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2019-7-31 My People, Their God: The verse in Jeremiah, "they will be my people ...", has that happened already, or is that for the future? [Jeremiah 32:38].
2019-7-31 Prophetess in Our Church: A woman that claims to be a prophetess has come to our church ... will she be judged for this? [Titus 2].
2019-7-30 Answers to Prayer: How do we recognize when and how God is answering our prayers? [Philippians 2:13, I Peter 5:7].
2019-7-30 "The Day Approaching": What does it mean in Hebrews 10, when he says, "when you see the day approaching"? [Hebrews 10:25, 8:13, 13:14].
2019-7-30 Origins of 1st Ammendment Rights: Are you familiar with, Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, and was he Amillennial? Could he have inspired Thomas Jefferson to help create our first amendment rights? [Micah 4:5].
2019-7-30 Steve Gregg's Question: Is there a question or biblical conundrum that you, Steve Gregg, are current working on, and trying to resolve?
2019-7-30 The Chronological Bible: Why is our Bible not always in chronological order, and is one kind of Bible better than the other?
2019-7-30 Once Saved, Always Saved: Can you give me a little background to when the idea of "Once Saved, Always Saved" first came into mainstream Christianity?
2019-7-30 Bible Study: Does the Holy Spirit help direct the study of the Bible in various ways-whether you are reading it for the familiarity and information, or if you are meditating on it to know the mind of God.
2019-7-30 Guidance of the Holy Spirit: Should we rely only on the Holy Spirit for guidance in studying and understanding the Bible?
2019-7-29 Spiritual Warfare: Do you think that sometimes we are encouraged to focus too much on the devil, rather than leaving the battle to Christ and His authority? [Matthew 28:18, 12:29, Jude 9, I Peter 5, I John 4:4, James 4:7, Galatians 5:16, 2 Corinthians 3:18].
2019-7-29 Paul's Conversion: Why didn't Jesus dramatically convert the other people with Paul, when he was on the road to Damascus, rather than just Paul? [Romans 10:2, Acts 9:15, I Timothy 1:13].
2019-7-29 Physical Healing in the Atonement: Does scripture teach us that in the atonement, we are promised healing from physical illnesses? [Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:17, I Peter 2:24, Isaiah 1:1, I John 1:9, Philippians 2:25-30].
2019-7-29 Forgiveness: Have I really forgiven someone if I still don't want to see them? [Jeremiah 17:5-8, Mark 11:24, Matthew 18:15-18].
2019-7-29 Conflicts Among Denominational Views: How does one find a church, when there are such dramatic conflicts in denominational views, and that you are considered an outsider if you don't believe in all the same views as that particular church? [I Corinthians 9:19-23].
2019-7-29 Lazarus: If the story of Lazarus and the rich man is only a parable, then does it follow that only Jesus could have been the one to tell it? [Luke 16:19f].
2019-7-29 Nature(s) of God: Do the various views of the nature of God-whether unified, or separate (re: hypostatic union) make one idea or another heretical?
2019-7-26 Saved Again: Does scripture teach that once you are saved, but have fallen away, you cannot ever be saved again? [Hebrews 6:4-6, James 5:19-20, Luke 15:11-32, Hebrews 2:5, Matthew 19:20, Luke 1:37].
2019-7-26 Hate God-Haters: Should we hate those (homosexuals) who hate God? [I Corinthians 2:15, I Corinthians 6:9-11].
2019-7-26 Pre-Reformation: Before the Reformation, were there faithful non-Catholic groups of believers meeting together? [The Torch of the Testimony by John Kennedy, The Pilgrim Church by Broadbent].
2019-7-26 Evidence of the Holy Spirit: How do you know if you have received The Holy Spirit? [Romans 8:9,16, Galatians 5:22-23, Ephesians 5:18-21, Ephesians 1:13, 5:18, Romans 12:6-8, I Corinthians 12:4-11, 2 Corinthians 3:18]. (Editor's Note: Even though Steve Gregg seems to conclude the call before the break, he continues making comments about it AFTER the break, so don't miss that.)
