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2015-9-25 Animal Immortality before the Fall: Did animal & plants die before the Fall? [Genesis 1:30]
2015-9-24 Good Book recommendations Can Steve please recommend some good Christian books, as the caller has appreciated his recommendations in the past.
2015-9-24 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Situation: Caller has anxiety, worry about the new situation he has found himself in as he's about to get a divorce, it sometimes getting the best of him & wants some Scripture to lean on, or some advice listen to.
2015-9-24 Dispensationalism/Premillennialism & Historical Premillennialism: What is the difference between Dispensationalism & HISTORICAL Premillennialism?
2015-9-24 Partial preterist & Full Preterism: What are the differences between Partial Preterism & Full Preterism?
2015-9-24 Melchizedek: If Melchizedek was the pre-incarnate Jesus, & was the King/Priest of Salem, what exactly was He the King/Priest of while He was here?
2015-9-24 Replacement Theology - Supersessionism: Did Steve say he believes in Replacement Theology (Supersessionism)? What is that?
2015-9-24 KJV of the Bible: Are there errors in the KJV of the Bible?
2015-9-24 Women Preachers: What is your position on women preachers/ordination? (never gets a chance to answer this Q however)
2015-9-23 Calvinism - Predestination: So did God predestinate the king (Hezekiah) to live an extra 15 years, showing off all his valuables, my personal sins, the Flood, the demons laying w/ women, or did He just have foreknowledge of it? [2 Kings 20:1-6, Isaiah 38, Genesis 6]
2015-9-23 Jesus' 2 Natures: So WAS Jesus 100% God & 100% Man like most people think?
2015-9-23 The Deity of Christ: A person said that Jesus did NOT have to depend on His Father because of His own Deity, that He had His own power of performing miracles, healing & resurrections, while He was here on earth, is that true? Jesus was a 100% God & 100% man at the same time, but didn't rely on His Father. [John 14:10, 5:19, Matthew 12:28, Acts 1:2]
2015-9-23 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Can a Christian remarry once they are divorced?
2015-9-23 Unfulfilled Prophecy (2nd Coming): Caller wants to just understand amillennialism, preterism, & understand prophecies that haven't been fulfilled yet, especially of the second coming. [Revelation 20]
2015-9-23 Ethnicity of Jews: What was the Ethnicity of Jews, or Jesus?
2015-9-23 Blood Moons: Caller likes documentary, "The Star of Bethlehem" by a Frederick A. Larson. What does Steve think about it?
2015-9-23 The Lordship of Jesus: Since Jesus was all about healing, will He heal me?
2015-9-22 Holy Spirit Using an Individual: Could God decide to use somebody because they thought God would never use him, & wanted to prove them wrong, as it were?
2015-9-22 Nation of Israel: Does God still have a purpose for the nation of Israel being a major witness for Him in the closing days of the world? [Romans 11]
2015-9-22 Sodom: Is Ezekiel, in chapter 16, verse 49, referring to literal Sodom that had been destroyed a long time ago, or figuratively for something else in Ezekiel's time? [Ezekiel 16:49]
2015-9-22 Sodom: And then in [Ezekiel 16:53] God says He's going to restore the fortunes of Sodom (and Samiria), is He talking about the literal Sodom that was destroyed or something else?
2015-9-22 "According to the power that worketh in you": The caller loves a particular verse in Ephesians, but doesn't understand the phrase, "...according to the power that worketh in you" which is in the verse. [Ephesians 3:20]
2015-9-22 Balaam's Donkey: Does Steve think God just opened the mouth of the donkey & his OWN thoughts came out, or was it God speaking, sort've using the donkey as a ventriloquist? [Numbers 22:28]
2015-9-22 Witch of Endor & Samuel speaking to Saul: Could that be the exact same situation, not really Samuel speaking? [1 Samuel 1:15-28]
2015-9-22 Jesus' 2nd Coming: Could Jesus' second coming be imminent, could He come back VERY soon?
2015-9-22 Pope visiting the US: What does Steve think about the Pope visiting the United States?
2015-9-22 "Eat the Little Book": Is the little book in Revelation that John is asked to eat, is it the book he is dictating to him? [Revelation 10]
2015-9-22 SDAism: Caller who had called about Balaam called back to explain why he didn't want to admit he had been raised an SDA, that he just wants to learn the truth.
2015-9-21 The Cloud, The Pillar of Fire, & the Tabernacle: Can you please describe the Cloud & Pillar of Fire that led the Israelites? [Exodus 40:38, Numbers 9:15-23]
2015-9-21 Calvinism: How can someone who is God-hating & dead in their sins choose Christ?
2015-9-21 Atheists: Are most Atheists former Christians?
2015-9-21 Same-sex marriage & Homosexuality: Caller likes Steve's lectures on the biblical reasons why homosexuality & same-sex marriage are wrong.
2015-9-21 Teaching, traveling, lectures: Caller appreciates Steve's ministry, his ability to be able to teach across the country, have lectures that are the perfect length, etc.
2015-9-21 Amillennialism: Caller thinks that the reason people USED to believe in Amillennialism is because they couldn't see Revelation being fulfilled like it is 1,800 yrs later, but thinks Dispensationalism is unfolding before her eyes.
2015-9-21 Ronald Dart - Soul Sleep: What does Steve think about Soul Sleep? (Caller revealed later that Dart was part of the World Wide Church of God, not SDA)
2015-9-21 The 10 Virgins Parable: Since the Virgins all "rose" at the same time, isn't that proof that they were all believers? [1 Thessalonians 4:16, Matthew 25:1-13]
2015-9-21 Revelation being fulfilled in present time: Are we in the period of time of?, the caller would like to know. [Revelation 3:9]
2015-9-17 Zechariah Study: Did Steve finish the Zechariah study that he had been working on?
2015-9-17 Israel & the Church: Isn't Israel still God's special people?
2015-9-17 The Nation of Israel: Isn't it a miracle the nation of Israel forming into a country in 1948?
2015-9-17 Lord's Supper in the New Covenant: Where can I find out about the Lord's Supper & the New Covenant involving it? [Matthew 26:17-26, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7-22, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34]
2015-9-17 Passover & the Lord's Supper: Are the Passover & the Lord's Supper the same thing? [Matthew 26:26]
2015-9-17 John Paul Jackson: Is John Paul Jackson a good preacher to listen to?
2015-9-17 Revelation & Slaves: This is about the 3rd time this caller called to talk about Revelation & Slaves. [Revelation 22:18-19]
2015-9-17 Christianity & the LGBT community: Why are Christians so harsh to other people, including to the LGBT community?
2015-9-17 God of the OT & NT: Why did God seem so much harsh in the OT more than Jesus, also God, was in the NT?
2015-9-17 Roman Catholics & the Eucharist: How can people think they are literally eating & drinking Jesus when they participate in the Eucharist? [John 6:40-65]
2015-9-16 Jehovah's Witness & only calling God Jehovah: Why the insistence of only calling God "Jehovah", translating it as such, by the Jehovah's Witnesses?
2015-9-16 JW's & Jesus NOT being God: Just because people bowed down to Jesus does not mean that He's God, a JW claims.
2015-9-16 Blood Moons: Can Steve please talk about the Blood Moons, even though he may have already talked about them?