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2021-1-07 Carrying One's Cross: How far does one carry the cross, say in the event we need to defend our country? [Luke 14:27, Matthew 16:24].
2021-1-07 Hate Our Mother & Father, Wife & Children: What does Jesus mean when He says we must hate our father and our mother, wife and children? [Luke 14:26-27, Luke 14:33, Malachi 1:3, Matthew 6:23, Genesis 29:30-31].
2021-1-06 God's Sovereignty Putting Those in Power in Governments: Since it is God who puts people in power, can you comment on the current controversy with the election? [Hosea 8:4, Daniel 2:21, Revelation 13, John 12:31, Psalm 115:16, Hebrews 13:17, James 3:1, Romans 13].
2021-1-06 Biblical Fables and Sayings: Are familiar fables and sayings such as, "The Tortoise & the Hare", and "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" have a biblical basis?
2021-1-06 Christians After the Rapture: If all the Christians will be raptured, from where do all the Christians come that are refusing the chip ?
2021-1-06 Microchips: What is the logic behind the idea of microchips being place in Christians?
2021-1-06 Noah's Awareness of the Americas: Did Noah know about the Americas?
2021-1-06 The Identity Gospel: What is your view on Dan Mohler, and others, like Dallas Willard, that teach on "the identity gospel"? [I John 1].
2021-1-06 Zionism's Control & Power: Caller comments on the Zionist movement and its influence and power.
2021-1-06 Revelation-Four Views: Caller remarks that Steve's book on Revelation has now caused him to rethink his comfortable position.
2021-1-06 The Pre-incarnate Christ: Could you comment on the pre-incarnate Son? [I Corinthians 13:12, John 3:16, Philippians 2, I John 1:,1, Isaiah 9:6, Acts 13:33, Psalm 2:7, Luke 1:34-35].
2021-1-05 Book Recommendations: Caller recommeds Steve's books on "The Kingdom of Go"; Bk 1, "There is Another King" & Bk 2 "All the Kings Men" and "Live Not by Lies", Rod Dreher. [Acts 17:36, Matthew 24:14].
2021-1-05 The Tongue on Fire by Gehenna: How is the tongue set on fire by Gehenna? [James 3:6, Matthew 5:22].
2021-1-05 The Gospel Preached: Could you clarify if someone who is presenting the gospel with a good heart, even if they are mistaken about some of their doctrine and their understanding of the gospel, still produce good fruit?
2021-1-05 Yahweh, Instead of God: Why don't we used the correct word for God, "Yahweh" (YHWH), instead of "God"?
2021-1-05 To Live is Christ: Could you make sense of Paul's statement, "to live is Christ, but to die is gain"? [Philippians 1:21, Colossians 3:4]. (Same caller as 6th caller.)
2021-1-05 The Little Horn: Can you identify who "the little horn" is in Daniel? [Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Daniel 9].
2021-1-05 Visions in Daniel: What is the best argument against the idea of the vision in Daniel 2 & 7 is about the end times? [Daniel 2, Daniel 7].
2021-1-05 Judging by Appearances: Does one's dress, language, music preferences, etc. change when one is saved, and how does it related to judging by one's appearances? [John 7:24, Romans 12:2]. (Same caller as 3rd caller.)
2021-1-05 Resurrection in the Old Testament: Are these Old Testament verses referring to the resurrection? [Job 19:25-27, Isaiah 26:19].
2021-1-04 Distinction Between 70 A.D. and the Second Coming: Could you help me sort out what verses refer to when the destruction of the temple and what refers to the second coming of Christ? [Matthew 24:25, Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33-36].
2021-1-04 Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast: Do you think that the vaccine, since not taking it could prevent buying and selling, could be the mark of the beast?
2021-1-04 Old Testament View of Afterlife: Could you clarify why Bart Erhman puts forward the idea that Old Testament Jews did not embrace an idea of an afterlife? [Psalm 49:15, Daniel 12:2].
2021-1-04 Prayer for Salvation: How does one have to do it, to be saved? Some say it isn't by a prayer, but by abiding in Christ.
2021-1-04 Pronunciation of the Name, Jesus: Some say that the accurate pronunciation of Jesus' name is important.
2021-1-04 Ezekiel's Temple: What is Ezekiel's Temple?
2021-1-04 Jesus' Return on a Jewish Fall Feast Day: What do you think about the idea of Jesus' return must be fall on a Jewish fall feast days?
2021-1-04 Pronunciation of Jesus' Name: Caller comments on the pronunciation of Jesus' name.
2021-1-04 Renouncing One's Sin: Does one need to verbally renounce their mistakes and sins for us to be free from them?
2021-1-04 Bob Kirkland's book: Are you familiar with Bob Kirkland's book on Calvinism, "None Dare Call it Heresy"
2021-1-04 Jewish Temple, 1st or 3rd: Why would modern Jews think of the 3rd Temple being rebuilt one day, when it would actually be their 1st temple, since they only adhere to the Pentateuch, which doesn't even talk about the first temple?
2020-12-31 666 & Allah: Are you familiar with the idea that the 666 refers to Allah?
2020-12-31 Holy Spirit Depart after Jesus' Return: When Jesus comes back, will we lose the Holy Spirit?
2020-12-31 Jesus Departs for The Holy Spirit to Come: Why did Jesus have to leave for the Holy Spirit have to come?
2020-12-31 Being Overweight & Our Witness: Is my being overweight a bad witness as I attempt to teach and witness?
2020-12-31 Forgiveness Toward Others & From God: Could you clarify if these two verses in Matthew & Ephesians about forgiveness mean the same thing, or are they different in meaning? [Matthew 6:14-15, Ephesians 4:32, James 3:2, I John 1:9, I John 2:2, Matthew 18].
2020-12-31 Eastern & Coptic Churches View of Eternal Torment in Hell: Where does the Coptic or Eastern churches stand on the issue of eternal torment view of hell?
2020-12-31 Christian Evangelism's Poor Record: Isn't it a poor track record that only 30% of the world population are Christians, when it has been 2000 years?
2020-12-31 Non-Christian Concern About Lack of Good Examples in Christians: From a non-Christian point of view, why doesn't the Holy Spirit move in Christian to evangelize others, and live as a better example?
2020-12-31 Visible Angels Flying Around: What do you think about someone who claims they are seeing angels flying around?
2020-12-31 Full Preterists Don't Believe in Jesus Return: Do some preterists believe that Jesus will not be coming back?
2020-12-30 God's Activity before Creation: What was God up to before He created this universe?
2020-12-30 Tozer's Refection on God and "I Am": Can you talk about Tozer's reflection upon, "I am" and going "into" our God, rather than out to God? [Romans 8:16].
2020-12-30 The Christmas Star: Do you think that the Christmas Star was a supernatural phenomena? [Micah 5:2, Matthew 2:1-2].
2020-12-30 The Cross of Jesus: Was the cross actually a X rather than the traditional vertical cross?
2020-12-30 Being Called to Missions: How does one get called to be a missionary? Is a missionary the same as being an elder?
2020-12-30 Evangelizing My Co-workers: How do I go about evangelizing my co-workers?
2020-12-30 Coronavirus (COVID) Vaccine: What are your thoughts about the new vaccine for the Coronavirus?
2020-12-30 Heaven & its Location: What is heaven, and where is heaven-particularly after the resurrection? [Revelation 22:3, Psalm 115:16, I Thessalonians 4:14].
2020-12-30 The Difficulty of Knowing God: Why does God make it so difficult to get to know Him, if the whole reason we were created was to have a relationship with Him (Rec lectures: Genuinely Following Jesus, How can I Know I am Really Saved?)?