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2013-12-11 Church not Evangelism: Caller thinks that church IS an evangelistic tool.
2013-12-10 Canonicalization of the Scripture: How were the books of the Bible decided that would be put in & which ones would be left out?
2013-12-10 Satan giving Jesus all the Kingdoms: How did Satan even have the power or ability to give Jesus all the Kingdoms during His temptation? How did he get them?
2013-12-10 Moses First Wife Zipporah: Whatever happened to Moses' first wife, Zipporah?
2013-12-10 Determining Who the "He" is-Daniel 9: How can we know for sure who the "he" is in Daniel 9:27? [Daniel 9:25-27].
2013-12-10 The Mustard Seed & the Leaven-Good or Bad: The "Mustard Seed" or "Leave" can be either good or bad. People need to use common sense to interpret them in context.[Matthew 13:31-33]
2013-12-10 God's (permissive) Will: Does God have more than one will?
2013-12-10 Accepting Homosexuals: How long should we accept & love homosexauls in the church before we tell them they have to repent? [1 Corinthians 5, 1 Corinthians 6]
2013-12-10 Judged by our Works: What are we judged by in the Judgment?
2013-12-10 Present with the Lord upon Death: It says in the BIble that we are in the presence of the Lord if we are Christians, but it also says that the righteous will be resurrected first.
2013-12-09 King James Bible: Caller wouldn't recommned the KJV of the Bible because there are too many errors in it.
2013-12-09 Book of Enoch: Has Steve ever done any research on the "Book of Enoch" & what does he think about it? Why hasn't it been added to the canon of Scripture?
2013-12-09 "The Cloud of Unknowing": Has Steve ever read "The Cloud of Unknowing" that really teaches a person to love Jesus? <Steve recommends the works of A. W. Tozer.>
2013-12-09 Learning to Love Jesus: Caller really wants to know what it means to love Jesus, & it makes her question her faith because she isn't sure if she does love Jesus.
2013-12-09 Using Civil Rights Leaders to Endorse Homosexuality: The caller's church is using Martin Luther King jr to support the homosexual lifestyle.
2013-12-09 Jesus Contributing to Drunkenness: Wasn't Jesus contributing to people's drunkenness by making more intoxicating wine at the wedding feast in Cana?
2013-12-09 Love of Christ: Caller wanted to comment about a previous call & the love of Christ. [2 Corinthians 5:14]
2013-12-09 The Amplified Bible: What does STeve think of "The Amplified BIble"?
2013-12-09 Musical Instruments & the Church of Christ: What do you think about the Church of Christ & having no musical instruments in the church?
2013-12-09 Wine being non-Fermented grape Juice: What do you think about wine in the Bible only being grape juice? [Ephesians 5:18, 1 Peter 4:3-4, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26] (Audio of the caller is a little poor, but important questions.)
2013-12-09 Homosexuals: We are supposed to love one another, even homosexuals, aren't we?
2013-12-06 "Everlasting Covenant" in Isaiah: In this passage in Isaiah, God refers to the "Everlasting Covenant." It doesn't appear to be either the Old or the New, as it appears to be worldwide, so to what is this referring? Could it be at the end of the world? Is the city referred to, Babylon? [Isaiah 24:1-6, Luke 1].
2013-12-06 Satan a Fallen Angel: Caller comments on his belief that Satan was Lucifer, who was originally an angel. [Job 1, Revelation 12]
2013-12-06 Cherubim & Seraphim: Could you talk about the Cherubim & Seraphim?
2013-12-06 Sons of God: Could you talk about what the "Sons of God" is talking about, the phrase referring to both messengers & men? [Genesis 6, Job 1:6, Job 38]
2013-12-06 Signs of the Moon Aligning with Jewish Dates: What does Steve think of the signs of the moons being related to important events that happened in history related to Jewish culture? He says NASA points this out.
2013-12-06 The "Election" of the Ephesians (to the Body of Christ): Was the book of Ephesians intended for individuals in Ephesus to be included in a larger group of those that were to be ultimately included in the greater Body of Christ? [Ephesians 1:13, Romans 8].
2013-12-04 Household Conduct (Wives Submissive to Husband): Caller wondering if Paul got his household rules of conduct from the culture of the day & so it no longer applies for today. [Ephesians 5:22-24, Ephesians 6:1-8, Colossians 3:18-24]
2013-12-04 Christians being Demon Possessed: Is it possible for Christians to be demon-possessed?
2013-12-04 Slavery & Modern Employment: Isn't employment better than the system of slavery?
2013-12-04 Infallibility of the Bible: If it's the case that the KJV translators got the word, "Lucifer" wrong in Isaiah, does that still mean the Bible is completely infallible & inspired?
2013-12-04 Morning Star Describing both Lucifer & Jesus?: So did you say that the term "Morning Star" was describing Lucifer as well as Jesus too? [Isaiah 14:12, Revelation 22:16
2013-12-04 Casting Out Demons & Being in a Worse State: Isn't the main point when Jesus casts out demons not to sin anymore otherwise you'll end up in a worst state? [Matthew 12, Luke 11, John 5:14, 2 Peter 2:21]
2013-12-04 Binding the Strong Man: You have to tie up the strong man in order for the demons to take over you. [Matthew 12:29]
2013-12-04 Eternal Security of the Believer: Do you think you can lose your salvation? [1 John 2:19, John 6:70-71]
2013-12-03 Dinosaurs in Creation: When did the dinosaurs come into the creation timeline? [Genesis 1, Genesis 2]
2013-12-03 Unbiased Scientific Evidence: We need to have an unbiased interpretation of science, not a preconceived idea.
2013-12-03 The Greater Glory of the Latter Temple: What is Haggai 2 saying, especially verse 9 where it talks about a greater temple? [Haggai 2:1-9, Acts 2:4]
2013-12-03 Mary's Age of Conception of Jesus: What age was Mary when she was conceived with Jesus?
2013-12-03 Tithing 10%: Where do churches get the idea that we have to pay 10% of our moneys?
2013-12-03 Blessings: We receive blessings from being in Christ & being faithful in little.
2013-12-03 Wrath of God: How can there be another wrath of God after Jesus appeased it on the cross? [1 Corinthians 11]
2013-12-03 Tithing: The reason you are not receiving God's blessing is because you are not tithing, you hear all the time. Can you talk about that?
2013-12-03 Working out our Salvation: What does it mean to "work out our salvation"? [Philippians 2:12-13]
2013-12-02 "Lived Not Again": Can you explain the people who "lived not again" in Revelation 20? [Revelation 20:5, Revelation 6:9-11]
2013-12-02 Rich Man & Lazarus: What is the best interpretation of the Rich Man & Lazarus parable? [Luke 16:19-31]
2013-12-02 Hank Hanegraaff's New Book: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff's book, "The Complete Bible Answer Book" that just came out?
2013-12-02 Lord's Prayer-"As It Is In Heaven": What does the phrase, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" mean? How so we know what heaven's will is? [Matthew 6:10].
2013-12-02 America the Last Babylon: Is America the Last Babylon?
2013-12-02 Dividing the Land of Israel: Did God say He would deal with nation's who try to mess with Israel? [Genesis 12:2-3]