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2020-7-02 Encouragement to Wear Masks: Comment encouraging people to wear masks. [Philippinas 2:3].
2020-7-01 Ten Commandments: Have you thought about the fact that the Ten Commandments were established before the Law of Moses? [Exodus 20, John 1, Hebrews 4].
2020-7-01 Isaac & Ishmael: Doesn't this scripture indicate that there was on going animosity between Isaac and Ishmael (Jews & Arabs)? [Galatians 4:28-31].
2020-7-01 Jesus Not Trusting Men: What is Jesus saying about not committing Himself to men? Is this about trusting humanity? [John 2:24-25, Jeremiah 17:5, John 6:66].
2020-7-01 Institutional Racism & Social Justice: Regarding institutional racism and social justice, caller recommends a video on YouTube to see alternate views.
2020-7-01 Heaven, Many Mansions & the Holy City: Is the verse about "many mansions" referring to the same thing as the "holy city" in Revelation 21:2 [John 14:2, Revelation 21:2, I Corinthians 3:16, I Peter 2:5, Ephesians 2:19-21].].
2020-7-01 Many Mansions & Heaven: Is the verse about the many mansions talking about heaven? [John 14:2].
2020-7-01 Jews Hearing-"the Only Way": What do you think any rabbi would have thought when hearing Jesus say that He was "the only way"? [John 14:6, John 1:9].
2020-7-01 Damage from My Pastor Father-Losing Faith: How do I handle the brokenness of my pastor father who has also damaged my faith?
2020-7-01 Mark of the Beast (Masks & Vaccination): Caller comments that the word "mark" and "mask" are only one letter apart and vaccines leave a mark, thereby suggesting that both may be reflective of end times persecution.
2020-7-01 Mark of the Beast Boycott: Caller disagrees about Steve Gregg's view of the "Mark of the Beast" and boycotting purchases. [Revelation 13:17].
2020-6-30 Lost Tribes: Are the "lost tribes" a result of the Israelites being pushed to the "ends of the earth" in Deuteronomy? [Deuteronomy 33:17].
2020-6-30 Social Justice & the Christian church: What is "social justice" and how involved should the church be in it? [Matthew 12:17-21, Isaiah 42:1-4, Ezekiel 18:20].
2020-6-30 Satan Bound for 1000 Years: How should one consider "binding the strong man" and parallel to the millennium? [Revelation 20:1-3, Matthew 2, Revelation 5:6, Revelation 17]. (Editor's Note: Answer continues after the break, in a separate call).
2020-6-30 The Millennium: Why is the 1000 years (the Millennium) not considered symbolic rather than literal by some, when it is clearly stated as a precise number? [Revelation 20:7].
2020-6-30 The Millennium & Satan being Bound: Continuation from previous call about the Millennium & Satan being bound. [Matthew 12:29, Mark 3:27, Luke 11:21-22, Revelation 20:7-8]
2020-6-30 Affirmative Action: Could you talk about "Affirmative Action"?
2020-6-30 The Chip & The Mark of the Beast: Why do so many think that the possibility of an implanted digital chip is "the mark of the beast"? [Revelation 13:15-17, Revelation 14:1].
2020-6-30 Affirmative Action: Could you respond to my thoughts on Affirmative Action which clarifies its inception and purpose?
2020-6-29 Bart Ehrman Video: Bart Ehrman thinks the Bible was just handed down from Heaven in immaculate form, & Steve asked who actually believes that, & caller points out that that is what his church taught.
2020-6-29 Leah, Rachel, Jacob & Laban: Was Laban always planning to substitute Leah for Rachel, or could it have been a last minute decision because she had not found a husband by then? [Genesis 29].
2020-6-29 Ordination & Seminary What is your opinion of ordination and seminary training its relationship to competency when teaching the Bible?
2020-6-29 Name Removed from the "Book of Life": What does it mean to have one's name removed from the "Book of Life"? [Revelation 3:5].
2020-6-29 Day of the Lord Symbolism: Do you think that it is possible that the "Day of the Lord" could include the 1000 year millennium? [2 Peter 3:8].
