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2016-8-24 Steve Explains Yesterday's Technical Difficulty: Steve explains that it was Comcast's service was down the day before which was why there was so many technical difficulties.
2016-8-24 Going to Funerals of Groups of Bad Theology: What do you think about attending funerals of a person who was a Catholic or a Jehovah's Witness who don't teach all that good of theology?
2016-8-24 KJV only People: What do you think about people who only believe in the "KJV only"?
2016-8-24 Left the Adventist Faith: I've recently left the Adventist faith, wondering where to fellowship, & my husband still attends the SDA churchc, so should I just continue fellowshipping with them?
2016-8-23 God's Name: Jehovah's Witnesses thinking you have to call God by the name of Jehovah [Exodus 6:3]
2016-8-23 Satan being Bound: Was Satan bound at the cross? Binding the strong man [Revelation 20, Matthew 12:28]
2016-8-23 Sex During Menstruation: Is it okay to have sexual intercourse during menstruation because of the blood unclean like it was in the Old Testament?
2016-8-23 Unjust Steward: What is going on here in this parable? [Luke 16:1-13]
2016-8-23 Founding Pastors: Caller would like to know about "founding pastors". (technical difficulties for 2 mins on Steve's end, but able to finally connect.)
2016-8-22 David Taking the Census: Why was David disobedient in numbering the people, taking the census? [1 Chronicles 21:4, 2 Samuel 24:4]
2016-8-22 King Solomon: How long did Solomon remain good & is he saved?
2016-8-22 Hymenaeus & Alexander Given over to Satan: Hymenaeus & Alexander under church discipline? If they repented, could they get out? [1 Timothy 1:18-20, 1 Corinthians 5:5, Hebrews 10:29]
2016-8-22 Hymenaeus & Alexander Restored: Could Hymenaeus & Alexander have been restored if they had repented?
2016-8-22 Televangelists Should be Taken off the Air: Caller was offended about Steve’s comment saying that all Christian televangelists were bad & that they should be taken off the air.
2016-8-22 Satan meaning Adversary: Does Satan mean adversary?
2016-8-22 Examing Yourself When Taking Communion: WHat does Paul mean by "examining oneself" when taking communion? Is he talking about secret sin? [1 Corinthians 11;27-30]
2016-8-22 Christian Television: Caller has omplaints about Christian television & the money that is being taken from a gullible public, wasting their money.
2016-8-22 Father Living in Sin: Caller is oncerned about his daughters being around their grandfather because he's living with his girlfriend, & unbiblically left 2 previous wives, & is still presenting that he is a Christian.
2016-8-19 Jesus Dinstinguised from other Religious Leaders: Why is Jesus different from all the other leaders?
2016-8-19 Being in the Last Days: Is there anywhere in the Bible where it talks about it being the "last days"? Is there any evidence we are in the last days?
2016-8-19 Flat Earth: What is your opinion about the Flat Earth?
2016-8-19 Messianic Movement-Hebrew Roots Caller thinks obeying the Torah for the Christian is important. [Colossians 2:14-17, Acts 10, Acts 11, Mark 7:18-19, 1 Timothy 4:1-5]
2016-8-19 Evidence of Jesus' Imminent Return: Are we in the last days? What are the signs that Jesus could come at any second? (Caller was the 2nd caller who had to call back because Gregg couldn't remember his 2nd question.)
2016-8-19 "This Generation Shall not Pass Away": Baffled by this, this generation shall not pass away until these things be fulfilled. [Matthew 16:28]
2016-8-18 Taking the Bible Literally: Is it best to take the Bible literally? (In a wooden, literal sense.)
2016-8-18 T.V. Evangelists Preaching Against Abortion & Homosexuality: Don't you think if all the T.V. evangelists & all the Mega churches were to preach against abortion & homosexuality that it would revolutionize America, a spiritual revival?
2016-8-18 Abortion is not Love: Doesn't that passage of scripture trump any persons Christianity who has an abortion? [1 John 4:7-8]
2016-8-18 Groanings Which Cannot Be Uttered: What does, "groanings which can not be uttered" mean? [Romans 8:26-27]
2016-8-18 Jesus Not Praying for the World: Why did Jesus say He was not praying for the world, but yet the most well known verse says that He came to save the whole world? [John 17:9, John 3:16]
2016-8-18 Walking in the Spirit: Caller comments on Walking in the spirit from a previous show. [Romans 8:2]
2016-8-18 Baptism Regeneration: Is Baptism Regeneration a heresy & what should we do to refute it?
2016-8-18 Christians endorsing Democrat Platform: How can you both be a Christian & a Democrat? Isn't that an oxymoron?
2016-8-18 Quaified Baptizer: Who is qualified to baptize people?
2016-8-17 Law of Liberty & Law of Spirit of Life: Is the law of liberty that is mentioned in James similar what is said in Romans 8 about the law of the Spirit of life? [Romans 8:2, James 1:25] (followup to the previous show, last Q)
2016-8-17 Christian Zionists believing in 2 Covenants: Christian Zionists believe in 2 covenants? Isn't doing the animal sacrifices again a slap in the face of Jesus' sacrifice?
2016-8-17 Fear of Being Double-Minded: Caller went from Judaism, to Atheism, to accepting Jesus as his Lord, but sometimes he still has doubts & unbelief. Can Steve please make this passage of Scripture more palatable for him? [James 1:5-8]
2016-8-17 The Holocaust: The Holocaust made it so even Christians couldn't say anything negative about Jews for fear of being accused of being antisemitic, right?
2016-8-17 Baptism for the Dead: What about Baptism for the Dead like the Mormon church teaches?
2016-8-17 Faith or Works: Salvation, right relationship with God, saved by faith or works? obedience? repentance [Eph 2:8-10, James 2:14-26]
2016-8-16 Waiting & Waiting in a very Difficult Marriage: Caller is wondering not sure what he should do in his bad marriage as he's been waiting for a very long time. Should he get a divorce or not? Get officially separated? Not get divorced at all?
2016-8-16 Divorced Pastor Starting a New Church: Divorced man started a church after an affair with a woman, but not having much to say about his adultery, but should the caller continue going even though he is sort've living in sin?
2016-8-16 Cancer Prayer Request: Requests prayer for cancer.
2016-8-16 Jews Rebellion Opening the Door for Gentiles: How did the Jews' rebellion open the door for the salvation of Gentiles to come in? [Romans 11:13-15]
2016-8-16 Be as though you have no Wife: Caller is wondering what Paul meant by "...that both they that have wives be as though they had none"? [1 Corinthian 7:29]
2016-8-16 Freemasonry: What can you tell me about Freemasonry?
2016-8-16 Double Fulfillment for Dispensationalists: Dispensationalists rely heavily on double fulfillment. Can Steve comment on that?
2016-8-16 Law of the Spirit of Life: What does the "law of the Spirit of life" mean? Are there any synomyms to that phrase, like law of liberty? [Romans 8:2]
2016-8-15 Couple Hating each other: How can God possibly expect you to stay together if you don't love each other anymore?
2016-8-15 Marriage a Lifelong committment: A lifelong committment is what marriage is about, & divorces are just like fast-food express, getitng one anytime they want nowadays, Michael the Buddhist want to chime in regarding the first call.
2016-8-15 Name Blotted Out of Book of Life: Is it true everyone's name is in the book of life & is simultaneously blotted out if we don't accept Christ?