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2020-3-16 Prophecy & End Times: When Paul described prophecy as having a certain kind of content, why do you think so many instead and exclusively relate it to end times? [I Corinthians 14:3 , Acts 11f].
2020-3-16 Women in Church: Is it acceptable for women to read scripture out loud in church? [I Corinthians 11:15, 14:34].
2020-3-16 Son of Abraham & Salvation: Why Jesus would say that salvation had come because one was a child of Abraham, when we understand salvation to be of faith? [Galatians 3:7, John 1, 8].
2020-3-16 Jezebel: Am I understanding it correctly that the correction in Revelation 2, is not about her being a woman, but what she is teaching? [I Timothy 2:12-15, Revelation 2:14-20].
2020-3-16 Concubines: Why did God allow for concubines? [Genesis 36:12, Acts 17:30].
2020-3-16 Genealogies in the Bible: Why do translators include all the genealogies in the Bible?
2020-3-16 Divorce between Two Christians: As two believers going through divorce after 30 years of marriage, can one draw comfort and counsel from the story of the prodigal son? [Luke 15:11-32].
2020-3-16 Holy Spirit Brings Unity: Is it the job of the Holy Spirit to bring us into unity?
2020-3-16 One Scriptural Interpretation Allowed: How would you assess the claim that the Holy Spirit would only allow for one interpretation of scripture, because the Holy Spirit would not allow for less than unity? [Romans. 14]
2020-3-16 Coronavirus Predicted: Do you think that things like the Corona Virus Pandemic are predicted in the Bible?
2020-3-16 Gender & False Teaching of Jezebel: Should not Jezebel's gender also have been subject to reprimand in Revelation when she was teaching false doctrine? [Revelation 2:20, I Timothy 2:12-15, Matthew 23:23, I Corinthians 7:8-9].
2020-3-13 Old Testament Ignorance of Eternal Life: Why didn't God inform those believers in the Old Testament of the concept of eternal life? [Daniel 12:2, John 6:68, Genesis 15:1, Matthew 19:16-22, Mark 9:36].
2020-3-13 Physical or Spiritual Strength: Is the Isaiah verse about "mounting up with wings like eagles" talking about physical or spiritual strength [Isaiah 40:31, Genesis 5:24].
2020-3-13 Amillennial vs Premillennial: Would you clarify how the Amillennial view would not cause fewer people to be saved? [I Peter 1:18, Galatians 1:4, Matthew 1:21].
2020-3-13 Unity School Church: What do you think about the Unity School?
2020-3-13 Coronavirus-Church Closed: What do you think about a church who closed their doors because of the Corona virus?
2020-3-13 Recall Verse about Priest: Do you remember the verse about priests you shared with me in a previous call? [Matthew 7, I John 2].
2020-3-13 Clarity from God for Guidance: Will scripture, or the Holy Spirit, always teach and lead you? Or are there times when it will be unclear? [Acts 16:6-7, Proverbs 3:6].
2020-3-13 False Teachers Today: Why do Christians not root out and expose false teachers like Rick Warren, the Pope, and Hillsong, among others, more agressively?
2020-3-13 Repentance in Hell: Doesn't the Hebrews 9 verse prove that there is no chance to repent after death? [Hebrew 9:27].
2020-3-13 LDS View-Unbroken Chain: How do you respond to the very important LDS view that one must have someone lay hands on them from an unbroken chain in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit, or baptize others?
2020-3-13 Qualifications for Church Leadership: What do you think the scriptural qualifications are for starting or leading a church? [I Timothy 3, Titus 1].
2020-3-12 Cut-off From God: Is God always be willing to welcome you back or is there a point that He will cut you off? [2 Thessalonians 2:11, Romans 1:18, Luke 23:42, Genesis 6:7, Isaiah 55:6].
2020-3-12 Stuck With an Unfaithful Husband: Am I stuck with an unfaithful husband ? [I Corinthians 7:10-15].
