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2013-12-24 Criticizing Heathen for doing Heathen things: Is it wrong for a Christian to criticize heathen for doing heathen practices when the Christian practices the some of the same heathen things? [Colossians 2:8]
2013-12-24 4 Temperments: Are people born with 1 of the 4 temperments that Tim LaHaye prescribed to back in the 70s?
2013-12-24 Having a Destiny: Do you think everyone has a destiny?
2013-12-24 Total Depravity: So if i believed in "total depravity", do i have to believe the other 4 points of Calvinism, is that true?
2013-12-24 Buddhist Principle of "Mindfulness": Are you familiar with the Buddhist Principile of "Mindfulness"? (and then a lengthy discussion about the principle insues.)
2013-12-23 Satan Knowing Our Thoughts: Can Satan read mind?
2013-12-23 "He which hath begun a Good Work": Once you submit yourself to God, He'll perform & do things in you that can only be attributed to God. [Philippians 1:6]
2013-12-23 Sovereingty of God & Providences/Coincidences: Once we are under the sovereignty of God, there is no such thing as coincidences, are there?
2013-12-23 Working Throught the Holy Spirit: Sometimes God can make you turn on the radio at times to hear a perfect song that really hits you at the time because of stuff you are going through.
2013-12-23 Christmas from Pagan Roots: Are we supposed to celebrate Christmas since it's of Pagan origins?
2013-12-23 Satan making people misunderstand you: It is possible that satan or demons can make something says someone says be completely misinterpreted by his/their trickery? [1 Corinthians 2:11]
2013-12-23 The Mentally Ill: Is God going to treat the mentally ill like He will with children who can't really grasp the true meaning of the gospel?
2013-12-23 Church Discipline: Can you talk a little bit about "church discipline" please? [Matthew 18:15-20]
2013-12-23 Mandatory Baptism: Are we required to be baptized?
2013-12-23 Oneness Pentecostal & Trinity: Can you say how the Trinity came into being in the Christian church? Is Steve a Trinitarian?
2013-12-23 Speaking in Tongues: We'll be Speaking in Tongues, won't we, if we are really baptized in the Holy Spirit? [John 3:5]
2013-12-23 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Having the Holy Spirit is not just having to speaking in tongues.
2013-12-23 Dealing with Caller who Disagree: Caller loves how Steve deals with callers who disagree with him.
2013-12-23 Going from Sound Doctrine to Error: What if i had a person who guided me in the Christian faith who is now herself going off in left field with the Hebrew Roots stuff? Should i pray for her or confront her about it?
2013-12-19 Hebrew Roots: Can you talk a little bit about the Hebrews Roots/Messianic Jews?
2013-12-19 The Prophets & Law until Hohn the Baptist: What this verse is saying about the prophets & the law prophesying until John the Baptist came? [Matthew 11:13]
2013-12-19 Biblical Standard for School Staff: Should the same standard that is applied to being elders be applied to staff at a private, Christian school?
2013-12-19 Finding Archived Calls after the Broadcast: Is there a way i can listen to my call once the show is over? (At the time, there was no site, but now there is a very easy way to find a specific call!)
2013-12-19 Principal & Wife Getting a Divorce: What about the Principal of the school & his wife getting a divorce?
2013-12-19 Exposing Works of Darkness: How do we expose the works of darkness? [Ephesians 5:11]
2013-12-19 Going Towards the Light: Michael the Buddhist chimes in about being exposed by the light from the previous caller.
2013-12-19 Hebrew Roots Movement & the Law being a Tutor: What did the Law as the Tutor teach us? [Galatians 4:1-5, Galatians 3:21-25]
2013-12-19 Indignation towards Israel: Why did God's wrath come upon Israel? [2 Kings 3:27, Amos 2:1]
2013-12-18 Faith & Works Inseparable: Catholic caller is glad to hear Steve say that faith & works are inseparable. Even the thief on the cross was able to perform some good works while he was dying on the cross with Jesus. [James 2:14-26, Romans 2:6]
2013-12-18 Original Sin: What can you tell me about original sin? Isn't that why infants need baptisms? [Romans 5:12-21]
2013-12-18 Catholic Believers: Are Catholic believers still a believer after they repent even though they still remain a Catholic?
2013-12-18 New World Order: Are we headed to a New World Order with the anti-Christ as the leader?
2013-12-18 Hank Hanagraaff: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff? Is he a reliable teacher?
2013-12-18 Steve Gregg a Reliable Teacher: Is Steve Gregg a reliable teacher? Caller used to disagree with a lot of what Steve said, but what to go see if what he says was true, & found out that it was! [Acts 17:11]
2013-12-18 Birth Control: Is it okay to use birth control?
2013-12-18 God knowing People won't become saved: Does God know some people are going to be born who never knew about Him?
2013-12-18 God's Will Being Changed by our Prayers: Do our prayers really change the way God will act sometimes? [James 4:2]
2013-12-18 Homosexuality & Pork: How come homosexuality is still forbidden like it was in the Old Testament, but eating pork is no longer forbidden? Since one is allowed shouldn't the other be permissible as well?
2013-12-17 Watering Down Hell: You seem to be watering down the importance of hell, & if it wasn't to be avoided, why did Jesus have to die on the cross? The listener thinks it sounds pretty serious to him.
2013-12-17 United Methodist Church & Homosexuality: Caller wanted to put a challenge to the United Methodist Church against homosexuality who seem to be embracing it.
2013-12-17 Every Knee Shall Bow: Is Paul is predicting that everyone is going to bow & admit that Jesus is Lord? [Philippians 2:11-12, Romans 14:11]
2013-12-17 Universalism: So do you think everyone is actually going to end of worshipping God?
2013-12-17 Charimastic Baptist Church: Is there such a thing as a Charismatic Baptist Church?
2013-12-17 Persecution of Old Testament Characters or Christians: Is Hebrews 11 talking about persecution of Chrstians or is it talking about Old Testament characters? [Hebrews 11]
2013-12-17 Churches that are Aposatizing: So in follow up to a previous caller, what are we supposed to do about churches that are embracing sin? [Revelation 3:16]
2013-12-17 Coarse Jesting: Can you talk about what coarse jesting is? [Ephesians 5:3-4]
2013-12-17 Division & Unity in the Body of Christ: How do we avoid dividing of doctrinal differences & having unity, but standing up for the true gospel?
2013-12-16 Free from the Mosaic Law: What verses would you use to debunk Judaizers that we need to keep the Law? [Galatians]
2013-12-16 Lectures refuting Messianic Jews/Hebrew Roots People: Do you have any lectures telling judaizers, Messianic Jews or Hebrews Roots people why they don't need to keep the Mosaic Law? (Steve didn't have any lectures at the time of this call, but he has plenty of lectures now on this subject! Especially on the Hebrew Roots Movement.)
2013-12-16 Paul's Authority: What Scriptures are there to prove that Paul had the genuine authority of an apoostle because i notice that Judaizers like to ignore his writings! [2 Peter 3:15-16]