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2020-6-23 Letters (Epistles) from the Disciples in the Bible: Should we not read the entire letter (epistles) when studying the letters from the disciples?
2020-6-23 Adopted or Biological Children of God: Are we adopted sons, or biological children of God? [Romans 8:14-16, I John, Galatians 3:24-25, I Peter 1:23-25].
2020-6-22 Believing in God-Without Doubt: Should we not know that God is real with every fiber of our being, rather than related to the saying, "I would rather live as if there is a God and be wrong ..."?
2020-6-22 The Value of the Church Fathers: Why are the church fathers important to us, since we are all fallible?
2020-6-22 Joseph & Potiphar: Could you help me understand the title of "captain of the guard" in the Joseph & Potiphar story, and if there are two people with the same title? [Genesis 39].
2020-6-22 Evidence of God for the Unbeliever: How can we convince others of God's existence, if we can't do it intellectually, and if the Holy Spirit isn't in them? [I Corinthians 12:3, Romans 11:22, Hebrews 3:2-12, I Timothy 4:1, 2 Corinthians 13:5].
2020-6-22 Jesus as the First Created Thing: Could you comment about Jesus being the first created thing, as the Jehovah Witnesses believe? [Revelation 3:14, John 1:3].
2020-6-22 Jesus, both God and Son: Could you talk about Jesus being both the Son of God and God, Himself? (Knowing God lecture series suggested at
2020-6-22 The Septuagint: Should not The Septuagint have a more prominent position in the Christian world?
2020-6-22 Proving Genesis' Story of Adam & Eve: Is there proof of Adam & Eve's existence in the Genesis story? (Authority of Scripture Series recommended) [Matthew 19, Matthew 24, Matthew 23, Ephesians 5].
2020-6-22 Hearing and Audible Voice of God: Did the Old Testament characters (Joshua, Gideon, Abraham, etc.) audibly hear God?
2020-6-22 Melchizedek Isn't Melchizadek actually God?
2020-6-22 Telephone Lines at The Narrow Path: How many lines do you have coming in?
2020-6-22 Wisdom About Giving to Charities: I am bothered by how much I am giving out of my social security check. Can you give me words of wisdom in this regard?
2020-6-19 Racism: Caller comments on systematic and institutional racism in America.
2020-6-19 Calminian: What is a Calminian?
2020-6-19 Hyper-Grace: Would you describe Hyper-Grace? [Romans 10:9, Titus 1:16, John 1:12].
2020-6-19 Steve Gregg - an Arminian Are you, Steve Gregg, an Arminian? And would you define Arminianism:
2020-6-19 Elder-Husband of One Wife: What does it mean in the qualifications for elders when it says "husband of one wife"? [I Timothy 3].
2020-6-19 Elders & Deacons: What is the difference between an elder and a deacon? [I Timothy 3].
2020-6-19 Male as Generic Descriptor in Scripture: Does the Bible use "he", the male gender descriptor, in a generic and inclusive way rather than really indicating a male is being discussed?
2020-6-19 Blind Man's Sin & Being Awakened to Sin: Is there a parallel between Jesus' response in the story of the healing of the blind man, and the story of Adam and Eve awakened to the awareness of sin? [John 9:41, Matthew 13:15].
2020-6-19 Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord: Doesn't this verse parallel Hosea 5, and therefore predict that the Jews will turn back to Christ? Matthew 23:39? [ Hosea 5:14-15, Matthew 23:39, Matthew 6, Zechariah 14].
2020-6-19 New Testament Parallel to Hosea: Is there a New Testament verse that parallels to and explains Hosea 5? [Hosea 5:14-15, Ezekiel 37, Luke 21:20-22].
2020-6-19 Righteous Man Escaping Capital Punishment: Is Ezekiel 18 referring to the righteous man escaping the capital punishment in the Jewish Law? [Ezekiel 18:21, Jeremiah 31:29].
