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2018-6-25 Rewards for Judgment: Bema seat, Great White Throne of Judgment, what is the common view of the judgment(s) at the end of the world? Are they just for rewards at different times?
2018-6-25 Jewish Tradition but Christian (Messianic Jews): a Messianic Jewish caller wondering about the importance of Jewish traditions for the converted Jew & Christian, is the law obsolete?
2018-6-25 Jesus Having a God: How can Jesus have a God? [John 20:17]
2018-6-25 Jewish Feasts: Paul wasn't speaking against doing the festivals, but rather, he was actually telling Gentiles not to judge the jews who still keep the festivals, according to the caller. [Colossians 2:16]
2018-6-22 Mind after the Fall & Mind After the Resurrection: What happened to Adam & Eve w/ their mind after the Fall, & what kind of mind will we have at the resurrection?
2018-6-22 Visions of Daniel: How important were the visions of Daniel to the Jews?
2018-6-22 Full Preterism & Only Israel: Only Israel will be being saved.
2018-6-22 Faith: What does the word faith mean in the Greek word "pistus"? [Acts 17:31, Romans 10:17]
2018-6-22 Will of God: What is doing the will of God?
2018-6-22 Marriage, Divorce, Adultery & Repentance: What happens after a divorce & remarriage, & then repent? What about restitution?
2018-6-22 Quality time with Dad: Daugther goes between parents, wants quality time w/ her father instead of watching movies with him. Wants some advise from Steve.
2018-6-22 LGBT/Homosexuality: Concerned about losing her job for not affirming LGBT at the school she works at.
2018-6-21 Mt. Sinai: Can you explain the evidence of how we know where Mt. Sinai is?
2018-6-21 All Saved: Someone says that we will all just end up in heaven in the end anyway.
2018-6-21 Marriage & Divorce: I'm committing adultery if I marry someone else even though my husband is the one opting out of our marriage? [Matthew 5:32]
2018-6-21 Greg Laurie: Did you say Greg Laurie was a false prophet?
2018-6-21 Compromising on Truth: How do you know what or how to disagree on secondary issues? (cont. after break)
2018-6-21 Miracle of getting my G/F back: Do you suppose God can do miracles, especially Him helping my relationship w/ my girlfriend.
2018-6-21 JW's in Contrast to Christianity: Jehovah's Witnesses are deep into the Bible, but they are so different than what Christians believe.
2018-6-21 Steve Gregg's Children: What does Steve Gregg do to try to reconcile his children & get them back in the faith?
2018-6-20 The Law & the Prophets & the Law of Jesus: Can you give me the distinction between the "law of Moses" & the "law of Christ"? Wasn't the Law of Christ even more stern? [Matthew 5:19]
2018-6-20 Gun for Self-Defense: What about having a gun to defend your home?
2018-6-20 War & Passivism: What are your views about non violence but also the "just war theory"?
2018-6-20 Events Surrounding the Jesus' Crucifixion: Caller thinks the righteous people being raised out of the grave, the sun darkening, the earthquake happening, the curtain of the temple being torn in 2, all these events are the "great tribulation" that Jesus was talking about. [Matthew 27]
2018-6-20 Elders Praying over the Sick: The elders praying for sick, & they will be forgiven, aren't you ALREADY forgiven? Aren't they 2 different things? If his sins weren't forgiven how does the elders praying over him do it? [James 5:15]
2018-6-20 Mother of God: It says the mother of Jesus was persecuted, how do we know that? [Revelation 12:1-6]
2018-6-20 Transfiguration: I don't understand the Transfiguration. Can you explain it?
2018-6-20 Jesus' Temptation: Caller thinks Jesus wasn't really tempted like we would be....but just tempted.
2018-6-20 The Resurrection during Jesus Resurrection: Why aren't the people who were resurrected, when Jesus was, spoken of elsewhere or more? What happened to them? Did they die again? [Matthew 27:52-53]
2018-6-20 Jesus in the OT: Our church is going through something called, "see the hero in the OT", & we've been discovering that Jesus was involved in the people of the Old Testament more than we realized. What do you think?
2018-6-19 Advise for Newly Married Couple: A funny discussion of marriage success; humility & "I was wrong".
2018-6-19 Church Named After Christ: Why is His name in the church?
2018-6-19 Jesus' Temptation: Why was Jesus able to resist temptation?
2018-6-19 Praying to Jesus: Why do we pray to Christ (instead of God the Father)?
2018-6-19 Imprecatory Prayers verses Forgiving People: How do we reconcile the imprecatory prayers in Psalms with forgiving people in the New Testament?
2018-6-19 Masturbation: Whether Masturbation is a sin or not depends on what you are thinking about, the caller thinks.
2018-6-19 Women Teaching: Women speaking in the church, pastor vs teacher, what do you think about that? [1 Timothy 2 & 3]
2018-6-19 Calvinism-Total Depravity: Was watching your debate with James White on Calvinism, & can you talk about the rebuttal when you didn't really have a chance to respond? [Romans 1-3]
2018-6-19 The Rapture (Second Coming): What happens when Jesus comes back, we just go up in the air?
2018-6-18 Bible Writers not Alive: Agnostic challenging Biblical reliability because the writers were supposedly not alive when Jesus was present.
2018-6-18 Church Classes at a Different RCC: My Girlfriend is trying to become a Catholic like I am, but she's taking the classes at a different church than she plans on being baptized at. Is that okay?
2018-6-18 God Demands Justice: How do I explain that God does justice, but still loves people, both in the Old Testament & the New Testament?
2018-6-18 Theophilus: Theophilius, which means "lover of God", is this referring to a specific person?
2018-6-18 Masturbation: Does masturbation fall under the word of "pornea" in 1 Corinthians? [1 Corinthians 6:9]
2018-6-18 The Beast in Revelation 13: The Beast, could it be possible that the prophecies are being filled again for a second time? What about the Man of Sin in 2 Thessalonians? Is it possible they are dual prophecies? [Revelation 13, 2 Thessalonians 2]
2018-6-18 The 70 Weeks: Why do the Dispensationalist embrace this huge gap between the 69th & 70th week? [Daniel 9]
2018-6-18 Gift of Teaching: If teaching is a gift, then why does Jesus tell us not to call anyone teacher? [Matthew 23:8]
2018-6-18 Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding: Knowledge are facts, wisdom is how to apply that knowledge, but what about "understanding"?
2018-6-15 Dating of the Book of Revelation: What is the external & internal evidence of when the book of revelation was written?
2018-6-15 Proof of Pre-existence: Does this supposedly talk about our pre-existence because the disciples thought he supposedly could've sinned himself to cause his blindness? [John 9]