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2014-9-12 Temple of God: Why are we going back to the Temple of 70 AD when Paul says that we are now the Temple, & that the Holy Spirit dwells in us? [Revelation 11:1-2, 1 Corinthians 3:16]
2014-9-12 Two Witnesses & Dating of Revelation: Would you say the 2 Witnesses are literal or figurative? They seem to be more literal than figurative when you read it, & i'm going back & forth on the date of when the book of Revelation was written. [Revelation 11:3-19]
2014-9-12 Judgment: Are the world AND the people going to be judged? [Hebrews 9:27, 2 Peter 3:10]
2014-9-12 1st & 2nd Resurrection: What are we doing the 1000 years if we weren't beheaded for the faith? [Revelation 20]
2014-9-12 The Angel leading the Israelites: Who was the Angel that was leading Israel out of Egypt? Was it Christ, a Christophany?
2014-9-12 YHWH, Yahweh, Tetragrammaton: Was God's name, which is the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, was in a specific verse in Exodus. Is this true? The pronouns that refer to God are capitalized. [Exodus 23:21]
2014-9-12 YUDHAYVAVHHAY, added to the Tetragrammaton: Do you have any idea what these letters, YUDHAYVAVHHAY, which was added to the Tetragrammaton?
2014-9-12 Granting Repentance & Arminian: How would an Arminian address the idea that God might Grant Repentance, which seems so go hand & glove w/ what Calvinists believe? [2 timothy 2:24-25]
2014-9-12 Don't Tell Anybody: Why did Jesus tell people that He healed not to tell anybody?
2014-9-12 Old Pastor Friend: An old pastor friend calls to reminisce for a minute, to say hi.
2014-9-11 Church reaction to Homosexuals: What should the church reaction be of people who are homosexual? Some have hatred for them.
2014-9-11 Homosexuality - Recompence of their Error : What does that a certain verse in Romans 1 about homosexuality mean? [Romans 1;27]
2014-9-11 Jesus' Course of Action (not following the expected program): Mary, the Mother of Jesus, knew immediately that it was God telling her that she got to have the privilege of having the Son of God & it must've been quite a miraculous experience, but during His ministry, she questioned if He was okay or not, wanting to take Him home. Why would she wonder that after she knew what knew? John the Baptist also wondered if He was the One or not during his suffering, even though he also had known. [Mark 3:20-33, Matthew 12:43-50, Luke 7:20]
2014-9-11 Pagan Days in contrast to Jewish Feast Days: Caller's friend is really against pagan holidays but thinks we need to keep the Jewish Feast days.
2014-9-11 Word equals Law: Caller has a friend who thinks the word, "Word" in John 1 is actually supposed to be referring to the "Law". What do you think? [John 1:1]
2014-9-11 Salvation by Grace: What if you forget one or two or a hundred or hundreds of sins that you didn't ask God to forgive you for? Is this talking about Justification or Sanctification? What about legalism, dotting every I, crossing every T? [1 John 1:9]
2014-9-11 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage: Isn't Divorce breaking a contract you made with God, & isn't that a sin?
2014-9-10 Pilate's Wife dream: When Pilate's had a dream about warning Pilate not to have anything to do in the role of Jesus' death/trial, why would God be the one trying to warn her since He's the one who wanted it done, since that is why Jesus cane down here?
2014-9-10 Starting point: Where's a good point to start studying the Bible?
2014-9-10 Steve's Wonderments: Do you have any questions you need answered to? Where do you go for your answers?
2014-9-10 Studying the Bible: What are some good resources for the studying the Bible?
2014-9-10 Martin Luther, Predestination, Calvinism & Augustine: So if Martin Luther believed in Predestination under the influence of Augustine, does that mean Augustine believed the Calvinism doctrine?
2014-9-10 Miracles in the Catholic Church: What do Protestants think the miracles that have supposedly happened in the Catholic Church, such as the Miracle of Fatima, Marian Apparitions? Does the Stigmata ever happen in the Protestant church? Do any Catholics speak in tongues like some Protestants?
2014-9-10 Kangaroos & Dingos: How did the Kangaroos & Dingos get separated from all the other animals?
