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2018-5-23 Clean & Unclean Animals: Can you explain to me about clean & unclean foods, especially the vision Peter had regarding them? [Acts 10, Acts 11]
2018-5-22 Stones of Fire: What is the meaning of "stones of fire" in Ezekiel in 28? [Ezekiel (28:14-16]
2018-5-22 America & Great Britain: Have you ever heard of America & Great Britian descending from the tribes of Israel? Why are some people so concerned about saying it's the case? Anglo-Saxon.
2018-5-22 Prostrating Yourself 3 Times a Day: What is the Biblical idea of lying prostrate to pray, & praying 3 times a day? Daniel did it. Peter prayed prostrate while on a roof.
2018-5-22 Aliens being Demons: Are aliens & UFO's by any chance demons?
2018-5-22 70 Weeks of Daniel: Can you talk about the 70 weeks in Daniel? [Daniel 9:24-27]
2018-5-22 Divorce & Remarriage: A couple friends who have both been married before but who both got divorced not for fidelity are being told they can't get married by a pastor. What do you say?
2018-5-22 Incest in the Bible: Why is there so much incest in the Bible?
2018-5-22 The Bible Stories: How do help someone who thinks some stories in the bible are pretty far-fetched, like Jacob & Esau. Jacob was dishonest to Esau, but yet he was the chosen one.
2018-5-22 Pre-Marital Sex: A couple has been having sex before they got married, but the guy is a non-Christian, so should they get married because she is pregnant? [2 Corinthians 6:14]
2018-5-22 Adolph Hitler: Why would God allow an Adolph Hitler to happen?
2018-5-22 Divorce: Divorce is it not allowed at all? You are always committing adultery if you remarry someone who is divorced?
2018-5-22 Worshipping God all day in Eternity: why should we want to sit in heaven all day worshipping God?
2018-5-21 Laymen Material (Christianity for Dummies): I enjoy your knowledge of the Bible, but do you know of any good methods of how to study the Bible using exegesis like you do?
2018-5-21 Sown in Corruption, Raised in Incorruption: Sown in corruption, raised in incorruption, putting on immortality, what does Paul mean with all this sayings? [1 Corinthians 15:42, 1 Corinthians 15:53-55]
2018-5-21 Great Tribulation: Is there going to be another Great Tribulation in the future? I know you think it happened in 70 AD, but is there going to be a future one also?
2018-5-21 The Great Commission: At the Great Commission, Jesus' disciples went to Galilee like He said, it says that some of them doubted. Is this talking about just the 11 Disciples or others that doubted? Matthew 28:16-17
2018-5-21 The Ability of Demons: Can the demons block your prayers?
2018-5-21 Loving your Enemies: How far do we actually go into loving our enemies? What exactly does that mean? Just to let them walk all over you or what?
2018-5-21 Gap Theory: What do you think about the "Gap Theory"? A 2nd Earth Theory? [Genesis 1:1-2]
2018-5-21 Charging for Ministry - Financial Peace University: Charging for the ministry, that shouldn't be. It should be free. What about ministries like Dave Ramsey & Financial Peace University?
2018-5-11 Views of Hell: What does the bible actually say about Hell?
2018-5-11 The Kingdom of Heaven Within: Jesus' Second coming is not going to be literal, physical coming, just an inward experience, just in us individually when we accept Him. I left that church. [Luke 17:21]
2018-5-11 The Jesus Movement: So you were part of the Jesus Movement? What did you think of it? I wish I could've been a part of it.
2018-5-11 Born Again & Regeneration: What does it mean to be born again mean? What does Regeneration mean? [John 3]
2018-5-11 Full Preterism & the Resurrection: A lengthy discussion about the Resurrection with a full preterist.
2018-5-11 The crucifixion of the Warrior God (God's Character in OT vs NT): the crucifixion of the Warrior God by a greg boyd discussion
2018-5-11 Calvinism: Can you please talk about calvinism & free will? [Revelation 22:19]
2018-5-11 I Never Knew You: God is all knowing, but then He says, I never knew you? How is that not a contradiction?
2018-5-11 Talking in tongues: What if some people were just trying to demonstrate that they had the ability to communicate in tongues? Is that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
2018-5-10 Disagreement Calls: Why do you not seem overly irritated with people who disagree with you?
2018-5-10 The Worm Never Dies: You said that you don't believe in eternal torment, but what about the worm that never dies? Smoke of their torment ascendeth up for & for ever [Revelation 14:11, Isaiah 66:24, Mark 9:44,48]
2018-5-10 "A Place of Broad Rivers & Streams": Can you give me a little insight on this passage of Scripture in Isaiah? [Isaiah 33:17-22]
2018-5-10 Mormonism - Baptism for the Dead: Is there anything in the Bible resembling baptism for dead like the Mormon church teaches? [1 Corinthians 15:29]
2018-5-10 Mormonism & A New Name: What about getting new names when married in the Mormon Church? [Revelation 2:17, Revelation 3:12]
2018-5-10 Resist not Evil, Resist Satan: Can you please explain to me these contrasting Scriptures about Resisting? [Matthew 5:39, James 4:17, 5:8-9]
2018-5-10 A Christian converting to Jehovah's Witnesses: I just had a discussion w/ a recently converted Christian who is becoming JW. What can I do to win him back over? [Genesis 1, John 1, John 5, Colossians 1:15-16]
2018-5-10 Atheism: Do you have anything on how to deal w/ Atheists?
2018-5-10 Eternal Security: I heard you say yesterday that you don't believe once saved, always saved. I don't think that is accurate. Can you explain with Scripture why you don't think so?
2018-5-09 Inner Healing: Have you ever heard about Inner Healing using something called, Splankna & Sozo? It's sort've New Agey.
2018-5-09 Book of Enoch: What do you think of the Book of Enoch?
2018-5-09 Death: What happens to a Christian directly after they die? Does the Unbeliever go directly to hell? Does the Christian go directly to Heaven?
2018-5-09 Christian Music Only: A friend of mine who goes to the church I go to said that we shouldn't listen to any music that isn't Christian music, like the Beatles & so on.
2018-5-09 Pre-Millennial & Pre-Tribulation: Is there a difference between being a pre-tribulation & pre-millennium?
2018-5-09 Speaking in Tongues: Could God give you the ability to speak to someone in their tongue for Evangelism or Missionary work?
2018-5-09 Transported at a Rapid Speed: Traveling faster than normal somewhere.
2018-5-09 Adam with Eve: Where was Adam when Eve was being deceived by the serpent?
2018-5-09 Jehovah's Witnesses: Where do Jehovah's Witnesses stand w/ Jesus?
2018-5-09 Once Saved Always Saved: Can you lose your salvation?
2018-5-09 Women in Church Leadership Can women be put in church leadership, pastors, elders, teachers?