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2016-5-25 Deuteronomy Important to Fulfilling of Daniel: Could you comment on what you said about Deuteronomy being the most important fulfillment for the verses of Daniel 12:7 & the 3.5 yrs or 1290 days? [Daniel 12:7, Deuteronomy 32:35-40]
2016-5-25 Isaiah 66:17: I was wondering if you could explain this verse in Isaiah 66? [Isaiah 66:17]
2016-5-25 New Birth Experience in the OT: They could be born again, a new born experience, in the Old Testmanet too? What is supplication? [Ezekiel 36:25-27, John 3:5]
2016-5-25 Supplication: What is the meaning of supplication? (prayer)
2016-5-25 Discerning what is True: Everyone says, "God told me", so how can we test what is really true or not?
2016-5-25 Unclean Food & 70 AD: Why does he raise the issue of unclean foods at all if this is applying to 70 AD after everything has been declared clean? [Isaiah 66:17] (Caller who called earlier in the show, clarifying his question.)
2016-5-25 Express image of God & perception: Michael the Buddhist calling to say it's all about perception, it's all relative, seen different by different people, sin nature, perception & reality discussion.
2016-5-25 Leaven meaning: Does leaven represents only evil? [Matthew 13:33]
2016-5-25 Young Earth Creationist Problems: How do people who believe in young earth creationism deal with the age of the stars, dinosaurs, carbon dating?
2016-5-24 Pastor Tyranny: What is the best biblical description of Church Government? [Hebrews 13:17]
2016-5-24 Christians during these Perilous Times: What should we be doing as believers now in these perilous times?
2016-5-24 Jesus resisting Temptation: When Jesus resisted temptation, who was doing the resisting, God or Jesus?
2016-5-24 Predestinating People to Hell: Why would a merciful God create a hell? Why make people who would go there if He knew it ahead of time?
2016-5-24 Choosing the 12 & Drawing All Men: Did the 12 disciples have the ability to choose? What about God drawing all men? [John 6:70, John 12:32]
2016-5-24 God Dragging Believers: Drawing or dragging all the faithful that God gave Him, chosen 12, ox in the hole [John 6:44], John 12:32, John 17:6]
2016-5-24 God gave People to Jesus: What about the verse that says God gave people to Jesus, & whoever came to Him, He would not cast out? [John 6:37]
2016-5-24 Kingdom of God in the OT: How was the Kingdom of God to be understood by Old TestamentT people? Do you suppose He hid it from them because of Satan?
2016-5-24 Gifts & Calling of God without Repentance: "The gifts & promises of God are without repentance", can you explain this verse? [Romans 11:29]
2016-5-24 Christians being in Troubled Times: What should we be doing in these perilous times? Should we be fleeing or stand? Death End Times Last Days Persecution Suffering Tribulation
2016-5-23 70 Weeks: Caller is wanting to make sure he's understanding what Steve is saying here about the 70 weeks of Daniel & is trying to sort out the "he". [Daniel 9:26-27]
2016-5-23 Gap Theory: Caller is asking about the Gap theory. [Genesis 1:1-2], Genesis 2, Isaiah 45:18]
2016-5-23 Understanding the Holy Spirit: Caller is trying to understand the Holy Spirit in light of 2 verses, one it's likened to the wind when Jesus was talking to Nicodemus in the gospel of John & giving part of Moses spirit that was in him to the 70 men in the book of Numbers. [John 3:8, Numbers 11:25]
2016-5-23 Being an Atheist in Light of Book of Daniel: How can there possibly be any atheists if you look at the book of Daniel at all the evidence? [Daniel]
2016-5-23 5th Trumpet of Locust: What do the Locust represent in Revelation 9? Some think it's helicopters. [Rev 9: 7-10]
2016-5-23 6th Trumpet of Horses: What do the Horses represent from the 6th Trumpet [Revelation 9: 7-10]
2016-5-13 Faith & Works: Is it a faith that works? [James 2:24]
2016-5-13 Foundation/Ground of the Church: Jesus is the real foundation, but what about denominational "ground" (foundation) of the church?
2016-5-13 Determining Death: Who has the authority to determine when we die? [Matthew 10:29-31]
2016-5-13 Motivated by Love for Christ: We shouldn't be motivated to be saved just to be either wanting euphoria in heaven for eternity or fear of burning in hell, but for the love of the Master Himself, right?
2016-5-13 Yoga & the New Age Movement: I was wondering what you thought about New Age movement & Yoga?
2016-5-13 Critical of People in Authority (Obama/Biden): Caller is concerned that we should be praying for people who are in "authority" over us, so should Christians be talking critically of Obama while they are praying for him? [1 Timothy 2:1-7]
2016-5-12 Purgatory & Universal Reconciliation: What's the difference purgatory & universal reconciliation?
2016-5-12 Tartarus (Abyss): What is tartarus? [2 peter 2:4]
2016-5-12 Steve Anti-Semitic: Is Steve Gregg a little bit anti-Semitic? [Psalm 107:43]
2016-5-12 Gehenna: What did Jesus mean by Gehenna if it doesn't mean hell?
2016-5-12 Evangelicals & Dispensationalists & the Nation of Israel: Caller doesn't like this idea of being distracted by the ethnic nation of Israel & a 3rd Temple being built. We need to focus on Christ.
2016-5-12 Jews reclaiming their Land: Do you think the Jewish people have a right to their land?
2016-5-11 Motivated by Fear of Hell: A friend of the caller thinks if there's no such thing as hell (the traditional view), what's the point in being in a Christian?
2016-5-11 Catholics Praying to Idols & Saints: Idols & images that are prayed to in the Roman Catholic church & praying to saints, how do they
2016-5-11 Eastern Orthodox Venerating Saints: What about the Eastern Orthodox pretty much doing the same thing as the Catholic church, praying to idols, images & dead saints, even though they call it venerating?
2016-5-11 Mandrakes: What exactly were mandrakes? Do they still exist today? Does it help someone get pregnant? [Genesis 30:14–18]
2016-5-11 Catholic Church: Caller wanted to make positive comments about the Catholic church.
2016-5-11 Disciples of Christ: Caller wanted Steve's opinion about a church that was associated with the Disciples of Christ church.
2016-5-11 Mercy & Grace: What is difference between mercy, compassion & grace?
2016-5-11 Original Sin & Age of Accountability: Caller wants to know about original sin & age of accountability in the Catholic Church.
2016-5-11 Elephant in the Room Regarding Catholic Church: Caller is concerned about the Elephant in the room concerning the catholic church & sexual abuse.
2016-5-10 Old Testament Law: Which Old Testament Laws do we decide to keep or not?
2016-5-10 Church of Christ & No Instruments: The Church of Christ doesn't use musical instruments, why not?
2016-5-10 Tattoos: Were the tattoos in the Old Testament taoing about permanent tattoos or also the kind that can be washed off? [Leviticus 19:28]
2016-5-10 The Nation of Israel: Regarding the history & nation of Israel, you seem so negative towards them. Why? [Genesis 12:1-3]