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2013-11-12 "You Shall See Me No More": Caller is wondering how Steve interpret's the last 3 verses of Matthew when Jesus weeps for Jerusalem in the light of his Partial Preterist paradigm? [Matthew 23:37-39]
2013-11-12 Future showing of the Spirit of Elijah: In light of previous call, the caller still maintains there will be a future Eliajah the Prophet, besides the John the Baptist, & want to know what Steve thinks of a passage in Matthew. [Matthew 17:11-13]
2013-11-12 "No other Sign shall be Given You": What signs were people still looking for since Jesus had already done so many signs & wonders when He said they won't see any more signs? [Matthew 16:4]
2013-11-12 God or Satan Incited David to Number the People: Did God or Satan incite David to number the people? [2 Samuel 24:1, 2 Chronicles 21:17]
2013-11-12 John the Baptist Elijah or Not: Jesus said that John the Baptist was the spirit of Elijah that has come, but John the Baptist says he was not Elijah. Why the contradiction? [John 1:19-28, Matthew 17:11-13]
2013-11-12 God Creating Good & Evil: Can you talk about God creating both good & evil? [Isaiah 45:7]
2013-11-12 Teaching from the KJV: Is teaching out of the King James Version of the Bible okay?
2013-11-11 12 Step, AA Programs: Would Steve recommend 12 Step, double AA programs?
2013-11-11 Supporting 12 Steps Programs: Caller is thinks 12 step, AA Recovery meetings are a very good thing.
2013-11-11 The Baha'i Faith: Caller thinks all the faiths in the world are the same, including the Baha'i Faith. Doesn't Steve agree?
2013-11-11 Catholic Church & The Protestant Church Agreeing: Not all religions agree with each other, the previous caller said, unlike what the previous caller was saying.
2013-11-11 Dharma: Steve turned the tables around & asked Michael if the Dharma was a person who could respond back to him.
2013-11-11 Having a Kind Heart: Michael the Buddhist thinks that having a good heart is the important thing.
2013-11-11 Born Again in the Spirit: Caller wanted to point out that it's really possible to be truly born again (sort've commenting to a previous call to michael the Buddhist).
2013-11-11 Putting People Above Someone Else: We shouldn't put each other above another person. (can't understand the call.)
2013-11-08 No Works in the Night: What did Jesus mean by He wouldn't be able to work in the night? [John 9:4]
2013-11-08 God Loving Everybody: But does God love everybody, even sinners? [John 3:16]
2013-11-08 Not All God's Children: Caller was wondering if we are ALL God's children or not even if we are not believers? Does God love everyone, even non-believers? [John 8, 1 John , John 3:16]
2013-11-08 Cearsar's Messiah: Have you ever heard of "Caesar's Messiah"?
2013-11-08 Church Fathers: Who are we calling the "Church Fathers"?
2013-11-08 Billy Graham & Steve Gregg: Caller is interested to know if Steve has ever been associated with Billy Graham, did he ever attend one of his crusades, & does he agree with his teachings & the way he evangelized?
2013-11-08 No Acts to Become Righteous: Do people become righteous without acting? [Romans 5:12-21] (Caller's audio is VERY poor.)
2013-11-08 Women in Leadership: What do you think about women in leadership positions in the church?
2013-11-08 Women Silent in the Church: What does Paul mean that women should remain silent in the church? [1 Corinthians 14:34-35]
2013-11-07 Partial Preterism Falling like a Stack of Cards: How would Partial Preterism be affected if it was proven that the Book of Revelation was written after 70 AD, such as 95 AD, which is the date most people believe?
2013-11-07 Inner Peace & Fulfillment: Michael the Buddhist wanted to talk about having inner peace & fulfillment & a discussion ensues about the contrasts between Buddhism & Christianity.
2013-11-07 Job's Suffering verses Peace: We need to tell Michael the Buddhist about suffering, not peace. Or what about the things the people in Hebrews 11 suffered instead about obtaining peace at the moment? [Job, Hebrews 11]
2013-11-07 David being Conceived in Sin: Was David conceived out of wedlock? Or was he just talking about the sin nature? [Psalms 51:5]
2013-11-07 Peace without Understanding: We can only get real peace from Jesus, the caller wants to point out. [Philippians 4:7]
2013-11-07 Israelites being in Slavery: Why would God let the Israelites be in slavery for 400 years?
2013-11-07 Jesus Coming Imminently: Does Steve think Jesus is coming very, very soon?
2013-11-07 Annihilation of the Wicked in Hell: What does Steve think about the idea of "Conditional Immortality" (Annihilationism), about hell where the wicked are just burned up & not tortured forever & ever as the traditional view says?
2013-11-07 Throwing Away the Strange Gods: Is this talking about gods that the Israelites actually had in their possession or is it talking about conquering strange gods in the future? [Joshua 24:23]
2013-11-06 Lordship Salvation: Steve points out that the one main thing he disagrees with Ryrie on is that he doesn't believe in "Lordship Salvation" & talks a little bit about that.
2013-11-06 Ryrie Study Bible: What do you think about the Ryrie Study Bible?
2013-11-06 Islam, Judaism, Christianity & Homosexuality: How come Christians accept Homosexuals in leadership positions, but you'll never find that in Judaism or Islam?
2013-11-06 God Hating Divorce: Why does God hate divorce?
2013-11-06 Falling Short & Feeling Condemned: It's hard sometimes to not feel condemned after falling short.
2013-11-06 Jesus Wept At Lazarus' Tomb: Why did Jesus weep at the tomb of Lazarus? [John 11:35]
2013-11-06 Teaser to the Book on 3 Views of Hell: Can you please give a teaser on your book about Hell that you just released?
2013-11-06 God Speaking to Steve: How does God speak to Steve on a daily basis?
2013-11-06 Steve's Testimony: Caller is interested in knowing where he can hear Steve's testimony. (you can now find Steve's testimony on YouTube)
2013-11-06 Making Christianity Attractive: How can we make Christianity more attractive to people?
2013-11-06 Partial Preterism, Preterism; Full Preterism, Hyper-Preterism: Caller thinks the terms for Preteristism should be changed, calling Partial Preterism just plain Preterism, & Full Preterism, Hyper-Preterism.
2013-11-05 3 Views of Hell: Steve Gregg makes the announcement that his book, "3 Views of Hell" came out that day of the show.
2013-11-05 144,000 Can you explain what is going on with the 144,000 in Revelation 14? [Revelation 14:1-5]
2013-11-05 Dating of the Book of Revelation: What is the date of book Revelation? When was it written?
2013-11-05 Believing in the Mary, Mother Of Jesus: Caller's friend thinks that there's a major significance to the mother of Jesus, Mary. When they start to believe that kind of thing?
2013-11-05 Protestants Switching to Catholics: Isn't it sad that so many Protestants are switching over to Catholicism?
2013-11-05 Moral Argument for the Existence of God: Can you please talk about the objective morals argument for God?