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2014-2-05 Atheism: I'm trying to figure out how to deal w/ an enormous amount of Atheists or Agnostics.
2014-2-05 Ken Ham - Bill Nye Debate: What were thoughts on the Ken Ham - Bill Nye debate?
2014-2-05 Hell: What is your view of Hell? Don't you believe it's "eternal"? [Luke 16]
2014-2-05 Regeneration: Is there any Scripture that teaches we are regenerated BEFORE we put our faith in Christ?
2014-2-05 Light before Sun: How could there be Light before the Sun was made? [Genesis 1:3-5, 1:15-18]
2014-2-05 Old Testament closely resembling Hammurabi: Why is the OT so similar to Hammurabi?
2014-2-05 Being able to Speak in Tongues: If the caller could still speak in tongues even though he fell away from Christianity would that prove God gives the gifts no matter what, "w/ out repentance"? [Romans 11:29]
2014-2-04 Cessation of the Gifts of the Spirit: Do the Spiritual Gifts still exist for today or not?
2014-2-04 Receiving the Holy Spirit before Baptism: Is this the only passage of Scripture where it says people received the Holy Spirit before Baptism? [Acts 10:44]
2014-2-04 Concordances: What kind've Concordance would you recommend to help me find stuff that is not directly in the Bible?
2014-2-04 Luke: Luke was not one of the original apostles?
2014-2-04 Sermon Format: How would you suggest I approach my pastor about the way he performs his sermons, instead of just highlighting 1 or 2 verses per sermon? [2 Timothy 4:2]
2014-2-04 Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much: Who is considered a "righteous" man when it says in James that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much? [James 5:16], 1 John 3:7]
2014-2-04 Good books to help understand the Bible: Followup to the gentleman who called about a good resource or concordance to help supplement understanding the Bible.
2014-2-04 Sermon Format: Followup to a caller concerned about the format of sermons.
2014-2-04 Melchizedek & the Priesthood: Is Melchizedek completely different than the Levitical Priesthood? [Hebrew 5-7]
2014-2-04 Falling Away: How many times can you Fall Away & still be able to come back? [Hebrews 6:4-6, Hebrews 10:26]
2014-2-03 Mental Illness & Drugs: Caller comments & discusses that you can't just put a band-aid on mental illness or emotional problems w/ drugs all the time.
2014-2-03 Dating of the Book of Revelation: Do you have strong evidence for an early date of the writing of the book of Revelation? Can you be an amillennialist & still believe in the LATE date?
2014-2-03 Non-Calvinism & Amillennial: Do you know of any scholars with good books who take both a Non-Calvinistic approach & is also an Amillennialist?
2014-2-03 Mental Illness: Caller wanted to comment about the previous call he heard about Mental Illness & clarify a few things.
2014-2-03 Loaning & not being Paid Back: So we should just consider loans given to family as a gift, & if we get paid back, it's considered a bonus? [Luke 6:34-35]
2014-2-03 Persecution: What would the first century church or the apostles do if a group of people, such as Muslims, came to a town & said either convert or die?
2014-2-03 Pornography & other Addictions: Fighting pornography & other addictions, and the one main common theme among people w/ addictions is trying to keep it a secret. Once your addiction is out in the open, it's much easier to have victory over. Caller also wanted to apologize for calling under a presumed name. (1 Corinthians 13:10-11)
2014-2-03 Dying to Self: We just need to die to self daily, like it says to do in the Bible. [Romans 7, Galatians 2:20]
2014-1-29 Thwarting the Will of God: If God is omnipotent, how can ANYTHING thwart His will? i'm mainly talking about the King of Persia withstanding God, preventing Him from answering Daniel's prayer for 20 days. [Daniel 10:1-21]
2014-1-29 Humans becoming Angels: Are we going to turn into Angels in heaven? [Revelation 22:8-9]
2014-1-29 Paul's Conversion: Can you please explain these 2 verse in Acts that seem to contradict each other involving Paul's conversion? [Acts 9:7 & Acts 22:9]
2014-1-29 [Genesis 3:15]: Who is "thy seed", who is, "her seed", & what does "it" mean? [Genesis 3:15]
2014-1-29 Obedience, Surrender, Submit: Do you have to obey our church leaders just because they are church leaders? [Hebrews 13:17]
2014-1-29 False Teachers: Is there any reason God allows false prophets, false teachers to arise? [Deuteronomy 13:1-5]
2014-1-29 Learning the ways of the heathen: So I shouldn't learn the ways of the heathen to better equip myself against them? [Jeremiah 10:1, Deuteronomy 12:29]
2014-1-28 Betrothal: What is a Betrothal? What is the difference between it & an Engagement? Could a person be betrothed & not know it?
2014-1-28 Roman Catholic Church & Missing books of the BIble: Did the Roman Catholic Church take books out of the Bible?
2014-1-28 The Book of Enoch: What about the Book of Enoch? Was that book ever considered inspired & in the Bible? Was it authoritative?
2014-1-28 God being in the OT: Was God a lot more angry in the Old Testament then He was in the New Testament, the death of His Son nullifying it?
2014-1-28 Paul's Writings: Was Paul speaking his own opinion most of the time even though he wrote over 2/3's of the New Testament?
2014-1-28 The Inspiration of the Bible: Daughter in law has a problem believing in the authenticity of the Bible because when she went to school she was told that the Bible was just man-made.
2014-1-27 Hell, Traditional View: Hell seems to be a place of eternal punishment, & how do you reconcile the 5 verses that seem to suggest that it is eternal? [Matthew 25:41, 46, Revelation 20:10, 14:11]
2014-1-27 Judgments of God: Mass shootings, Tsunamis, & all this other calamity & violence happening, is that a result of getting rid of God?
2014-1-27 Noah's Flood & Sodom & Gomorrah: So do you think there won't be major catastrophe like happened in the ancient days like Noah's Flood & Sodom & Gomorrah?
2014-1-27 Paul's conflicting instruction towards widows: Why did Paul seem to contradict himself in his instruction to widows, where he advised some to get married again & others not to get married? [1 Timothy 5:11-14]
2014-1-27 Feeding & Clothing the Poor: We need to have Christ-like behavior towards our fellow man according to this passage of Scripture, feeding & clothing the poor & so on? [Matthew 7 & 25]
2014-1-27 High Priest Annas & Caiaphas: Comments about the High Priests of Annas & Caiaphas.
2014-1-27 Son of God at Jesus' Incarnation: Where could I find a good resource or book about the "Son of God" only referring to Jesus after His Incarnation? [John 1]
2014-1-27 The word "Eternal": If everything else that talks about being eternal is actually "eternal", why wouldn't eternal punishment & eternal fire mean the same thing also? [Matthew 25]
2014-1-24 Creation Week & the Angels: Were the Angels created at the same time the universe was created or were they created before God the Heavens & the Earth? Were the angels bored? was Satan & the demons originally angels?
2014-1-24 John Hagee & the 4 Blood Moons: Have you ever had a chance to critique John Hagee's book about the 4 Blood Moons?
2014-1-24 [Zechariah 6:1-8 & Revelation 6:1-8]: Are these verses talking about the same thing, & or can you please just explain the 4 Horsemen? [Zechariah 6:1-8, Revelation 6:1-8]
2014-1-24 4 Blood Moons: Caller explains the 4 Blood Moons John Hagee is talking about that a previous caller brought up.