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2022-1-10 70 Weeks of Daniel: Who is the "he" in Daniel 9, and what does it mean to "confirm the covenant"? [Daniel 9:24-27, Luke 21:20, Matthew 24:16].
2022-1-10 Abortion is Murder: Could you list 2-3 verses that prove that abortion is nothing more than murder? [Genesis 9:4-7].
2022-1-10 Teaching Pastors & Elders: If there are plenty of elders in the church, is it acceptable to hire a younger man to be the teaching pastor, since he is technically not an elder? [I Timothy 4:12].
2022-1-10 Infallibility of the Bible: If the words of scripture in the Bible are true, but not infallible, is the Bible not in danger of becoming untrue?
2022-1-10 Preservation of His Word: Do you believe that God has preserved His Word? [I Corinthians 7:25, I Corinthians 7:40, Galatians 2:11].
2022-1-10 More in Line with God's Will: Does our will become more conformed to God's will?
2022-1-10 Salvation & the Body of Christ: At the point of salvation, when one has repented and submitted, is that person now part of the body of Christ?
2022-1-10 The Lord's Prayer: Where does the prayer come from that says, "Thy will, no my will, be done"?
2022-1-07 "In Christ" & the "Body of Christ": Is being "in Christ" a mystical thing, or is it more of a metaphor? [Romans 8:9, Ephesians 1].
2022-1-07 Blessings in Christ: What are our primary spiritual blessings in Christ to which Paul refers? [Ephesians 1].
2022-1-07 Revelation Written by a Mad Man: Could the book of Revelation be the ravings of a mad man?
2022-1-07 Satan Released: If the devil is released from the pit, could unbelief be what he has perpetrated? [Revelation].
2022-1-07 Levirate Marriage: When a man was to raise up the upspring for his dead brother, how could that actually work? [Matthew 22:24].
2022-1-07 Parable of the Wedding Feast: who is the man in the "Parable of the Wedding Feast", who is not wearing the proper clothes? [Matthew 22:11, Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:21].
2022-1-07 More Serious Temptation: Doesn't it seem like there are some temptations that are common, but there are others really more serious and one is in spiritual danger? [Galatians 6:1, I Thessalonians 3:5, Luke 22:31].
2022-1-07 God as Our "Dwelling Place": What does it mean to "make God your dwelling place"? [Psalm 91].
2022-1-07 Human an "it": Was the first reference to a human, "it"? [Genesis 1:26].
2022-1-07 Divining Rod (Dowsing, Water-Witching): What should I do to discourage someone from using a "Divining Rod"?
2022-1-07 Date of the Crucifixion: When do you think that the crucifixion took place? [Luke 3:1, John 2:20, Acts 2:20].
2022-1-07 Length of Jesus' Ministry: Could Jesus' ministry be 4-5 years?
2022-1-07 "Jezebel Spirit": Is it correct to say that a woman has a "Jezebel spirit"? [Revelation 2:20].
2022-1-07 Steve Gregg's Church Attendance: Are you part of a church group that meets regularly?
2022-1-07 Symbolism of the book of Revelation: Is all of the book of Revelation symbolic, or just some of it? [Revelation].
2022-1-07 Masturbation: Would regular masturbation send someone to hell? [I Thessalonians 4:4].
2022-1-06 Timeline; "Man of Sin" & the Rapture: When does the "Man of Sin" appear in relation to the timeline of the rapture? [I Thessalonians 4, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, John 6:39-54, Ephesians 4:13, Ephesians 2, I Corinthians 3:16, 2 Corinthians 6:16].
2022-1-06 Jewish Mythology, Leviathan, Behemoth & Dinosaurs: Caller thinks that the creatures (Leviathan, Behemoth & Ziz) in Job are connected to Jewish Mythology instead of dinosaurs?
2022-1-06 1000-Year Reign: Could you explain the 1000-year reign (Millennium) and the New Earth? [Revelation 20:7-9, 2 Thessalonians 1:9].
