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2016-4-08 Arianism & Montanism: Can you tell me both about Arianism & Montanism?
2016-4-08 Increase in Interest in Eschatology: Have you been getting an uptick in the amount of calls about Revelation?
2016-4-08 Author of Genesis: Who wrote the book of Genesis, especially the Creation Story?
2016-4-07 God Determining Outcome of Football Games: Does Jesus help football teams win games?
2016-4-07 Michael the Archangel: Is Michael the Archangel Jesus? Caller has been having bible studies with Seventh Day Adventists, mostly regarding the Sabbath.
2016-4-07 End Times Timeline Chart: Do you have a chart of a timeline of End Time events?
2016-4-07 Hardening One's Heart: How does God deal with people hardening hearts? Why did Pharaoh's heart get hardened?
2016-4-07 Faith-Based Movies: What are your thoughts on Christian movies & do you ever go & watch them?
2016-4-07 Narrow Path Radio Program Locations: Does your broadcast reach in New York at all because I have a friend I'd love to be able to listen to your program? (Incidentally, at the time of this writing, there IS a radio station in NY now carrying his program.)
2016-4-07 Praying Again & Again for the Same Thing: Should we pray for the same thing over & over again? [Luke 18:1-8, Daniel 10:12-14, 2 Corinthians 12:8]
2016-4-07 Godly Sorrow & World Sorrow: What's the difference between godly sorrow & worldly sorrow? [2 Corinthians 7:10]
2016-4-07 Rich Man & Lazarus: Why does the Rich Man go to hell & the other to heaven (Abraham's Bosom)?
2016-4-07 Speaking in Tongues: What is your view about speaking in tongues?
2016-4-06 Wife Leaving Husband: My wife has left me for another man, & we are still married, but how long should I leave the door open for her?
2016-4-06 Three Views of Hell Simultaneously: I was listening to your teaching on your hell & my wife & i were wondering if it is was possible that all 3 views are possible at once?
2016-4-06 Booty of Wars won by Israel: When Israel won wars, they'd get the booty, including women, & give them over to the priests but what would the priest do with them?
2016-4-06 The Song of Solomon: id Solomon write the Song of Solomon, & it Christ speaking to the church?
2016-4-06 144,000: Is 144,000 a literal number?
2016-4-06 Having Doubt because of Literal Interpretation of Bible: Caller is having doubts about her faith because wondering about the literalness of the Scripture. (Steve recommends a lecture called, "The Authority of Scripture")
2016-4-06 Translations of the Bible: What is Steve's opinion about all the different translations of Bible (that try to help you understand the Bible better)?
2016-4-06 Jesus' Return to the Earth: What happens to everyone when Jesus returns, especially the wicked? [Revelation 20:1-3, 2 Thessalonians 1:8]
2016-4-06 Inspiration of the Bible: What does that mean, the inspiration writings of the Bible? Are the books as a collection inspired?
2016-4-05 A believer having Sickness or Disease: Caller saying that he was told a true believer won't have sickness or disease, that it was a result of sin in life or a generational curse. Is that true? [Isaiah 53:5]
2016-4-05 Unequally yoked with an Unbeliever: I now all of a sudden find myself being unequally yoked an unbelieving spouse because I just became regenerated by my wife did not. How do I deal with this? Why didn't God let her become regenerated too?
2016-4-05 Christians response to War: How should Christians feel about war?
2016-4-04 Responsibility for our Dreams: Does God hold us accountable for dreams we have?
2016-4-04 Learning about Christ from Deuteronomy: I was talking to a Calvinist the other day & he said a bizarre statement that, "everything I learned about following Christ, I learned in Deuteronomy", Can this be true?
2016-4-04 Transfer of Wealth: Caller has been learning about something called, "End times transfer of wealth". Has Steve ever heard of it? [Proverbs 13:22, Proverbs 28:8]
2016-4-04 Israel as God's Chosen People: Does it say anywhere in the Bible that Israel or the Jewish people are God's "chosen" people? [Romans 3:1, Exodus 19:5-6, Deuteronomy 7:6]
2016-4-04 Memorizing or Meditating on the Scripture: Are we supposed to meditate &/or memorize the Bible?
2016-4-04 Olivet Discourse with Book of Revelation: Can we compare Matthew 24 with Revelation 6? What about Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 also?
2016-4-04 Studying the Bible: Does the Bible tell you how to study the Bible?
2016-4-04 Moses having Doubt: Was Moses doubting God's ability to give them plenty of meat? [Numbers 11:21-23]
2016-4-04 False Prophet of Revelation: Who is the false prophet talked about in Revelation? [Revelation 19, Revelation 13]
2016-4-04 Everything Jesus instructed to His Disciples: Are we supposed to do EVERYTHING Jesus told His disciples?
2016-4-04 Followers of Christ Considered Disciples: As followers of Christ are we considered Jesus' disciples too?
2016-4-04 Spiritual Gifts like the Disciples: Are we supposed to be able to have spiritual gifts like the disciples out, such as healing, or only the spiritual gifts Jesus gives us?
2016-4-04 A believer having Sickness & Diseases: A question about ickness & disease as pertaining to a believer (doesn't have a chance to ask his question....but he is the first call of the next day's show.)
2016-4-01 Son of God Pre-incarnation: Was Jesus the Son before the incarnation? [Romans 8:3, John 1:1-4, Hebrews 1:6]
2016-4-01 The Word "Disciple": Why is the word "disciple" only used in the gospels & the book of Acts & not in the rest of the New Testament?
2016-4-01 Narrow Path Lectures: Caller is concerned about the lectures he wanted to listen to that just cutting off. Technology not quite working as well as it's supposed to.
2016-4-01 The White Horse in Revelation: Is the White Horse in Revelation 19 Jesus or what? (Jesus' second coming or an extension of the gospel.) [Revelation 19:11-19]
2016-4-01 Angels being told to Worship Jesus: Jesus as "the Son", part of the Trinity, but angels were commanded to worship Jesus. Why did they have to be told if Jesus was God? [Deuteronomy 32:43, Psalms 97:7, Hebrews 1:6]
2016-4-01 Anti-Calvinism Material: Do you have any anti-Calvinism resources that are against the idea of Calvinism? (Lecture Series called, "God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation", under Topical Lectures, at the website, (Steve said the caller could e-mail him & get the notes for those lectures, but now all you have to do is go to to find those.)a
2016-4-01 Judgment has already come: Caller thinks there's going to be no future hell, that there was already a judgehas differing view, a consuming fire? [Romans 2:5, 2 Peter 3]
2016-4-01 "Lord, Save Us from your Followers": What was the name of the documentary you were talking about involving homosexuality? (Lord, save us from your followers)
2016-4-01 Christian Lesbians: There is a lesbian couple who goes to the same Christian class as the caller, & they said that God put them together for a reason, & that they were just going to have to disagree with caller. What does Steve think about that?
2016-4-01 Jesus' Body not Decaying: So caller thinks the shorter time of Jesus' death & resurrection, not 3 complete days, is more accurate because it says in the Bible His body would not be corrupted, that is, so He wouldn't decay that much. What does Steve think of that idea? [Acts 2:27]
2016-4-01 Satan having but a Short Time: Can we link these 2 verses together about Satan having a short time? What does Steve think about this idea? [Revelation 20:3, Revelation 12:12]
2016-3-31 Determining if you are Chosen: Is there a way someone can know they are Chosen?