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2019-1-18 Women Required to Wear Dresses: What is your opinion of a church that requires that the women wear dresses all week long? [Deuteronomy 22:5].
2019-1-18 All Sin Equal in the Site of God: Is all sin equal to God? [Matthew 10:15, 11:24, 26:41, James 3:2]
2019-1-18 Homosexuality & LGBTQ: What about the LGBTQ influence in our culture? [I Corinthians 6:9-11].
2019-1-17 Great & Terrible Day of the Lord: When is the "great and terrible day of the Lord" and what is the curse? How does Elijah and John the Baptist fit in? [Malachi 3:1, 4:1,5-6, 16-17, Deuteronomy 28:15f, Matthew 3, Luke 3, Joel 2:28, Peter, Isaiah 40, Matthew 11:4].
2019-1-17 Jesus' Return & Maturation of the Church: If Jesus is waiting for the church to mature before He returns, what signs will we see to know when that is happening? [Mark 4:29, John 12:24, Ephesians 4:12-16, I John 3:14, Matthew 24:3-31, 48, Luke 12:48].
2019-1-17 Manuscripts Regarding Trinitarian Views: What manuscripts were used after some were destroyed at the Nicene Counsel, and its relavance to view of the trinity? [I John 5:7].
2019-1-17 Suicide: If someone who was seeking God commits suicide, and goes to hell because of his suicide, then does God take into consideration the people still praying for them? [Luke 16:19-31].
2019-1-17 Multiple Gods or Names of God: Why would God use three different names for God in Genesis, if there is only one God, instead of three? [Genesis 1:26-28, 11:2].
2019-1-17 Doubting the Doctrine of the Trinity: I have 50 reasons as to Why I think that the doctrine of the trinity can be doubted.
2019-1-17 Cremation: What does the Bible say about cremation?
2019-1-16 Suicide: Will you necessarily go to hell if you commit suicide? 2:13 [Romans 8:37-9, 2 Corinthians 5:8, John 15:6]
2019-1-16 Group Prayer More Effective: Is God more likely to answer one personal prayer, or a group of people's prayers? [Acts 1,12:5, James 5:16-17].
2019-1-16 Guardian Angels: Do people have their own angels, or guardian angels? [Acts 12:11].
2019-1-16 Where the Eagles are Gathered: Why are the parallels in Matthew 24, Luke 17 & 21. about "where the eagles gather" so different? [Matthew 24:28, Luke 17:37, Job 39:30].
2019-1-16 Binding the Strong Man: In Matthew 12 and Luke 11, who qualifies to bind the strong man, Jesus, or those that cast out demons? fasting as a ritual? [Matthew12:28-29].
2019-1-16 Fasting & Wineskins: I am a little confused about references to fasting and general meaning in the passage about the new and old wineskins [Matthew 9:14-17].
2019-1-16 Fasting: Is fasting a legalistic thing?
2019-1-16 Immediately After Death: Where do we go immediately after we die? Do we sleep? [2 Corinthians 5:8, 12:1-4].
2019-1-16 Suicide: Is the verse about our bodies being a temple and the defiling of the temple resulting in destruction, actually about suicide not being forgiven? [I Corinthians 3: 16-17].
2019-1-16 Tree of Life in Eden: Why was the "Tree of Life" in the garden of Eden? [Revelation 22:3, John 6:54-56].
2019-1-16 Sons of God: Are the "Sons of God" mentioned in Genesis 6, angels? [Genesis 6:3-5].
2019-1-15 Hell: Does hell exist right now? If not, when will it exist and who will be there?
2019-1-15 Jerusalem & Green Tree: This seems to be talking about the then future destruction of Jerusalem, but what is the part about the green tree talking about? [Luke 23:28-31].
2019-1-15 Apologetics: Could you discuss presuppositonal apologetics versus evidential apologetics?
2019-1-15 Trinity: Were the church fathers destroying manuscripts that might possibly compromise of our idea of the Trinity? [1 John 5:7].
2019-1-15 Good Works: Do we only have to do good works to or for other believers, rather than for unbelievers? [Luke 6:8, Matthew 5:43-47, Galatians 6:10].
2019-1-15 Church Elders & Leadership: If one has a more unconventional church, without typical business-like structures, how does one exercise church discipline and distribute other responsibilities and duties? [Titus].
2019-1-15 Extra-biblical Books: What do you think about some of the extra-biblical books such as, The Apocrypha, Gilgamesh Epic, and The Emerald Tablets of Toth? Do they predate the Bible?
2019-1-15 When God Created Light: Did God create light so that His other created beings could see all His handiwork?
2019-1-15 Satan's Influence: If only God can read our minds, than how does Satan gain access to influence and tempt us?
2019-1-15 YHWAH, YHVH, Yaweh: Would you talk about the Hebrew letters translated for the word God as LORD in our Old Testament (YHVH or YHWH, Yaweh/ Tetragram or Tetragrammaton, Adonai)?
2019-1-14 Land of Israel: Is there a strong emphasis on the land for Israel? [Psalm 37].
2019-1-14 Too Many Sins: Can one commit one too many sins, resulting in no more forgiveness? [Hebrews 12].
2019-1-14 Once Saved, Always Saved: When we are born again we are a new creature, so can we lose our salvation? If we lose it, do we become an old creation again? [2 Corinthians 5:17].
2019-1-14 Soul, Spirit, Holy Spirit: Are spirit and soul separate? Could The Holy Spirit be our spirit?
2019-1-14 Gift of Speaking in Tongues: How would I know for sure I have received the gift of tongues?
2019-1-14 Immortality: How much does this passage speak of our own immortality? [1 Timothy 6:16].
2019-1-14 Once Saved, Always Saved: How can we can lose our salvation if we are sealed with the Holy Spirit?
2019-1-11 Forgiveness & Anger: Jesus forgave people as He was being nailed on the cross, who was He forgiving? What about being angry, but not sinning, and not letting the sun set on your anger? [Ephesians 4:26, Luke 23:34]
2019-1-11 Donald Trump: Isn't Donald Trump, the president of the USA, too proud and too un-Christian?
2019-1-11 Commandments of God: What are the specific commandments he is talking about here in these passages? [Revelation 14:12 & 12:18].
2019-1-11 Sons of God & Nephilim: The sons of God came down and had sex with women. Who are the sons of God and the Nephilim and what is going on here? [Genesis 6].
2019-1-11 Demon Attack: What is meant by this: a friend told me that a demon said she was praying outside her jurisdiction, according to the courts of heaven?
2019-1-11 Islam & Muhammad: Would you talk about Islam & Muhammad?
2019-1-11 Reformed Church Would you talk about finding a good church? I am especially looking at the Reformed Church.
2019-1-11 Annihilationist View of Hell: How does it make sense to be punished and then just be destroyed? Would that not prevent someone from reflecting back on the crimes?
2019-1-11 Redemption for Murder: Is there redemption if you kill someone?
2019-1-10 Dates of Nehemiah, Esther, Ezra: Were these books, Nehemiah, Esther and Ezra written in the post-exilic period?
2019-1-10 Feast of Tabernacles Today: Where does that idea come from that we have to keep the feast of tabernacles or we are going to be severely cursed by God?
2019-1-10 New Jerusalem: Is the New Jerusalem going to come down from heaven to the New Earth? Who's going to occupy heaven since God will be here?