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2021-5-25 'Four Blood Moons" & Jewish Traditions: What verses could I share with those that are really excited about the coming "four blood moons" and "Shemitah"? [Ephesians 4:14].
2021-4-30 "All Israel Will be Saved": Could you help me make sense of the verse about "in this way, all Israel will be saved"? [Romans 9-11, 1 Corinthians 12-14, Romans 9:6, Romans 11:25-29, Hosea 1:9, Galatians 6:16, Jeremiah 11:16].
2021-10-15 "Angel of the Lord": Is the angel of the Lord, Jesus, in Genesis? [Genesis 16:10].
2021-9-27 "Apostolic Succession" & Eucharist (Communion): Did I hear you correctly about how you understand the Catholic tradition of "apostolic succession." [2 Timothy 2:1-2, Malachi 1:11, Titus 1:5, I Timonthy 3:1, I Corinthians 16:15, Matthew 23:8-9, I Peter 2:18].
2021-6-28 "Babylon the Great": Do you think that "Babylon the Great" is parallel to New York City or America? [Revelation 17:1-18, Isaiah 1:21].
2021-4-22 "Black Lives Matter": What do you think about "Black Lives Matter"? [I Corinthians 13].
2021-4-21 "Black Lives Matter": Unbeliever calls to propose a hypothetical question relating "Black Lives Matter" and challenges Steve's integrity about what he read at their website.
2021-7-27 "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” What did Jesus mean when he said they would not see him again until they say, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”? [Matthew 23:39, John 14:21-23].
2021-8-03 "Born Again" Defined: What is Jesus' definition of the new birth (or being "born again")? [John 3:14, I Peter 1:23, James 2:19, Romans 10:9].
2021-10-20 "Born of God" Before Belief: Does I John 5:1 mean that one is already "born of God" when he believes? [I John 5:1].
2021-9-22 "Born of Water": When Jesus was speaking to Nicodemus, what was he referring to when he said, "you must be born of water"? [John 3:3].
2021-10-05 "Christ" (Definition of the Title): What does the word "Christ" mean?
2021-4-09 "Classical Theism": Have you ever covered "Classical Theism" in your lectures?
2021-3-18 "Contemplative Prayer": What is your opinion of "Contemplative Prayer" (based on an anonymous book, "The Cloud of Unknowing")?
2021-7-20 "Day of the Lord" Meaning and Synonyms: Are the phrases, the "Day of the Lord", "Day of Christ", "The Last Day", Day of God, etc. all synonymous? [2 Peter 3, Matthew 25, John 6:39-54, John 12:48, I Corinthians 1:7].
2021-8-03 "Depart From Me": What is the bottom line regarding the idea that some will be asked to "depart from me"? [Matthew 7:21-23, Jeremiah 32:40]
2021-3-25 "Do Not Touch Me": What was meant when Jesus said to Mary that she was not to touch Him? [John 20:17].
2021-5-03 "Entire Santification" (Eradicationism or Perfect Sinlessness): What do you think of the idea in the Wesleyianism called "entire sanctification" (Eradicationism or perfect sinlessness)? [2 Corinthians 3:18, I Peter 1:14-16].
2021-6-18 "Father Forgive Them": When Jesus said, "Father forgive them", who did He mean? [Luke 23:34, Act 3:17, Isaiah 53:12].
2021-9-22 "Gave Them Him Name": What does it mean that "He gave them His name"? [John 17:11-12].
2021-9-08 "Generational Curses": Are "Generational Curses" biblical? [Exodus 34:7].
2021-9-02 "Gifts & Calling of God without Repentance": Would you talk about "the gifts and calling of God are without repentance" in Romans 11? Could your calling still remain on your life, no matter what? [Romans 9-11, Romans 11:29, Romans 9:6].
2021-3-04 "God of all Gods" Contradiction: Is there not a contradiction about God's singularity in these verses in Psalms? [Psalm 136:2, Psalm 95:3, I Corinthians 10:20, I Corinthians 8:4].
2021-4-23 "Household Salvation": Would you discuss "household salvation? [Acts 16:31, Matthew 10:21, Matthew 18:34-36].
2021-5-27 "Jesus" is God Not in the Bible: Could you help me understand what you meant when you said that the Bible does not say that "Jesus is God"?
2021-10-12 "Kingdom of God" vs the "Church": Caller thinks that the church and the The Kingdom of God are not the same thing. [Exodus 19:6, Matthew 3:2].
