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2019-4-26 Emanuel Swedenborg: What do you think of Swedenborg?
2019-4-26 Supernatural: What do you think about some of the supernatural events people report? (call was cut-off too short to really answer).
2019-4-25 David taking Census: Was it God or Satan that moved David to take the census? Scripture seems to contradict here [2 Samuel 24:1, 1 Chronicles 21:1]
2019-4-25 Judges: Joshua was the successor of Moses, so did Joshua have a successor? What was the role of the judge?
2019-4-25 Debates: When debating, it seems that many may not be being totally honest by often leaving out things that would not serve their points, isn't this like being a false teacher?
2019-4-25 Temple: What is the significance of the temple and the measurements [Luke 21:24, Revelation 11:2, I Thessalonians]
2019-4-25 Believing in Jesus: Is believing that Jesus is the son of God enough to be saved? What is high Christology? [Romans 10:9]
2019-4-25 Wine: Was the wine really alcoholic, or was it grape juice?
2019-4-25 Reincarnation: Edgar Cayce indicated that the Bible supports reincarnation. What are those verses? Lazarus and the Rich Man [Genesis 9:27, Luke 6].
2019-4-25 Babylon: Is the US a modern Babylon? Are there not parallels to today's American? [I Peter 5]
2019-4-25 The Tomb: Regarding the 3 days and 3 nights controversy, how do you resolve the idea of the crucifixion on Friday, and the Sunday morning resurrection?
2019-4-25 End Times: Do you believe in a future tribulation? And what about the rapture and the "Man of Sin" rising? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-10, Matthew 24:21].
2019-4-25 Going to the Prom: Should an 18 year-old-daughter be allowed to attend the prom?
2019-4-24 The First Sin: Was the first sin when Adam and Eve's ate the fruit? What about when the angels rebelled, and Satan fell?
2019-4-24 Prophecy in Zechariah: What is your take on Zechariah 13:7? Clarifying the time-markers in scripture. Jerusalem paralleled to the church and fulfillment in the 1st century. [Zechariah 12-14, 12:10, 13:7, 14:2, John 7:37f, Isaiah 28:16]
2019-4-24 Time in Genesis: Were seasons and months spoken of as if they are years in the ancient Hebrew world?
2019-4-24 Rich Young Ruler: Are these instructions for everyone? Considering individual motivations, and how possessions are viewed. [Luke 6: James, Revelation 3].
2019-4-24 All have sinned: If you love one another, does that cancel out 'all have sinned'? {Romans 3:23]
2019-4-24 Wheat & Tares: The parable seems to suggest that the tares will be taken out first, is that correct? [Matthew 13, 24, Proverbs 2]
2019-4-24 Spirits in Prison: What does this phrase "Jesus preaching to spirits in prison" tll us? [I Peter 3:19, I Peters 1:10-12, 4:6, II Peter 2:5], repentance after death? I Peter 4:7: Does this phrase “end of all time” mean the “end of the world”? [I Peter 4:7, Acts 1:7].
2019-4-24 Communion: What about a church that does not believe in taking communion?
2019-4-24 Easter: Are there pagan roots when celebrating Easter with eggs?
2019-4-24 Nimrod: Did he marry his mother?
2019-4-23 End of the World: Do we watch the destruction of the planet earth while we sit in heaven with Jesus?
2019-4-23 Day of the Lord: What does this mean, 'great & terrible day of the Lord'? Prophetic language for AD70. [Acts 2:20, Joel 2, Malachi 4, Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 34, I Thessalonians 5:2].
2019-4-23 Healing, Signs & Wonders: It seems like there are many references to Jesus healing intermittently throughout the New Testament, is there any reason for the randomness of this? [Matthew 19:2].
2019-4-23 Murder: Is it 'murder' to not do all that is possible to keep someone alive while they are in the hospital? What about someone with Alzheimer's?
2019-4-23 Prayer in faith (follow-up): What does it mean when the Bible says whatever things we ask for, we will have them? [Mark 11:24]
2019-4-23 Savior: Is God the Father my savior, or is He my Creator, & Jesus my Savior?
2019-4-23 Homosexuals practicing Monogamy: What passages make homosexuality undeniably a sin in scripture? Is it acceptable for two homosexuals to live together and not engage in homosexual activity? Would Jesus go to a homosexual wedding? [Matthew 19:4]
2019-4-23 Rebuilt Temple: How are we to understand the rebuilding of the temple described here [Ezekiel 45:22]? When was it fulfilled, or when will it be? [Ezekiel 43:10-11] Contingencies regarding the rebuilding of the temple.
2019-4-23 Abortion: Is it a sin to abort a child who has been determined to be handicapped?
2019-4-22 Assurance of salvation: Gramma was saved recently, and is in the hospital, what can I do to make sure she is saved?
2019-4-22 Homosexuality: What about a pastor who condemns Homosexuals as reprobate? [I Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:28].
2019-4-22 Temptation: What does it mean when scripture says, 'He will save us from the hour of temptation'? Being kept from the wicked one [Revelation 3:10, John 17:15, Luke 17:1} withering seed, quickly fall away [Matthew 13: 20-21, Psalms 140:4].
2019-4-22 Earth's age: How old is the planet earth?
2019-4-22 Origin of God: How did God come into existence? When did He begin? Who created God? How is God outside of time? The creation relative to the Law of Thermodynamics.
2019-4-22 Usury: What about usury in the Bible? Investing wisely? Parable of the talents [Luke 6:35, Matthew 25:14f]
2019-4-22 Signs of the end times: Are you a survivalist? Caller is concerned about numerous things he thinks points to end times; desertion of the church & so on. [Matthew 24, Ezekiel 39]
2019-4-22 Faith: In the verses that indicate that we will have all that we want and pray for as long as we have enough faith, how does this work? Understanding hyperbole. [Mark 11:22-24]
2019-4-22 Holy Spirit: Where does it say that we have the Holy Spirit if we are a believer, or are 'born again'? Is it acceptable to ask God for the Holy Spirit? [Luke 11:13, John 3:3, Romans 8:9-10, 16],
2019-4-22 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: Who is the one that doesn't forgive when the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit happens? [Matthew 12:32].
2019-4-19 Biblical use of the word "Weight": What is the meaning of the Hebrew word for glory: 'Kabodâ' as in 'weight of glory'? [2 Corinthians 4:17]?
2019-4-19 Abomination of Desolation (audio goes in & out): Which 'abomination of desolation' passage in Daniel do you think Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24? [Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:27, Daniel 12]
2019-4-19 Splinters of the Cross: Caller makes a comment about how many pieces are claimed to be part of the cross.
2019-4-19 Building the Church: Why would scripture say, 'On this rock, I will build this church', when Moses was already with the church? 'The coming of the Lord', why did they speak of it as coming soon; 'not for you to know' How does this verse fit in Romans 16? [Romans 16:20, Matthew 16:18, Acts 7:38, I Thessalonians 4:5-6, Acts 1:7],
2019-4-19 Being Human & Jesus' Arrogance: What does it mean to be human? Wouldn't Jesus have known that some of the things He said about Himself, would make others see Him as arrogant?
2019-4-19 Curiosity inquiry: Is that you wearing the jean jacket with 'One Way' on it (on Steve Gregg-The Narrow Path Facebook page)?
2019-4-19 Resurrection: What will determine a person's status or rewards in the resurrection and new earth?
2019-4-19 Gift of Prophecy: How does one assess those who declare, 'thus saith the Lord'? How does one assess the gift of prophesy in church? What kinds of scrutiny should be used? [I Corinthians 14:12;10]