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2016-1-13 The Sheep & the Goats & the Brethren: In the judgment parable of the sheep & the goats, who are the brethren? [Matthew 25:31]
2016-1-13 Requirements of the Law: What are the requirements of the law in Romans 8? [Romans 8]
2016-1-13 Walking in the Spirit: What does it mean to "walk in the Spirit"? [Romans 8]
2016-1-13 Israel Becoming a Nation in 1948: What does God think about establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948?
2016-1-13 Calvinism: Can you go over some of the key proof texts they like to use? [John 6, Romans 9, Romans 8:29-30, Romans 3]
2016-1-13 Heaven: Where is heaven & where is Jesus? If Jesus is in heaven, isn't that where we are going to be as well? She is not excited about the New Earth.
2016-1-13 The Voice of God: How do we know when we are hearing God's voice when He speaks? [John 10:27]
2016-1-12 Calling a Live Bible Program Etiquette: Steve opens the show with suggestions on how to make a call to a live Bible program.
2016-1-12 A Professional Worship Leader: Hiring a professional worship leader, is that biblical?
2016-1-12 Dispensationalism Fallout: If a premillennialist begins to see Revelation 20 in the light of the Amillennialist view more than theirs, wouldn't they have to give up all the rest of their Dispensationalist views?
2016-1-12 "Behold thy Mother": When Jesus told John to take care of His mom, Mary, why didn't He have His siblings do it? [John 19:26-27]
2016-1-12 Laid in a New Tomb: Is there any significance to Jesus being buried in a "New Tomb"? [John 19:41]
2016-1-12 Vinegar & Gall: Did this really happen like it says in Psalms of Jesus both drinking Vinegar & eating Gall? [John 19:28, Psalms 69:21]
2016-1-12 Innumerable Company (Great Multitude): Who are the Great Multitude in Revelation? [Revelation 7:9-17]
2016-1-12 Souls under the Altar: Who were the martyrs that were under the altar? Were they Slain for the Word of God? [Revelation 6, Revelation 7]
2016-1-12 Couples having sexual relations while engaged: Is it okay to have sex while you are engaged, before you are officially married?
2016-1-12 The Plagues in Egypt: What was name of the documentary you mentioned yesterday about the plagues in Egypt? [Patterns of Evidence]
2016-1-12 Benghazi-13 Hours: Steve comments on a documentary he wants to see called, "13 Hours".
2016-1-12 Associating with Gay Friends: Is it ok to be friends with gay people & visit? How does one relate with them?
2016-1-11 Eastern Orthodoxy & Transubstantiation: Caller also comments about whether they believe in transubstantiation like the Catholics do.
2016-1-11 Eastern Orthodoxy in General: Caller gives a couple more insights about the Eastern Orthodox Church in general.
2016-1-11 The Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Church & Purgatory: Caller is answering a previous call about whether the Eastern Orthodox Church believes in Purgatory like the Catholic Church does or not.
2016-1-11 God's Sovereignty: Is God intervening when He let's some people survive tragic events & others not?
2016-1-11 Evidence of the 10 Plagues in Egypt: Is there any documentaries on the evidence that the 10 plagues actually happened in Egypt? ("Patterns of Evidence: Exodus" "Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy")
2016-1-11 Heaven: What is heaven? Where is heaven? Who is going to heaven?
2016-1-11 Winning the Lottery: What would you do if won a lot of money from the lottery?
2016-1-11 God speaking to you in a Dream: How do you know if God is speaking to you through a dream or not?
2016-1-11 Jesus Preparing Mansions: Jesus says He would go build many mansions, what does that mean? [John 14:1-4]
2016-1-08 New Perspective's Course & Islam: Just wondering if you have ever heard of the new perspective's course teaching about Islam?
2016-1-08 C.S. Lewis' belief in Purgatory: What C.S. Lewis? Did he believe in Purgatory?
2016-1-08 Red Letter Edition of the Bible: Michael the Buddhist wants to know what the best translation is & especially a red letter edition of Jesus' words.
2016-1-08 The Doctrine of Purgatory: Is Catholicism the only belief system that believes in the doctrine of Purgatory? Is it another view of Hell?
2016-1-08 The Duties of the Holy Spirit: What are the responsibilities of the Holy Spirit, activities that are assigned in the New Testament? Did He ever show Himself in the Old Testament?
2016-1-08 Rap Music: What exactly makes Rap music so bad? What makes Christian music Christian?
2016-1-08 Announcement Regarding Missions: Announcements about stuff happening in Beaverton, Oregon.
2016-1-08 Listening to Archived Radio Shows: Caller says he listens to a lot of the past radio shows & then Steve comments about archived radio shows. (You can listen to them even easier now on
2016-1-08 New Perspectives Program & Islam: Caller heard a previous call about New Perspectives teaching about Islam. He doesn't know the answer but is going to look into it.
2016-1-08 Rap Music is Not Peaceful: Jesus is the Prince of peace, & caller does not think that rap is peaceful. You are not being racist because you don't like rap.
2016-1-08 People Making Excuses for Racism: Caller thinks a person can't make excuses for people who are racists & possibly the reason some don't like rap music is because they are.
2016-1-08 Messianic Judaism: Of an SDA mindset but non-denominational, a friend of the caller believes there's a new covenant in Hebrews but disagrees with Paul & other apostles.
2016-1-07 Inexperienced Callers Welcome to Call: Steve makes the announcement that he welcomes new, inexperienced callers to call the show.
2016-1-07 Understanding Greek using Lexicons: Caller wants to be able to understand the Greek language, using the different forms of tenses, using a Lexicon.
2016-1-07 God's Sovereignty & Child-bearing: What about a couple wanting children but God not allowing it?
2016-1-07 God's Sovereignty & Our Free Will: God has His sovereignty & He gave us free will, but what about Him allowing people to commit murder, allowing people to commit suicide? A person can shorten their life sooner than God was intending them to die, but they can't live longer than He wants.
2016-1-07 Literally Eating & Drinking Jesus' Body: Can you explain why we are not literally eating & drinking the literal body of Christ, why it's not correct? [john 6:53]
2016-1-07 Addictive Behavior or Living Sin: We don't have to torture ourselves, our body, in order to get out of a life of sin, do we?
2016-1-07 Taking Up Your Cross Daily: What exactly does Jesus mean to take up your cross & follow Him daily? Does that mean living a holy life? Is it talking about day-to-day activities & life, such as who you are going to marry? [Luke 9:23]
2016-1-06 Harmonizing End time Event Scripture: Are these connected in any way? [Daniel 12:10, Revelation 22:11]
2016-1-06 A verse about Steve Gregg: Caller thinks a certain verse is talking about Steve Gregg specifically. [1 Corinthian 15:10]
2016-1-06 Women Calling the Show: Caller is curious as to more women don't call Steve's show.