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2017-7-20 Christians Enabling Transgenderism: Adopted parents that are Christians & are leaders in the church, but who want to help their daughter changer her gender
2017-7-20 Not Peace but Division: Old Testament vs New Testament contradiction about bringing division but wanting unity, but what does this verse mean by Jesus brought a sword & not peace?g [Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51]
2017-7-20 Transgenderism Running Rampant: Transgender seems to be running rampant in western civilization
2017-7-20 God taking Delight: Someone thinks God takes delight in bad things happening to people & didn't know how to respond. [Deuteronomy 28:30 & 63]
2017-7-20 Giving Sacrificially: Even though atheist gives billions, it's a drop in the bucket to them. They need to give sacrificially in order for it to count. [Mark 12:41-44]
2017-7-19 Fornication, Idol Worship, Strangled Animals & Blood: In Acts it talks about fornication, idol worship, no strangled animals & abstaining from blood, & I can understand not doing 2 of them but what about no blood & no strangled animals? What does that have to do with the Gentiles? [Acts 15]
2017-7-19 The Millennium: What are the differing views about the Millennium? What are yours? I understand you are an Amillenialist?
2017-7-19 Accepting LGBT in the Church: I'm trying to write a letter to my pastor who's about to embrace the LGBT community, what scripture should I use? [Galatian 3:28]
2017-7-19 Trinity: What is the correct form of the Trinity?
2017-7-19 Minister know all kinds of Trivial Knowledge about People: Minister claims to know the SSN, street address, license number.
2017-7-19 Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved: How can intelligent people really believe in Calvinism? Does it really matter? Is it important? Are they the ones associated with once saved always saved?
2017-7-18 Globalist Conspiracy for the Beast Power to Come About: Is there a global conspiracy for the beast to come to power?
2017-7-18 People who have never heard of Gospel Burning Forever: I can't reconcile that people who have NEVER heard the gospel are going to burn for eternity in hell (ministry of the month).
2017-7-18 Judged by Your Knowledge: Are you judged according to the light you have?
2017-7-18 Paul's Gospel Different than James: Paul seems to teach a different gospel than James, where Paul says faith alone, but James says faith & works. [Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:19-23, James 2:14–26]
2017-7-18 A Biblically Accurate Pastor: My pastor doesn't seem to be biblically accurate. Should I be concerned about that?
2017-7-18 Association with Masons: A friend wants me to an exercise program at an elks club connected to the masons.
2017-7-18 Donating to The Narrow Path: How can one donate to you if they have no computer?
2017-7-18 Pre-Incarnate Christ, to being made Man, to Glory Now: How did Jesus change from when He was w/ God before His birth & what is He now?
2017-7-18 Don't Call Jesus Accursed, Yet called Jesus Cursed: Why does Paul say when talking in prophetic voices that you can't say Jesus is accursed, but then says Jesus is cursed by hanging on a tree, is this a contradiction? [1 Corinthians 12:3, Galatians 3:13]
2017-7-17 Israel's History: 490 yrs disobedience, 70 years captivity, & another 490 yrs divided into 3 sections, do you think there's any credibility to all this timeline of Israel?
2017-7-17 Sound Doctrine: How much should we be concerned about sound doctrine?
2017-7-17 Oneness Pentecostal & Reformed Church Differences: What is the difference between Oneness Pentecostals & the Reformed Church involving the Trinity?
2017-7-17 Good because it's Naturally Good or God commanded it Good: William Lane Craig, is something good because God commanded to do it or is it good because it's naturally good?
2017-7-17 Anti-Christ being in the 3rd Temple: Rebuilding the 3rd temple, the anti-Christ is going to be IN the temple, so how can he be in the temple if it doesn't exist?
2017-7-17 Jewish Calendar for Prophetic Reckoning: David Hawkins thinks the Jewish Calendar has to be used when calculating Prophecies in Daniel.
2017-7-17 The Way International: We met some people who belong to The Way international, & they started saying we shouldn't study the Gospels because they've already been fulfilled, & we should only study books written by Paul. What do you think about that?
2017-7-14 Ezekiel's Temple: I need you to please reconsider your position about Ezekiel's temple. [Ezekiel 40-48]
2017-7-14 Judging the Angels: When & why are we going to be judging angels? [1 Corinthians 6:3-5]
2017-7-14 Christian Living a Sinful Life: If a Christian continues living an unrighteous life, is he under the law of Moses?
2017-7-14 Lectures about Calvinism about Once Saved Always Saved: You were talking about Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved, & you referred them to some lectures on your website. Can you tell me the name of that lecture again?
2017-7-14 Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Program: I REALLY appreciate your program, & I just want you to know that!
2017-7-14 None of Them are Lost: I'm teaching on once saved always saved, so what do you say about this verse? [John 17:12]
2017-7-14 Abraham Lincoln Humor: Abraham Lincoln asked a witness once, "If we call a cow's tail a leg, how many legs does a cow have?".
2017-7-14 State Micro-Managing Over People's Lives: The state seems to be involving itself in the transgender business, promoting it.
2017-7-14 Pentecostal View of Baptism of Holy Spirit: Being baptized in the Holy Spirit, & if you've never spoken in tongues, are you saved?
2017-7-14 Baptism of Holy Spirit: Being baptized in the Holy Spirit (follow up)
2017-7-13 God's Anger: When God is upset with us, can we actually feel His anger?
2017-7-13 Never having heard the Gospel: What about those that have never heard the gospel? [Romans 2:12-14, 1 Corinthians 1:30]
2017-7-13 Calvinism's Limited Atonement: Considering Calvinism's unlimited or limited atonement, did Christ die for the whole world or not?
2017-7-13 Mystery of Godliness: "Mystery of Godliness" what does this mean, God becaming Man? Caller gives a couple of his idea of what it might mean [1 Timothy 3:16]
2017-7-13 Hebrew Roots Movement: Can you please tell me about the Jewish or Hebrew Roots?
2017-7-13 Jesus' Temptation: God says He tempts no man, but the Jesus had to go through the temptation, so how do these reconcile w/ each other? [James 1:13]
2017-7-13 Moses Law Instituted: When was Moses law instituted? [1 Peter 2:13]
2017-7-12 Faith, Choice & Belief: distinguish between faith, choice & belief, is faith a gift of God? [Ephesians 2:8-9]
2017-7-12 The Word of God: Is the Bible really the Word of God?
2017-7-12 Dislike of the Modern Translations of the Bible: "Man shall not eat by bread alone", the modern translations seem to be different that what it says.
2017-7-12 Jesus' Ministry only 3 Years: Why did God only have jesus' ministry last 3 1/2 years?
2017-7-12 Women Pastors: Can women pastors be in ministry? Feminism seems to be taking over.
2017-7-12 Illness for God's Glory: Does God cause illness for His glory? (followup #3)