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2014-12-30 Suicide: What do you think are going to happen to my friends who committed suicide?
2014-12-29 Animal Sacrifice: Why did God say He didn't really want animal sacrifice in Hosea, but then lay out a detailed plan of how to do them in Leviticus? [Hosea 6:6, Leviticus 1-7]
2014-12-29 Animal Sacrifice (follow-up): Why was it even necessary to have a blood animal sacrificial system? [Matthew 20:28, 2 Corinthians 5:21, 1 Peter 2:24-25]
2014-12-29 Laborer is worth his hire: You don't ask for money, but the Bible does say the Laborer is worth his hire. [1 Timothy 5:18]
2014-12-29 Christmas Tree: The Christmas Tree is an idol!
2014-12-29 Jimmy Swaggert: Caller called to give further insight about Jimmy Swaggert, but got cut off.
2014-12-29 Hebrew & Gregorian calendar: Are we as Christians supposed to follow the Hebrew Calendar or the Gregorian calendar?
2014-12-29 Eve & Childbearing: Why would Eve know about childbirth if she hadn't had children before? [Genesis 3:16]
2014-12-29 God so loved the world: Does God no longer love the people who are outside the gate? [John 3:16]
2014-12-29 Outside the Gate Liars: When Revelation talks about people outside the gate, especially liars, doesn't that mean an eternal state?
2014-12-29 You shall surely die: What did God mean when He told Adam he would die? [Genesis 2:17]
2014-12-24 The Wind Blows Where it Wishes: Do Calvinists like this verse? What are your thoughts about this verse? [John 3:8]
2014-12-24 Broadcast Technical Difficulty Follow up: Followup to concerns about technical difficulties the show is having.
2014-12-24 Carnal Warfare & Spiritual Warfare: In Romans 7 Paul seems to say there's warfare between the Carnal Nature & the Spiritual Nature, but in Ephesians he says we aren't war with our flesh. [Romans 7, Ephesians 6:1-12, 2 Cortinthians 10 :3]
2014-12-24 The Secret Place of God: What is the Secret Place of God & how do you get into the Secret Place of God? [psalm 91]
2014-12-24 Holy Spirit in OT & NT: What is the difference between the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament & the New Testament?
2014-12-24 3 Wise Men: Why did the star lead the Magi to Jerusalem rather than straight to Bethlehem? If the star led them directly to Jesus, the slaughter of the innocents would've been avoided. What purpose could there have been in alerting the Roman government of the arrival of Israel's King?
2014-12-24 Faith for Healing: You need to believe by faith that you can be healed, Word of Faith & Pentecostal people say.
2014-12-24 Technical Difficulties: Yes, the difficulties are happening in his area too.
2014-12-24 KJV vs NKJV: In the KJV it says, "The love of money is the root of ALL evil", but in the NKJV it says, The love of money is the root of ALL SORTS of evil. Which one is correct? [1 Timothy 6:10]
2014-12-23 Equipment Problems w/ the Broadcast: There seems to be problems with your show.
2014-12-23 Modern English Version: Have you ever heard of the MEV, Modern English Version?
2014-12-23 Satan Knowing Our Thoughts: Is there anywhere in the Bible where it says Satan can't or can read our thoughts?
2014-12-23 Disposing of Bibles: What is the best way to dispose of a Bible?
2014-12-23 The Message Bible: The Message Bible seems to be heretical. Your thoughts?
2014-12-23 Word to word translation: Caller comments about using various Bible Translations of the Bible, depending on what she's doing, just a causal reading of the Bible or a deep study, but there's just the "milk" versions, & then the "meat" versions.
2014-12-23 Former Pastors: What do you think of the former pastor attending the same church he had pastored? You'd think the new Pastor would feel a lttle threatened.
2014-12-23 Pastor/Teacher: Is a Pastor considered a Teacher?
2014-12-23 Watching Action Movies: What do think about our thoughts being influenced by the movies we watch?
2014-12-23 Church History & Coptic Church: When was the Coptic Church excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church?
2014-12-23 Pastor in the Bible: The word Pastor in the Bible discussion from a previous call. [Ephesians 4:11]
2014-12-23 Pastors in the Bible: When you said the other day that there was no "Pastors" in the Bible, I remembered a verse in Ephesians. What about that one? [Ephesians 4:11]
2014-12-23 Technical Difficulties of Broadcast: Follow-up of Technical Issues.
2014-12-22 Discipleship: What about having mentors? People holding you accountable?
2014-12-22 Women Wearing men's attire: What clothes are women not supposed to wear that pertains to men's clothing? [Deuteronomy 22:5]
2014-12-22 Christmas Story (KJV only Advocate): The caller contends that the newer versions of the Bible add conditions to the verse, & reads a few examples, & wants to know which version is getting it right? [Luke 2:14]
2014-12-22 Best Version of Bible: Looking for the best version of the Bible, especially interested in the NIV. Your thoughts?
2014-12-22 In Whom I'm Well Pleased: Perhaps it was a future instance where God would be pleased w/ the people who believed in His Son later on? [Luke 2:14]
2014-12-22 Jesus' Baptism & Resurrection When Jesus received the Holy Spirit in His baptism, is that when was able to perform miracles? Did He have to have the Holy Spirit in order to perform miracles? And then after His Resurrection, He even had more power?
2014-12-22 NLT of the Bible: I personally like the NLT of the Bible. What do you think about that version?
2014-12-22 Christmas Trees: What is Jeremiah saying about Christmas Trees? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]
2014-12-22 Traditions of Man: Jesus was mad at the Pharisees for putting aside the Word of God for their traditions. {Mark 7:6-9}
2014-12-19 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Wife isn't there emotionally or physically for him, & so he just feels trapped. What should he do?
2014-12-19 Drawing back unto Perdition: It God's faith, but not our faith, so we can't lose our salvation, can't really full time fall back into perdition. What are your thoughts? [Hebrews 10:39, Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 10:17, Mark 9:24, 1 Corinthians 5:1-5]
2014-12-19 Jesus at Right of Hand of God: Since God the Father is a Spirit, & Jesus is in physical form, where is Jesus right now?
2014-12-19 People's Voice don't change: I have no idea what this caller is talking about.
2014-12-19 Dying in middle of sin: what if you die right in the middle of a sin? Are you doomed?
2014-12-19 Understanding Scripture: What does this passage of Scripture mean in Ezekiel? [Ezekiel 3:17-21
2014-12-19 Unique Questions on the Show: Do you ever still get a question on your show you've never answered anymore, that is unique, or have they all been answered before?
2014-12-19 Concerned about Deceased Wife's Salvation: Is there a chance my wife had a chance to reconcile herself with God? We found out she had been living in sin, stealing from a family.