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2018-6-14 Drinking Alcohol: Where do we draw the line of how to drink but knowing drunkenness is against the Bible?
2018-6-14 Provocative Dress: Young women wear provocative dress to church and are causing men to stumble.
2018-6-13 Calvinism-Predestination: What is your understanding about Calvinism & predestination?
2018-6-13 Pornography Addiction: Isn't it unbiblical to look at Playboy?
2018-6-13 Dispensationalists' Credibility: Doesn't a person who believes Dispensationalism & it's proven wrong, make them lose their credibility?
2018-6-13 Focusing on End Time Events: Doesn't beeing caught up in eschatology too much make your lose your sight of the Lord?
2018-6-13 Death Fleeing: Do Angels actually see death fleeing from people? [Revelation 9:6]
2018-6-13 Revelation referring to Suicide: Does this have anything to do with suicide? People attempting to & not able to? [Revelation 9:6]
2018-6-13 Revelation Written to Angels: Is there any chance the Book of Revelation was ALSO written to angels (since they can't die)? [Revelation 9:6]
2018-6-13 Baptisms Performed Women: Is being baptized by women okay?
2018-6-13 Doing Good & being Holy: Doing good & being holy, is there a difference?
2018-6-13 Witchcraft: Has Steve ever heard of Shaman ceremony with hallucinogenics?
2018-6-13 Traffic Question: Is it ethical to do what he's doing to bypass traffic?
2018-6-13 Noah & the Flood a type of Baptism: Was noah & the flood some type of baptism, preserving the righteous?
2018-6-13 Father's Mansions: Can you talk about the Father's house of many mansions? [John 14]
2018-6-12 Passover Meal-Jesus' earlier one & Jewish Leaders traditional one: Jesus & His disciples appear to have eaten the Passover on the first day of unleavened bread, different than when the Jewish Leaders had theirs. Why the different times? [Matthew 26:17, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7, John 18:28]
2018-6-12 Faith & Grace: Are we saved by grace or faith? Is faith a gift God gives us or do we have to find it? [Ephesians 2:8-10]
2018-6-12 Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I Hated: "Jacob have I loved but esau have I hated", so God loves the Jew & hates the Arabs, is that true? [Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13]
2018-6-12 Slain in the Spirit (follow-up): Caller wanted to know the spelling of the term he heard Steve say when talking about being Slain in the Spirit; Shaktipat & Rajneesh on a recent show.
2018-6-12 R. C. Sproul, Election & Predestination: R C Sproul, who holds the Calvinist view about Election & Predestination, can you please clarify what it means to really be chosen in Christ? [John 6:44, Ephesians 1:4] (Steve does some humor.)
2018-6-12 Paul's thought process in Ephesians: So in Ephesians 3:1-13, from verses 2-12, it all seems to be parenthetical, & then he talks about his original thought in verse 1, is that true?
2018-6-12 Praying to Mary: Where does the Roman Catholic Church get the idea of praying to the Mary, the mother of Jesus?
2018-6-12 Sealed with the Holy Spirit: It says in Ephesians 1:13 that once you have been sealed with the Holy Spirit, doesn't that make you permanently sealed? [Ephesians 1:13]
2018-6-12 Being Spiritually Dead: Being dead spiritually, how can they "resurrect" themselves? (Steve doesn't have time to answer.)
2018-6-11 Moses & Pharaoh: When moses spoke to Pharaoh, was he actually doing the speaking or was Aaron like God said he would do for him? [Exodus 4:14-17]
2018-6-11 Animals Sacrifices in Millennium: Will there be Animal Sacrifices in the Millennium?
2018-6-11 Baptism on same Day of Salvation: When did the practice of not getting baptized on the same day you became saved happen?
2018-6-11 Baptism: Do you have to be dunked in water in order for our sins to be forgiven? [Acts 2:38]
2018-6-11 Eternal Soul: A Jehovah's Witness told me our souls are not immortal. I tried to find it in the Bible that they were, but I can not. Where does it say it in there?
2018-6-11 Gold Streets in Heaven: They also told me that it doesn't say anywhere in the Bible that the streets in Heaven are made of Gold either. Is that true? [Revelation 21:21]
2018-6-11 Keith Green: Did you personally know Keith Green? What did you think of him? His music?
2018-6-11 Replacement Theology: Do you believe in replacement theology?
2018-6-11 "Nobody Goes to Hell because of Sin" Can you tell me if this statement is correct or not: "Nobody goes to hell because of sin"?
2018-6-11 Marriage Validation: My pastor said we shouldn't sleep together until we are married by him even if got married at a court. Is that true?
2018-6-11 Old Covenant & New Covenant: What does it mean to be under the old covenant or the new covenant (replacement theology)?
2018-6-11 Eternal Soul: Jesus talks about a body & soul in Matthew. [Matthew 10:28]
2018-6-08 Paul pre or post Conversion: In Romans 7, is Paul talking about his pre-conversion experience or his post-Christian experience, the old man or the new creature? [Romans 7]
2018-6-08 Rhema & Logos: Distinguishing the difference between Logos & Rhema.
2018-6-08 Curse as a result of Adam & Eve's sin: Is there a curse as a result of adam's sin? [Genesis 3:17]
2018-6-08 Learning about God: Is the best way to learn about God & become spiritual is to read about Him in the Bible? Read & read & read? [Romans 1, 2 Timothy 3:16]
2018-6-08 Hell Eternal: Are we going to stay in hell forever? Did you say that the Bible doesn't say that?
2018-6-08 Queen Vashti: What happened to Queen Vashti when she disobeyed her husband the king?
2018-6-08 The Book of Acts: Is the book of Acts a good book to learn about doctrine & how the gospel was preached?
2018-6-08 "Slain in the Spirit": Where did getting "Slain in the Spirit" come from?
2018-6-08 Open Theism: Is Open Theism true or not where it's possible that God doesn't know everything that's going to happen in the future?
2018-6-08 Jesus' Temptation: Was there an actual reason for the temptation of Jesus?
2018-6-08 AA Meetings & Salvation: Can a person who doesn't drink anymore but who goes to AA & says that he is an alcoholic, can he be saved?
2018-5-30 Praying According to God's Will: How do we know that we are actually praying according to God's will?
2018-5-30 Victory over Smoking: God gave me complete victory from smoking.
2018-5-30 Anger being a sin: I had friend tell me that anger is not an emotion, that all anger is sinful. Is this true? [Matthew 5:21-23, Ephesians 4:26-32]