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2015-7-24 Different Kind of Jews: Can Steve please explain the differing kind of Jews? (Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reformed Judaism, Zionist Jews)
2015-7-23 Ruin & Destruction & Relents from Sending Calamity: Is God a good God? In one passage it says He'll have no qualms about making ruin & destruction happening but then in other places He relents from causing calamity. Can Steve explain the contradiction? [Deuteronomy 28:63, Jonah 4:2]
2015-7-23 Elijah, Enoch & Mary being Translated: Was it Ezekiel that was translated into heaven? Is there any Biblical basis for saying that MARY ascended to heaven without Death like Elijah & Enoch?
2015-7-23 Believing Everything Has Been Fulfilled: Caller thinks that believing most everything has been fulfilled except for the actual coming of Jesus is vitally important because it lets us focus on preparing for His coming by consecrating ourselves to Him & in His Word.
2015-7-23 Hosea & Gomer: Did Gomer truly repent? Was she sanctified because of Hosea? Did she become worldly in the end & come back to God? {Hosea 1 & 3]
2015-7-23 Last 2 verses of the OT: What do the last 2 verses mean about sending Elijah the prophet in the Day of the Lord? [Malachi 4:5-6]
2015-7-23 Prophecy fulfilled: Caller wants to know what he was hearing at the tail end of a conversation about the end times being all fulfilled.
2015-7-23 Amplified Bible: Caller is wondering what Steve thinks about the Amplified Bible?
2015-7-23 Steve & the Holy Spirit: Does Steve think of himself as in the Holy Spirit? How are we born-again?
2015-7-23 Trinity: Does Steve understand the Trinity? The Father loves the Son, & the Son loves the Father, so the Love IS the Holy Spirit.
2015-7-23 Virgin Mary & her Son Jesus Christ: Does Steve understand Mary & her Son Jesus? Who is the closest to Jesus that is our mother? Who was the most obedient, who was there every step of the way but His mother? He was brought in by her because she was the most faithful. She is full of grace!
2015-7-23 Spiritual Warfare/Christians Authority: Who is the real enemy? Is Satan considered a proper name? If that's not his name, what authority do we have to rebuke him as a Christian?
2015-7-22 Amillennialism/Partial Preterism: Everything is fulfilled for the last 2,000 years except for Jesus actually coming. Is that the way it really is?
2015-7-22 Date of Revelation: When was the Book of Revelation written?
2015-7-22 Denominations: What Denominational Church do you think I should attend & ones that I should stay away from?
2015-7-22 NIV & KJV: Should I get rid of her NIV, & just read the KJV of the Bible?
2015-7-22 A Paraphrased Bible: Caller heard that Steve doesn't like Paraphrased Bibles, but she explains why she loves them, especially when it comes to idioms.
2015-7-22 ALL have sinned: Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus was free of sin or sin free? [Romans 3:23, Hebrews 4:15]
2015-7-22 Baptizing for the Dead: What does it mean being baptized on the behalf of the dead? [1 Corinthians 15:29]
2015-7-22 Illuminati: What are Steve's thoughts on the Illuminati?
2015-7-21 Making a Covenant to God: If signing membership w/ a church requires making a covenant to God (or the church), is this biblical?
2015-7-21 Whistle Blowing at Work: What obligation does an employee has to tell on somebody who is hurting the company?
2015-7-21 Every Idle Word Spoken: We'll have to give an account for every idle word, Jesus says, but then it also say in the bible that God won't remember our sins as east is from the west. [Matthew 12:36, Psalm 103:12, 1 Corinthians 3:12]
2015-7-21 Evolution: IF the government has no bone to pick in the issue, why is Evolution crammed down students throat every single semester from grade school through college? One semester should be enough!
2015-7-21 Reconciliation after Unfaithfulness (Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage): Caller wants to reconcile w/ his ex-wife & he was the one at fault, but she absolutely refuses, so the he wants to know if he can move on w/ his life, & remarry.
