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2019-10-23 Ten Commandments & New Covenant: I am convinced that because we have been grafted into the olive tree, that the ten commandments are very important for Christians to obey. [Romans 11].
2019-10-23 Bible's Authenticity: If someone believes that the Bible is just story-telling and more like mythology in nature? [2 Chronicles, 2 Kings, Genesis 1, 2:24, I John 3:12].
2019-10-23 Repentance: Is there anyone in the New Testament that could not repent, because they had gone too far? [Revelation 2, Hebrews 12:17, Acts 2:42].
2019-10-23 Ellen G White: Have you ever read any books by Ellen G White?
2019-10-23 Christian Suicide: Will a Christian who commits suicide, will they go to heaven? And if it is someone with some mental challenges? [I John 3:15].
2019-10-23 Enemy Attack: Does the enemy attack more when one changes from one religion to another? [I John 4:4, James 2:19].
2019-10-22 Hierarchy on the New Earth: Are there two levels of Christians on the new earth?
2019-10-22 Kingdom of God: Is entering the Kingdom of God the same as being saved?
2019-10-22 Sadducees, Pharisees, Levites: What is the difference between the Sadduccees and the Pharisees, and are they all part of the Levites and Priesthood?
2019-10-22 Catholics & Protestants Marrying: Is it unbiblical for a protestant to marry a Catholic?
2019-10-22 Book-Jesus is Calling: Do you think the book, "Jesus is Calling", is a good book to read as I start my Christian walk?
2019-10-22 Vasectomy: As a new believer should I reverse a vasectomy as part of my repentance?
2019-10-22 Repentance & Restitution: Does one have to go back and publicly confess and renounce sin, and make restitution for every sin of your past?
2019-10-22 Sin vs Iniquity: What is the difference between sin & iniquity? [I John 3:4]
2019-10-22 The Illuminati: Is the Illuminati a false religion? [Psalm 2:2, Isaiah 8:12].
2019-10-22 Mark of the Beast (Microchip): What do you think about the recent microchips being inserted under the skin and it's relationship to the mark of the beast in Revelation? [Revelation 13:17-18, 14:1, Deuteronomy 6:8].
2019-10-22 Witnessing to Mormons: Can you recommend how to share with a close Mormon friend, particularly in light of their resistance to using the Bible as the resource? Perhaps a good book?
2019-10-21 Church Structure-Institutionalization: Can you talk about church structure and how it had already become institutionalized by the time of Augustine?
2019-10-21 Mark of the Beast: Can you clarify the difference in verse 9 & 11 and the choice of the words "and" and "or" regarding taking the mark of the beast? [Revelation 14:9, 11].
2019-10-21 Cremation: Is cremation wrong according to the Bible?
2019-10-21 Mental Illness: Do you think that the mentally ill should not take medications?
2019-10-21 Asking Questions in the Next Life: Will we be able to ask questions in the next life? [I Corinthians 13:9].
2019-10-21 God's Anger: Did God really get angry when Moses struck the rock? And what does that tell us about what it takes to anger God? [Genesis 8:1, Numbers 20:11]
2019-10-21 Builders of the Sphinx: Who built the Sphinx, if Adam & Eve were the first people, and it is said to be older than 6,000 years?
2019-10-21 Husband & Wives for Adam & Eve's Children: Where did Adam & Eve's children get their husbands and wives?
2019-10-21 Biblical Examples of Compromised Truth: What were you saying about people taking the mark of the beast but not really apostatizing? [2 Kings 5:18, Jeremiah 38:24, I Kings 22, I Samuel 16:2].
2019-10-21 Marrying a Divorcee Equals Adultery: Can you clarify thoughts about one marrying a woman who is divorced, then commits adultery? [Matthew 5:32, 19:9, I Corinthians 7:10-15, 39].
2019-10-18 Being the Best Husband: What are the best scriptures to study to help me become the best husband I can be? [I Corinthians 13, I Peter 5, Matthew 20:25-28, Ephesians 5].
