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2014-11-12 God's Punishment to Eve: Why would God extend the pain of child-birth to all women since it was only Eve that sinned? Did He choose that punishment for a reason? Is it okay to use drugs to dull the pain during childbirth? [Genesis 3:16]
2014-11-12 God's Judgment - David, the Shewbread & Ahimelech: David deceived Ahimelech, so did Ahimelech & the city of Mob get destroyed because of Ahimelech giving David shewbread even though he was more guilty than Ahimelech for deceiving him? [1 Samuel 22]
2014-11-12 Affection for Others: If there's love in the Christian Church, why is there so much division? [1 Corinthian 3:1-3]
2014-11-12 Eternal Security: Like Steve, caller doesn't believe in Once Saved, Always Saved, & wanted to comment about that.
2014-11-12 Time & Annihilationism: Since there is no "time" in the spiritual world, doesn't it make sense that God is just going to poof the bad people out of existence?
2014-11-12 By Faith or Through Faith: In the end of Romans 3, what is the significance of "by" faith or "through" faith, if there is any? [Romans 3:30-31]
2014-11-11 Ananias & Sapphira: Why were Ananias & Sapphira struck down dead so suddenly? Was it because they lied to the Holy Spirit, which translates into blaspheming the Holy Spirit? [Acts 5:1-11]
2014-11-11 Augustine & Free Will: Caller contends that Augustine believed in Free Will even though Steve said he didn't.
2014-11-11 Origen & Free Will: Origen also believed in Free Will.
2014-11-11 Nadab & Abihu In your answer about ananias & sapphira, you mentioned Aaron's sons, Nadab & Abihu & I want to enhance that story. [Leviticus 10:1-3]
2014-11-11 Partaking of Divine Nature: What does it mean to be a partaker of the Divine Nature? [2 Peter 1:4]
2014-11-11 Reward for Obedience: Should we expect a reward for Obedience?
2014-11-11 Absent from the Body, Present with the Lord: A lively debate with an Adventist caller about the whether we go to heaven immediately upon death or not.
2014-11-11 Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit: Is there a difference between the terms, Holy Ghost & Holy Spirit?
2014-11-11 Preconversion or postconversion: Is Romans 7 talking about Paul's Pre-conversion or post-conversion experiences? [Romans 7:13-25]
2014-11-10 Predestination: What are your thoughts on this passage of Scripture regarding Predestination? [Acts 13:48]
2014-11-10 Lucifer as Satan: Who started first teaching that Lucifer was Satan? [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2014-11-10 Chosen because Predestined: People were chosen because they were predestined to eternal life (They talk about the Debate between Steve Gregg & James White had about Calvinism & Arminianism which had been re-aired in the last month.)
2014-11-10 Kingdom of God taken w/ Violence: What would James White say about the Kingdom of God being take by violence in the paradigm of Calvinism?
2014-11-10 Calvinism - Total Depravity: A Discussion about Calvinism, Total Depravity & Election.
2014-11-10 Sound Doctrine: What does Paul mean by "sound doctrine"? [Titus 2:1, Matthew 28:19-20]
2014-11-10 Calvinist & Arminian Debate comments: Discussion about the Calvinist debate Steve recently re-aired w/ James White & that the caller thinks that Calvinism works for him.
2014-11-10 JW's & the Word was A God: Can you explain the Jehovah's Witness NWT's Bible saying the Word was "a" God in the gospel of John? [John 1]
2014-11-07 The Bible: Who wrote the Bible? How do we know it's not just a story?
2014-11-07 12 Disciples Baptisms': Who baptized Jesus' 12 disciples?
2014-11-07 John the Baptist's Baptisms: Was John the Baptist's baptisms the same as the Christians' version of what baptisms are today?
2014-11-07 Getting Re-Baptized: Should I get re-baptized?
2014-11-07 God Lifting you up if you are called: What were you saying about being lifted up by God after offering your services to Him after He calls you?
2014-11-07 Believing that you Receive: What does it mean to believe that you have received what you have asked for in prayer? [Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24]
2014-11-07 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: if both parties who got a divorce both go into adultery, are they both eligible to remarry?
2014-11-07 Adulterers & David: if Adulterers can't make it into heaven, what about David & all his concubines? Wasn't he committing adultery?
2014-11-07 Mirror Bible Translation: Do you know anything about the Mirror Bible?
2014-11-07 Santa Cruz School of Ministry: Do you know anything about the Santa Cruz School of Ministry?
2014-11-07 Chosen & Calling: God choosing people because He knows they'll answer the call.
2014-11-06 Jesus' Suffering: Did Jesus Suffer so we don't have to?
2014-11-06 Remarriage: If you get remarried (for any reason), are you going to hell?
2014-11-06 Adam & Eve to Mt Siani: How was life before the law was given to Moses? How did the people live from Adam to Moses w/out the 10 commandments?
2014-11-06 Clean Slate in Marriage: What if I got married & divorced before I became a Christian? Is it like having a clean slate then? [1 Corinthians 7]
2014-11-06 Jews & Jesus: Will Jews ever believe Jesus to be the Savior the way He's purported to save people, will they ever believe that? (Asked by Michael the Buddhist...hence the word, "purported".)
2014-11-06 Old Testament Predictions of Jesus: What are some of the verses in the Old Testament that were fulfilled by Jesus of the New Testament?
2014-11-06 Why hast thou forsaken Me: Was this Jesus' human side, crying out, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?" [Matthew 27:46]
2014-11-06 666 & the Mark of the Beast: What does 666 mean? What is the Mark of the Beast?
2014-11-06 Arnold Murray & Shepherd's Chapel: Caller thinks the previous caller needs to listen to Arnold Murray from a ministry called Shepherd's Chapel.
2014-11-06 Rejoicing in Temptation/Tests: Should we be embracing what we are struggling w/ life, having temptations? We should just be rejoicing in them? [James 1]
2014-11-06 Declaration of the Messiah: (Disagreement call) Jesus said that He was Messiah.
2014-11-05 Calvinism & a Date Rape Drug: Steve compared Calvinism to something like a date rape drug, & back peddles a little bit.
2014-11-05 Glory of God: What is God's glory? Moses asks God to see His "glory", & said He'll let His glory pass in front of him, & we fall short of His "glory", & we are to do everything for His "glory", How do all these compare with each other? Are there different kinds of glory? [Exodus 33, Isaiah 43, 1 Corinthians 10:31]
2014-11-05 Rich Man & Lazarus: If you are transitioning your belief of Eternal Torment in Hell to Annihilationism, what do you do with the story of the Rich Man & Lazarus? [Luke 16:19-31]
2014-11-05 Remember Lot's Wife: Lot's wife was "taken" but she wasn't really taken, but remained, even though she eventually turned into a pillar of salt, so isn't there basically 3 categories of what happens to people, one to the righteous, & 2 for the wicked? [Luke 17:32-37, Genesis 19:17,26]
2014-11-05 Universal Reconciliationism: Who do you think the people are that we are going to reign over? Is it possible that this doctrine about hell is not so well know because God didn't want people to think they could do it?