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2015-8-07 Adultery (fornication) & 10 Commandments: Anything outside of marriage is adultery, but caller means to say fornication, but she thinks obeying the 10 commandents would solve the problem.
2015-8-07 Taking up Swords: Caller wants to chime in about taking up swords, causing division in the Human race to follow Him, some people would obey Him, some would not.
2015-8-06 Equality w/ God - Trinity: (followup from day before) "Isn't Equality w/ God talking about the Trinity? Steve never mentioned about the Trinity, she says.
2015-8-06 Sprinkling for Baptism: Where did this idea of Sprinkling for Baptism originate? [Ezekiel 36:25, Joel 2:29-29]
2015-8-06 Parable of the 10 Virgins: Can Steve please explain the 10 Virgins Parable & how do we determine if we are the 5 foolish ones or the 5 wise ones?
2015-8-06 Parables of Jesus: Are the Parables that Jesus shares a result of true, real stories?
2015-8-06 Gospel of John: Who wrote the Gospel of John?
2015-8-06 Lazarus: Did Lazarus possibly write the book? Was he an apostle?
2015-8-06 Jack Gregg: Are you related to a Jack Gregg who I worked for for 20 years?
2015-8-06 Jesus Becoming Aware of who He was: When did Jesus become aware that He was the Son of God?
2015-8-06 Jesus Returning: When Jesus comes back is He going to be in a flesh, physical body & is EVERYONE going to see Him, including the wicked? (Acts 1:9-11)
2015-8-06 4 Headed Beasts in Revelation: Is this talking about the way the Levitical Priests went through the desert, & so Revelation 5 having something to do w/ that? [Revelation 5]
2015-8-06 Transformed into Christ: What is the purpose of going through process of the trials & tribulations in order to be transformed? Why can't we just skip it all & be in the image of Christ immediately? [Romans 8:29, 12:1-2, Hebrews 2:10]
2015-8-05 God forgets our Sin: God forgets our sins, it says in the Old Testament, the Sea of Forgetfulness, but it also says every idle word will be held against us? [Micah 7:9, Matthew 12:36]
2015-8-05 Loving Your Enemies: God was pretty severe w/ His own people, let alone His own enemies, but how do we reconcile the way He is in the New Testament?
2015-8-05 One Resurrection For All: How do Dispensationalists get the idea that there's going to be 2 resurrections, separated by 1,000 years? [John 5:28-29]
2015-8-05 "Equality w/ God": Caller is having a hard time w/ the phrase, "Who did not think equality w/ God a thing to be grasped", & would like Steve's thoughts if he could grasp what it means. [Philippians 2:1-11]
2015-8-05 Demon-Possession Lectures: What happened to your Demon-possession Lectures?
2015-8-05 Shaking the Heavens & the Earth: Is there a fulfillment that was fulfilled during Haggai's Day or just the institution of the New Covenant? [Haggai 2:6, Hebrews 12:26]
2015-8-05 Jesus Being a Racist: Caller was reading an article saying that Jesus was a racist because He used a racial slur. [Mark 7:27-28, Matthew 15:26-27]
2015-8-04 Laughter is Medicine: Is there any verse in the Bible about Laughter being good for the soul? [Proverbs 17:2]
2015-8-04 The Date During Noah's Flood: Could they keep track of the years back then? Do we know the date way back then?
2015-8-04 Tabernacle: Caller would like to know about the Tabernacle.
2015-8-04 Catholics & the Apocrypha: Are the Romans Catholics the ONLY church that use the Apocrypha?
2015-8-04 Marriage Advice: Why is it best NOT to get a divorce despite infidelity, the caller would like Steve to explain. [Malachi 2:16]
2015-8-04 Day of the Lord: Are we to take 1 Peter 3 literally or apocalyptically? Was it talking about 70 AD or the end times? {1 Peter 3]
2015-8-04 Pope's Visit: What does Steve think about the Pope's Visit & addressing the US Congress? Isn't prophecy fulfilling itself in Revelation 13?
2015-8-04 Martin Luther: Why was Martin Luther Anti-Semitic, going against both the Jews & the Peasants?
2015-8-03 Absent from the Body, Present w/ the Lord: What kind of body do we have in Heaven? So we're naked there? [Philippians 1:21-23]
2015-8-03 Defending Yourself w/ Firearms: What does the Bible say about defending yourself w/ guns?
2015-8-03 Meekness: What does being meek mean? [Matthew 5:5]
2015-8-03 God Made the Heaven & the Earth: Call not a very good call. Maybe somebody else can make heads or tails out of it!
2015-8-03 Forgiveness: How would you know you actually completely forgave someone? Does the offender have to acknowledge the offense, & would they have to offer an apology?
2015-8-03 World is in Turmoil: We are at the end because the world because there's so much chaos, the world is dying.
2015-7-30 Playing it Safe as Missionaries: Should some people who are about to go on a missionary trip to a closed Muslim country play it safe or go boldly as some of the apostles seemed to do? [Matthew 10:16]
2015-7-30 Elihu & Job: Does Steve have any idea who Elihu was, & he didn't seem to have anything different to say than Job's friends, so how did HE get a pass?
2015-7-30 Heaven or Planet Earth On Side of Glory: Misphrased his Question: Do you go to heaven or live on the earth in eternity?
2015-7-30 Soul Sleep: Do we go to Heaven or stay here when we die? He's having trouble finding any place in the Bible that we go there. [Philippians 1:21-23]
2015-7-30 Lazarus: Wouldn't that have been cruel of Jesus to bring Lazarus out of Paradise to come back to this cold, cruel world?
2015-7-30 Suffering: Why does God allow so much suffering in the world? Jesus suffered more than anyone will suffer, the caller told his friend. Was he right in saying what he said & could have Jesus turned off His nerve endings, & would that have unqualified Him from suffering for us?
2015-7-30 One Jot or Tittle: Not one jot or one tittle would change, Jesus said, that He only fulfilled the law. What does Steve say? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2015-7-30 The Mosaic Law & Jesus: Did Jesus follow the Mosaic Law to the letter? [Galatians 4:4]
2015-7-30 Dying on the Cross: If Jesus hadn't voluntarily died on the Cross, would He have lived forever? [John 10:17-18]
2015-7-30 The Miracle of the Cross: The Miracle of the Cross was that He was humble enough to come & die for us.
2015-7-30 Creating a New Earth & Corrupted after the Tribulation: If Christ comes back, & it's all messed up, what's the point in coming here? & if He revises it, why a New Earth? (questions are a little convoluted)
2015-7-30 God Hates People: God hates SIN, so why can't He also hate people? [Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:13]
2015-7-29 Homosexual Temptation: A friend of the listener struggles w/ same-sex attraction. Can he still be a Christian despite this?
2015-7-29 Listening to the Holy Spirit: How come Steve doesn't listen to the Holy Spirit as to when to end a conversation w/ a caller?
2015-7-29 Referring to the Holy Sprit: How come he doesn't refer to Him when people call w/ their problems, or what Bible to use, or what church to go to?
2015-7-29 Earth/Land Confusion: Not sure what he's asking. [Genesis 32:30]