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2021-9-24 Loving God More: How do you cultivate more love for God? [I John 4:19, I John 2:15, I John 4:8, Luke 10:27].
2021-9-24 Eating Flesh (Eucharist)-Test to Thin the Crowd: Was Jesus intentionally testing the crowd and making it difficult to grasp the concept of the eucharist by focusing on "eating flesh"? [John 6:63-68, Matthew 19:21, Luke 14:25, 2 Timothy 2, Titus 2:14, I Corinthians 6:20, 2 Corinthians 13:5].
2021-9-24 Calvinism & the Elect: Caller shares his thoughts on God's love for us relative to Calvinism. [Amos 5:14].
2021-9-22 "Born of Water": When Jesus was speaking to Nicodemus, what was he referring to when he said, "you must be born of water"? [John 3:3].
2021-9-22 Books of Rememberance and Life: Is the "Book of Rememberance" in Malachi, the same book as the "Book of Life" in Daniel? [Malachi 3:16, Daniel 7:10].
2021-9-22 Thief Today in Paradise: Since Jesus told the thief that he would be with Him "today" in paradise, but yet He was not going to be there for 3 days, how do you harmonize this? [Luke 23:43].
2021-9-22 Three Days: Is the number in the "three days" significant in the stories of Jonah and the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb?
2021-9-22 "Gave Them Him Name": What does it mean that "He gave them His name"? [John 17:11-12].
2021-9-22 Babies Born with More Pain After the Fall: Could it be that babies didn't need to be in the womb beyond 6 months, but God made it last 9 months, after the fall, therefore becoming more painful? [Genesis 3:16]
2021-9-22 Muhammed in the Old Testament: Have you encountered the argument that the Old Testament speaks of Muhammed? [Deuteronomy 18:19, Acts 3].
2021-9-22 "Little Horn" as Future Antichrist: If you were talking with Dispensationalists about the "Little Horn" not being a future Antichrist, would you say it was the papacy, or just that you don't know? [Daniel 7, 2 Thessalonians 2:7].
2021-9-22 "The Little Horn" & the Papacy: Could you help me with the parallel between the "Little Horn" and the papacy? [Daniel 7].
2021-9-22 Catholic Believer with Wrong Doctrines: If someone is a sincere believer who loves Jesus, but is Catholic and has a lot of doctrines wrong, how much grace will God give? [Ephesians 1:7].
2021-9-22 Getting One's Sins Forgiven: What is the process for getting one's sins forgiven?
2021-9-22 Fall of the Roman Empire: Caller challenges Steve's view of when the Roman Empire fell.
2021-9-22 Units of Measure in Exodus: Could you talk about the units of measure in Exodus? [Exodus 30:22].
2021-9-21 Ending of Acts Before 70 AD: Is it possible that the writing of Acts was complete and ended before 70 AD? [Malachi 1:11].
2021-9-21 More Than One View of Revelation Correct: Could not both the "Idealist" and "Preterist" views be correct in Revelation 6 (as in the four horseman)? [Revelation 6].
2021-9-21 Actual Body of Christ in the Eucharist: Caller argues that his actual body of Christ is in the Eucharist and that the view was held by the church fathers from the earliest dates. [Acts 20:29,l Act 20:26, Mark 10:43, Isaiah 8:20].
2021-9-21 Giving Beyond One's Own Ability: What does it mean to "give beyond one's own ability" as in "faith promises"? [2 Corinthians 8:3].
2021-9-21 Paul's Infirmity: What do you think that Paul's infirmity was?
2021-9-21 Prayer: How long do we keep praying for God to answer our prayer? [2 Corinthians 12:9].
2021-9-21 Gnostic Gospels: What do you know about the Gnostic Gospels?
2021-9-21 Muslim View of Jesus for the Sacrifice for Sin : How do you respond to the Muslim when they question why God doesn't just forgive without requiring a sacrifice?
2021-9-21 Steve to Jerusalem: Have you ever been to the "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem?
2021-9-21 The Jewish Tradition Marking the Day: Did you know that the day begins in the evening?
2021-9-21 The Rapture: Caller indicates that Steve is mistaken about the rapture, and there are many raptures in the Bible.
2021-9-21 Tithing Beyond My Church to Other Ministries: Should I be spreading around my tithe to other ministries beyond my church? Can it be secular groups with good causes?
2021-9-21 Martin Luther: Did Martin Luther declare Catholic traditions and doctrines heretical?
2021-9-17 Mark of the Beast: What would the "Mark of the Beast" look like if you still held the Dispensational view of end times? [Revelation 13-14].
2021-9-17 Mark of the Beast: At what point could a physical mark allow one to lose one's salvation, since God looks at the heart? [Deuteronomy 6:8, Deuteronomy 11:18].
2021-9-17 Renouncing Christ: If one renounces Christ, would that compromise your salvation?
2021-9-17 Coming to Jesus?: Why won't people come to Jesus, unless He draws them? [John 6:44, John 12:32, Matthew 23:37, Hosea 11:4].
2021-9-17 Church Fathers or Prominent Teachers & Satan: Do any other prominent theologians or any church father also believe what you believe about Satan not originally being Lucifer?
2021-9-17 Satan Not a Fallen Angel: Don't you think that your book on hell indicates that your view of hell is non-traditional and tends to support the idea that Satan was not a fallen angel?
2021-9-17 Satan's Origins: Is it possible that the origin of Satan suggesting that he was created to be a tester, rather than a fallen angel, questionable, because God would not be giving him an option to have free will to choose salvation?.
2021-9-17 Astrology in Scripture: Would you talk about astrology in the Bible, and if there is any relation to people's characteristics?
2021-9-17 Greek in Hebrew: Why do preachers so often refer to the Greek rather than the Hebrew?
2021-9-17 Garden of Eden: What about the teaching that there was a "Garden of Eden" in heaven before it came to be on earth? [Genesis 2]..
2021-9-17 "Not of This Fold": Is Jesus speaking of non-humans when he refers to people who are "sheep not of this fold"? [John 10:16]
2021-9-17 Satan & Symbolism in Ezekiel: Are the references to the King and Prince in Ezekiel 28 the same people? [Ezekiel 28:2, Ezekiel 28:12, Ezekiel 31:9, Ezekiel 31:3].
2021-9-17 Church Attendance Required: Do you have to attend church? [Hebrews 10:25]
2021-9-17 Eucharist (Communion) Symbolism: What is the symbolism of the body and blood of the Eucharist (Communion)?
2021-9-17 The "Body & Blood" for Eternal Life: Do you need to receive the "body and blood" of Christ in order to receive eternal life?
2021-9-16 Appreciates The Narrow Path: Caller just called to say that he enjoys Steve's ministry, his answers to Norm Geisler, and his offering of alternative views.
2021-9-16 God's Will: We need to ask according to God's will in our future. [James 4:13-15, Matthew 26:37]
2021-9-16 God's Calling: We are called out of this world, but we are also called to something in this world? What are we called to do? Recommends topical lectures for a new believer, and the Steve’s new books on The Kingdom of God, called “Empire of the Risen Son.”
2021-9-16 Who are Saved from Their Sins: Who are the people who are intended to be "saved from their sins"? [Matthew 1:21, John 1:29, John 6:37].
2021-9-16 Christian Obligation Toward Mentally Ill Family Members: What is my Christian duty toward my mom who has always struggled with mental illness and has attempted suicide multiple times, regarding housing and caring for her?
2021-9-16 Jewish View of the Afterlife: What did the Jews believe about the afterlife and heaven?