2020-6-29 Flexibility in Grounds for Divorce: Since the Sabbath was made for man, is it possible that marriage was also made for man, allowing for more flexibility regarding divorce? ? [I Corinthians 7:15].
2020-6-29 Sabbath Day: Is it possible that the Sabbath referred to in Romans and Colossians is not referring to the weekly Sabbath? [Romans 14:5, Colossians 2:16].
2020-6-29 Sabbath vs Sunday: Why did the Sabbath switch over to Sunday? [Romans 14:5].
2020-6-29 Anxiety & Guilt: Could you help me out with my anxiety and guilt, following quite an accusatory sermon? [I John 2:4, Proverbs 28:1].
2020-6-29 Living in Sin as a Christian: Will those that are living in sin still be saved - eventually? [I Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21].
2020-6-29 Pre, Mid, Post-Tribulation: Could you talk about the various tribulation views (pre, mid, post trib)? [John 6, I Thessalonians 4, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-8].
2020-6-29 Grounds for Divorce: Can you help me determine if I have grounds for divorce? [I Corinthians 7].
2020-6-26 Calvinism-We Are Not Robots: Is it not insufficient to say that "we are not robots" in your argument regarding Calvinism and the matter of free-will and predestination?
2020-6-26 God is Not a Racist - Insufficient: Isn't saying that "God is not a racist", an insufficient response to clarifying why God doesn't choose any racial group for carrying out His will? [Romans 2:5-10].
2020-6-26 Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Word of Faith: Is there a connection between the "Word of Faith" and the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit"? [Ephesians 1, Ephesians 5:18].
2020-6-26 Word of Faith: I sense that you have some hesitancy about the Word of Faith teaching. Could you elaborate as to what you think is wrong with it? [Galatians 3:13, Deuteronmy 28].
2020-6-26 Walter Martin's View of End Times: What was Walter Martin's view of end times? Was he a Historic Premillennialist (aka post-tribulational premillennialist)?
2020-6-26 Communion-Wine or Grape Juice: How should we handle the issue of communion, especially in light of those that struggle with alcohol addiction?
2020-6-26 Romans 11:25 (Olive Tree & Israel): Would you exegete Romans 11:25 (the olive tree, Israel)? [Romans 11:25-26].
2020-6-26 Steve's Favorite "ology": Do you have a favorite "ology" (eschatology, soteriology, etc.)?
2020-6-26 Supersessioinism: Are you a Supersessionist? Do not the Jews get a second chance as seen in Hosea? [Hosea 6:1-3].
2020-6-26 Creation: Do you think that plants were reproducing before the sun and the moon were created?
2020-6-26 Ezekiel's Parable of the Women: Caller comments on Ezekiel 16 about the parable of Israel an unfaithful women. [Ezekiel 16].
2020-6-26 Animals Vegetarian Initially: Do you think that Genesis indicates that initially animals did not eat one another? [Genesis 1:30].
2020-6-26 Guilt and Past Sin: Caller comments for the sake of those struggling with guilt over past sin.
2020-6-25 Ark of the Covenant Represents Jesus or Mary: Is the Ark of the Covenant a type of Mary, as the Catholics suggest, or Jesus, as Protestants tend to believe? [Revelation 11, Psalm 40, Galatians 4, Revelation 17, 21].
2020-6-25 Revelation's Woman Represents Mary: Does the woman in Revelation represent Mary? [Revelation 11:19, Revelation 12:1-6].
2020-6-25 Jesus Return: Do we have another 900 generations to go before Jesus' return? [Deuteronomy 7:9, Psalm 50:10, Psalm 90:4, Psalm 84:10, Revelation 20:2-7].
2020-6-25 Concern About Satan: Should we be concerned about what Satan is planning and doing? [Job].
2020-6-25 Job's Awareness of Satan: What did Job know about Satan and the meaning of his suffering? [Job].
2020-6-25 Christian Fundamentalism: How would you define Christian Fundamentalism? Is is a good thing or a bad thing?