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2018-8-21 Satan was not an Angel: Satan was not an angel? What is the difference between angel and cherub? [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2018-8-21 Generational Curse: How does one break the generational curse? [Exodus 20:5-6, Deuteronomy 5:9, Numbers 14:18]
2018-8-21 "Our Image": "Let us create man in our own image", why is it Plural? Trinity? [Genesis 1:26]
2018-8-21 Incognito Churches: Are modern churches changing their denominational names in order to conceal?
2018-8-20 Jesus in India as Youth: Did Jesus go to India in His youth?
2018-8-20 Lot Offering Daughters: Why did Lot offer his daughters to the men at the door? [Genesis 19]
2018-8-20 Thankful for the Narrow Path Ministry: I just wanted to thank you for The Narrow Path & how important it is to me.
2018-8-20 Bible Contradiction about the Number of Demon-Possessed People: There seems to be a contradiction involving a demon-possessed man. Mark 5 says there are 2 Demon-possessed people, but Luke 8 says there was only one. Is this a Bible Contradiction? [Mark 5, Luke 8]
2018-8-20 Trinity: Tying to understand the Trinity. "My God, My God, why hast thou forsake Me?" Why did Jesus have to say that to God? Why would Jesus be giving the Kingdom over to God the Father? [1 Corinthians 15:24, John 14, Psalm 22, Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34]
2018-8-20 Faith & Belief: We didn't have enough time last time I called about clarifying the difference between belief & faith.
2018-8-20 Trinity followup & Resurrection: Was Jesus somehow living IN the resurrection when He was here? [John 11]
2018-8-20 Age of the Earth: What is the age of the earth, young or old? How does science determine the date of things & interpret the data?
2018-8-20 Election: Doesn't God have to give us illumination?
2018-8-17 Lord's Prayer: Is not leading us into temptation talking about being delivered from the temptation of possibly not wanting to forgive people?
2018-8-17 Man in Linen: Man in linen and the wheels, & other weird things, can you help me out with what is going on in Ezekiel? [Ezekiel 10]
2018-8-17 Doctrine & Teaching on the Speaking in Tongues: Have you ever heard of the book Doctrine & Teaching on the Speaking in Tongues by Gideon Hereb?
2018-8-17 Fasting: How do you do fasting correctly?
2018-8-17 Secret Rapture: What are your views about the rapture?
2018-8-17 John the Baptist's Faith: Was John the Baptist's having a crisis of faith when he was wondering if Jesus was the Messiah? [Luke 7:18-23]
2018-8-17 Angels: Do angels have free will? How many angels did God create? If satan wasn't an angel, what was he?
2018-8-17 Familiar Spirits: My husband just recently died, & I've been experiencing all kinds of weird things happening, & I've been told they are familiar spirits, so can you help me?
2018-8-17 Faith & Belief: Difference in meaning in greek of the words faith & belief
2018-8-16 Old Testament Application: How do we separate what is for us and what isn't in the OT law? I don't like tattoos, so does that apply?
2018-8-16 Best Evangelistic Method: How do you evangelize? What is the best method?
2018-8-16 False Prophet, Anti-Christ & the Mark of the Beast: What is the significance of the false prophet, the anti-Christ & the mark of the beast?
2018-8-16 Biblical Interpretation of Psalm 45: Can you tell me how to understand that passage? [Psalms 45:6, Psalms 2, Psalms 45, Psalms 72, Psalms 110]
2018-8-16 Finding out your Spiritual Gifts: How do you find out your spiritual gift & how to use your talents for His purposes?
2018-8-16 Assurance of Conversion: How do you know that you are born again?
2018-8-16 The Beast of the Field & The Mark of Beast (Paul verses Saul): The beast of the field & mark of the beast, are they related? contrasting saul & paul.
2018-8-15 Catholic Catechism & Graven Images: Caller doesn't think Steve Gregg is right about catholic church leaving out graven images in the catechism. (followup from 8/13, 3rd Q)
2018-8-15 Existing in the First Place: If God knows we won't live for Him or if He knows everything we are going to do, then why would we exist at all?
2018-8-15 Doing God's Will: Can you give me some Scriptures that help us know what to do to live out the will of God? [1 Thessalonians 4:1]
2018-8-15 Jesus in the Koran: Is Jesus the same Person in the Bible as in the Koran? ?
2018-8-15 Protestant Bible & the Apocrypha: Why doesn't the protestant Bible have the Apocrypha?
2018-8-15 Couple Worshipping at Separate Churches: A husband & a wife not worshipping together, one preferring the catholic church & another one preferring Protestantism. i'd just like your thought on that.
2018-8-15 Not Worshipping Graven Images: Caller calls right back from the same show to clarify what the catechism says about graven images.
2018-8-15 Jesus Inaccurate about 12 Thrones: Was Jesus wrong about "the faithful sitting on the 12 thrones" because of Judas? [Matthew 19:28]
2018-8-15 Bible Translations: How come some verses in KJV of the Bible are not found in others?
2018-8-14 The New Covenant in Jeremiah: In Jeremiah, where it talks about the new covenant, where is the mention of the shed blood, where is anything that we know that the New Covenant consists of? [Jeremiah 31:31]
2018-8-14 Created to go to Hell: "Why would God create a population that would go to hell?", how do you answer this question to a person who is becoming an unbeliever?
2018-8-14 Obeying Civil Authority: If government is ordained by God and is supposed to be obeyed, how do we submit to it if it goes against God? [Romans 13]
2018-8-14 Sign of the Son of Man: What is the "sign of the son of man in heaven"? If it appears in Heaven, we will see it? [Matthew 24:30]
2018-8-14 Hearing the Voice of God in the Wind: I feel like I've heard the voice of God in a storm & am wondering if you have ever heard of that?
2018-8-14 Holy Spirit: At what point do we receive the Holy Spirit when we are saved? When will God remove His Spirit from us?
2018-8-14 Lost Faith: Caller feels he might be disqualified to getting back in the faith (a little bit disconnected)
2018-8-14 Being Born Again: If someone who is born again they can not sin, is that right? God doesn't change, so once someone has accepted Jesus, it's unchangeable, so someone can't loses their salvation, right? [1 John 3:9]
2018-8-13 Bible Teachers: Why do we need teachers if the Bible says we don't need them because we have the Holy Spirit? [1 John 2:27]
2018-8-13 Word of Faith: What do you think about Pentecostals/the Word of faith people saying that people will be healed, that it's a sure thing, & then they die? What about people receiving a prophetic word from God & being wrong & then being wrong about it?
2018-8-13 Ten Commandments Variations: What do you know about the 10 commandments of the Catholic church & the Protestants church? Why do they alter them?
2018-8-13 The Pilgrim's Progress: What is the theology of the Pilgrim's Progress? (Puritan, Calvinist viewpoint)