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2015-4-01 Redefining Marriage: God has certain sins He detests, so what do I do about churches that are redefining what marriage is?
2015-4-01 Lectures on Unity: The caller really enjoyed the lecture series "Strategies for Unity". How long has Steve been teaching on that subject?
2015-4-01 Apologetics: The caller said that an atheist said that if God exists, He is a perverse since He's responsible for so much evil.
2015-4-01 Discipleship: Caller wants to know the best way to teach Discipleship like Steve does.
2015-4-01 Associating with the Sexually Immoral: Caller has a hairdresser who is gay, but they've been having deep conversations, wanting to witness to him. What does Steve think? [1 Corinthians 5:9]
2015-3-31 Catholic Tradition & Word of God: Tom the Catholic wants to continue his discussion of a few days ago regarding Church Tradition, w/ addition to the Word of God.
2015-3-31 Passover & the 10 commandments: Are we supposed to still keep the Passover & the 10 Commandments?
2015-3-31 Prodigal Son: A born again Christian can be spiritually dead again, is that reasonable to think? Although it is true that the prodigal son story was before the born again experience happened after the cross. [Luke 15:11-32]
2015-3-31 Seeking the Face of God: What does "Seeking the Face of God" mean?
2015-3-31 Righteous Salvation & Being Justified: How do we merge all these words together? Being saved, justified, righteous, having faith [Romans 10:9-10, James 2, Hebrews 11:1]
2015-3-30 Essential Doctrines & Behaviors: Caller is concerned that Steve didn't say the important things about sharing the gospel. (bad clicking).
2015-3-30 Middle Knowledge: Does Steve know much about Middle Knowledge?
2015-3-30 Reprobate minds: What is happening in Romans 1:28, why did God give them a debased/reprobate mind? [Romans 1:28]
2015-3-30 In-depth Bible Study: Caller wants an in-depth Bible Study, something like Steve Gregg has. (more clicking last call didn't have it even though the previous call before that did.)
2015-3-30 Recognizing each other in Heaven: Will we know each other on the other side of glory?
2015-3-30 Time: What do we know about time? God lives outside of time?
2015-3-30 New Covenant Theology: Does Steve know about New Covenant Theology? Signs & Wonders happening. (more clicking)
2015-3-30 Baptism: What is the difference between being baptized in only Jesus' name & being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost?
2015-3-27 Essential Doctrines & Behaviors: What are the Essential Doctrines & Behaviors of being a Christian?
2015-3-27 Baptism: Being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit vs just being baptized in the only the name of Jesus.
2015-3-27 Clouds: Are they going to be literal clouds when He comes down? [1 Thessalonians 4:17]
2015-3-27 Meeting Jesus in the Sky: Caller is having a hard time understanding why we are to meet Jesus in the sky if He's coming down here to the earth? [1 Thessalonians 4:16-17]
2015-3-27 Believing in Jesus & once you do: A caller asks a litany of questions about following Jesus, in relation to the following verses. [john 14:23, 1 john 2:3-4, 1 john 3:8-9]
2015-3-27 Stock Market Crashes & Blood Moons: God's hand in warning w/ stock market crashing, & the Blood Moons falling on Jewish Holidays, that it's all lining up.
2015-3-27 Animals in Heaven: Animals in Heaven.
2015-3-27 Red letter Edition - Don C. Harris: Is Steve familiar w/ Don Harris or the ministry of Red Letter Edition?
2015-3-27 Steve is very dedicated: Steve being dedicated to his Ministry.
2015-3-27 Bart Ehrman: Is Steve familiar Bart Ehrman? Does he know of any books that refute his works?
2015-3-26 Catholic Tradition: Tom the Catholic who used to always call in the early years want to chime in on a call he heard to March 6, the first Question, about Tradition.
2015-3-26 Bible interpretation in James: "Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?" James 4:5 What does it mean? [James 4:5]
2015-3-26 The Brethren in Christ: Wondering if Steve knew what the Brethren in Christ stands for & wants denominations that are Arminianists, but continualists, but not dispensationalists.
2015-3-26 God being Angry at Sinners: Did Jonathan Edwards have anything to do w/ the idea that God is Angry at Sinners?
2015-3-26 R. C. Sproul & Romans 9 - 11: What was Steve saying yesterday about R. C. Sproul & Romans 9 - 11?
2015-3-26 The After-Life: Do Christians go to heaven immediately after they die? (Incomplete call/answer because mp3 file just abruptly ended)
2015-3-25 Calvinism: Does Calvinism make people hard-hearted? Does it have a deterministic aspect to it? Did it shape Fred Phelps character?
2015-3-25 Traditional View of Hell: Separation from God is the actual punishment? If we are separated from God, how could we survive? [2 Thessalonians 1:9]
2015-3-25 Demons being in Hell: Where does it say anywhere in the Bible about the demons being cast in hell? How can they be being judged right now because they sure seem to be wandering around the world right now? [2 Peter 2:4]
2015-3-25 Satan (anit Christ) or Jesus First: At the very end, who’s going to come first, Satan (anti Christ) or Jesus? Or how's it going to work?
2015-3-25 Blood Moons: What does Steve think about all these "Blood Moons" coming up one right after another?
2015-3-25 Hell: We don't really know how hell is going to play out. There's no concrete teaching on anything in Revelation for that matter.
2015-3-25 Traditional View of Hell Caller: Caller who had called a few calls ago calls back & remembered his 3rd Q: God made hell for the devil & his demons & not humans, is that true?
2015-3-25 Literalism about Hell: We don't have any life w/ out God, so how could we exist in hell? [Acts 17:27]
2015-3-25 Hell: Caller has a simple theory about why it isn't eternity in hell.
2015-3-25 Hell Israel: Caller thought there was a verse in Isaiah that we are only partially separated from God, & Steve references 2 Thessalonians 1:9 in answer to that. [2 Thessalonians 1:9]
2015-3-25 Lucifer: Comments about Israel from previous calls he's heard. Every time we call Satan Lucifer he's probably laughing since calling him that would be venerating him because it means worshipping.
2015-3-25 Drama of the Israelites: Why is all this drama necessary before Christ came? Why not just promise Abraham that Christ could come & leave it at that?
2015-3-25 Left Church because of LGBT: What are Steve's thoughts about LGBT? If Scripture is the foundation of what we believe, we need to do something about it w/ love.
2015-3-24 Gays in Leadership Positions in Church: Our church is beginning to have no restrictions on gays having leadership roles in our church, & are performing gay marriages.
2015-3-24 Speaking in Tongues as Evidence: Speaking in Tongues is the only evidence you can know you have the Holy Spirit, is this true?
2015-3-24 The Book of Mormon Origins: How did we get the book of Mormon? No one could account for it, so it either came from God or from Satan, a Mormon friend told the caller.