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2013-9-06 Genealogy in Matthew 1: How come the genealogy of 42 generations, 14, 14, & 14 in Matthew is a different number of generations than is found in the Old Testament genealogy? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
2013-9-06 Wedding Feast: When is the Wedding Feast? Is it before the coming of the Lord? [Luke 12:35-37, Matthew 22:1-14]
2013-9-06 Jesus Never Claimed to be God: Jesus was the second "Adam", wasn't He? Was He the example of what Adam should've been, yet also came down here to die for our sins?
2013-9-06 Jesus the "God Man": So wouldn't it be accurate to call Jesus, the "God Man"?
2013-9-06 Shaking the Dust off Your Feet & Jesus "Coming": In Matthew, what does it mean, "till the Son of man be come" mean since Jesus hasn't come back yet but the gospel was preached by the Disciples? [Matthew 10:23]
2013-9-05 Trinity & Being a Christian or not: Caller said that the reason people don't think he's a Christian is because he doesn't believe in the Trinity. Can he still be a Christian even though he doesn't believe Jesus is God but only the Son of God?
2013-9-05 Atheists Slamming the Bible because of Rape Stories in it: Caller egages a lot with atheists, & they try to debunk the Bible with all all kinds of things that happened in the Bible, & the lastest one was about rape. Can Steve talk about that? [Deuteronomy 22:28, Exodus 22:16-17]
2013-9-05 Job Suffering: Doesn't what God allowing happen to Job proof that Calvinism might be correct?
2013-9-05 Financially Supporting the Rape Victim: Isn't the reason God permitted the victim to be married by the attacker is to financially support her since she'd have no other means?
2013-9-05 Stoning Jesus because He Claimed to be God: Caller was trying to help a previous caller to explain that Jesus claimed to be God is why the Pharisees wanted to stone Him. [John 8:24]
2013-9-05 Churches lacking the Holy Spirit: There still seems to be a lack of the power of the Holy Spirit in churches to tell people about Jesus.
2013-9-05 Proclaiming the Gospel: Doesn't Paul say that we need to proclaim & confess Jesus to people besides just being a good example?
2013-9-05 No more Sacrifice for Willful Sin: What is this passage of Scripture talking about? What is the sin that is being talked about? [Hebrews 10:26-27]
2013-9-05 Book of Remembrance: Is God going to throw away the "Book of Rembrance" to the depths of the sea, not remembering "every idle word" even though Jesus said we will be judged by even our words? [Matthew 12:36]
2013-9-04 Pastors not Speaking Out: How come more pastors aren't speaking out against the evil cultural changes that are happening in this country?
2013-9-04 Qualifications of Baptizer: Who is qualified to baptize? Only clergy or can laymen do it also?
2013-9-04 Lustful Thoughts: Caller wants to know how to get rid of lustful thoughts.
2013-9-04 The Narrow Path Show: Caller wanted to tell Steve that the show has been being dropped off on his local radio station & thinks there might be hackers. And he loves the radio show.
2013-9-04 God "Granting" Repentance: Can only God grant repentance?
2013-9-04 Prevenient Grace: Can you talk about "prevenient grace"?
2013-9-04 Willing your self into Heaven: Can someone "will" their way into heaven, to become saved?
2013-9-04 God Choosing/Drawing Us: God has to choose or draw us, doesn't He? [Ephesians 1:4, John 6:44, Philippians 2:13]
2013-9-04 Jesus going into the Future: Could Jesus have gone to the future?
2013-9-04 Taking the Bible Literally: Should we take the Bible literally?
2013-9-04 Separated from God: What does it mean to be separated from God? [2 thessalonians 1:9]
2013-9-04 "Fulness of the Gentiles be come in": What does the "fulness of the Gentiles be come in" mean? [Romans 11:25b]
2013-9-03 42 laws of Ma'at: Did Moses get some of his commandments from ancient Egypt from something called, the Ma'at?
2013-9-03 No Evidence of the Exodus: People say there's no evidence of the Great Exodus out of Egypt & the crossing of the Red Sea. Is there any truth to that?
2013-9-03 Catholic Archgaeologist: Caller heard about a Catholic nun archgaeologist who says there's evidence of the exodus of the Israelites, but atheist archgaeologists are trying to supress it.
2013-9-03 The Epic of Gilgamesh: There's evidence of a Flood before Moses' record including the Epic of Gilgamesh.
2013-9-03 Generational Curses: Caller wants to talk about Generational Curses again.
2013-9-03 Seventh Day Adventists: Can you talk about Seventh Day Adventists? (Steve gave the wrong year; he said 1914, it was 1844)
2013-9-03 Wiping out Israel: Is there a Scripture that says a 1/3 of Israel will be destroyed? [Zechariah 13:8]
2013-9-03 Derek Prince: Does Steve have any thoughts on Derek Prince?
2013-9-03 Edomites: Are the Edomites no longer in existence?
2013-9-03 Isaiah Predicting Current Events: Do these passages in Isaiah have anything to do with what is going on right now? [Isaiah 17, Isaiah 19] (caller's audio is rough)
2013-9-02 Heart, Mind & Soul: If a person has to have a heart tranplant, does the personality come with the other heart too?
2013-9-02 Paul's Oppression of Women: We no longer agree with Paul's stance on slavery so why do we still have to obey his belief on the oppression of women? [Ephesians 5:21-24]
2013-9-02 Difference between God & Jesus: What is the difference between God & Jesus?
2013-9-02 Wicked Dead: Where do the unrighteous dead go after they die? [Luke 16:19-31]
2013-9-02 First Christians from Syria: Is there any significance to what is happening in Syria right now with the country also having the first Christians, so worried about a Christian stronghold or something? [Acts 11:26]
2013-9-02 Appreciation Comment: Caller appreciates Steve's shows.
2013-9-02 Testimony Shared: A caller shares an experience about witnessing the spirit, body, mind & soul.
2013-9-02 USA supporting Terrorism: What can we do about our country supporting terrorism?
2013-9-02 Evil Government Officials: Are we supposed to obey evil government officials? [Romans 13]
2013-9-02 Prophecies Predicting Destroying Nations & Cities: Caller thinks it's prophecy that a whole bunch of nations, cities & governments are getting destroyed.
2013-9-02 People Being Raised at Jesus' Resurrection: How long did the people live who were resurrected at Jesus' resurrection? [Matthew 27:51-53]
2013-8-30 Tattoos: Is getting tattoos acceptable as Christian? [Leviticus 19:28]
2013-8-30 God's Love for Us: Why does God love us so much? [1 john 4:7-8, Deuteronomy 7:7-8]
2013-8-30 Hell-Eternal Torment & Annihilationism: Can you please talk about the other 2 views of hell then other than universal reconciliation? (Traditional view of Eternal torment & annihilationism.)