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2021-7-07 Skeptics: Why do some people find it so difficult to accept such an amazing free gift from God?
2021-7-07 Finances, Wealth & Giving: How does one share concern for the way someone handles their finances and wealth? [Luke 1:37, I Corinthians 6:20, Luke 14:33].
2021-7-07 Seventh Day Adventist Defines 666: Caller defines 666 as the papacy, as do all Seventh Day Adventists. Steve disagrees. [I John 2:18-22, I John 4:3, 2 John],
2021-7-06 Good Works-Pleasing God instead of Men: Could you talk about our obligation to do good works? [James 2:18].
2021-7-06 Marriage-No Longer Under Bondage: Could you talk about the exception clause regarding marriage and when ones is no longer being under bondage? [I Corinthians 7, Matthew 19].
2021-7-06 Various Bible Translations: Good you talk about the various kinds of Bible translations?
2021-7-06 The "Eye of a Needle": Could you clarify the verse's meaning about "the eye of the needle" and if it is referring to a real gate called that? [Matthew 19:24].
2021-7-06 Ezekiel 28 Not About Satan: What do you think about the fact that Ezekiel 28 is usually said to be speaking of Satan, and yet it does not appear to be so, if you read the context? [Ezekiel 26-28].
2021-7-06 Obelisks: Could the Egyptian obelisks be linked to the Jewish ones?
2021-7-06 Cessation of the Gifts of the Spirit: Did the gifts of the spirit and miracles cease? [I Corinthians 13:8-11].
2021-7-06 Thou Shall Not Kill: How do you help someone understand that "Thou shall not kill" is not an absolute and under all circumstances? [Exodus 20:1-17].
2021-7-05 Spirit's Departure Upon Falling to Sin & Resoration: Did the spirit leave you when you were not putting away your previous sin? Can you return to Him? [John 15:6].
2021-7-05 Jesus as a Created Being, and Not God: As a former Jehovah Witness, we are still at odds about Jesus being God, based on their Bible translation (New World Translation). Recommended topical lecture: "Knowing God series". [John 10:34, Colossians 1:15, John 1:3].
2021-7-05 You were "gods:" Could you sort the quote, "I said you were gods?" [Psalm 82:6, John 10:34, Isaiah 9:6].
2021-7-05 Deceptions & Signs Today Signaling Jesus' Return: Since Jesus said we are not to let anyone deceive us, do you think that the signs of end times, like the vaccine, are of those deceptions? [Matthew 24:4, Mark 13:4, Luke 21:7].
2021-7-05 Forgiveness & Restoration of Relationships: Would you comment on forgiving others and our obligation to love and trust them again? [Luke 17:3, Mark 11:25].
2021-7-05 Jesus Broke the Sabbath: How would you respond to someone that says that if Jesus did not break the Sabbath, because that would mean He was not sinless? [Matthew 12:5-8, John 5:16-18].
2021-7-05 Sinful to Vote Contrary to the Pastor's Wishes: What would you say to a pastor who thinks voting contrary to his vote to change the church constitution would be sinful? [3 John 1:9, Mark 9:35, Mark 10:44].
2021-7-05 Jesus Did Not Meet Qualifications for Messiah: My Jewish friend says that Jesus did not fulfill the requirements for the Messiah, can you talk about that? [Isaiah 10:21, Isaiah 9:6, Romans 4:13, Psalm 2:8].
2021-7-05 Second Coming: Don't you think that this verse in Mark, is talking about the "Second Coming"? [Mark 13:24, Isaiah 19:1].
2021-7-02 The Unchanging Things of God: What are the two unchanging things mentioned in Hebrews 6? [Hebrews 6:18, Hebrews 6:13-14].
2021-7-02 Calling God our Father: Do the Jews think we are blaspheming when we call God our Father? [John 5:18, John 8:41, Psalm 103:13, Isaiah 63:16].
2021-7-02 Are the End Times Upon Us?: Is there anything happening now that makes you think the end times are upon us? [Romans 1:18-23, Isaiah 5:20].
2021-7-02 Daniel & Shadrach, Meshach & Abednigo: Where were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo during Daniel's ordeal, and vice versa?
2021-7-02 The Bride of Christ: What do you think of the concept of the "Bride of Christ" coming out of the church, rather than being, itself, the church? [Ephesians 5:31-32].