2015-7-21 Anti-Christ: An antichrist WILL COME. What did John mean by this? [1 John 2:18]
2015-7-21 Coming to Christ late in Life: Caller is suffering from things, consequences of things he did in his life, as a result of doing things he wouldn't have done if he had been a believer earlier, & wants to be know to relate to people who haven't messed up their lives like he has.
2015-7-21 Lectures for Unbelievers: Would Steve consider doing some lectures directly aimed at unbelievers?
2015-7-20 Head Coverings: Why does Paul go into such detail about Head Coverings, but then shortly after that says, "We have no such custom"? [1 Corinthians 11:16]
2015-7-20 Concerned About Newly Baptized Person: Someone who just became baptized, & really engrossed into the sermons, was just found out that he is going through a divorce but hanging out w/ another woman who comes to church w/ him w/ all her kids, & wondering if it's he's in an adulterous relationship even after he just got baptized.
2015-7-20 Connecting w/ New Believer: Caller is concerned about why it would take 9 months for caller right before her to connect w/ this person he's concerned about, waiting until he was baptized?
2015-7-20 Marriage: Fiancé got his fiancée pregnant, so got married at a court, but is wondering if they should get married in a traditional wedding at a church in front of a whole bunch of people.
2015-7-20 Head Coverings: Could Head Coverings just be a euphemism for the husband, & prophesying would be like doing it w/ out your husband? What does Steve think of that idea?
2015-7-20 Faith (Grace) & Works: There's a disagreement among the elders of the church, but one says that it's our faith that saves us, but it's our works that justifies our faith, but the second elder says that when it says, "Can such a faith save him?", that it's not talking about Salvation but our Physical life or something, what does Steve think about that? Zane Hodges, Absolutely Free, Lordship salvation, the second elder handed to him to read. [James 2:14]
2015-7-20 Outer Darkness: What is the "Outer Darkness" referred to after Jesus get done talking about Talents & the Wedding Feast Parables as opposed to Hell? [Matthew 25]
2015-7-17 Steve Gregg's Lectures on Israel & the Debate with Michael Brown: In response to claims of Michael Brown, why would Israel come back together in 1948?
2015-7-17 John Calvin: John Calvin persecuted Anabaptists, & while it's true Paul persecuted Christians, he hadn't been a Christian yet. Doesn't believing Christ change you from wanting you to do that?
2015-7-17 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage question: What if the spouse who was NOT guilty wanted to come back to them even after the other person had been married & had kids?
2015-7-17 "Rees Howells Intercessor": Has Steve ever read the book, "Rees HowellsIntercessor" by Norman Grubb?
2015-7-17 George Müller: What about George Müller?
2015-7-17 The Christian Church - Disciples of Christ: Does Steve know anything about "The Christian Church", especially their views re: Baptism?
2015-7-17 God Uses People: God uses people whether Christian or non-Christians, God is complete control.
2015-7-17 Marriage & Divorce Discussion: Caller submits that the reason most marriages fail is because they should've never gotten married in the first place.
2015-7-17 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: After a divorce happens, even if the person is not guilty, should NOT try to get remarried to the former spouse, especially if they've been re-married & have kids, this caller thinks, according to [Deuteronomy 24:1-4].
2015-7-16 Christians Unloving Toward Unbelievers: Is it true that we shouldn't love anybody who is not a Christian? [Galatians 6:10]
2015-7-16 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage: After abusive behavior of my ex-husband and a divorce, I remarried, but am I now committing adultery?
2015-7-16 Azazel: Who or what is Azazel in verse 8 of Leviticus 16? [Leviticus 16:6-8]
2015-7-16 "Who do you say that I Am?": Why did Jesus so say not to tell anyone about Him or His works? What were the disciples preaching since Jesus hadn't been resurrected yet? [Mark 8:27-30, Matthew 11:1]
2015-7-16 Christmas & Easter: What does Steve think about Christians adopting Christmas & Easter as Christian holidays since they have Pagan roots?
2015-7-16 Divorce for Financial Benefit: Is it reasonable and acceptable to divorce because it's more expedient financially!