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2022-5-13 Three Days & Three Nights: Caller shares his idea about how to calculate the "3 days and 3 nights.
2022-5-13 Repeating the Same Sins & Salvation: Is there a chance that people who keep falling into the same sins (say once a month), are not really saved? [Galatians 5:17, James 3:2, John 8:31-32, Mtathew 7:21-26, I John 3:9].
2022-5-13 The Narrow Path Website: Caller talks about "The Narrow Path" & the "Matthew713" websites.
2022-5-13 Must You Be "Born Again"?: Do you agree with R.C. Sproul that in order to be a Christian, you must be "born again?" [Acts 11:26].
2022-5-13 "Latter Years" in Ezekiel: Does the "latter years" referred to in Ezekiel mean after the resurrection and in the end times? [Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 2:1-4].
2022-5-13 Ezekiel's Prophecy: Doesn't the prophecy about a city named "Hamonah" that hasn't yet existed, make Ezekiel's prophecy necessarily about the future? [Ezekiel 39:16].
2022-5-13 Cannabis (Marijuana): Is it a sin for a Christian to consume cannabis (marijuana) with or without a medical condition? [Proverbs 4:23].
2022-5-12 Holy Spirit in Eternity: Where is the Holy Spirit in eternity? [Revelation 21:22-23, Revelation 19:10, John 14:16].
2022-5-12 God Creates Evil: Could you help me understand scripture that indicates that God creates evil? [Isaiah 45:7, John 1:3].
2022-5-12 Exorcisms by Catholic Priests: Why are most the the exorcisms performed by Catholic priests?
2022-5-12 Stigmata: What is your opinion of the "stigmata"? [Galatians 6:17, 2 Corinthians 11:25].
2022-5-12 Labor or Childbirth: Is the word "labor" here, referring to work, or the pain of "childbirth"? [Galatians 4:19].
2022-5-12 New Believers or Apostate? Do you think Paul is talking to potentially new believers or just those that need to be brought back to Christ? [Galatians 4:19, Galatians 5:4, 2 Corinthians 3:18].
2022-5-12 Pruning, Correction & Punishment: Regarding the Greek word, "colossi", could you clarify its meaning (pruning, correction, punishment) in Matthew 25? [Matthew 25:46, Matthew 10:29].
2022-5-12 Doing the Will of the Father: What should I study to help me understand obedience to God, rather than ignorantly following an institution? And how to help others not fall to that? [Genesis 20:3, Luke 12:47f, James 3:1, I Timothy 1:13].
2022-5-12 Putin as Rosh: Do you think that Putin is the Prince of Rosh? [Ezekiel 38:2].
2022-5-12 ALterante Names for the Same Person: Why is "Noah", called "Noe", "Judah", called "Judas", and "Jeremiah", called "Jeremy" in scripture? [Matthew 27:9].
2022-5-12 Where Two or Three Are: Doesn't the verse say, "where there are two or more", rather than "two or three"? [Matthew 18:20].
2022-5-12 Pentecostals & the Glory Cloud: What do you know about the Oneness pentecostals and the "Glory Cloud"? {John 14, John 14:23].
2022-5-11 Doing the Will of the Father: When we are directed to do "the will of the Father", what is that? Is it one thing, or several? [Matthew 7:21-23].
2022-5-11 Sheep & the Goats & Hell: Is the judging of the "Sheep and the Goats" support for the "Eternal Torment" view of Hell? [Matthew 25:31-46].
2022-5-11 Sheep & the Goats-Individual or Nations: When Jesus separates the sheep and the goats-who is He judging-individuals or nations? [Matthew 25:31-46, Matthew 12:50, Matthew 28:19, Deuteronomy 1:17].
2022-5-11 The Length of Time in a Generation: Is there anything in scripture that clarifies what length of time is meant by "generation"? [Matthew 24:32-34, Luke 21].