2021-7-02 Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil: Caller proposes some thoughts about the tree in the garden.
2021-7-02 Some Have Spiritually Resurrected: Have some people already been spiritually resurrected?
2021-7-02 Hindered Angels: When scripture indicates that the angel was "hindered" from answering Daniel's prayer for help. How can that be? [Daniel 10:3, Ephesians 6:12, Revelation 12:7-9, Mark 1:27].
2021-7-02 The Cross vs the Resurrection: Why is there such focus on "the cross" instead of the resurrection? [Psalm 110:1, I Corinthians 15:25, Romans 4:25, Titus 2:14].
2021-7-02 The Wives of the Polygamist Who Converts: Should a polygamist who is saved after they already have several wives, have to give up all but the first of the wives? [Malachi 2:16, I Timothy 3:2, Genesis 2:24].
2021-7-02 Someone Who Keeps Falling into Sin: Can you advise me on how to deal with someone I am trying to help that is under terrible stress, yet has made great progress in his fight against addiction, but continually breaks down and falls back into sin?
2021-7-01 "Thorn" as a Symbol for People: Are there other places in the Bible where the word "thorn" is used that it does not mean illness, but people? [Genesis 3:18].
2021-7-01 The Word "Thorn" in Scripture: What did the word "thorn" typically mean in scripture? Some say it refers to people rather than illness. [2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Galatians 4:13-15].
2021-7-01 Causing a Woman to Commit Adultery: Regarding divorcing a woman and causing her to commit adultery, what do you think of my take on that scripture? [Matthew 5:32, Mark 10:9, Matthew 19:6].
2021-7-01 Pre-Trib Rapture Cannot be True: Does this prove that the "Pre-Trib Rapture" is untrue, if we could calculate his coming following that event?
2021-7-01 Sorting the Trinity: Could you help me understand whether is God three persons in one, or three manifestations (or modes) of one God? [John 14:21].
2021-7-01 Mary Had Only One Son: As a Greek Orthodox Christian, we believe that Mary only had one son. Could you react to this? [Matthew 1:25].
2021-7-01 Rider on the White Horse: Could you talk about the rider on the white horse in Revelation and if you think it is possible that the rider is a forerunner to Christ's coming? [Revelation 6:2, Revelation 19].
2021-7-01 Change of Translation of the Word "Purify": Could you comment on the change of the pronoun relative to the word "purify" from "her" to "their"? Would this be suggesting that Jesus needed to purificatioin? [Luke 2:22, Leviticus 12].
2021-7-01 Micaiah Has Duplicate Stories in Old Testament: Why is there duplicate stories about Micaiah in I Kings and 2 Chronicles? [I Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 18:1-27].
2021-7-01 Determining Truth: Who knows what is true? How can we know?
2021-6-30 Coronavirus Vaccine: What do you think of not taking the Coronavirus vaccine if I am being warned by my own sister that I am taking a huge risk with my health?
2021-6-30 Being Taken Advantage of: How long do I continue to help someone who seems to be taking advantage of me?
2021-6-30 Men & Women in the Same Bible Study: Is there any reason that men and women should not be in the same Bible study?
2021-6-30 Unions & Groups that Support Abortion: What is a good Bible reference for directing someone away from a political group and union that supports abortion? [I Corinthians 6:14].
2021-6-30 Suffering for Past Sins: Could I be suffering for a past sin that took place before I became a believer?
2021-6-30 Obeying God's Law: Do you recommend that I obey God's law? [Romans 8:4, Romans 3:23, I Corinthians 9:21, Matthew 22:40, Romans 13:8-10].
2021-6-30 The Red Heifer: What is your take on the "red heifer"? [Hebrews 9-10, Acts 17:24, Acts 7:48, I John 2:2].
2021-6-30 Pastors Control the Church: Does the pastor have complete control of the church? Recommended Lecture; "Some Assembly Required." [Matthew 20:26, Mark 9:35].
2021-6-30 Rebuilding the Temple & Fulfillment of Prophesy: Isn't it the Old Testament Jews that want the temple be rebuilt, rather than Christians wanting it, and what Christians get excited about is not the temple, but with the fulfillment of prophesy?