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2013-8-22 United Pentecostal Church: The United Pentecostal church seems to believe in Modalism, where there's only God wearing one hat regarding the Trinity, God the Father in the OT, God the Son in the NT, & now the Holy Spirit.
2013-8-22 Blood on our Hands: Was this directed to only the people during Ezekiel's time or for every Christian, warning people to repent? Ezekiel 3:19-21]
2013-8-22 Render all their Evil Back to Babylon: Why would God pay back to Babylon what they did to Jerusalem when God was using them as a judgment against Israel? Jeremiah 51:24, Isaiah 10]
2013-8-22 Afterlife: What happens after we die? [1 Thessalonians 4:14, Luke 23:43, Revelation 5:8]
2013-8-21 Non-Christian Counselor: Could a non-Christian counserlor counsel a Christian with Mental Illness?
2013-8-21 Books of the Bible in the Vatican: Is it possible that there are some books locked up in the Vatican that should've been the Bible?
2013-8-21 Churches not Teaching the Kingdom of God: Why don't churches teach about the Kingdom of God? [Acts 28:31, Matthew 24:14]
2013-8-21 Denominations: Why so many denominations?
2013-8-21 No Nativity Scenes: Caller wants to know why we are so into celebrating Christmas & Easter, but nothing about Jesus, no nativity scenes, etc.
2013-8-21 Uniformitarianism: Uniformitarianists or Evolutionaists think that the passage in Scripture in 2 Peter denies creationism or the World wide Flood. What does Steve say? [vo2 peter 3:3-7]
2013-8-21 Westboro Baptist Church: What does Steve think about the radical Westboro Baptist Church?
2013-8-21 Geneva Bible & the KJV Bible: Can you talk about the Geneva Bible? I read in National Geographic that the King James Bible was made to replace it & make it compatible with the Royalty in England.
2013-8-21 Calvinism & Dispensationalism: Can you talk about Calvinism & Dispensationalism?
2013-8-20 Polyamory: Call thinks polygamy is right around the corner.
2013-8-20 No Boy-Girl Separate Bathrooms: The no separate sex bathrooms has started in the school, so is it about to spill over to society in general?
2013-8-20 Attending a Gay Marriage: Should I attend a gay marriage even though I don't approve of it?
2013-8-20 Stewardship of Money: Is it wrong to for a Christians who are wealthy to maintain a luxury lifestyle when they know of a whole bunch of people are very poor?
2013-8-20 Animals having Souls: Caller thinks animals might have souls.
2013-8-20 Jesus "Coming": The angels told us that Jesus would "come" in the same way He went, so how could He have come back in 70 AD? [Acts 1:11]
2013-8-20 "Faith Cometh by Hearing" & Jesus being a Mediator: Where is the verse that talks about, "Faith cometh by hearing"? ANd where does it talk about Jesus being our Mediator? [Romans 10:17, 1 Timothy 2:5]
2013-8-20 Praying to Mary: Do Catholics actually pray to the Mary, the mother of Jesus?
2013-8-20 Wrong Doctrine & Heresy: What is the difference between Heresy & wrong doctrine, & should we treat wrong doctrine as harshly as we would heresy?
2013-8-20 Polygamy: Why did God allow polygamy in the Old Testament?
2013-8-20 "Methuselah" - When He Dies It Will Come: Where do people get the idea that "Methuselah" means "when he dies, it will come"?
2013-8-20 Jesus the Same Yesterday, Today & Forever: Doesn't this verse in Hebrews Jesus say that Jesus was always the same, even before His incarnation? [Hebrews 13:8]
2013-8-20 Jesus' "Lost Years": What was Jesus doing between the ages of 12 & 30 years old?
2013-8-19 Future Animal Sacrificial System: People similar to the Messianic Jews/Hebrew Roots Movement also think that the animal sacrifical system is going to be restored because of what Ezekiel says. [Ezekiel 40-45]
2013-8-19 Hebrew Roots: Some people similar to Hebrew Roots Movement [Jeremiah]
2013-8-19 Apocalyptic Events in Revelation: Do you think the apocalyptic events in Revelation have been fulfilled? [Revelation]
2013-8-19 Prophecy Fulfilled: Do you think all prophecy has been fulfilled?
2013-8-19 The Anti-Christ: Who do you think the anti-Christ is?
2013-8-19 Word of Faith & being gods: A lot of the caller's family is into the Word of Faith movement, & they seem to elevate man & lower God, & he was wondering why Jesus is pointing out the Scripture from the Old Testament about being gods. [Psalm 82:6, Matthew 12:1-7, John 10:31]
2013-8-19 Christo Pagan Tertullian: Caller was wondering what the term "Christo Pagan" meant because a New Testament Bible she was reading a Bible called, "The Aramaic English New Testament", & they coined that phrase about Tertullian.
2013-8-19 Public School System: What in the world happened to the Public School system? You could read your Bible in your school, pray in your school, say the pledge of allegiance under God!
2013-8-19 Christo-Paganism & the Catholic Church: Why did the caller 2 calls before call the Catholic church Christo-Pagan? Catholics believe in Jesus.
2013-8-16 Holy Spirit before Water Baptism: Do you receive the Holy Spirit the very second you are converted or does it wait until after you are baptized?
2013-8-16 Speaking in Tongues when Holy Spirit Comes on You: Are we supposed to talk in tongues when filled with the Holy Spirit? Is it a language no one knows on earth? [1 Corinthians 14:10]
2013-8-16 People Disappearing at Pre-Trib Rapture: What would you say if millions & millions of people do disappear during the Secret Rapture?
2013-8-16 "The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved": Why did John in the gospel of John refer to himself as, "the Disciple whom Jesus loved"? {John 21:18-25]
2013-8-16 Human Races: Where did all the races come from since the time of Noah?
2013-8-16 People where Cain went: So there were more people where Cain moved to after killing Abel?
2013-8-16 Personal Experience: Caller shared a personal experience where he went to a party & just started crying, & wanted out of there, & it turned out that virtually everyone there died of AIDS.
2013-8-16 The Trinity: How does the Trinity come together in the Bible?
2013-8-16 Vision & Dreams: Does God give you Visions & Dreams? [Acts 2:17]
2013-8-16 Liberty Savard & Binding & Loosing: Caller wanted to talk about the "positive" side of Binding & losing.
2013-8-16 Generational Curses: Caller wants to talk about breaking generational curses, who thinks it's unbliblical.
2013-8-15 Church Discipline: What is the purpose for Church Discipline? Is it for unity of the church or is it to be attune to God's glory? [Matthe 18:15-17, TItus 3, Romans 16, 2 THessalonians 3, 1 Corinthians 5]
2013-8-15 Glorifying God: So is it pretty much not to impugn God's glory?
2013-8-15 Michael the Buddhist: A buddhist visited a monastery, & the Buddhist reads a story about it, talking about it.
2013-8-15 Historic Premillennialism & Amillennialism & Resurrection: Dennis the Millennialist calls to discuss the differences between Historic Premillennialism & Amillennialism involving the Resurrection.