2019-10-18 Loving Others & Oneself: Is it correct to love my fiance more than I love myself.
2019-10-18 When Ongoing Forgiveness is Required: How do you forgive someone for who they are, not just what they have done, but how they continue to hurt others? [I Peter 4:19, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 4:18].
2019-10-18 Signs of the End Times: Isn't the sinful things that are happening in our culture evidence that the end times are near? [Matthew 24].
2019-10-18 The Atonement-Various Views: Can you review the various views of the atonement; Christus Victor, Penal Substitution, Ransom View? [Hebrews 2:15, Colossians 2:14, Mark 10:45, 2 Timothy 2, Acts 20, I Peter 1].
2019-10-18 Is There Just War?: Is there "just" war? Does scripture support the idea of going to war? [Matthew 5:44, 22:39, Isaiah 42].
2019-10-18 Hell: How does one deal with the verse that God made hell for the devil and his angels?
2019-10-18 Coming Trouble in Matthew 24: What is the relationship between the verses in Matthew about the coming trouble? [Matthew 24:2-34].
2019-10-17 Female Apostle-Junias: Is "Junia or Junias" mentioned in Romans 16, a female of "note among the apostles", and what would the ramifications be? [Romans 16:7, I Timothy 2:12-15, I Corinthians 11, Titus 2, Romans 16:1, 2 Corinthians 8:23].
2019-10-17 Loving Mean or Evil People: How are we supposed to love everyone, when there are so many mean, terrible, or evil people in the world? [Matthew 5:43-48].
2019-10-17 When Jesus Died, Did God Die Too? When Christ died, was creation without God for 3 days? [I Timothy 3].
2019-10-17 Eternal Security & Faith: Concerning "eternal security" - do these verses in I Peter 1:3-5 indicate that it is God who keeps us in Him, rather than us and our faith doing it? Is the inheritance now or in the future? [I Peter 1:3-5, 2 Peter 1:10, Romans 5:2, 11:16,22, Ephesians 2:8-9, I Timothy 4:1, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Matthew 25:31, Luke 8].
2019-10-17 Compliment to Steve Gregg: Caller just wants to compliment Steve Gregg for being the best Christian Bible teacher he has encountered.
2019-10-17 Marriage & Divorce: Were Luke and Mark ignorant or negligent of the exception for divorce listed in Matthew? And why did they not mention many other obvious reasons or grounds for divorce? [Luke 16:18, Matthew 5:32, 19:9, Mark 10].
2019-10-16 Halloween & Stumbling Others: If someone is stumbled by my attending a Harvest Festival in lieu of a Halloween event, is it an example of one being weaker in the faith? [Romans 14].
2019-10-16 Animal Spirits: Does scripture indicate that animals also have spirits? [I Corinthians 15].
2019-10-16 Forgiveness of a Murderer: What do you think of the current event of Amber Guyger and Botham Jean and the way his brother forgave the perpetrator?
2019-10-16 Jesus' Body in Heaven: Is Jesus body in heaven an actual flesh and bones body now?
2019-10-16 God Allows Suffering: I am struggling with the idea that God allows suffering and how He can let Satan do so much harm? Do we have right to be angry with God about this? [Matthew 10:29, Luke 21:18, Romans 8:18, John 18:11].
2019-10-16 Legalism vs Self-discipline: Can you clarify the difference between "legalism" and discipline in the faith? [Philippians 2:12].
2019-10-16 Decay of Bodies on Resurrection Day: Does scripture indicate that there would be no decay of the body of Christ? And what happened to the others that rose on Resurrection Day? [Hosea 11, Psalm 16, Acts 2, 13].
2019-10-16 Pool of Bethesda: I am confused by the idea that one could go down into the water at the Pool of Bethesda they would be healed, can you help me understand the significance [John 5:5].
2019-10-16 Suffering of One's Child: Caller shares his daughter's story of suffering and how it gave him insight.