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2016-3-24 Sharing the Gospel with Mormons: I've been working with some Mormon missionaries, so what is your approach when talking to Mormons, & how to you talk to them on their level?
2016-3-23 God's Wrath in the OT: I don't understand the violence in the Old Testament, especially since God is a God of love. It almost seems like what's going on with ISIS? [Joshua]
2016-3-23 Bowing Down to People: Joseph's brothers bowing down to Joseph, or Nebuchadnezzar bowing down to Daniel, were those instances inappropriate, bowing down to them? [Genesis 42:6, Daniel 2:46]
2016-3-23 The Prince of Persia: The Prince of Persia in Zachariah are both referred to as men & angels, that it is interchangeable. So he thinks Isaiah & Ezekiel is talking about the devil, Satan, once being Lucifer. [Zachariah 1, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2016-3-23 Jesus Coming back Contradictions: These 2 passages here about the second coming of Christ (so the caller believes) seems to be saying opposing things, & so can Steve explain the difference? [Mark 13, 2 Thessalonians 4]
2016-3-23 Angel of the Lord: Caller wants to discuss the Zechariah 1 discussion Steve just had & point out that it is apocalyptic language & that it was possibly a theophany/Christophany.
2016-3-23 Authority over Angels: Do we have authority over Angels?
2016-3-22 Doctrinal Disagreements of Moral Significance: I was listening to your lectures on "strategy for unity" & was wondering what you thought about disagreeing with doctrinal disagreements of moral implications? What about war, divorce & remarriage, forcible resistance, heresy, & false prophets? [Romans 14]
2016-3-22 Women Pastors: Does God allow women to be in pastoral positions?
2016-3-22 Catholic Eucharist: I was invited by a Catholic to partake in a Catholic Communion. But the problem was, they said I had to go to confession first. Should I participate?
2016-3-22 Frequency of the Lord's Supper: How often should churches do Communion anyway? Ours only does it once a month.
2016-3-22 "Let US Make Man": Why does God use plural in Genesis when He was about to create man? Was He talking to the angels? To the animals? [Genesis 1:26]
2016-3-22 Catholic Communion: Caller who just called about communion calls back & wants to talk about the Transubstantiation of communion in the Catholic church, the bread & wine turning into the body & blood of Jesus' body. [John 6]
2016-3-22 Taking the Lord's Name in Vain: What does it mean to take the Lord's name in vain?
2016-3-22 Socialism & Capitalism: Caller would like a biblical perspective when it comes to Socialism & Capitalism.
2016-3-21 Faith & Works: "Faith without works is dead", so what are some of the kinds of works are we supposed to do in order to be exhibiting that we are Christians? [James 2:14-25, Galatians 5:6]
2016-3-21 Christian but Gay: Can you still be a gay Christian & go to heaven?
2016-3-21 JW's & the 144,000: Is it true that Jehovah's Witnesses believe only 144,000 will make it to heaven?
2016-3-21 The Light of the Body: Jesus was talking about the eye being the lamp of the body, was He talking about the Aura? [Matthew 6:22, Proverbs 30:17, Matthew 20:1-16, Mark 7, Proverbs 23:6, Proverbs 22:9, Proverbs 28:2]
2016-3-21 Hell-Annihilationism: Caller has been studying about the 3 views of Hell, & is coming to the conclusion of Annihilationism, would like Steve's take on that view of Hell.
2016-3-21 Not being Confused: Comment about not being confused.
2016-3-18 Health Issues: Jim, a regular off & on caller, talks about his on-going health issues.
2016-3-18 Presidential Election: What does Steve think about the presidential controversy?
2016-3-18 Unwashen Hands: What did Jesus mean by this? [Matthew 15:15-20, Mark 7:1-23]
2016-3-18 " Kill Him": Caller wanted to know what a word was in a certain verse that she was only being able to listen to on audio Bible. [Matthew 26:4]
2016-3-18 Communicating with the Father, Son or Holy Ghost: Is it okay to communicate to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit interchangeably?
2016-3-18 Jesus Invisible during the 40 Days: Where was Jesus at after His resurrection for the 40 days when they couldn't actually see Him?
2016-3-18 Saturday Night or Sunday: When Eutychus fell out of the window after Paul was preaching for such a long time, it says the "first day of the week", but wasn't it actually Saturday night in Jewish reckoning? [Acts 20:9]
2016-3-18 One Will be Taken, One Left: What does it mean "one will be taken, one will be left" mean? [Matthew 24:40-48, Luke 17:31-37]
2016-3-18 Staying in Current State: What does this mean, that some would be just & unjust, some would be filthy & some righteous, some holy & some unholy? [Revelation 22:11]
2016-3-18 Qualifications for a Deacon 1tim 2:12, qualifications for a deacon; qualifications for deaconess [1 Timothy 3:12-13]
2016-3-18 Church's Music: What if i go to a specific church because of the form of a music they use make you feel good?
2016-3-18 No Crosses Displayed: Every church I've visited, no crosses displayed outside or inside the building because they don't want to offend people. [Galatians 5:11]
2016-3-17 Origins of Satan: Where did Satan officially come from? He was up in Heaven during the book of Job. [John 12:31, Revelation 12:9-10]
2016-3-17 Spiritual Wickedness in High Places: What is Ephesians talking about spiritual warfare & spiritual wickedness being up in heaven in the spiritual realm? [Ephesians 6:12]
2016-3-17 Timing of Satan's Creation: Was the Serpent Satan? Was he created after Adam & Eve were created? When were the angels created?
2016-3-17 God using Evil for Good: Even though evil isn't good, God uses it for good? [Romans 8:28]
2016-3-17 Hardest Doctrine to Teach: What is the hardest doctrine to teach in Steve's experience?
2016-3-17 People following the Lamb (144,000): Who are the people who follow the Lamb or just who are the 144,000? [Revelation 14:4]
2016-3-17 Conversion without Baptism: If someone on their deathbed receives Christ but are not baptized, are they still saved? [Luke 23:42-43]
2016-3-17 Matthew only for Jews: I've had people tell me that the gospel of Matthew, especially chapters 5-7, were only for the Jewish people. Is that true? (A lot of background noise during the call.)
2016-3-17 Creation & Dinosaurs: How does the timing of the Bible Creation & dinosaurs come in line with each other?
2016-3-17 Calvinism-Total Depravity: According to these verses, aren't we too depraved to seek God unless He seeks us out first? [Jeremiah 17:9, John 6:65]
2016-3-16 Felt Christian Love: Michael the Buddhist touched by Christian’s presence & likes the fellowship or relationships with Christians but does God fulfill the need for love from others?
2016-3-16 Seventh Day Adventists: Where do Seventh Day Adventists get their name & why so much emphasis on the Sabbath?
2016-3-16 Woman Caught in Adultery Story: The woman caught in adultery story, I heard there's a lot of controversy of whether that belongs in the Bible or not, that it was an insertion? What do you say? [John 7:53-8:11]
2016-3-16 Bucket List for the Christian: hat “bucket list” should I have as a Christian? What should we be doing or preparing for in these end days?
2016-3-16 Home Church Requirements: Are overseers or pastors required in a home church? Do you have to have apostolic leaders & titles?
2016-3-16 Overwhelming Presence of the Holy Spirit (about Michael the Buddhist): Caller thinks Michael the Buddhist needs to release his grip on Buddhism & firmly grip Christianity so he can really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, which he had called & talked about in a previous show.
2016-3-16 The Early Church in Jerusalem: In following God’s will & serving Him, what did the church in Jerusalem look like? Were they zealous for the law? Was it an underground church? [Acts 21:18]