & Women Equality: There's a lot of talk of Men & Women having equality, but Paul says Man was made for the glory of God, & that women were made for the glory of man, What does Steve think about that? [1 Corinthians 11:7, Genesis 1:26-27; 2]
2015-9-02 Long-Term Missionary Work vs Short-Term Missions: Caller wants to make a distinction between short terms Missions & long-term Missionary Work. He wants to recommend 2 good books on the subject: "Giving Wisely- Killing with Kindness or Empowering Lasting Transformation?" by Jonathan Martin, & "When Helping Hurts" by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert.
2015-9-02 Worship Songs in Church: Caller thinks there's too much vain repetition in worship songs we sing in church nowadays & it's too loud.
2015-9-02 God Killing Innocent People: Caller has some friends who went from Christian to Atheist & want to know why did God kill innocent life when Israel came out of Egypt to take over the land of Canaan if He doesn't want people to go to hell?
2015-9-02 Dispensationalism vs Partial Preterism: Why is there such a newfound interest in partial preterism nowadays? Couldn't there be a balance of Dispensationalism & Partial Preterism, a middle ground?
2015-9-01 Playing Cards: What is your view about playing cards? (that's the original Q, but Steve talks about Alcohol & Gambling more than the actual playing of cards.)
2015-9-01 Chastised by the Lord or Being Attacked by Enemy: How can we know if we are being chastening by the Lord or being attacked by the Devil? [Hebrews 12]