2019-7-26 Different Views of Hell: Would you talk about the various views of hell? [Revelation 20:15, Hebrews 9:27]
2019-7-26 Church of the First Born: Do you know anything about The Church of the First Born & what their doctrines are?
2019-7-26 Discipleship: Do you still do discipleship schools, or do you do one-on-one discipleship opportunities?
2019-7-26 Mark of the Beast: If everyone is forced to take "the mark of the beast", then how will there be anyone left that hasn't taken it? [Revelation 13].
2019-7-26 Cain's Mark: Do you think that the mark that Cain received is relative to "the mark of the beast" in Revelation? [Genesis 4:11-16, Revelation 14:1].
2019-7-25 Transubstantiation (Eucharist): Would you clarify the fulfillment of the Lord's Supper in light of the Catholic view of transubstantiation (Eucharist)? And is it a dangerous doctrine? [John 6:40, 54, 66, 5: ??? 2:19, 3:5-7,4:32, 4:16, 11:11 6:63].
2019-7-25 Assyriah's Judgment: Did God direct Assyriah to Israel, to levy judgment on them, and then also punished Assyriah for that? [Isaiah 10:5-16, Habakkuk].
2019-7-25 Communion (Eucharist): Do Catholics think they are actually at the foot of the cross when they are taking communion?
2019-7-25 God's Punishment: Is God using capital punishment and other things against us now, using pagan people? [Romans 13, 1 Peter 2:13-17]
2019-7-25 Man of Lawlessness: Do you believe that "the man of lawlessness" was revealed in 70 AD, or do you believe that he, an individual person, will be revealed after the rapture? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-3].
2019-7-25 Transubstantiation: Caller comments on his experience as a Catholic who had taken the Eucharist and how his experience has changed when he was saved.
2019-7-25 Speaking in Tongues: What does it mean to have a "prayer language" (speaking in tongues) and are you familiar with the two kinds called glossolalia and zenoglossia? [I Thessalonian 5:21].
2019-7-25 Moses on Mt Sinai: How many times did Moses go up on the mountain, how long was he there, and who went with him? [Exodus].
2019-7-25 Thank you: Caller just wanted to thank Steve for his faithfulness in service to God.
2019-7-25 Jesus Equal with God: Would you help me understand how Jesus could be considered equal with God, if He was God? [Philippians 2:3-7, John 13:4-8].
2019-7-25 Yoke of Bondage: What is meant by the "yoke of bondage"? [Galatians 5:1, Acts 2, 15].
2019-7-24 Thief on the Cross Has there ever been a name given to the good thief on the cross?
2019-7-24 Cain & Abel's Wives: From where does the wives for Cain and Abel come? [Genesis 4:26f, 5:3].
2019-7-24 Suffering Abuse: What should I do if someone is putting chemicals on my face while I sleep?
2019-7-24 Bearing Our Cross: Do we have to bear the cross of God turning his back on us, like He did with Jesus? [Joshua 1, Hebrews 13:5].
2019-7-24 Original New Testaments Texts: Which texts of the New Testament do you prefer? (Alexandrian, Textus Receptus, etc.)
2019-7-24 "Trembling at the Word of God": Is there a verse about trembling at the word of God? Has that happened to you? [Isaiah 66:2, 57:15].
2019-7-24 Holy Spirit Convicting of Righteousness: I don't understand this passage about the Holy Spirit and how He will convict the world of righteousness and judgment? [John 16:8-11, Acts 24:25].
2019-7-24 The Cause: Have you heard of "The Cause"?
2019-7-24 Animals on the Ark: How could it be true that Noah got every single animal on to the ark? [
2019-7-24 Animals in Heaven: Doesn't the verse that "the lion will lie down with the lamb" prove that there will be animals in heaven? [Isaiah 11, 65].
2019-7-23 Revelation: Date of Writing: How does the controversial date of the early writing of the book of Revelation square with John on the Island of Patmos?
2019-7-23 A Father's Prayers for His Children: Does a father's prayers have more authority, or effectiveness, for or over one's children, than do others? [Ephesians 6:1].
2019-7-23 Dominion: Is the word in Genesis for "dominion" synonymous with "authority"?