2021-6-25 "Kings of the East" Prophesy & Current Events: Current events of China becoming more significant seems to relate tp prophesy and the ideas that the "kings of the east" will gain power. Would you comment? [Revelation 16:12-15, Revelation 9, Revelation 11:8, Isaiah 1].
2021-9-22 "Little Horn" as Future Antichrist: If you were talking with Dispensationalists about the "Little Horn" not being a future Antichrist, would you say it was the papacy, or just that you don't know? [Daniel 7, 2 Thessalonians 2:7].
2021-5-17 "Love in the Spirit": What does Paul mean by, "love in the spirit"? [Colossians 1:8, Galatians 5:22, Romans 5:5, John 13:34-35, Matthew 7:12, I John 3:17].
2021-1-22 "Man of Sin" & "Lawless One" Hindered: What do you think hinders the rising of the "Man of Sin" or the "Lawlessness" one? [Daniel 7, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12].
2021-9-30 "Mark of the Beast" & the Vaccine: Is the vaccine the "Mark of the Beast", particularly in light of the restriction of buying and selling? [Revelation 14:1].
2021-8-03 "My Yoke is Easy": What is meant by "my yoke is easy"? [Matthew 11:28, Matthew 23:4, Galatians 5:22, Romans 5:5, Romans 13:10, Luke 1:37].
2021-5-28 "New Jerusalem": What is the "New Jerusalem"? [Galatians 4, Hebrews 12:22, Revelation 21].
2021-9-17 "Not of This Fold": Is Jesus speaking of non-humans when he refers to people who are "sheep not of this fold"? [John 10:16]
2021-5-28 "On My Right Hand": What does this passage mean when it talks about "Not leaving his soul in Hades, and 'God being my right hand" and [Acts 2:25-28, Psalm 16:10]. (Audio of caller is very bad in the beginning.)
2021-6-09 "Once Saved, Always Saved" or "Eternal Security": If once saved, are we always saved, or can one fall into sin and eventually apostatize? [I Timothy 4:1, James 3:2].
2021-8-04 "Once Saved, Always Saved": What do you think of "Eternal Security" or "Once Saved, Always Saved"?
2021-5-03 "One Way" Through Jesus: If there is only "one way", through Jesus, then is there no provision for all those that never heard of this way or Jesus? [John 14:6, Ezekiel 18:32, 2 Peter 3:8-10, John 1:9-10].
2021-2-03 "Oneness" vs "Trinitarian": Would you talk about the "Oneness" vs. the "Trinitarian" doctrines. [John 1:1].
2021-8-26 "Open Theism" vs Omniscience: Could you expound on "Open Theism", in contrast to my view of God's omniscience?
2021-4-29 "Principle of First Mention": Does the Bible reveal the truth according to the "Principle of First Mention", which suggests that the first mention in the Bible reveals sufficient truth on any subject?
2021-10-07 "Progressive Revelation": Could you speak to "Progressive Revelation", and if it is used in defense of Dispensationalism? Is Jesus the final Revelation? [Hebrews 1:3, John 16:12-13]. (Even though seems to conclude the answer to the call before the end of the break, he continues answering it after.)
2021-9-08 "Raising Up" Parallels: Do you think that these two verse are related; Hosea 6:2 and Luke 13:32? [Hosea 6:2, Luke 13:32].
2021-2-11 "Remnant Call" with Benjamin Baruch: Would you look into Benjamin Baruch and "Remnant Call" radio?
2021-6-09 "Right in Their Own Eyes": Regarding the concept of being, "right in one's own eyes", I always thought it was a bad thing, are you saying it is a good thing? [Judges 17:6].
2021-8-11 "Saints" or "Priests": Is the word used in this verse for "saints" actually "priests"? [Psalms 16:3, Psalms 50:5].
2021-2-23 "Satisfaction Theory" of the Atonement: What is your view of Saint Anselm's "Satisfaction Theory" of redemption? [I Corinthians 5:7, Leviticus 16].
2021-5-12 "Seeing the Light": What does it mean when someone says, "I have seen the light"?
2021-3-18 "Seeker Friendly" Churches: Are "seeker friendly" churches unbiblical?
2021-8-17 "Shacking-Up" for Older People: Are we older people still held accountable for our non-marriage relationships (like shacking-up)?