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2019-7-11 Can The Holy Spirit Leave: Can The Holy Spirit leave me, or become less in me, because of sin, or some other reason? [Ephesians 5:18].
2019-7-11 Filled with The Holy Spirit: How does one know if they are filled with The Holy Spirit? [James 4:2-3, Matthew 7:7-8, Luke 11:13, Galatians 5:22-23].
2019-7-11 America, Communism, Damage: How would you describe what is happening in America today, and the direction she is heading toward communism, from which I just recently escaped? And how this compromise is damaging families. [Proverbs 16:18, Matthew 10:35, 37-38].
2019-7-11 Saul & David: Why did David call Saul anointed, when God had already anointed David to be the king. [I Samuel 26:17-24].
2019-7-10 No One in Heaven: If scripture indicates that no man has ascended into heaven, what does that mean for others that were said to have ascended? [John 3:13].
2019-7-10 Bruise Serpent's Head: "Her seed shall bruise the serpent's head" is translated differently by some, can you help me sort this? [Genesis 3:15].
2019-7-10 "Mansions" & "House of the Lord": What do you think of paralleling the John 14 verse to Psalm 23? Is the "mansions" or "house" really our lives in relationship with family? [John 14:2, Psalms 23:6, Ephesians 2:19, Psalm 27:4].
2019-7-10 Forgive Them: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" appears to be translated directly from the Greek as "forgive them not, for they know what they do?" - which way is it? [Luke 23:34].
2019-7-10 People in Heaven Watching Over Us: Is there any scriptural support for the idea that beloved departed ones in heaven may be looking down and watching over us? [Hebrews 12:1].
2019-7-10 Christian Myth: Isn't there evidence that supports the idea that Christianity is a myth and Christians actually unknowingly worship the sun, rather than the son? (Non-believer calling about the differences between his Gnostic belief and Christian beliefs).
2019-7-10 Weapons of Warfare: Would you talk about about the weapons of warfare in 2 Corinthians and suggest some verse(s) that would helping us to battle the negative or sinful thoughts that come into our minds? [2 Corinthians 10:2-7, I Peter 2:11, Galatians 5:16].
2019-7-10 Philip Not Laying on Hands for Spirit Filling: Is the Philip mentioned here, not the same as the disciple, Philip, and why did he not lay hands on people to be filled with The Holy Spirit? [Acts 8:4f, 9:17].
2019-7-10 What is His Name: Could you explain what is meant by the phrase about "what is his name, and what is his son's name"? [Proverbs 30:4].
2019-7-10 Uzzah's Death: Why did Uzzah have to die when he tried to stabilize the ark when the people carrying the ark stumbled? [2 Samuel 6:7].
2019-7-10 Laws in Conflict with Biblical Teaching: What can we do about laws that are being passed that inhibit our ability to speak about what the Bible teaches?
2019-7-09 Heaven Now or Later: This verse says that no one has gone to heaven, execpt Christ, so do we go to heaven? [John 3:13, 2 Corinthians 12, Acts 2].
2019-7-09 Loving God: What does it mean when it says love your God with all your heart? [Like 10:27, John 14:15, Matthew 7:12, I John 3:18, Colossians 3:17]
2019-7-09 Greater Works (Miracles) in Jesus Name: When scripture indicates we will do "greater works", and can do anything "in His name", what does it mean? [John 14:12-14].
2019-7-09 Satan Bound: When considering a past view (A.D.70) of Revelation, when was Satan bound for 1000 years already? [Revelation 20:1-3, 12: Mark 3:27, Matthew 12:29, 28:18-20, Luke 11:17-22, Hebrew 2:14, Colossians 2:15].
2019-7-09 Claiming One's Rights: Should Christians emphasize and claim their own rights? [I Corinthians 9, Acts 22:22-23:11].
2019-7-09 Debating Catholics: Would you debate a Catholic radio host?
2019-7-09 Exegesis and Eisegesis: Can you clarify the difference between "exegesis" & "eisegesis"?
2019-7-09 Mary: What do you think about the answer I got from a Catholic about how could Mary hear prayers of more than one person at a time?
