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2014-4-28 The Apostle's Creed: Where did we get the Apostle's Creed from? It says, "the holy catholic church" and that Jesus went to Hell for 3 days? Can you please just explain it?
2014-4-28 Michael the Buddhist vs Steve Gregg Viewpoints: Long Discussion about what Michael thinks Steve sees him for since he's not embracing the Christian religion, but that Steve's wrong in his perception.
2014-4-28 Books on Apologetics: What are the best apologetics books?
2014-4-28 Getting a Handle on the Truth: Since teachers are to be held more accountable than the average person, I want to make sure i'm teaching truth, so how do I know i'm interpreting the Bible right? [Janes 3:1, 1 Corinthians 5:9]
2014-4-28 Jesus' Death 3 Days: How can it be 3 literal days that Jesus was in the tomb from Friday to Sunday? The math does not compute. Where does it say, "He will rise on the 3rd day"? [Matthew 16:21, 17:23, 28:63]
2014-4-28 Preaching to the Spirits in Prison: What does it mean that Jesus went & preached to the souls that were being held captive? I thought Jesus' death was good enough for the penalty of sin. [1 Peter 3:19-21]
2014-4-28 4 Blood Moons: Is there any Scripture that supports what happened w/ the moon turning to blood, especially since it happened right around Passover? It must've been significant since everyone could see it around the world.
2014-4-24 Joy to the World & Lordship: If Jesus isn't already King, how can we tell people to obey Him right now then?
2014-4-24 Israel being a part of Church: What are the main Scriptures you'd use in Romans & Galatians & elsewhere where it says that Israel is not separate, but incorporated w/ the church now? [Romans 9-11, Galatians 3:26-29]
2014-4-24 Richard Foster & Christian Disciplines: What do you think about Richard Foster & his disciplines such as prayer, fasting, meditation, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship & guidance?
2014-4-24 Street Preaching & the "Lord, Save us from Your Followers" Movie: Follow-up comments are about Street Peaching & the documentary Steve has been recommending. Most Street Preachers are going to places where people don't really want them, thus sometimes doing more harm than good. [Isaiah 42, Matthew 12]
2014-4-24 The Elect being deceived: Is that possible, the elect could be deceived? Did Jesus bind satan, & the gospel can go out, but then he'll be able to deceive the nations again after he's loosed. [Matthew 24, Revelation 12]
2014-4-24 Different Perceptions of God: Why can't everyone be right with their own version of what truth is?
2014-4-24 Last Minute Christianity: How can someone who has been a Christian all their life be happy about someone who made it in the last 5 minutes of their life, getting to have eternal life? [Matthew 20:1-16, Luke 15:25-31]
2014-4-23 Killing innocent children during the Flood: An Atheist's biggest hang-up with believing the Bible is God murdering all those innocent children during the Flood (which he doesn't really believe in anyway).
2014-4-23 Going to church in modern Times: When did going to church start becoming such a formality?
2014-4-23 God being Seen: It says in the Bible that we can't see God, but what about all these Christophanies? [John 1:18, Revelation 20:11]
2014-4-23 Unequally Yoked: Is it okay for an unbeliever to be married to a believer? [2 Corinthians 6:14-18]
2014-4-23 Birth Pains: What do you think of the significance of watching for the "Birth Pains" that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 & Luke 21? [Matthew 24:8]
2014-4-23 Daniel a Eunuch: Was Daniel a Eunuch? [Daniel 1:7]
2014-4-23 Modern Terrorism: Could this be possibly talking about Modern Day Terrorism? [Ezekiel 32:24]
2014-4-23 Inner Healing: What should I be cautious of regarding inner healing?
2014-4-23 Jesus' name in Aramaic: Do you know what Jesus' name in Aramaic?
2014-4-22 The Beast & the False Prophet & the Millennium: How can the Millennium be part of the church age if the Beast & the False Prophet & Satan are all cast into the lake of fire BEFORE the Millennium?
2014-4-22 Sabbatical Year: What did the farmers do during the 7th year when they let the land rest? [Leviticus 25]
2014-4-22 Near Death Experiences: Near Death Experiences don't seem to happen in the Bible. Is that true? [1 Corinthians 12:1-4]
2014-4-22 Dispensationalism: Can you explain to me about Dispensationalism?
2014-4-22 Majoring in the Minors: Would you say that Dispensationalism is just majoring in the minors, or is it something major?
2014-4-22 Old Covenant & New Covenant: Would you say in Dispensationalism there's a separation between the Old Covenant into the New Covenant or is it going back to the old?
2014-4-22 Easter: Is Easter a Pagan term? [Acts 12:4]
2014-4-22 Church Fathers & Spiritualizing Scripture: When did the Church Fathers start taking the spiritualizing scripture approach more than taking it literally?
2014-4-22 All thing through Christ: It says that we can do ALL things through Christ. Does that mean we can stop sinning? [Philippians 4:13-17, Galatians 5:16]
2014-4-22 Pestilences, Famines & the Law of God: What would the Israelites motivation be for keeping the law if God just sent them bad stuff all the time, such as pestilences & famines, because doesn't the law put you in bondage to sin?
2014-4-21 Daughter & Son-in-Law Divorce: Sad situation about daughter & son-in-law getting a divorce.
2014-4-21 Unnamed Apostle: Who was this unnamed disciple Paul was talking about? [2 Corinthians 8:18]
2014-4-21 Theophany & Christophany: Shouldn't any Theophany in the OT actually be a Christophany?
2014-4-18 Guard your Heart but Deceitful Heart: How can you have a deceitful heart but be told to guard your heart? How can both be true?
2014-4-18 Easter: I heard that the word Easter had Pagan Roots. IS that true? [Acts 12:4]
2014-4-18 Feasts & Times: Should we ever be celebrating any Feasts or Times?
2014-4-18 Seventh Day Adventists: I need some information on the Seventh Day Adventists.
2014-4-18 The Right Jesus: But they do believe in the same Jesus that I believe in as a Baptist, is that right?
2014-4-18 God is not Dead: Colleges putting pressure on Christians, & this movie did an excellent job w/ dealing w/ that.
2014-4-18 God Creates Evil: Is God the author of evil?
2014-4-18 Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane: If all the Apostles were sleeping when Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, who was witnessing it & writing it down?
2014-4-18 4 Blood Moons: Is there any spiritual significance to the 4 Blood Moons?
2014-4-18 Feast Days: Weren't the feast days fulfilled once Jesus was in Heaven"
2014-4-18 Serpents eating Dust, Human made out of Dust: So do Serpents eat people?
2014-4-18 Being Born-Again: What does it mean to be born-again?
2014-4-18 It is Finished: What did Jesus mean when He said, "It is Finished!"?
2014-4-18 Satan being Bound: So you say Satan is bound. If that is true, what was Peter talking about the Roaring Lion then? [1 Peter 5:8]