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2016-6-21 Reaping what We Sew: What does "sewing what we reap" exactly mean? [Galatians 6:7-10]
2016-6-21 Hanging on a Tree: Criminals had to hang on a tree, so what is the significance of it since Jesus had to hang on a tree, being cursed? [Galatians 3:13]
2016-6-21 God Never Created: God was not created but the Creator, but how can that be?
2016-6-21 Adam Idolizing Eve: Eve said that the serpent beguiled her, & Adam said that Eve gave him & he ate, so adam did it because he idolized his wife? Watchman Nee is the one who pointed this out.
2016-6-21 Dating of the Book of Revelation: So you don't think the book of Revelation was written during Domitian's reign (95 AD)?
2016-6-21 Same or Different Temple: Is this the same temple in Revelation that is being built in Ezekiel? [Revelation 11, Ezekiel 40]
2016-6-20 Holy Spirit Coming to the Disciples Twice: The Holy Spirit came to Jesus' disciples differently, once in John when Jesus breathed on them & then in Acts they were baptized with the Holy Spirit? [John 20:22, Acts 1:5-8]
2016-6-20 God is Fire-Baptized with Fire: God is fire because of holiness, is it a good thing to be baptised with fire? [Lamentations 3:23, Matthew 3:10-12]
2016-6-20 Being Alone with God: How do you get completely alone with God & talk to Him?
2016-6-20 THe Impeccability of Jesus: Someone told me that Jesus couldn't sin because of His impeccability, but if He couldn't sin, how could the temptation have been genuine? [Hebrew 4:15, Matthew 4:1-11]
2016-6-20 Traditional View of Hell: If the Traditional View of Hell is plausible then how Jesus isn't being tortured in hell for eternity since He was paying for our sins?
2016-6-20 Problems with Audio FIles: When listening to some of your lectures, they seem to speed up & slow down. Do you know why that is?
2016-6-20 Unknown Authors of Books of the Bible: If they didn't know the author of a book of the Bible, did that impede if the book was inspired or not & added to the canon of Scripture?
2016-6-20 Holy Spirit occuping a Defiled Temple: If the Holy Spirit of God is in us, how is it that He can live in sinful man?
2016-6-20 Falling Away: What can you can tell me about that? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 6:4-6] (steve gregg doesn't have time to answer)
2016-6-17 Jesus God or Son of God: Is Jesus God & is He the Son of God?
2016-6-17 Systematic Theology: What do you think about going through a systematic theology?
2016-6-17 Irregular Colored Animals: Jacob taking the irregular colored animals, stiped, spots or speckles, is this some type of superstition prenatal influence? [Genesis 30:7]
2016-6-17 Replacement Theology-Kingdom being Restored: This can't be the church because it has never fallen down [Acts 3:21 sic (Acts 1:6 actually), Acts 15:16, Amos 9]
2016-6-17 144,000: What is the role of the 144,000 & the chosen elect?
2016-6-17 Resurrection Physical or Spiritual: Is the future resurrection going to be physical or spiritual?
2016-6-15 Anathema Maranatha: Being accursed, Anathema Maranath, does that apply to Christians who fall out of love like the churches of Revelation? [1 Corinthians 16:22]
2016-6-15 Homosexuals: It says in Romans that homosexuals/sodomites are worthy of death, so should they be lined up & shot like a pastor said once?
2016-6-15 Health Care Insurance: Don't we have to obey the laws of the land, specifically health care insurance?
2016-6-15 Born to Win Ministries: Have you ever heard of Ronald L. Dart & "Born to Win" ministries?
2016-6-15 Water & Blood in 1 John: Caller tries to give an analogy of child birth, water breaks, & a lot of blood, so maybe it's just talking about physical birth? [1 john 5:6]
2016-6-15 Israelites Returnnig even though having Unbelief: Israelites coming back to the land even though in unbelief? [Ezekiel 36:22-32]
2016-6-15 Propitiation: What does the word, "propitiation" mean?
2016-6-15 The Septuagint: Is the Septuagint available to us?
2016-6-15 Number of People God Killed in the Bible: There's an atheist website about how many people God killed in the Bible. Can you shed some light on this propaganda?
2016-6-15 Romans 9: Can you explain this passage of scripture in Romans 9? [Romans 9:15-18]
2016-6-15 James not worried about Circumcision, but other things: Why does James say not to worry about circumcision, but then was worried about other things? [Acts 15:20, 1 Corinthians 10:7]
2016-6-14 Open Theism: Can you please talk about Open Theologyope (Theism)?
2016-6-14 Spiritual Warfare & Armour: Can you please talk about spiritual warfare & spiritual armour? [Ephesians 6]
2016-6-14 Nation of Israel & the Christian Church: How do you interpret Israel in this text? Dispensationalists say there is a distinction between the church & Israel, so can it be interpreted that way? [Romans 11:26]
2016-6-14 Boy Becoming a Man: When does a boy officially become a man?
2016-6-14 Pastors' Unruly Children: What if a Pastor's child become unruly, unlawful, giving him a bad name? Does he have to step down?
2016-6-14 Women Teaching: Should Women be teaching Men?
2016-6-13 Parellels Between the Sun & Light of God: light of the sun & the light of God, sun & mooning going dark, & God leaving Jerusalem, His light leaving them.
2016-6-13 Tree of Life for Immortality: So if the only way to have immortality is to eat from the tree of life, doesn't that automatically do away with the notion of Eternal Torment in Hell?
2016-6-13 70 AD to Second Coming Transition: Is Matthew 24:35 the transition when you think it's going from talking about 70 AD to His Second coming? [Matthew 24:35]
2016-6-13 Full Preterist & Partial Preterist Ratio: What is the ratio of partial preterists to full preterists?
2016-6-13 N.T. Wright: Have you read much of N.T. Wright's work? What do you think of him?
2016-6-13 3 Part Beings: We are a tri-part being, body, soul & spirit, the only thing that gets born again is the spirit [1 Thessalonians 5:23]
2016-6-10 Whore of Babylon, Sitting on 7 Hills: Who is the whore of Babylon, the Lady sitting on 7 hills? [Revelation 17]
2016-6-10 Demons Being Fallen Angels: Are the demons of the present day the fallen angels? [Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]
2016-6-10 Ananias & Saphhira: Did Ananias & Saphhira go to heaven or to hell when they died? [Acts 5]
2016-6-10 Millennium-Literal or Symbolic: Is the Millennium literal or symbolic? [Revelation 19 & 20]
2016-6-10 Sanctification: What can you tell me about sanctification? Do you know of a good book I can read that talks about it.
2016-6-10 Sanctification: Caller comments that we are sanctified or perfected as soon as we become a Christian, & continue to grow holy from there. [Hebrews 10:14]