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2016-3-14 The Unconscious Mind: Can you comment on Sigmund Freud's theories of the unconscious mind?
2016-3-14 Rabbi Translating Isaiah different: Caller talking to a Jewish Rabbi said that his version of the Bible does not say that Jesus would become the Messiah. [Isaiah 9:6]
2016-3-11 Heresy: What is heresy, & can you give me an example of it in church history? Are elements of Calvinism heresy?
2016-3-11 Liberal Democrat Christian: Can a person be a true follower of Christ & be a true liberal democrat that the same time?
2016-3-11 Narrow Path Website: Caller really enjoys the Narrow Path Website, & talks a little bit about Steve's belief in Replacement Theology.
2016-3-11 Some of Jesus' Listeners not Discerning: Why would Jesus not want some people to see or hear or know what's going on? [Isaiah 6, Matthew 13:13-14]
2016-3-11 Cruising Ministries: Caller disagree with Steve about cruise ministries, suggesting it's too worldly, too luxurious for the Christian for the Christian to be participating in.
2016-3-11 Timeline of the Crucifixion: What is the timeline of the crucifixion, death & resurrection of Jesus?
2016-3-11 Tithing: We don't have to pay tithe, is that true? How do we support the local church?
2016-3-10 Reading the Bible: How should we read the Bible? What mindset? A Systematic Theology or a story-like narrative?
2016-3-10 Olivet Discourse: How is this verse in Mark talking about 70 AD when it seems to be talking about a gathering of God’s people at the end of the world rather than the Jewish people? [Mark 13:27]
2016-3-10 People or Spirits as anti-Christ: Why does it say in one place where John talks about the anti-Christ that he says it's a person but in another place he says they are spirits? [1 John 4:1-3, 2 John 2:7]
2016-3-10 Mormonizing of America: Caller wanted to recommend a book about about Mormons called, "Mormonizing of America" by Steve Mansfield.
2016-3-10 Understanding Cults: Caller also says people need to do research on cults, offering some resources.
2016-3-10 Bible Forum on the Narrow Path Website: Caller joined the forum on Steve's website, & couldn't believe some of the posts he saw there.
2016-3-10 Steve Starting a Church: Would you ever consider start a church?
2016-3-10 Knowledge of Writing the Bible: Did the writers of the Bible, especially Paul, know they were writing the Bible when they were writing it? After all, Peter considers Paul's writings authoritative. [2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 3:15-16]
2016-3-10 Steve Gregg's Autobiography: Can you give us a little biography about yourself?
2016-3-09 Christ-likeness Preventing Sound Judgment: Does be coming too Christ-like prevent sound judgment of being able to accurately judge people on the other hand? [1 Corinthians 2:15]
2016-3-09 Judging by Appearance: Some people just do too much judging by appearance who have no idea what's going on though.
2016-3-09 Judging People or Things: Caller thinks Matthew 7 is talking about judging fellow brothers in Christ, & that John 7 is talking about judging things. What does Steve think? [Matthew 7:1-2, 1 Corinthians 5:1-4, John 7:24, Proverbs 12:1]
2016-3-09 Hell-Universal Reconciliation: If Universal Reconciliation were true, where do those that are finally reconciled end up? Who is being reigned over?
2016-3-09 Baptized into one Body What does it mean to baptized into one body by the Spirit? [1 Corinthians 12:13]
2016-3-09 Joining a Local Church Community: Do we have to join a local church in order to be a true Christian??
2016-3-09 No More Sacrifice for Sin: What does it mean in Hebrews no more sacrifice for willful sin once we have received Christ? [Hebrews 10:26]
2016-3-09 High Standard of Sermon on the Mount: Is Jesus actually saying we can do everything He said in the Sermon on the Mount? Or is He simply showing the disparity between His holiness & our sinfulness and inability? [Matthew 5-7, John 8:31, Matthew 28:20]
2016-3-08 Ezekiel's Temple: Has Ezekiel's Temple yet come to be?
2016-3-08 New Covenant Law: Is there such thing as "new covenant" law?
2016-3-08 "Consensual Theology" (Homosexual Acceptance): Have you ever heard of “Consensual Theology”, which is approval of Homosexual monogamy?
2016-3-08 Perseverance: Isn't perseverance a work rather than just a faith?
2016-3-08 Cruise Ship Ministries: Is a cruise ship ministry a legitimate ministry or not? Spending a lot of money to go on a extravagant vacation? What about helping the poor instead of spending it on yourself?
2016-3-08 The Law Remains: So the law remains according to a lot of Bible verses, the caller thinks. [Hebrew 8, Jeremiah 31]
2016-3-08 Breaking Bread: In Acts, where Eutychus died by falling from a window, it says they were "breaking bread", but a lot of translations are changing it to "the Lord's Supper". So is it just eating together or is it actually the Lord's Supper (Communion)? [Acts 20:7-11]
2016-3-08 Meeting Family in Heaven: Is there anything biblical about us meeting family in heaven?
2016-3-07 Michael the Archangel: Who is the Michael the Archangel?
2016-3-07 2 Models of Church: Caller is torn between 2 models of a way church should be run. Does Steve have any thoughts?
2016-3-07 Jesus Coming or Going: Did Jesus say He wasn't going, or wasn't going yet? It seems to be saying contradictory things depending on which translation of the Bible you are using. [John 6:6-9]
2016-3-07 Septuagint: What can you tell me about the Septuagint Bible? (A Bible that was translated to Greek the Hebrew language of the Old Testament.)
2016-3-07 Allergic to anything Grape: What is a good alternative for taking communion if you are allergic to anything grape?
2016-3-07 Woman & Dragon of Revelation: Who is the woman & the dragon of Revelation? [Revelation 12]
2016-3-07 Baptism Mandatory: Is getting baptized required?
2016-3-07 Daydreaming about Vengeance: What do you think about daydreaming of vengeance. Not doing it, just thinking about it. Is that okay? [Deuteronomy 32:35, Romans 12:29, Hebrews 10:30]
2016-3-04 Atonement: Caller would like Steve's explanation of the different kinds of atonement, moral, Christus Victor, ransom, substitutionary & so on.
2016-3-04 Sorcery: What about the Scripture that talks against Sorcery when you were talking about witchcraft the other day?
2016-3-04 Gideon's Battle of 300 Men & Sons of God: Do you think the battle that Gideon had with only 300 men was prophetic? [Judges 7:13-19]
2016-3-04 Repenting after Death: Is there a verse that says there is NO chance of repentance, salvation after death? How are we responsible for what Adam did? Isn't he going t obe in a lot more trouble than us for the trouble he caused us? [Hebrew 9:27]
2016-3-04 Sons of God Manifestation: Is there going to be an elite group of people in the future who become fully mature men "Sons of God" in the future? [Romans 8]
2016-3-04 Fellowship Circles: In fact, just how far can you actually fellowship with people who don't see stuff the same way you do, especially unbelievers?
2016-3-04 Holy Spirit & the Trinity: How do we deal with people who don't believe in the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity?
2016-3-04 Jesus Descending to Hades: Caller thinks Jesus descended to hell like the Scripture seems to indicate because it was the "sign of Jonah". Steve's thoughts to that? [Ephesians 4:9, Matthew 12:40, Jonah 2:1-2]