2022-1-06 Book of Enoch: Could you talk about Enoch and the "Book of Enoch" ("First Enoch")? [Hebrews 11:5, Genesis 5:21-24, Jude 1:14-15, 2 Peter 2:4].
2022-1-06 Jesus Pre-incarnate State (Christophany, Theophany) Do you know anything about how Jesus looked in His pre-incarnate state (Christophany)?
2022-1-06 Cain's Descendant's Self-Defense Killing: Would comment on the passage about descendants of Cain's and Lamech's killing of a man in self-defense? [Genesis 4:23f].
2022-1-06 Ezekiel's Temple & New Jerusalem: Is the New Jerusalem a real physical place or is it symbolic? [Ezekiel 40-48, Ezekiel 43:11].
2022-1-06 Herod & the "Man of Sin": Was Herod's death possibly relative to the "man sitting in the temple"? [Luke 12:18-22, Acts 12, Acts 17].
2022-1-06 God Impregnating Mary: Did God impregnate Mary, or did he just plant the complete fetus in her womb?
2022-1-05 Rules for Israel's Kings: Why would God give Israel detailed instructions about Kings if He didn't want them to have a human king? [Deuteronomy 17:14, I Samuel 8, Hosea 13:11].
2022-1-05 Sins Removed, but Account Required of All we Have Done-Contradiction: How does one reconcile when the Bible says our sins will be removed as far as the east is from the west, and yet we are also told we will give account for all we have done. [Psalm 103:12, Jeremiah 31:34, Matthew 12:36, Luke 6:45, I Corinthians 11:30]
2022-1-05 The 24 Elders as the Church: What do you think about the idea that the original texts disagree with the interpretation of the word "us", rather than "them" or "men". [Revelation 5:9-10].
2022-1-05 The 24 Elders in Revelation: Who are the 24 elders in Revelation?
2022-1-05 Adam, Eve, Giants, Nephilim: Do you think that Adam & Eve could've lived with dinosaurs, and perhaps giant people (Nephilim), from whence came Goliath? [Genesis 6, Job 4-41].
2022-1-05 Dinosaurs Died in Flood: Didn't all the dinosaurs die in the flood?
2022-1-05 Pray to God or Jesus: Should I pray to God or to Jesus? [Ephesians 3:14, Matthew 6:9-13, John 16:23-26, John 14:6, Revelation 22:20, Acts 7:59].
2022-1-05 Forest Devours Many: When Samuel says that the forest devours more than war, is there something supernatural being referred to? [2 Samuel 18:8].
2022-1-05 God Picks Winners in War: Does God dictate the winners and losers of wars generally? [Daniel 2:21, i Kings 22:34-39].
2022-1-05 Contradiction About When Jesus Went to Heaven: Can you help me reconcile two seemingly contradictory statements about when the thief would meet Jesus in paradise and when he told Mary He had not yet ascended into heaven? [Luke 23:43, John 20:17, 2 Corinthians 12:4, John 20:17],
2022-1-05 70 Weeks: Why do you not hold to the Dispensational view of the 70 weeks?
2022-1-04 David Mistaken in His Prayer: Why did David pray, "Against you, and you only, have I sinned" when it was clear that he had wronged many others? [Psalm 54:4, Psalm 22:1].
2022-1-04 Steve Gregg's Band from the 1970s: Is there any surviving material from your band in the 1970s (New Wine).
2022-1-04 Remarriage in God's Sight: How does God look at our marriage if both of us were married before and neither of our former spouses have passed away? Recommends topical article on marriage at the website.
2022-1-04 God's Abuse & Manipulation: How can I respond to my daughter who claims that God is manipulative and abusive as in the example of Abraham being told to kill Isaac? (Even though it seems to end at the break, Steve continues to coomment after break regarding this call.)
2022-1-04 Inheriting the Kingdom of God: Can someone be saved and not inherit "The Kingdom of God"? [Colossians 1:13].
2022-1-04 Salvation vs Inheriting the Kingdom: Is there a difference between being saved and inheriting the kingdom? [Hebrews 6:1, Colossians 1:28, Philippians 3:14-15].