2014-9-10 Races: How is possible for all these races to come from a single family of the same race? Caller thinks it's possible God created people of different races after the Flood, or during the Tower of Babel.
2014-9-10 Ron Wyatt: Caller feels Ron Wyatt discovered from pretty important, amazing, discoveries, such as Noah's Ark, Moses' Mountain.
2014-9-10 Chronological Order of Creation: Is my chronological order askew of creation? [Genesis 1-4]
2014-9-10 Male & Female God: We had some visitors the other day that claimed to be born-again Christians that said God was 2, male & female. [Isaiah 45:5, Genesis 1:26-27]
2014-9-09 Calvinist & Arminianism - God's Sovereignty & Free Will: You were talking several shows back about you only writing books that fill a void in an area, so is there any books that you'd recommend on Calvinism & Arminianism & God's Sovereignty & Free will, etc?
2014-9-09 Firstborn: Not necessarily the Firstborn in chronological order, but in status, a follow up from a discussion about JW's from the day before. [Colossians 1:15]
2014-9-09 Eternal Security - Once Saved, Always Saved: What is the position on Eternal Security? Can you lose you salvation or not?
2014-9-09 6th Hour or 3rd Hour: Why the differing times of when Jesus was crucified, the 6th hour or the 3rd hour? [John 19:14, Mark 15:25]
2014-9-09 Molinism Middle Knowledge analogy: Have you ever seen the movie, Next? It seems to be an easy example of Molinism.
2014-9-09 Shane Wood: Do you know anything about Shane Wood? He seems to hold the same view as you in Revelation.
2014-9-09 Pilate's Wife, Claudia: Claudia told Pilate to have nothing to do w/ Jesus' trial because of a troubling dream. Was she a secret follower of Jesus?
2014-9-09 Eternal Security & Dispensationalism: Where do you get the idea that all Dispensationalists believe in "once saved, always saved"?
2014-9-09 License to Sin: No one in any denomination really says that you have a license to sin as much as you want even though they believe in once saved always saved.
2014-9-09 Once Saved, Always Saved & Calvinism: Is once saved, always saved a Calvinist position or is it a doctrine unto itself? Is it an actual doctrinal position of church creeds?
2014-9-09 Jesus' Locations: When you go to Israel, Jerusalem, can you still see physical places Jesus actually was at?
2014-9-09 Peter & Rome: Was Peter ever physically in Rome because I've heard that he was neve actually there.
2014-9-09 Visiting Sites Paul Traveled: Can we still visit places where Paul was?
2014-9-09 Martin Luther: Like John Calvin did, did Martin Luther write out a systematic system to what he believed?
2014-9-08 A Prophetic Word: Could familiar spirits have a prophetic word for someone? The familiar spirit told the pastor that was trying to cast them out that he needed to tell somebody's husband that he needed to have forgiveness in his heart or he was going to fall for the woman of his dreams.
2014-9-08 Conversing w/ Demons & Multiple Personalities: What do you think of preachers conversing w/ demons as they try to cast them out of people & are people w/ multiple personalities demon-possessed?
2014-9-08 Forgiveness: The Pastor of the caller told him that you can't hastily forgive someone, that your emotions have to be in check. What does Steve think? [Mark 11:25]
2014-9-08 Jehovah's Witnesses: How do we explain certain key verses JW's like to twist? I was having a discussion with one about what a cult was.
2014-9-08 Creation: What is Steve's view of creation, the young earth & old earth? They've found dinosaurs bones.
2014-9-08 Forgiving a Debt: So following up on your answer about forgiving a loan, say you forgave them, & they came a week later & wanted to borrow another $1,000, if you don't let them, does that mean you're still holding the other debt against them & haven't really forgiven them or just being cautious?
2014-9-08 Adam & Eve & the Tree of Life: If the Tree of Life is a representative of Jesus, how come they weren't permitted to eat of it anymore? The Jews before the cross were allowed to partake of His body & blood, weren't they?
2014-9-08 Eating & Drinking Jesus: People were "eating & drinking" Jesus body & blood before He was even crucified, so how can people think they are actually NOW eating His body & blood in the Eucharist? [John 6:50-58]