2019-7-09 Maccabees: Can you help me understand more about the Maccabees and the Maccabeean Revolt and the connection to Charles Martel and Charlemagne?
2019-7-09 Millennium: I was taught quite differently about the Millennium (7th Day Adventist view), so what about this?
2019-7-09 The Jewish Bible & Paradise: The Jewish Bible interprets the word, "paradise" differently in Luke. What do you think about that interpretation? [Luke 23:43].
2019-7-08 Not Getting Victory When Doing His Will: Could you help me understand why God was not helping Israel to be victorious when they were doing His will, and as He had commanded? I thought God would keep his people in His favor in that case? [Judges 19-21].
2019-7-08 Molinism vs Calvinism: Can you help me understand the difference between Molinism and Calvinism?
2019-7-08 Repentance and Judgment: Why do we pray for judgment of the unrepentant? [2 Peter 3, Ezekiel 33:11, Revelation 6:9-11].
2019-7-08 Age of Accountability: What is the age of accountability in the Bible? [Isaiah 7:15, Romans 7:9, Matthew 6:33, Deuteronomy 1:39, Genesis 3:10f].
2019-7-08 Full Preterism: Are you familiar with Ed Stevens and how he differs with other Full Preterists in regard to the literalness of certain events (rapture, resurrection, etc.) described in the Bible?
2019-7-08 Tribulation Saints: Who are the saints that the dragon is making war against in Revelation 13? I thought the saints were all gone in the rapture. [Revelation 13:7, 19:7-8].
2019-7-08 Zeitgeist, Zodiac, DaVinci: Doesn't the Bible really fit into the Zeitgeist, Zodiac, and Dan Brown & DaVinci postulates?
2019-7-08 Double-minded Man: Is the double-minded man in scripture referring to schizophrenia? [James 1:8].
2019-7-08 The Great Commandments: Are the two great commandments part of The Law?
2019-7-08 Children to Hell: Were you aware that the Pre-Augustinian view of the destination of children was to be consigned to hell?
2019-7-08 Nephilim: What happened to the Nephilim? [Genesis 6].
2019-7-05 Church replacing Israel: If the church was to replace Israel, why is it not mentioned in the Old Testament (old vs new covenants? [Jeremiah 11:16, Galatians 3: 14-16].
2019-7-05 Old Testament Saved by Works: In the Old Testament, were the faithful saved by works rather than grace? [Hebrews 11, Micah 6:6-8, Psalm 51:17, Psalm 40:6-8].
2019-7-05 Date of Writing of Revelation: Can you briefly review the evidence for both the contested dates of writing, before or after 70 A.D. (68 or 96 A.D.), for the book of Revelation? External and internal evidence contrasted. [Revelation 1:4,11:1-2, 17:10, 13:18].
2019-7-05 Miracles of Jesus: Why did Jesus command people not to tell others about His miraculous works, especially since He was doing it in public? [Matthew 9:5-6, 17:9, 12:28].
2019-7-05 Mormon Faith: What reservations do you have about the Mormon faith and their "promises to God"? [Ecclesiastes 5].
2019-7-05 Apostles & Disciples Distinguished: Would you help me understand the difference between "disciples" and "apostles" [Matthew 10:1-2, Acts 11:26, Mark 3:13, Luke 6:13].
2019-7-05 Apostles Today: Are there apostles today?
2019-7-05 Angels Free Will: So do angels have free will, as we do?
2019-7-05 Fallen Angels & Demons: How are fallen angels and demons related in the Bible? [2 Peter 2:4, Jude 4:6, Matthew 25:41, Revelation 12:9].
2019-7-05 Fundraising & Sales in Church: How should we view fundraising, sales, and such things taking place in the church building or Christian organizations? [John 2:16].
2019-7-04 Origins of Satan: Who or what is Satan? Caller always believed the traditional view that lucifer became Satan.
2019-7-04 Baptism: Should you get baptized in the name of "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost", or should it just be in the name of "Jesus"? [Acts 2:38].
2019-7-04 Baptism: Should you be baptized more than once? Or is it okay to be baptized more than once? Do you have to be completely covered?