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2017-1-19 Tithing to your Local Church: Tithing & giving (Editor's Note: continued dialoguing with caller after break, didn't announce it like he usually does.)
2017-1-19 John Preaching Again in Revelation: I don't recall reading that John the Revelator doing what Revelation 10 said to do about preaching to nations, kindreds, tongues & people in Patmos again. [Revelation 10]
2017-1-19 Death having no power over resurrected saints in the 1000 years: What's this talking about when it talks about the 1000 year reign millennium? [Revelation 20:4-6]
2017-1-19 Holy Spirit & Paracletos: what is the definition of the Holy Spirit, especially paraclete/paracletos, Him being "beside" us when He's supposed to be in us?
2017-1-18 God testing Israel with their enemies: God will NOT drive Israel's enemies that they might be tested, & He won't because He wants them to learn about war. [Judges 3]
2017-1-18 Obedience to the law: Following the laws of God as Christians, & it's true we are going to be judged by Christ, but by what criteria?
2017-1-18 Debating Seventh Day Adventists about the Sabbath Keeping the law, especially the Sabbath, Adventist say we absolutely have to keep the Sabbath, that it says it in Acts & so on.
2017-1-18 Understanding the Bible by culture of the day: Middle eastern culture a little bit different than the modern era or life in America. Can you talk about it?
2017-1-18 Refusing Blood Transfusions: Someone telling the caller that taking blood transfusions is wrong because it says to abstain from blood, so to refuse to take them or do them like the Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to do. [Acts 15:29]
2017-1-18 Buddhist Falling for Jesus: Even though a buddhist, he feels like he's beginning to fall in love with Jesus
2017-1-18 Temptation: Wanting to have obedience to Jesus, but being tempted to do wrong.
2017-1-17 New Age is the Christianity: There seems to be a New Age emphasis in Christianity & the new apostolic movement prophetic ministries
2017-1-17 Private Interpretation of the Scripture: Can Steve please explain prophecy of Scripture & no private interpretation of it? [1 Peter 1:20]
2017-1-17 King Herod: Was Herod a jew or not? If he wasn't where do you think they got this idea?
2017-1-17 Sacrifice for Sin after Willful Sin" What does no longer a sacrifice for sins after willfully sinning since there's grace? [Hebrews 10:26]
2017-1-17 Jesus Cursing the Fig Tree: why did Jesus curse the fig tree (matt 21:19-21)?
2017-1-17 Reasoning for Tongues in different parts of the Bible: Is there a difference in what tongues is for in Acts & 2 Corinthians? [Acts 2, 2 Corinthians 14]
2017-1-16 Israel becoming a Nation in 1948: Dispensationalists predicted israel becoming a Nation in the end times, so aren't they right?
2017-1-16 Opinion verses the Word of God: I disagree w/ you about sharing your "opinion. We can't all have different opinions of their interpretation of the Word of God.
2017-1-16 Becoming Angels when we die: Do children who die become angels? Where do we go after we die? (technically this call was asked by a kid, so put it in the questions asked by kids topic.)
2017-1-16 Eternal Security & the Prodigal Son: Do you believe in once saved, always saved? What about the Prodigal Son? [Luke 11:11-32]
2017-1-16 Exegesis of Scripture & Proper Bible Study: Can you tell me about proper biblical exegesis of Scripture? How do you begin studying the Bible?
2017-1-16 Words for God: Elohim in Genesis singular & plural forms of a word used for the one & only God
2017-1-16 Different Viewpoints of Christianity: There's a lot of different viewpoints of Christianity, & he's wanting to come back to God, but so many different terms, etc. that you have to learn about! (the call gets cutoff but just wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to it)
2017-1-16 Israel Only Nation came back after 2,000 years: Do you know of ANY nation in the world or in history who came back into being 2,000 yrs later like Israel? (Sort've a weird call.)
2017-1-16 Jesus has a Wife: Caller studying with a cult that says a woman in Korea was the wife of Jesus.
2017-1-13 Infallibility of the Bible: Can you explain again how you know the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God?
2017-1-13 Old & New Covenant: When did the old covenant stop & the new covenant start?
2017-1-13 Pearls to the Swine, nothing Holy to Dogs Can you explain matt 7:6?
2017-1-12 Jesus not being God to the Jews: Why didn't the Jews recognize Jesus when He came?
2017-1-12 Bible interpretation in Romans: vine's expository dictionary, the word "use" in rom 1:26, natural use for
2017-1-12 Providence of God: Coincidence or providence of God? Does God orchestrate our lives?
2017-1-12 Women Teachers: Women teaching the church; what did the church look like in the 1st century? Is the church in the role of the husband to those who don't marry?
2017-1-12 Bible Translations: I like using different translations of the bible, especially the Living Bible & the New Living Translation, & want to talk about the words "judging", "giving", etc. [Matthew 7]
2017-1-12 Grief Lectures: Where are your "grief" lectures?
2017-1-12 Word of Faith: The Word of Faith damages the faith of believers?
2017-1-11 Knowing God: Experiencing & Knowing God, not just having an intellectual knowledges about Him & having a routine in prayer & worship.
2017-1-11 Law still Binding: Is the law still applicable because I just got done reading Isaiah 2:1-4, & it is a prophetic passage & says, "out of Zion shall go forth the law", & it's talking about the future, so doesn't the law continue? [Isaiah 2:1-4]
2017-1-11 The 7 Spirits: What are the 7 Spirits of God that are in the throne in Revelation? [Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:5, Revelation 5:6, Isaiah 11:2]
2017-1-11 Woman Preachers: Are woman allowed to pastors? How about teaching?
2017-1-11 Christian Psychology: Should I listen to Christian psychologists? Should we read secular literature, have you ever read Paradise lost
2017-1-11 Cessation of the Gifts of the Spirit: Speaking in tongues, having the Holy Spirit, being filled w/ the Spirit, do the Gifts of the Spirit still exist for today?
2017-1-10 Lion lying down with the Lamb: The lion lying down w/ the lamb, was the King James Bible supernaturally changed because it doesn't say that anymore! [Isaiah 11:8, Isaiah 65:25]
2017-1-10 The Calendar: Jesus was born 4-5 bc? Why did we start using BC/AD for the calendar?
2017-1-10 Fear of Torment in Hell: How biblical is the doctrine about torment of hell fire? Fearing God because you are afraid of hell fire is not a good way to get saved!
2017-1-10 Power in Christ: Our "authority" in Christ, being saved, prayer, word of faith
2017-1-10 Squandering your Life: What if you've squandered most of your life from serving God? [Luke 15:11-32]
2017-1-09 God "trying" to Kill Moses: Why did He "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24-26]
2017-1-09 Seeing God & Living to Tell about it: How come some people got to see God & live when it says that if you see Him die?
2017-1-09 12 Week Program on Dispensationalism: My church is putting on a 12-week study on end times, especially the pre-trib rapture, & I'm wondering if i should attend?