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2018-3-15 Prediction of Jesus: Is the chute referring to Mary? I know the branch is referring to Jesus. Is the Holy Spirit wisdom? [Isaiah 11:1-2, Proverbs 8]
2018-3-14 Jesus' Atonement: Do we as Christians really understand the full benefits purchased by Christ until we see Him? Did Adam & Eve understand it better than us?
2018-3-14 Rebuking a Brother: When is the best opportunity to rebuke a brother?
2018-3-14 Cremation: Is cremation acceptable?
2018-3-14 Adam & Eve & Noah: How old were Adam & Eve before they started having children? What about Noah & his wife?
2018-3-14 Eastern Orthodox Church: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to eastern orthodox church? How can he possibly still be a legitimate host of The Bible Answer Man?
2018-3-14 Knowing Koine Greek: Just because you understand New Testament Greek does not mean that you know all the truth, error-free.
2018-3-14 Adam & Eve Reproducing: God had a time plan to when Adam & Eve started reproducing, the caller thinks.
2018-3-14 The Forbidden Fruit: Was Eve the "forbidden fruit"?
2018-3-14 Limited Negatives: Could Matthew 5:17 be considered a Limited Negative? [Matthew 5:17, Ephesians 2:14-15]
2018-3-14 God Speaking through Dreams: Can God really speak to us in dreams? My daughter thinks she had a dream of a particular person God wants her to marry.
2018-3-13 Loving your neighbor as much or more than yourself: Paul says to love others MORE than ourselves, but Jesus only said to love others as MUCH as ourselves [Romans 12:10, John 13:34, Philippians 2,3,4]
2018-3-13 Walking in the Light: Walking in the light & living a sinless life, is he talking to Christians or non-believers? [1 John 1:9]
2018-3-13 Freedom of Speech: How important do you think freedom of speech is as a Christian? How much of a decline in Europe do you think is a result of freedom of speech?
2018-3-13 Jesus' first Miracle & Wine: Was Jesus' first miracle the turning water into wine & are Christians allowed to drink alcohol?
2018-3-13 Paradise & life after Death: What & where is paradise? Where do we go as soon as we die?
2018-3-13 The book, "The Secret": Do you have any thoughts about, "The Secret"?
2018-3-13 John Dominic Crossan: John Dominic Crossan, and other "apologetics", what do yo think of them?
2018-3-13 Islam-Muslim: How did islam start? Is it a cult? What do they believe in? Are they saved?
2018-3-13 Millennium, varying views: Can you please explain the differing Millennium views? Amillennial, Premillennial & Postmillennial?
2018-3-12 Discipleship: When someone is discipling you, what does that mean? [1 john 2:27]
2018-3-12 Jacob Wrestling with God: How could Jacob wrestle w/ a Man for such a long time? How could he possibly win against God? [Genesis [32:24-30]
2018-3-12 Seeing God: There seems to be a contradiction in Scripture here because it says that Jacob saw God face-to-face, yet when Moses encountered God, God told him no one can see Him & live. [Genesis 32:30, Exodus 33:20]
2018-3-12 613 Jewish Laws: The 613 laws, were those from God or man?
2018-3-12 Tithing in the NT I've been listening to Doug Batchelor & he quoted a verse in Matthew that talks about tithing & says that tithing is for the New Testament Christians also. What do you think? [Matthew 23:23]
2018-3-12 Calvinism verses Arminianism: How can you reconcile, "no one can come to Me, unless the Father draws them" w/ your view of Arminianism? You asked a hypothetical question in one of your lectures, What is the difference between person A & person B, if it's about Free Will & a person choosing of their own ability to believe? [john 6:24-25]
2018-3-12 One Book in the Bible: If you could only have access to ONE book from the Bible, which one would it be? (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans, Acts & so on)
2018-3-12 Hell & Annihilationism: I was talking to a friend the other day who holds to the position of Annihilationism of hell, but when I read the parable of the sheep & the goats, the goats go to EVERLASTING/eternal punishment or hell.
2018-3-08 Dispensationalism & Steve Gregg: What made you change your views about the pre-trib rapture?
2018-3-08 Witnessing to Mormons: How do you convert Mormons, make them see the truth? 8, 1, 2, 83
2018-3-08 Abraham's Bosom: Does abraham's bosom still exist? Did all the people who were resurrected during Jesus' resurrection come from Abraham's Bosom?
2018-3-08 Apostles: Are there other apostles besides the 12? Are there apostles today? Was Mary Magdalene an apostle?
2018-3-08 Gifts of the Spirit: Are the gifts of the Spirit for today?
2018-3-08 Baptizing for the Dead: Why does paul saying being baptized for the dead like the Mormons do? [1 Corinthians 15:29]
2018-3-08 Giants & the Nephilim: Can you explain the Giants & Nephilim described in Genesis 6? [Genesis 6:4]
2018-3-08 Reprobate Mind: Comments about a Reprobate Mind
2018-3-08 Our Carnal Nature: Are we being tempted of ourselves, our flesh, our carnal nature, just as much as we are being tempted by Satan?
2018-3-08 The Devil's Powers: Does satan have powers to control us?
2018-3-08 Atheism by Default: Is there such a thing as being an atheist by default?
2018-3-08 Self-Baptism: Is there such thing as self-baptism?
2018-3-08 Adam wasn't deceived: Caller disagrees with Steve that Adam was deceived. [1 Timothy 2:14]
2018-3-07 Suing Fellow Christians: Are christians allowed to take others to court? [1 Corinthians 6]
2018-3-07 God's Name: All caps "LORD" in the Bible, what does this mean? YHWH
2018-3-07 Tithing in Christian History: When did tithing start becoming a thing in the Christians church?
2018-3-07 Calling someone a Fool: Does calling someone a fool make you in danger of hell? [Matthew 5:22]
2018-3-07 Reprobate: What does "reprobate" mean? [Romans 1:28]
2018-3-07 Tithing: Caller responds to something he heard about Tithing earlier. [Malachi 3]
2018-3-07 Saturday to Sunday: When they Christians stop keeping the Sabbath & start meeting on Sunday?
2018-3-07 Job: What did Job do wrong...if anything?
2018-3-07 Homosexuality: Are homosexuals reprobates & don't have the possibility of being saved?