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2016-6-09 God doing Everthing for His Glory: "I'm not doing this for you, but for Me!" God said [Ezekiel 36:22]
2016-6-09 Pharisees & Scribes Knowing it was Jesus: How come the Pharisees & Scribes didn't keep track of & know who Jesus was since His birth since the Wise men had no trouble figuring out who He was at birth?
2016-6-09 The Book, "Killing Jesus": What do you think about the book called, "Killing Jesus"?
2016-6-08 "Lest at any Time they should be converted": So going by Calvinist standard, "...lest at any time they should be converted…", why would Jesus have to hide His teachings so people wouldn't be converted since God already knows who's going to be His elect or not? [Mark 4:12]
2016-6-08 Inerrancy of Scripture: Caller's brother told him that Steve was saying that evangelicals going way beyond the inerrancy of scripture. [2 Timothy 3:16] (I think the caller is talking about a call from 6/1/2016, 7th Question.)
2016-6-08 Steve's View of Hell: Caller just got done reading Steve's book, "All You Want to Know about Hell" & wants to know if he has come any closer to what he beleives?
2016-6-08 Bart Ehrman's Reason for Doubting Scripture: Caller gives insight as to why Bart Ehrman might've stopped believing in the inerrancy of Word of God.
2016-6-08 Case for Traditional View of Hell: Sheep & Goats, Wheat & Tares, how can you identify these 2 different classes if the traditional view of hell wasn't right?
2016-6-07 Explaining Trinity to The Jw: What is the best way to explain the Trinity doctrine to Jehovah's Witnesses who don't believe Jesus is the Son of God?
2016-6-07 Salvation by Works: Mohammed Ali’s died recently, & there was inference about earning one’s way to heaven, salvation by works. Can you talk about this?
2016-6-07 Moses & Aaron During Persution as Babies: How did Aaron miss the execution that Moses faced as a baby?
2016-6-07 Hyperbole & Literal Interpretation: How are we supposed to learn Hyperbole verses literal interpretation of the Bible, when to apply it, & should we learn Koine Greek. (I don't really understand the question.)
2016-6-07 Charging for Ministry in Contrast to Raising Money: What about raising money to support a ministry as opposed to charging for ministry.
2016-6-07 Marriage Vows: Don't Marriage vows need to have audience in order to be real, verified, genuine?
2016-6-07 Impending Doom in Zephaniah: What can you tell me about the impending doom, that is talked about in Zephaniah & then having a chance for repentance? [Zephaniah] (Babylon Exile)
2016-6-07 Jerusalem originally Salem: Was Jerusalem originally called Salem or is it just short of Jerusalem? [Hebrews 7:1-2]
2016-6-07 Best Translation: What is the best translation, the Septuagint or the Hebrew Bible? [Luke 24:45]
2016-6-07 Misquoting from the Septuagint: Did any of the New Testament writers misquote from the Septuagint?
2016-6-06 Calvinism-Not Agreeing: What should our response be when Christians oppose our viewpoints?
2016-6-06 Homosexuality: Why would homosexuality get a pass when so many other sins do not?
2016-6-06 Being Born: If babies go to heaven, why be born or live at all?
2016-6-06 Jesus' Name: The Messianic Movement thinks they have to say Jesus' name correctly.
2016-6-06 Messianic Movmement (Hebrew Roots): I have a friend who's been pressuring his family members in the the Messianic Movement & wondering what they should do?
2016-6-06 Impossible to Sin: So when we become Christians, we can't sin anymore or be held accountable for it anymore? [1 john 3:9]
2016-6-06 The Government & Kingdom Of God Variance: It says in Isaiah that "the government shall be on His shoulders", so in light of that verse, how much are we supposed to pay attention the government & politics? [Isaiah 9:6-7]
2016-6-03 All or Parts of Bible Inspired: How we know if all of the Bible is inspired or only parts?
2016-6-03 Bible Written by God or Man: was the bible written by God or only by people who had a relationship w/ God? Pastor cites different creation accounts?
2016-6-03 Mosaic Law Harshness: Do we have to believe in the harness of mosaic law, all the capital punishment & so on? did they end when Jesus died on the cross then because we don't do those things anymore.
2016-6-03 Giants (sons) of God: So these were holy men, but I thought only noah & his family were holy during the Flood?
2016-6-03 Men of Renoun & Nephilim: Are the people of the Nephilim & the men of renoun the same or different people? {Genesis 6]
2016-6-03 The Flood: Why did God bring the flood? Did He overreact? [Genesis 6-8]
2016-6-03 One Spouse became Saved: I try to talk to my wife about Christ, but she tells me to quit talking to her about it, so what am I to do?
2016-6-03 Learning How to Pray: How do you teach someone to pray? [Luke 11]
2016-6-03 Women Submission & Angels: Can you please talk about women submission of covering their heads & the angels? [1 Corinthians 11]
2016-6-03 Elijah & John the Baptist: Trying to figure out the connection between Elijah & John the Baptist? [Matthew 17:10-13]
2016-6-02 Lucifer becoming Satan: I was told by a friend of mine telling me that Lucifer turned into Satan after being cast down from heaven with a 3rd of the angels, They all being punished by being sent to earth. [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2016-6-02 Jews Abolishing the Sacrificial System: Why did the Jews stop sacrificing animals after Jesus died? (She asked 2 questions, but Steve couldn't remember the second, & answers it later in the show: Why does there need to be a gate & wall in the New Jerusalem?)
2016-6-02 God changing His Mind: God changed His mind, & what do Calvinists say about that? [Amos 7]
2016-6-02 Walls & Gates in the New Jerusalem: Why does there need to be a gate & wall in the New Jerusalem?
2016-6-02 God Hating People: How can a God of Love actually hate people?
2016-6-02 Cutoff Analogy: Caller makes a humorous analogy about the word "cutoff" that was talked about in the previous show.
2016-6-02 Grace-Favor or a Power: What is grace? Is it unmerited favour or is it a power we are given?
2016-6-02 Doctrine of Imminency: Jesus coming back 40 years after the Nation of Israel was created, teaching His coming is imminent, Doctrine of Imminency. What does Steve think?
2016-6-02 Marriage & Divorce pre-Christian: Marriage questions about getting mzarried & divorced before becoming a Christian & now becoming a Christian, what about restitution?
2016-6-02 People Resurrected During Jesus' Resurrection: Can you explain Matthew 27:51-52 to me? [Matthew 27:51-53]f
2016-6-01 Day of the Lord: What does the "Day of the Lord" refer to? [Malachi 4:5, Joel 2, Acts 2, Acts 5, 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 2 Peter 3:10]
2016-6-01 Magi (Wise Men) Calculating Jesus' Birth: Using Daniel 2 & 9, how were the magi able use it or know about Jesus being born?
2016-6-01 God's Law: Caller is interested in talking about keeping God's commandments, His law, because he thinks most denominations don't care about the law. [Romans 7:1-4]
2016-6-01 Authors of Genesis: How many authors do you think there were of Genesis?
2016-6-01 Forgive them for they know not what they do: When Jesus said on the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", do you think they were actually forgiven right then?