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2016-12-22 Original Sin: Caller wants to disagree w/ Steve, that we are born in sin, have original sin [Romans 5:12-21].
2016-12-21 Plucking out your eye: Was Jesus talking hyperbole here? [Mark 9:47]
2016-12-21 Anointing: What is the "anointing" that is referred to in 1 John 2:20, 28? [1 John 2:20, 28]
2016-12-21 David crying out: Is this to be taken as an idiomatic term, David crying out in exasperation, or to be taken as literal fact? [Psalm 51]
2016-12-21 "Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise": Did Jesus really go to Paradise as He told the thief since He told Mary 3 days later He hadn't ascended yet? [luke 23:43, John 20:17]
2016-12-21 Tithes & Offerings: Why do a lot of churches who don't want anything to do with the OT all of a sudden love it & use it in Malachi 3 when talking about tithing?
2016-12-21 Praying to Mother & Father God: World Mission Society Church, & they pray to Mother God & Father & wondering what Steve thought of that & how to reach them?
2016-12-21 Love without trust: Does this include loving w/ out trust? They can love, but don't have to trust them, even if they are gossiping, for example. [1 Corinthians 13]
2016-12-21 Visiting prison based on why there: When Jesus said you visited Me in Prison, is this talking about people who were convicted of serious crime or only for political/religious reasons?
2016-12-21 Eve deceived, Adam willingly: Eve partook of the fruit, it's true, but it says she was deceived, was the first one that took it, but Adam willingly took it, & he gets the credit
2016-12-20 Steve having Long Hair:: Caller's son has a problem with Steve Gregg as a Bible Teacher because he has long hair, & also can Steve explain what the verse is saying? [1 Corinthians 11:14-16]
2016-12-20 God creating mankind: Does the Bible say why God made us
2016-12-20 Witnessing to Muslims: Why is Jesus called the Son of God, & why did God need to have a Son if God is complete?
2016-12-20 Fornication: Why would Paul want someone who's already in the clutches of the devil be turned over to him? [1 Corinthians 5:5].
2016-12-19 Hindu maybe turning Christian: A Hindu friend of Michael the Buddhist to Michael that it's all about Jesus & may be converting to Christianity
2016-12-19 Homosexuals vs Sodomites:G What is the difference between Homosexuals & Sodomites since they are both in the list of sins? [1 Corinthians 6:9]
2016-12-19 Demon-possessed people: Demon-possessed seemed to be prevalent in Bible times, & what about this day & age?
2016-12-19 Best method of converting people: Is the Fire & Brimstone approach or talking about the gospel of love better? [1 John 4:18]
2016-12-19 Seeker-friendly churches: Churches that play loud, rock & roll type music it would seem would lose a whole bunch of older people, so counterproductive.
2016-12-19 Forgiveness of Sins: Steve says we are forgiven up to a point, but does God hold our sins against us? (not having to repent idea going around) [1 John 1:9]
2016-12-16 Letter of the Law vs Spirit of law: Sometimes the "spirit" of the law seems stricter than the "letter", & I thought we were under grace. [2 Corinthians 3:6]
2016-12-16 Home church growing too big: Home church is growing too much, caller is hoping it doesn't lose its effectiveness. [Acts 20]
2016-12-16 "Reaching Judaism": Ezekiel 44 represents the Messiah because he has to have biological children. [Ezekiel 44]
2016-12-16 Christmas Story: Purification required, including Mary's Son, Jesus, but He was sinless. [luke 2:22, 2 Corinthians 5:20-21]
2016-12-16 Time: Trying to understand the concept of time, God being outside of time. Calvinism seems to accept this idea, it going along w/ their beliefs
2016-12-16 Marital Status of Pastor: Do you have to be married to be a pastor of a church?
2016-12-15 Marriage discussion: Complicated Issue.
2016-12-15 Adam & Eve: How come they didn't die the day they ate the fruit like it says in the Bible? [Genesis 2:17]
2016-12-15 Books of the Bible: Why are some more included in some Bibles?
2016-12-15 Garden of Eden: Was the Garden of Eden here on earth?
2016-12-15 John the Baptist being Elijah: Was John the Baptist Elijah? [Matthew 11:11-14, Matthew 17:10-13, Malachi 4:5-6, Luke 1:17]
2016-12-15 Homosexuality: Some think you can be a Christian & still be a practicing homosexual. [Romans 1:26-28, 1 Corinthian 6:9]
2016-12-15 David: David claiming that he had not seen people in need? Won't God supply everything Christians need? [Psalms 37:25, Matthew 6:31:34]
2016-12-14 Replacement Theology: Why is this considered so derogatory & why is it so threatening? (AKA Supersessionism)
2016-12-14 Eternal Security: Caller is trying to figure out if once saved, always saved is biblical?
2016-12-14 Pre-Tribulation Rapture vs Post-Tribulation: Caller heard Steve disagrees w/ a pre-trib rapture & would like to know why.
2016-12-14 Jesus coming to the Mount of Olives: Caller thinks the reason people think ethnic Israel still plays a role in end time events is because Jesus is supposed to be doing that. [Zachariah 14]
2016-12-14 Leprosy - Simon/Naaman: If leprosy was so contagious & dangerous & they had to be quarantined, how come they were mingling w/ their people?
2016-12-14 Love covering a multitude of sins: What does it mean love will cover a multitude, what sins is he referring to? [1 peter 4:8]
2016-12-14 Race: Where does race come into play, caller wants to know? Where/when did it happen since we are all from Adam & Eve?
2016-12-13 Cremation: What does Steve think about cremation?
2016-12-13 Celebrating Christmas & Easter: We shouldn't just celebrate those 2 days, we should do it all the year long!
2016-12-13 Pangenderism, LGBT: What if you aren't willfully really sinning, being homosexual, LGBT, pangender, but are just confused, is that possible?
2016-12-13 Women Pastors: Is there any Scripture that talks about Women Pastors, Women in Leadership?
2016-12-13 Jesse Duplantis: Does Steve know anything about him, God has power to take human life, but doesn't have the authority to take them.
2016-12-13 The Narrow Path's Theme Music: Did Steve do his theme music or someone else or what?
2016-12-13 Walking in the Light: Can Steve explain, Walk in the Light, as I am in the Light"" [1 John 1:5-7], what that means practically?
2016-12-12 Daniel's Dream: Is it applicable to the church today & or was it already fulfilled? Are there differences of interpretations of the symbols? [Daniel 2 & 7]
2016-12-12 Harold Camping: Harold Camping predicted Jesus would return twice on specific dates, & even though he's dead, apparently he said we should leave the churches & just listen to radio.
2016-12-12 Ex-convicts/Drug Addiction: Some fear they might go to hell, not having complete victory over drugs. Even being addicted to coffee is bad (after break).