2022-5-11 "I Never Knew You": Caller shares her thoughts on the scripture "I never knew you."
2022-5-11 3 Days & 3 Nights: Caller shares her view of the "3 Days & 3 Nights" prediction in the tomb.
2022-5-11 Satan's Origins: What other divine character could Satan be, if he was not a fallen angel? [2 Corinthians 11:14-15, Ezekiel 28:12f].
2022-5-11 Ruth & Boaz: Could you talk about how could Boaz marry Ruth if she was a Moabite-particularly in relation to the cult, "Israel Only"? [Deuteronomy 23, Galatians 4:28-31, Galatians 5:4,John 8:39, Matthew 3:9, Romans 4:16].
2022-5-11 Eliakim & Catholicism: Could you talk about the idea that support for Catholicism is the story of Eliakim? [Revelation 3:7, Isaiah 22, Matthew 16].
2022-5-11 Origins of Satan: Could you clarify what you said about the origins of Satan? Are you saying that God created a morally bad being?
2022-5-11 Cursing of the Fig Tree: Incomplete comment on the cursing of the Fig Tree:
2022-5-10 Memorizing Scripture: Should we not be memorizing scripture to help us ovecome disobedience and sin? [John 8:31, Psalm 119:9-11].
2022-5-10 Psalms Direct Obedience: Are these verses about wanting to live a holy and hiding the word in one's heart, prescriptive, or only descriptive? [Psalm 119:9-11].
2022-5-10 Prophesying to Dry Bones: Could you talk about the prophesying to the dry bones in Ezekiel and what it actually means? [Ezekiel 37:3-13, Genesis 1, Psalm 33:6, Psalm 33:9].
2022-5-10 "Separation of Church and State": What does "separation of church and state" actually mean?
2022-5-10 Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science): What do you know about Mary Baker Eddy?
2022-5-10 Satan as a Tester: Didn't you say that Satan was created as a tempter?
2022-5-10 Satan Hates Christians: Does Satan hate Christians? [John 8:44, Job 1-2].
2022-5-10 Satan Thrown into the Lake of Fire: If Satan was created to be a tester, then why would God throw Him in the Lake of Fire? Would this be against the character of God? Revelation 20:15].
2022-5-10 Satan Was an Angel: Caller disagrees with Steve about Satan and his origins. [Revelation 12:7].
2022-5-10 Decrees, Court of Heaven & Divine Council: Could you comment on the "Court of Heaven" and "Divine Councils" and the Christian being able to make "decrees"? [Psalm 82:1, Psalm 82:6, I Kings 22:19, Luke 17:6, Romans 4:17].
2022-5-10 Atheists & the Moral Codes: Atheist Caller comments on what said about atheists not really having a moral code.
2022-5-10 Moral Code in Other Religions: Atheist call asks, What about other religions that offer a moral code that are not Christian?
2022-5-09 Amillennialism vs Postmillennialism: What verses keeps you from being a full post-millennialist? [Revelation 20:3].
2022-5-09 Compliment to Steve and The Narrow Path Website: Caller compliments Steve, and The Narrow Path website, for helping him to learn how to think about scripture after he came out of a cult.
2022-5-09 New Heavens & Earth vs New Covenant: Do you see the "new heavens and earth" as coming in the future, or representative of the New Covenant? [Revelation 21:1-4, Revelation 21:11, Revelation 20:11, 2 Peter 3:10-13, Hebrews 6:5, Roman 8:21].
2022-5-09 Eternal Security: Do you think that we can walk away from the Lord if we choose to do so?
2022-5-09 NIV (New International Version) Translation: What do you think of the NIV (New International Version) translation of the Bible?
2022-5-09 Baptism-Without Water: What if someone is in the desert and has no water in which to be immersed for baptism?
2022-5-09 Baptism's Origins: Where did baptism come from?
2022-5-09 The Oddfellows: Do you know anything about the Oddfellows?