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2018-11-14 144,000: What can you tell me about the 144,000, who are they & are they literal?
2018-11-14 Creation of the Earth: Could not God have created an earth that was already aged (being in full maturity already)? Weren't Adam & Eve created as adults?
2018-11-14 Becoming a Roman Catholic: What reasons would you give to not becoming a Roman Catholic because I'm thinking of becoming one?
2018-11-14 Calvinism: What part of Calvinism do you disagree with?
2018-11-14 Heaping Coals of Fire: Heaping coals of fire on our enemies, what does this mean? [Romans 12:20]
2018-11-13 History Channel & Aliens: I'd like to be able to answer people who after watching the History channel who have all these Qs about aliens. Can you help me out?
2018-11-13 Mansions in Heaven: Jesus said he was going to prepare many mansions, but we are temple of God & have the Holy Spirit already, don't we? [John 14]
2018-11-13 Assisted Suicide: Is assisted suicide murder?
2018-11-13 Atheist & Noah's Ark & Flood: What do you say to atheists who say the story about Noah's flood is too far-fetched to be believable?
2018-11-13 Aliens - Extraterrestrials: As far as your call about extraterrestrials, & there are a couple documentaries about this kind've stuff such as Rare Earth, Privileged Planet.
2018-11-13 Jesus' actual Commandments: What are Jesus' actual commands?
2018-11-13 Intermediate State between Death & Glory: What happens after you die?
2018-11-13 Rapture Questions: How close are we to the Rapture? How long will the people who stay after the Rapture be here? Who is the woman, the Harlot, in Revelation 17? [Revelation 17]
2018-11-13 Word of Faith Healers: Do the Word of Faith people actually heal people?
2018-11-12 Persecution of the Jews & Josephus: So even after the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, the Jews were majorally prosecuted, like in the cities in Damacus. We get this from Josephus & his works, do we?
2018-11-12 Jews being Cutoff: The Jews being cutoff from the people, what does that mean? Could they come back?
2018-11-12 Pre-existence for Jeremiah: God knew us before we were born, does that mean we had a pre-existence? Did Jeremiah know God before he came down here? [Jeremiah 1:5]
2018-11-12 Speaking in Tongues: Alternate viewpoint in speaking in tongues.
2018-11-12 Baptism: Is it okay if a mother baptizes her son even though women are not supposed be elders?
2018-11-12 Divine Nature: The divine nature imparted to believers [Matthew 24:35]
2018-11-12 Evangelicalism & Eastern Orthodoxy: Hank hanegraaff switched over to eastern orthodox, teaching progressive salvation. Isn't it spontaneous salvation?
2018-11-12 Secular Music: What do you think about going into music as a career for a believer, not necessarily Christian music?
2018-11-12 Evangelizing, Teaching, Witnessing Correctly: How to go out & share your faith & what churches are teaching is inadequate
2018-11-12 Trinity & Tree of Knowledge being feminine: Something about Tree of Knowledge being feminine, spirit of wisdom, feminine entity. I actually have no idea what he's saying, just like the last time he called. [Proverbs 3:18]
2018-11-12 Speaking in Tongues: On your show recently you've had people talking about speaking in tongues, & so they might be interested in Perplexed by Tongues by Larry Christenson
2018-11-12 Marijuana/Cannabis: I like & work with cannabis/marijuana. Is it wrong for Christians to use marijuana?
2018-11-12 Pressured to Tithe at My Church: Churches that demand you pay tithe
2018-11-09 Know what the Question is: It is important know what the Question is before you call instead of trying to formulate it as you are on the phone.
2018-11-09 God before Creation: What was God doing before creation? What's it going to be like in heaven? Resurrection in a different mode?
2018-11-09 Martin Luther King Jr: Previous caller who called about Martin Luther King.
2018-11-09 Microchips: Where does the belief come from about a computer chip in our hands? [Revelation 13]
2018-11-09 Alcohol & the Christian: Is drinking alcohol a sin or is it just being a drunkard that is?
2018-11-09 Churches Displaying the Rainbow Flag: What about churches that display the rainbow flag?
2018-11-09 Word of Faith Movement: Health & prospering should always be answered, that it's always God's will Word of Faith people say?
2018-11-09 Eternity will have a different Time Dimension: Trinity before creation, matter & space relative to time, eternity to time, the caller feels.
2018-11-09 Apostolic Authority: Jesus & His Disciples just commanded healing & casting out demons. [John 14:12]
2018-11-09 Contradiction about Judging in the Bible: Scripture seems to contradict itself about judging one another [John 8:15-16, John 9:39]
2018-11-08 Sheep & the Goats: I like the song by Keith green called, "the sheep & the goats", but what can you tell me about the sheep & the goats, judging, & so on? [Matthew 25:31-46]
2018-11-08 Breaking Covenants: Is the New Testament breakable or unbreakable & what are the penalties if you do?
2018-11-08 Lake of Fire - Hell: What is Hell & the Lake of Fire, & will it be the same experience for the people who make it there?
2018-11-08 Generational Curses: What can you tell me about generational curses? [Exodus 20:5]
2018-11-08 Marriage in Heaven: The story of the marriage question asked of Jesus, where did He pull that from? (never do resolve exactly what he's asking)
2018-11-08 Rich Man & Lazarus: Discussion about the Rich man & Lazarus parable. (2 calls in a row of not being able to clarify what the question is)
2018-11-08 John banished to Patmos: Is there any evidence when John was actually banished to Patmos?
2018-11-08 Jews & Persecution: Why are the Jews subject to so much persecution?
2018-11-08 Women Preachers: Can you explain this passage to me? Women preaching? Women speaking? [1 Corinthians 14:34-35]
2018-11-07 Purgatory & Wood, Hay & Stubble: It says in 1 Corinthians that some people's works are gold, silver, precious stones & others some are wood, hay, straw, so does this have anything to do w/ purgatory? [1 Corinthians 3]
2018-11-07 Speaking in Tongues: What is Steve's view in speaking in tongues? [1 Corinthians 13-14]
2018-11-07 Hezekiah in Trouble: Why did Hezekiah get punished for showing people all his wealth? (Audio isn't very good) [2 Kings 20:12-19]
2018-11-07 Christian Dominionism What is Christian dominionism? What are the pros & cons of it?