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2017-3-29 Worshipping & Sacrifice during the Millennium & Keeping of Sabbaths: Worship & sacrifice during the millennium & the keeping Sabbaths & festivals in the future. [Jeremiah 14, Isaiah 66]
2017-3-29 Jesus Returning in 70 AD: so Jesus came back in 70 A.D. then?
2017-3-29 Aaron & the Golden Calf: Aaron seemed to get leniency for the golden calf, what's up w/ that? [Exodus 32-34]
2017-3-27 Buddhist & Christianity: a buddhist caller talks about his differences between buddhism & Christianity
2017-3-27 Calvinism: Trying to understand the system of beliefs about Calvinism.
2017-3-27 Gifts of the Spirit Continuing: Do you believe in the continuation of the gifts, & so how do I know when to lay hands on somebody & pray for healing?
2017-3-27 John taking care of Mary, Jesus' Mom: Did Mary live w/ john in Ephesus after Jesus died? [John 19:27]
2017-3-27 Coast to Coast type Call: strange call about weird phenomenon, & steve just ended up telling her she needed to call "coast to coast"
2017-3-27 Open Theism: What was the doctrine called where God doesn't know all the future?
2017-3-27 Communion-Eucharist: What are main differences in the communion/eucharist between the catholic church & the protestant church?
2017-3-24 Bible Writers being in a Trance & an Flat Earth: Were the Bible authors (paul) in a trance-like state? flat earth inquiry
2017-3-24 Overcoming Trials: Can you give me some verses that will encourage me w/ the trials that I've been going through the last 3 months?
2017-3-24 Baptism for the Dead: What does paul mean about baptism for the dead? [1 Corinthians 15:29]
2017-3-24 Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs that are millions of years old?
2017-3-24 Living Together Before Marriage: What's wrong w/ people living together before they get married? Why do they have to do it publicly? [1 Thessalonians 5:22]
2017-3-24 Canon of Scripture: Were books left out of the Bible that should've been there?
2017-3-24 Daniel During Fiery Furnace: Where was daniel when shadrach, meshach & abednego were told to bow down before the image? [Daniel 3]
2017-3-24 The Timing of Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar not working out: The timing not seeming to work about regarding the cultural school he had to attend, when he interpreted dreams & when Nebuchadnezzar became emperor. [Daniel 2]
2017-3-24 Fruits of the Spirit: Are the fruits of Spirit in Galatians 5 a complete list or not? [Galatians 5:22-23]
2017-3-23 Flat Earth: Four corners of the earth, people think Christians are funny for believing the Bible which supposedly teaches a flat earth. [Isaiah 11:12]
2017-3-23 Trinity: Talking to Mormons about the Trinity.
2017-3-23 Mystery of God: Can you explain Revelation 10:7? [Revelation 10:7]
2017-3-23 No one has Ascended into Heaven: I was told by a pastor that not a soul has ascended into heaven yet.
2017-3-23 Salvation of People in the Old Testament: How were people saved before Jesus came?
2017-3-23 Open Theism: You don't believe in open theism, what about God changing His mind? [Jeremiah 18, Exodus 13:17-18]
2017-3-23 Eternal Security: Eternal security, once saved always saved, & so a person who commits suicide who was saved will be in heaven?
2017-3-23 Sabbath Keeping: Is keeping the Sabbath still important & if it is, how do we keep it?
2017-3-22 Thomas Jefferson & His Bible: 3rd discussion about Thomas Jefferson, this caller thinks he WASN't a Christian
2017-3-22 Full & Partial Preterism: Full & partial preterist discussion, "all who hear His voice will come forth", is the resurrection for everyone? [Daniel 12]
2017-3-22 Falling Away: Can Christians fall away or were they never saved in the first place? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2017-3-22 Current Events: Is there a place in the bible, besides revelation, where it's talking about what's happening today w/ current events?
2017-3-22 Divorce & Remarriage: Caller explains a divorce & remarriage situation, & wants to know if she have grounds for remarriage?
2017-3-21 Trusting in the Lord: I was studying the word "trust" in the OT & the NT & you don't hear much about "trust in the Lord" in the NT, why is that?
2017-3-21 Future Coming together of the Church: What is the future of the church as far as coming together? emergent church
2017-3-21 Sinned in Adam: What does it mean, "sinned in Adam", (romans 5:12-21)?
2017-3-21 Thomas Jefferson Bible Rebuttal: I want to disagree w/ you about what you said yesterday about thomas jefferson & the jefferson Bible.
2017-3-21 Openness Theology: God's foreknowledge, predestination, God changing His mind, does prayer really change things?
2017-3-20 Faith & Works: Are we saved by faith or faith & works? Isn't faith a gift of God?
2017-3-20 Denominations & Lack of Faith: Who is accountable for the lack of faith & having all these different 44,000 denominations?
2017-3-20 The Name of Jehovah: Having a discussion w/ JWs & considering the name "Jehovah".
2017-3-20 Dispute over the Body of Moses: Why did the devil want the body of Moses? [Jude 1:9]
2017-3-20 Christ Dying for Everyone: Jesus dying for all, sins being pardoned, ramifications of what the Scriptures say & what Calvinists say [2 Corinthians 5:14-15, 1 Corinthians 15:22]
2017-3-20 The Thomas Jefferson Bible: What do you think about the Jefferson Bible? How could he take all the miracles of Jesus out of the Bible? How do you counter it?
2017-3-17 The Anointing: What does the bible say about anointing?
2017-3-17 Parable of the Talents: what does the money represent in the parable of the Talents
2017-3-17 Being Unequally Yoked: I'd like to know what the Bible says about being unequally yoked in marriage? [2 Corinthians 6:14-18]
2017-3-17 The Trinity How do we explain the Trinity to a Muslim or a Jew? [Deuteronomy 6:4]
2017-3-17 Praying for a man having surgery: P{raying for a man who is having brain surgery that day.
2017-3-17 Christ Marrying the Church: The church is married to Christ & when did He marry the church?
2017-3-17 baptism of the Holy Spirit: So are we baptized BY the Holy Spirit or INTO the Holy Spirit?