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2019-3-06 Battle Flesh & Spirit: Clarify sin and the battle between flesh and spirit [Romans 6:23, Galatians 5:16-17].
2019-3-06 Once Saved, Always Saved: Is it dangerous to stay in a church that believes the extremes of either position; one cannot lose their salvation vs one can never lose their salvation?
2019-3-05 Christians in Government: Would you elaborate on Christian responsibility relative to law enforcement, state mandates, war, and capital punishment [Mark 7, Romans 13]?
2019-3-05 Jesus as "The Word": How are we to understand Jesus as "The Word (Logos)" [John 1:1-4 ]? [Genesis 1, Psalm 33:6].
2019-3-05 Genesis Genealogy: Would you clarify the continuity of the generations and lineage before the flood [Genesis 5: 6-7]?
2019-3-05 Hell-3 Views: Would you clarify your view of Hell (eternal torment, shame, everlasting contempt)? Can you explain Annihilationism [Dan 12:2]? Can you clarify the meaning of the word for "everlasting" in scripture (olam; eternal, everlasting, beyond the horizon).
2019-3-05 Partial Preterism: Can you clarify "Partial Preterism?"
2019-3-05 Full Preterism: What about the differences between full preterism (Don Preston) and partial preterism?
2019-3-05 Jesus' Defeat of Satan: What do you think of the Word of Faith teaching about Jesus going to hell to defeat Satan? How did Jesus defeat Satan? How did He triumph over the demonic powers? [Colossians 2:15, Hebrews 2:14].
2019-3-05 Once Saved, Always Saved?: Are we born sinners? Once saved, always saved? What is the significance to remaining attached to the vine? [Hebrews 3:12, John 15:6, Romans 11:22, Luke 8:13].
2019-3-04 Jews-All Saved?: Are Jewish people all going to heaven, whether they accept Christ or not?
2019-3-04 Flat Earth: Does the Bible teach a flat, or disc-shaped earth [Genesis 1]?
2019-3-04 Calvinism & Jacob & Esau: Calvinism's view of the Scripture in Romans 9. Issac and Ishmael and what Issac was chosen for. What does it mean when scripture indicates that God hated Esau and loved Jacob [Malachi 1:3, Romans 9:13]?
2019-3-04 Modern Israel: Do you believe the Arabs had their land unjustly taken when the state of Israel was formed in 1948? What is the significance of Israel now? What are the prophesies about Israel?
2019-3-04 Old Bible redistribution: To whom should I give my old Bibles?
2019-3-04 Prayer in Jesus' Name: What is the significance of praying "in Jesus' name"?
2019-3-04 Old Testament Law: According to the Old Testament, should we put rebellious children to death? [Deuteronomy 21:18-21], [Mark 7:9-1].
2019-3-04 Heaven: When I die, I want to stay in heaven, why do we have to come back down here?
2019-3-04 People Evil: Are we just mistaken, rather than really evil, if we are going down the wrong path? [Ephesians 6:12}?
2019-3-01 Abiding in Christ: What constitutes "not abiding in Christ"?
2019-3-01 Division in the Church: Where does one draw the line when choosing to no longer associate with other Christians? Differences of opinion in the many and various denominations. Protestant vs Catholic. [II John].
2019-3-01 Dating of Revelation: Can we harmonize the various opinions about the 96 AD date and AD 70 (the fall of Jerusalem) for the writing of the book of Revelation?
2019-3-01 Old Testament-Holy Spirit: How could God expect people to obey Him in the Old Testament if they did not have the Holy Spirit and were not regenerated?
2019-3-01 Church discipline (disfellowship): If one calls themselves a Christian, but doesn't seem to be trying very hard to overcome their sin, should Christian friends stop being around them? [I Corinthians 5].
2019-3-01 Satan: Is Satan a literal or symbolic being? Should we be taking the Bible literally or symbolically?
2019-3-01 Types of Christ-Mordecai: Was Mordecai a type of Christ? Types of Christ in the Old Testament and their meanings as identified in the New Testament. Presumed, but unidentified types of Christ. [I Corinthians 10].
2019-3-01 Resurrection: What about the resurrection and Enoch? Will there be marriage in the resurrection? Does Jesus' agreement with Enoch validate the inspiration of the book of Enoch? What is the difference of opinions of the Sadducees and Pharisees about the resurrection [Luke 16, Matthew 22:29-33]?
2019-2-28 Calvinism: Why does it seem Calvinists ignore verses that appear to go against their belief system? [2 Peter 3:9]
2019-2-28 Gambling: What does the Bible say about gambling?
2019-2-28 Calvinism, Irresistible Grace, & the Elect: Calvinism teaches an irresistible grace & that only the elect can hear His voice. Is this true? [John 10:15-27]
2019-2-28 Church Discipline, Judging, Rebuking: Church discipline, if I see my brother sinning, should I just ignore it or what? [Matthew 18]
2019-2-28 Being a Prepper: Is being a prepper, a survivalist, is that a lack of faith?
2019-2-28 Christian Mythology: Are stories of Jesus regarding crucifixion, resurrection, etc. taken from stories before the Bible (mythology)?
2019-2-28 Lottery Winnings & Tithing: If you win the lottery and Tithe with the money, would God be happy with your offering?
2019-2-28 Writers of the New Testament: Did the writers of the NT know they were writing scripture when they were writing?
2019-2-28 Word of Faith Preachers: What do you think about Joyce Meyers & Andrew Wommack?
2019-2-28 Never Hearing the Gospel: What about native americans who were never exposed to the gospel?
2019-2-27 The Rich young ruler & being Good: hat is the definition of good? [Luke 18:18-34]
2019-2-27 "Sent by the Father": Why do you suppose that gospel of John refers to Jesus being sent by the Father so many more times than the other 3 gospels?
2019-2-27 Salvation: Some people argue that if you have to do more than accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour, you're working for your salvation
2019-2-27 End times timeline & Amillennialism: Where are we, currently, in the timeline of the earth & what yet still has to be fulfilled?
2019-2-27 Herod: God kills Herod, but He also says not to avenge ourselves? [Acts 12:23]
2019-2-27 Baptism: Is being baptized only in the name of Jesus the same thing as being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost?
2019-2-27 Alcohol: Is drinking alcohol sinning? Being drunk?
2019-2-27 John Bevere: Have you (Steve) ever heard of John Bevere?
2019-2-27 America & Christianity Why do you think Christianity is so weak today in America?
2019-2-27 Trinity: I'm struggling with the idea of the Trinity, & the Holy Spirit, if the Holy Spirit is an entity to Itself or not. What verses would tell me that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity?
2019-2-26 Marriage & Divorce: What to do about counseling a Christian couple who are about to get a divorce?
2019-2-26 "Declare His Generation": Can you explain this verse, "declare His Generation"? [Acts 8:33]
2019-2-26 Daughter's lack of zeal for the Lord: I;m concerned that my daughter doesn't seem to have a desire for God & wondering if you could give me advice