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2013-10-07 Money Set Aside on First Day of Week: I was wondering about financing for the church in the New Testament, & what was the money for that Paul was having people set aside on the first day of the week? [1 Corinthians 16:2, 1 Corinthians 9]
2013-10-07 Never Water Baptized: I haven't been water baptized yet, & I heard that it's not necessary for salvation, but i should still do it?
2013-10-07 Origins of Satan: What do we know about the origins of Satan?
2013-10-07 Divorce not wanted, but not there Financially: A husband & a father doesn't want to get a divorce from his wife, which she wants, & because he's so devastated, he just disappears & is not there emotionally or financially for his children. Isn't that worse than being an infidel? [1 Timothy 5:8]
2013-10-07 Matthew a Disciple: What Matthew actually one of the 12 disciples of Jesus?
2013-10-07 Can't go Under Water: A lady is afraid to get baptized because she doesn't want to put her face under water. What should they do for her?
2013-10-04 Chuck Smith's Last Sermon: A Caller from Bermuda, just calling to say his condolences about Chuck Smith dying the day before, but even though he's in Bermuda now, he was just there listening to the last sermon he ever preached in California.
2013-10-04 God Permitting Violence: Why would God have people kill other people? [Joshua] (The call gets interrupted because Steve's computer rebooted on its own.)
2013-10-04 Grace, Entering God's Rest & Striving: A caller wants to talk further about entering God's rest & having Grace & striving. [He also gets bumped off the phone.]
2013-10-04 Losing our Salvation: Is it possible to lose our salvation? What if we have a gun put to our head & deny that we believe in Jesus? [Matthew 16:25, Ephesians 2:8-10]
2013-10-04 Enimity between Thy Seed & Her Seed: What is "enimity between thy seed & her seed" mean?
2013-10-04 God Cursing the Serprent: What does the Serpent being cursed above the cattle, crwling on its belly mean? [Genesis 3:14-15]
2013-10-04 Born Again: Caller thinks that you can't be "aborted" (lost) once you are born. Peter denied Christ three times, but he repented & was saved. We are a New Creation. [1 John 5]
2013-10-04 Calvinism & Arminianism: Salvation is granted, or it's us reconciling ourselves with God.
2013-10-04 Set Free of Sinful Nature: Caller thinks that once we are saved, have a true conversion, we are saved for life, for eternity, because our will has changed & has become God's will.
2013-10-03 Chuck Smith Passing Away: Chuck Smith passed before the show that day, & Steve reflects on back him & his ministry.
2013-10-03 Getting to the Debate: Caller wanted to thank Steve Gregg for getting him to the debate.
2013-10-03 Biblical What are the verses for Biblical grounds for divorce? [Matthew 19:9, Matthew 5:32]
2013-10-03 Joy & Peace in Suffering: How did you maintain having joy & peace in suffering? [Romans 18:8, 2 Corinthians 4:18]
2013-10-03 Steve Gregg Refusing to Divorce: Even though you had grounds for divorce, how come you chose not to iniate the divorce?
2013-10-03 Forgiving People: I thought a person had to go Jesus themselves to ask for forgiveness, but this verse SEEMS to be saying we can go around forgiving people. [John 20:23]
2013-10-03 Desperate & Questioning: [Luke 18:1]
2013-10-03 Living a Holy Life: How come I have aspirations to live a holy life & truly follow Jesus, but fail miserably? [James 5:
2013-10-03 Head Coverings: I know we are not supposed to decide what Scrpture we can obey or not obey, so what about these verses in Corinthians about head coverings? No one seems to be following them.
2013-10-02 "Worship Before thy Feet": What is this verse in Revelation 3 talking about? They won't be worshipping us, will they? [Revelation 3:9]
2013-10-02 Calvinists Tending to be Cessationists: Does it seem that most Calvinists are cessationists, having an intellectual experience towards spirituality? Caller is going to go down & see John MacArthur's conference called, "Strange Fire".
2013-10-02 Nero fitting the bill of 666: If Nero did represent the calculation of 666, wouldn't that put the date of Revelation much earlier than 95 AD?
2013-10-02 Entering His Rest: Is the chapter of Hebrews 4 that is talking about entering into Jesus' rest talking to believers or unbelievers, Christians or Judaizers? [Hebrews 4, Matthew 11:28-30, Isaiaih 30:15]
2013-10-02 Understanding the Trinity 101: Can I give an easy way to explain what the Trinity is?
2013-10-02 Jesus Having a Sinful Nature: Did Jesus have a sinful nature? Since it says He was tempted in ALL points as we are, was He tempted to be gay? Could He have been lustfully attracted to Mary Magadelene? [Hebrews 4:15]
2013-10-02 New Earth: Callers knows we are going to be living on the New Earth when Jesus comes back, when we are in eternity, but will we be able to transport ourselves between here & where Heaven is?
2013-10-02 Wedding Feast of the Lamb: When we die & go to Heaven, is that then the wedding feast, before Jesus comes back here?
2013-10-02 Being Caught Up: Caller really thinks the Pre-tribulation rapture is correct, especially in light of 1 Thessalonians. If the great theologians of that day are wrong, how can they be so wrong after studying the same Scripture? [1 Thessalonians 4:15-18]
2013-10-01 Young Earth & Light before Sun: I have a theory about the Young Earth & light being before the Sun, & that is that God was so fast, has the speed of light, it's very possible that light could be available even before the sun, thus it still being a young earth. [Genesis 1:2]
2013-10-01 Gentile meaning "Gentle Person": Caller thinks Gentile means, "gentle person".
2013-10-01 ObamaCare: What do you think of Obamacare being the law of the land?
2013-10-01 Races Since Noah: Was Noah's family Jewish?
2013-10-01 SDA & Meat: How come Seventh Day Adventists don't eat meat?
2013-10-01 A Venue for Steve: Caller has a venue for Steve Gregg to go to, but the e-mail won't work, so the only way he could contact him was by contacting the show.
2013-10-01 Jesus being Michael Archangel: Was Jesus Michael the Archangel? Jehovah's Witnesses & SDAs say so.
2013-10-01 Trinity: Can you explain the Trinity? Jehovah's Witnesses don't think it's exists, that you are claiming 3 Gods.
2013-10-01 Adventism & Vegetarianism: Caller opines on why Adventists are vegetarian, even though he's not an Adventist himself.
2013-10-01 Jesus being Michael Angel followup: Caller has an idea on why Jehovah's think that Jesus was Michael the archangel.
2013-10-01 Jesus not being Michael the Archangel: Caller has another idea on why Jehovah's Witness believe Jesus was Michael the archangel.
2013-10-01 Adventist Explain why Vegetarianism: An Adventist caller calls to explain on why they are vegetarian.
2013-9-30 "Coming to Zion": What about "coming to Zion"? [Hebrews 12:22]
2013-9-30 Millennium: Are they talking about the Millenium in Micah? [Micah 4:3, Isaiah 2, Revelation 20, Romans 14:17]
2013-9-30 Calvinism, Bad Things Happening & Micromanaging: God doesn't micromanage, but what about when God tests us & allows very bad things to happen, isn't that micromanaging?
2013-9-30 Jesus' Second Coming: What is your view about Jesus' Second Coming? Do you believe in a 1000 year reign?
2013-9-30 Trust the Lord Completely: How do you trust in the Lord completely & not rely on yourself? [Proverbs 5:3-7]