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2013-6-10 Adam & Eve: Why does Genesis mention only Adam in one chapter, but in another mentions both Adam & Eve, male & female? [Genesis 1, Genesis 2].
2013-6-10 Interpreting Tongues Gift: How do you know who has the gift of interpretation in your church? [1 Corinthians 14:27]
2013-6-10 Animals on the Ark: Why is it barely ever mentioned that Noah actually brought seven pairs of a lot of the animals, not just 2 by 2? [Genesis 7:1-2]
2013-6-10 Light Before the Sun: How was there was light before the Sun was created on the 4th day? [Genesis 1:3-5, Genesis 1:14-19]
2013-6-10 Special Sabbaths & Jesus' Resurrection: Caller points out about the special Sabbath besides just the regular Sabbath, which might explain the 3 days for Jesus' death & resurrection.
2013-6-10 The Race of Jews: Is there still a race of ethnic Jews today?
2013-6-10 Tower of Babel: Did skin colors begin to change when the languages did at the Tower of Babel?
2013-6-10 Eating in Eternity: Will we be eating in eternity?
2013-6-10 Sin After Jesus' Second Coming: Is there going to be the possibility of sin after Jesus comes back? [Revelation 21:4, Revelation 22:3]
2013-6-10 Jewish Race Insignificant: The ethnic race of Jews doesn't matter!
2013-6-10 Pre-Existence of the Soul: Are our souls in heaven before we come down to earth?
2013-6-06 "A Woman Shall Encompass a Man": What does Jeremiah mean-"a woman shall encompass a man"? [Jeremiah 31:22, John 16:21, Zechariah 3:9, Zechariah 14:7]
2013-6-06 "Nor the Desire of a Woman": What does it mean of the king "nor the desire of a woman"? {Daniel 11:36-37]
2013-6-06 4 Views of Revelation: Caller enjoys Steve's book, "Revelation, 4 Views".
2013-6-06 Theory of Evolution Saves Lives-Symbiotic Relationships: Caller thinks Evolution saves lives & tries to give a thesis on why.
2013-6-06 Calvinism & Pharaoh's Hard Heart: Does the fact that God that hardened Pharaoh's heart, makea good case for Calvinism? [Romans 9:14-18, Exodus 8:15, Exodus 8:32].
2013-6-06 Bible Reliability: Caller said that his pastor said that not all things that are in the Bible are true. Can Steve comment on this
2013-6-06 Getting to Jesus Through the Roof: Is the story about people coming down through the roof to get to Jesus allegorical? [Mark 2:4, Luke 5:19].
2013-6-06 Understanding Paul: How does one learn to understand the writings of Paul better? [2 Peter 3:15-16]
2013-6-06 Hell-Jehovah's Witness & their View of Annihilationism: Can you talk about "eternal torment" in hell & the Jehovah's Witness view of Annihilationism? [Matthew 7:25-26, Revelation 14:10-11, Revelation 21:8].
2013-6-05 Birth Control: When was birth control first allowed in the church? Why do about 90% of Christians get divorces and use birth control?
2013-6-05 Catholic Church Crimes & the Pope as Antichrist: Catholic caller disagrees with the way information was presented about Catholic history and the early church. [2 Thessalonians 2].
2013-6-05 Henry VIII First Divorce: Was Henry the VIII the first Christian to get a divorce & be remarried?
2013-6-05 Christian Ethics: What is the difference between the ethics of Christian & other world religion?
2013-6-05 Fulfillment of "Their" Law: Who's law is being referred to in John 18? [John 18:18-25]
2013-6-05 Mistaken Types of Christ: Is it possible that "types of Christ" are often mistakenly attributed?
2013-6-05 Practical Application of the "Kingdom of God": How do we practically apply the "Kingdom of God"?
2013-6-05 Last Supper a Day Early: Did Jesus have the Last Supper a day earlier from the regular Passover?
2013-6-05 God Choosing Israel: Why did God choose the Jews?
2013-6-05 Calvinism Makes God a Tyrant: Wouldn't God be a tyrant if Calvinism was true?
2013-5-31 Calling Someone "Fool": Could you talk about the apparent contradiction of using the word "fool" when addressing another? [Matthew 5:22, Matthew 23:19, Matthew 7:12, Matthew 5:42, Luke 6:30].
2013-5-31 Dispensationalism vs Amillennialism: As a committed Dispensationalist, could you help me present the best points for defending the amillennial view, when I am trying to present both views?
2013-5-31 Great Commission School of Steve Gregg's: Just wondering if you will have the Great Commission School this year?
2013-5-31 "Federal Headship": Could you comment on "Federal Headship" and what that really means? [I Colossians 1:13].
2013-5-31 Caller comments on the "Heart": Caller agrees that the concern of Jesus is always the heart.
2013-5-31 The "Two Swords:" Could you comment on the directive to the disciples about the "two swords' in Luke? [Luke 22:35-38, Matthew 26:52, James 5:6, Ephesians 6:17, Revelation 19:15, Isaiah 53:12, Mark 15:28].
2013-5-31 America & George Washington's Warnings: Shares some thoughts about early America, George Washington and his warnings about what happens when we disregard His ways. [John 8:31-32, Matthew 7:23, Proverbs 14:34].
2013-5-31 Social Security Benefits: What comes to mind regarding taking social security benefits?
2013-5-30 Atheist Caller: Science vs Supernatural: Atheist caller discusses why science and Christianity is at odds, and the need to continue to pursue questions of creation, etc.
2013-5-30 Evidence for the Resurrection: What is the best evidence for the resurrection of Christ? [Matthew 10:8].
2013-5-30 Looking for Jesus' Body: Was anyone actively looking for Jesus' dead body to disprove the resurrection?
2013-5-30 The "Jesus Seminar": What was the goal of the "Jesus Seminar"?
2013-5-30 Symbolism in Revelation: Caller suggest how easy it is to understand the symbolism (tanks and horsemen) of the book of Revelation.Very humorous call-See: YouTube;
2013-5-30 Accessing Steve's Radio Shows: Caller shares that has them.
2013-5-30 Mental Illness: Caller challenges the view that there may be no "mental illness.".
2013-5-30 School Shooting & Medications: Hasn't it been determined that most of the school shooters were on medication?
2013-5-30 Nimrod: Could you shed some light on the story of Nimrod-his character and his motivations? [Genesis 10:8-12].
2013-5-30 God Allowing Suffering: Could you expand on why God allows suffering and allow some bad people to live long lives, while others die so young-especially for skeptic?
2013-5-29 200 Million Horsemen in Revelation: What is the Futurist's view of the literal meaning of "200 million horsemen" in Revelation? Recommended YouTube video: "How Many Horseman?" [Revelation 16:12, Revelation 9:16-18].
2013-5-29 If There is No God: Comment about a previous unbeliever's call-if he is correct, then he is missing knowing a loving God.