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2016-8-04 Tribes of Israel: What tribes disappeared & does Steve know which ones were they?
2016-8-04 Various Questions about Jews of the Bible: Caller concludes his conversation by asking about Jewish Patriarchs & their children.
2016-8-04 Jesus the Creator: Is Jesus the actual Creator? The Muslims have a problem if you tell them that. [John 1:1, Genesis 1]
2016-8-04 1 Peter Epistle's Audience: Was 1 Peter written to just the jews or Chrisians in general?
2016-8-04 Accused of Being Anti-Semitic Is there a link between this verse in Matthew 24 & this verse 1 Peter 2 regarding the kingdom of God? By believing certain stuff you are then falsely accused of being anti-Semitic. [Matthew 21:43, 1 Peter 2:9]
2016-8-04 Falsely Accused of Racism: Steve Gregg & caller makes some good points of false accusations just because you believe certain stuff, being racist, homophobic & so on.
2016-8-04 Hallowed Be Thy Name: is saying, "Hallowed be Thy name", a form of praise?
2016-8-04 Far Left, Far Right: Caller is concerned about the Christians worrying about being too far Liberal left or too far Conservative right labels & political systems.
2016-8-04 Dispensationalism & Prosperity Doctrine: Are Dispensationalism & the Prosperity doctrine in any way connected to or responsible for the other?
2016-8-03 JWs twisting a Verse in Psalms & how to refute them: Caller would like help in refuting a verse Jehovah's Witnesses yse to prove the Trinity is not biblical. [Psalm 110:1]
2016-8-03 Goodness of God Leading to Repentance: the goodness of God leads to repentance, how is that better than using the 10 commandments for conviction of sin? [Romans 2:4]
2016-8-03 Praying to God Continuously: Are we supposed to tell Him all about how we feel about our problems? How should I pray? Is the Lord's Prayer just a pattern to use?
2016-8-03 3 Men who Visited Abraham: Who were the 3 men who came to visit Abraham? [Genesis 18]
2016-8-03 Adam & Eve's Eternal Destination: Were Adam & Eve saved?
2016-8-03 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Caller would like to know about speaking in tongues, & do we all have the same amount of the Holy Spirit?
2016-8-02 Mandela effect: Caller would like Steve's thoughts on the "Mandela effect" (invented memories). [Isaiah 11:6, which you will hear addressed in later calls about this "phenomenon"]
2016-8-02 Paul & Jesus' Teachings Different: Did Paul & Jesus teach different things? Was Paul not who he said he was?
2016-8-02 Mandela Effect: Caller has chimed in about the "Mandela Effect" as a result of a previous call. [Isaiah 11;6]
2016-8-02 Mandela Effect: Another caller chimes in with similar comment about the Mandela Effect from previous call.
2016-8-02 Easter, a Pagan Institution adopted by Christianity: Caller is wondering how Easter became a Christian thing when it only has pagan origins. [Acts 12:4]
2016-8-02 Original Sin-Sin Nature: Caller wants to know about Calvinism, Marcionite, semi-Pelagian, Augustinian & how it call relates to original sin & the sin nature.
2016-8-02 Atonement-Christus Victor & Penanl Substitution: Caller wanted Steve to please explain the difference between Christus Victor & the Penal Substitution involving the atonement. (He doesn't have much time to answer the question however.)
2016-8-01 Judging an Angry Christian: The verse that says, "You will know them by their fruits", when someone SAYS they are a Christian but is very angry & swears, how does one know if they are or not? [Matthew 7:15-20]
2016-8-01 The Rich Person in James: Who is the rich person? Who is he addressing & how serious is he being? [James 5:1-6]
2016-8-01 "Know we no man after the Flesh": When it says, “according to the flesh”, is that talking about their flesh or ours? [2 Corinthians 5:15-21]
2016-8-01 "Reconciling the World": What about "reconciling the world"? Is this talking about the people of the world or the whole world itself? [2 Corinthians 5:19]
2016-8-01 "We are Ambassadors for Christ": And a related question, is Paul saying they as apostles are "ambassadors" or we all as Christians are ambassadors? [2 Corinthians 5:20]
2016-8-01 Dealing with the Messianic Movement: The Messianic Movement people seem to contiune to hold to thevalue of the Torah, that you have to use God's correct name. Can you comment on how to combat them? [Matthew 5:17-19, Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrew 8:10]
2016-8-01 God Killing Certain Groups in the OT: Why did God choose to kill certain groups of people in the Old Testament?
2016-8-01 Tattoos a Sin: Do you believe tattoos are a sin?
2016-8-01 The Morning Star: How can the term "morning star" refer to both to Jesus & the Devil? [Revelation 2:28, Revelation 22:16, Isaiah 14:12]
2016-8-01 Laying on Hands to Receive the Holy Spirit: Laying on of hands for the Holy Spirit, why doesn’t the church practice this? [Acts 8:9-24, Hebrews 6:1-3]
2016-7-29 Judging: What kind of judging are we supposed to do & not do? [1 Corinthians 5, Romans 14, James 4, John 7:24]
2016-7-29 Generosity to People: Distribution of goods within the church, people seen to be taking advantage of the church generosity. Should there be some standards?
2016-7-29 The Four Winds: 4 winds, end times implications [Revelatoin 7:1, Matthew 24:31]
2016-7-29 Feeding the Poor: Homeless ministries/ limitations on recipients [Proverbs 21:13]
2016-7-29 Holy Spirit Living Defiled Temples: It says the Holy Spirit lives in our body, but how can He live in my body if it's all cancerous? Praying in Jesus' name
2016-7-29 Remarry Again: Living with ex-husband but hesitant to remarry.
2016-7-29 Lecture Series on Dispensationalism: Do you have any lecture series on Dispensationalism?
2016-7-29 Infidelity of Father: Father’s infidelity, allowing him to be around his grandchildren, how to treat him in the future?
2016-7-28 The Cathoilic Church, Trinity & the Bible: A Catholic caller calls to talk about the Trinity, & points out that from the same Bible people say you must believe in the Trinity but others say you don't. Caller wants to know where you go to resolve issues.
2016-7-28 Born-again Leaders trying to fulfill Prophecy: President Bush is acting relative to prophecy or fulfillment of Prophecy.
2016-7-28 Once Saved Always Saved: I believe in once saved always saved, but also believe in once saved we can also lose our salvation!
2016-7-28 End of Days: When is the end of days, end of world or 70 AD? What did the apostles think about the timing? [Daniel 12:13]
2016-7-28 Soul & Spirit: Caller makes an analogy soul & spirit comment
2016-7-28 Age for Baptism: Is 11 yrs old too young for baptism or not?
2016-7-27 Dishonoring Father Changing to Mother's Maiden Name: What does it mean to honor your parents, & what do you think about me changing my name to mother's maiden name? [Ephesians 6:1-4]
2016-7-27 Addressing Satan: Is addressing Satan Biblical? [James 4:7]
2016-7-27 Grind Him to Powder & Broken if you Fall on Stone: What does this verse mean? [Matthew 21:44]
2016-7-27 Following the Light: What will God do with those that adhere to a wrong religion, but are sincere? [John 1:9-13, John 10:16)