2020-6-19 Mourning and Feasting: Would you talk about "Better to go to a house of mourning, than to a house of feasting" and its application? [Ecclesiastes 7:2].
2020-6-18 All Jews & Gentiles are Israel: Are the people, including Jews and Gentiles, now considered Israel in Galatians? [Galatians 3:29f].
2020-6-18 Jehovah Witnesses, Mainstream Christianity & the Elect: As a Jehovah Witness, I consider that how we read scripture is the primary difference between my faith and mainstream Christianity, particularly regarding "the elect". What do you think?
2020-6-18 Literal 144,000: Do you look at Revelation 7 as more literal or more symbolic regarding the identity of the 144,000 as Jews? [Revelation 7, Revelation 14].
2020-6-18 Deacon Qualifications: My church wants me to fill the role of deacon, but I am hesitant about the qualifications? [I Timothy 3].
2020-6-18 Influence of Catholics on the Supreme Court: Regarding the Supreme Court and the dominance of Catholics, do you think that they could overly influence the decisions of the courts and mandate Catholicism?
2020-6-18 Black Lives Matter & The Christian Ethic: Considering "Black Lives Matter", does the parable of going after the one lost sheep, relate to the cause? [Luke 15].
2020-6-18 Hosea and Prophesy of End Times: Does Hosea talk about end times and the second coming of Christ? [Hosea 5:14-15]
2020-6-18 History Surrounding Esther: Could you clear up some of the violent history surrounding the Jews in Persia in the story of Esther? [Esther].
2020-6-18 Jesus and His Baptism: Why would Jesus be baptized if it is for repentance, and Jesus is sinless? [John 10:4].
2020-6-18 Blacks Owned by Blacks First: Because the first person to own slaves was black (Anthony Johnson), we need people to know that this is not the fault of whites.
2020-6-18 Comment from White Mother of 8 Children Regarding Racism: Comment from a white mother who has 8 black children offers her observation that her kids have been recipients of racial prejudice and we need to be sensitive to the reality of this issue.
2020-6-17 God Limited by Lack of Faith: Is God's ability and power limited by lack of faith? [Mark 6:5-6, James 4:2-3].
2020-6-17 Messianic Prophecy to Come: What messianic prophecies are still to come? [Matthew 25:31-36, I Corinthians 15, Acts 1:11, I Thessalonians 4, 2 Timothy 4, Zechariah 12, Zechariah 14].
2020-6-17 "Father, Forgive Them"-Manuscript Variance: The "Father, forgive them..." verse does not appear in all of the manuscripts, would you speak to that? [Luke 23:34].
2020-6-17 The Twelve Disciples: Regarding the disciples of Christ, who would be 12th, after Judas died? [Acts 1:26, Acts 2, Acts 4].
2020-6-17 In the Beginning Was the Word Repeat: Is the second verse of John really a repetition of verse one? [John 1:1-3].
2020-6-17 Atheist Complaints About an Non-existent God: Caller comments that he doesn't understand how atheists can be so offended by something (God) that doesn't exist?
2020-6-17 Missing Years of Jesus: What is you take on the missing years of Jesus?
2020-6-17 About Jesus: Regarding what we know about Jesus life-did He read the scriptures regularly in temple, participate in the Bar Mitzvah, and was He a stone mason rather than a carpenter?
2020-6-17 Jesus' Limited Background Information: Since we know so much more about Roman citizens than Jesus, why do you find that acceptable? Why were we not given more information?
2020-6-17 Churches Contracting Marriages, Rather than Government: Do you know of any churches that do binding contracts for marriages thereby circumventing government interference? Comment on Covenant Marriages.
2020-6-17 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Could you clarify your position about remarriage on a previous call about when divorce is acceptable and marriage allowed?
2020-6-17 Thinking About Divorce Before Marriage: If someone is concerned about being afraid of being taken financially in another divorce, should they not be not even considering divorce?
2020-6-17 Speaking in Tongues: Is speaking in tongues the only gift that evidences the presence of the Holy Spirit?