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2015-7-20 Outer Darkness: What is the "Outer Darkness" referred to after Jesus get done talking about Talents & the Wedding Feast Parables as opposed to Hell? [Matthew 25]
2015-7-17 Steve Gregg's Lectures on Israel & the Debate with Michael Brown: In response to claims of Michael Brown, why would Israel come back together in 1948?
2015-7-17 John Calvin: John Calvin persecuted Anabaptists, & while it's true Paul persecuted Christians, he hadn't been a Christian yet. Doesn't believing Christ change you from wanting you to do that?
2015-7-17 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage question: What if the spouse who was NOT guilty wanted to come back to them even after the other person had been married & had kids?
2015-7-17 "Rees Howells Intercessor": Has Steve ever read the book, "Rees HowellsIntercessor" by Norman Grubb?
2015-7-17 George Müller: What about George Müller?
2015-7-17 The Christian Church - Disciples of Christ: Does Steve know anything about "The Christian Church", especially their views re: Baptism?
2015-7-17 God Uses People: God uses people whether Christian or non-Christians, God is complete control.
2015-7-17 Marriage & Divorce Discussion: Caller submits that the reason most marriages fail is because they should've never gotten married in the first place.
2015-7-17 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: After a divorce happens, even if the person is not guilty, should NOT try to get remarried to the former spouse, especially if they've been re-married & have kids, this caller thinks, according to [Deuteronomy 24:1-4].
2015-7-16 Christians Unloving Toward Unbelievers: Is it true that we shouldn't love anybody who is not a Christian? [Galatians 6:10]
2015-7-16 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage: After abusive behavior of my ex-husband and a divorce, I remarried, but am I now committing adultery?
2015-7-16 Azazel: Who or what is Azazel in verse 8 of Leviticus 16? [Leviticus 16:6-8]
2015-7-16 "Who do you say that I Am?": Why did Jesus so say not to tell anyone about Him or His works? What were the disciples preaching since Jesus hadn't been resurrected yet? [Mark 8:27-30, Matthew 11:1]
2015-7-16 Christmas & Easter: What does Steve think about Christians adopting Christmas & Easter as Christian holidays since they have Pagan roots?
2015-7-16 Divorce for Financial Benefit: Is it reasonable and acceptable to divorce because it's more expedient financially!
2015-7-16 Hell-Eternal Torment: Is it not against God's character to burn people forever & ever?
2015-7-16 Two Witnesses: Have the 2 Witnesses already happened or not? [Revelation 11]
2015-7-15 Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage Situation: Caller thinks his sister who got divorced wants to now marry the person she left her husband & he is concerned she is committing adultery.
2015-7-15 Tithing: Isn't the Church like the temple of the Old Testament, so what's wrong w/ Tithing?
2015-7-15 Religion vs Being Spiritual: We need to leave the Church religion & just have a relationship w/ Jesus, & if you were to believe the correct Gospel Message, you wouldn't be in any institutional church. What does Steve think of that idea?
2015-7-15 Mormonism (Mormon Caller): Caller wanted to correct Steve that he was wrong that Mormons don't believe Jesus Christ was God, that he must be confused w/ JWs, who are the ones who actually don't.
2015-7-15 NIV Translation issues: Caller heard Steve say that there were 2 verses that causes him to not use the NIV on a Biblical basis. Is that true?
2015-7-14 The Trinity in relation to the Mormon/LDS church: The caller wants Steve to extrapolate the Trinity when it comes to the Mormon/LDS church. [Matthew 3:16]
2015-7-14 KJV Only Movement: Modern Translations are from a corrupt manuscript, has Steve heard anything about this?
2015-7-14 Populate the Earth w/ People: Caller is concerned that is saying that Adam & Eve were not the first people on the earth because He created more people than just Adam & Eve. [Genesis 1:27]
2015-7-14 U.S. Constitution: Caller wants to discuss a few comments Steve had made about the Constitution a week before. There was a concentrated effort to get Christianity in the documnet. How are we Christians supposed to deal w/ the Constitution because it's the supreme authority of the land?
2015-7-14 Public Persona & Private Persona: Caller thinks his ex-wife acts like a genuine Christian in public, but when they are behind closed doors, anything but, & wants to talk about, "by their fruits you shall know them".
2015-7-14 House of Israel & House of Judah: Is this verse (Jeremiah) talking about the House of Israel coming back after coming out of Babylon, reconciling w/ Judah? Is there any evidence this happened? [Jeremiah 50:4, Hosea 1, Ezekiel 37]
2015-7-13 New Apostolic Reformation: What does Steve think of the New Apostolic Reformation?
2015-7-13 Catholicism: Are Romans Catholics Christians?
2015-7-13 Resurrection - Marriage will cease: Caller doesn't understand no marriages after Resurrection? [Luke 20:28-38], especially 34.
2015-7-13 Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD: Is there a verse in the verse in the Bible that talks about all the Christians being spared from the 70 AD Siege? The Jerusalem War, is that the same thing? (Jewish War) [Matthew 12:14, Luke 21:21]
2015-7-13 Moral but Not Christian People: What is going to happen to people who are relatively good people but never accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savoiur?
2015-7-13 Suicide: If a person who commits suicide, could they be in Heaven?
2015-7-13 Bob Dutko: Steve Gregg was in an interview w/ Bob Dutko, does he have an audio file of that?
2015-7-13 Manuscripts of the Bible: Were the Manuscripts just one long continuous words, w/ no breaks, commas, capitalization?
2015-7-13 Most Perfect Mate: We won't be married in Heaven, but we'll have the Most Perfect Mate, according to the caller by the Holy Spirit.
2015-7-10 Forgiving: Going to hell for not being able to forgive someone, caller is concerned about it.
2015-7-10 Forgiveness: Just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you have to be their best friend afterwards.
2015-7-10 The Crippled Beggar at the Temple: How many times did Jesus, if at all, pass this crippled man? Jesus knew he was going to be healed eventually but just not by Him. That gives comfort to the caller. [Acts 3:1-10]
2015-7-10 The Falling Away: Frank Schaeffer discouraging Christians from their faith, homosexuality happening, apostasy in the seminaries, all kinds of weird stuff happening. [2 Thessalonians 2:3]
2015-7-10 New Covenant: Some people think the New covenant has not even been established yet. Could Steve please explain why they would think that?
2015-7-10 Word, Logos, Rhema: Caller gives a little bit of his insight & gives a little interesting Bible study about Hebrews 4:12, but thinks that after Hebrews 4:1-11 take a dynamic shift in verse 12. [Hebrews 4:1-12, Mathew 10:34, Chronicles 28:9, Romans 8:27]
2015-7-10 Foundations: How do we get a Foundation that resists against the storms of life? [1 Corinthians 3:11]
2015-7-10 Renewing our Minds: What does it mean to renew our minds? [Romans 12:1-2]
2015-7-10 Chronology on the books of John: When was the Gospel of John written, his Epistles & the Book of Revelation?
2015-7-09 Angels Having Bodies: Do Angels have physical bodies or are they completely spiritual?
2015-7-09 Lost Tribes of Israel: What does Steve know about the Lost Tribes of Israel? Will they find them in the very last days?
2015-7-09 The Sheep & Goats: People making it to the Kingdom just by default, helping other Christians of human beings in general even though not Christians themselves? [Mathew 25]