2020-3-12 Great Tribulation: Are we, as Christians, promised protection from the "Great Tribulation"? [Revelation 3:10, 7:14, Matthew 24:21, John 17:15, Exodus 11, Psalm 91:1-8].
2020-3-12 Third Temple: Do you believe that the third temple will be built? [Revelation 11].
2020-3-12 Christians Who Won't Talk about Jesus: What do you think about Christians who are uninterested in talking about Christ? [Matthew 10:32-33].
2020-3-12 Trinitarian Personhood of the Holy Spirit: Is there evidence in scripture for the actual personhood of the Holy Spirit, particularly in light of having no name, and that we not been directed to pray to Him? [I Corinthians 1:3, Galatians 1:1, John 14:16, Acts 6:11-13].
2020-3-11 Difference between Premillennial & Dispensational: Could you clarify the differences and relationship between Pre-millennialism and Dispensationalism?
2020-3-11 Word differences in two verses: Could you clarify the relationship & differences between these two verse in Ephesians & Psalms? [Ephesians 4:8 & Psalm 68:18].
2020-3-11 Eliphaz & Job: Could you help me understand what point Eliphaz was making in this verse in Job 4? [Job 4:17].
2020-3-11 Book of Mormon: Have you read through the entire Book of Mormon? What do you think of its overall moral teaching and trustworthiness? [John 4:2, Matthew 7:15].
2020-3-11 Serpent Seed Doctrine: What do you know about the "Serpent Seed" doctrine? [I John 3:12-15, 8:44].
2020-3-11 Zacharius & the Course of Abia: What do you know about Zacharius and the "course of Abia"? [Luke 1:15].
2020-3-11 Hillsong Music Bans: Do you think it is an over-reaction to not ban singing of Hillsong music?
2020-3-11 Kenosis Theory & the Bethel Movement: Because of my concern about the Bethel movement and Bill Johnson's teaching, I am trying to sort out the "Kenosis Theory"? [Philippians 2].
2020-3-11 Peter's Journey to Rome: Was Peter going to Rome?
2020-3-11 The Narrow Path Website: Where is the content on your website that goes into the zodiac in detail? [Genesis 1].
2020-3-11 Revelation's Two Witnesses: What is your take on the two witnesses in Revelation? [Revelation 11].
2020-3-11 Christianity Not a Religion: As an unbeliever, I find that the argument that Christianity isn't a religion, annoying, can you tell me more about how that is defended?
2020-3-11 Many Mansions: Could you talk about the "many mansions" in John? [John 14:2, 23].
2020-3-10 Prophecy-All About Jesus: When scripture says that "the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus" does that mean that all prophecy is about Jesus? [Revelation 19:10].
2020-3-10 Death Penalty: When was it made clear to thee disciples that it was no longer their job to stone people that violated law? [Romans 13].
2020-3-10 Woman Taken in Adultery: If the Jews had stoned the woman taken in adultery, wouldn't they have violated Roman Law?
2020-3-10 Lonnie Frisbee (Calvary Chapel): Did you know Lonnie Frisbee?
2020-3-10 Pre-Tribulation Rapture: If the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a false doctrine, then isn't Calvary Chapel full of false teachers? And what should we do about this?
2020-3-10 Steve Gregg & Calvary Chapel: Why did you leave Calvary Chapel?
2020-3-10 Sin that Keeps Reoccurring: How does one deal with reoccurring sin that seemingly can't be beat? How does God forgive in this situation? [Matthew 1:21, I Peter 2, Psalm 119:11].
2020-3-10 Tribulation & Rapture: Could you clarify more about the various positions on the tribulation and rapture? [I thessalonians 4:16-17].
2020-3-10 Dual Fulfillment of Prophecy: What do you think about dual fulfillment of prophecy? [Isaiah 8, Hebrews, Psalm 89:29, Matthew 24, Revelation].