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2018-2-22 Lent: Can you explain Lent?
2018-2-22 Satan in Ezekiel 28: Is it true you don't think Ezekiel 28 is talking about Satan/Lucifer? [Ezekiel 28]
2018-2-22 Pathway to Victory, Robert Jefferess: What do you think about Pathway to Victory and Robert Jeffress?
2018-2-21 Calling a Person a Fool if They Don't Believe in God: Is my son a fool for not believing in God? Is it ok to call someone a fool? [Psalms 53:1, Matthew 5]
2018-2-21 Grace: Has God Always Operated Under Grace?
2018-2-21 Pluck Out Your Eye: What does Jesus mean when He says pluck out the eye?
2018-2-21 State of the Dead: What is your personal view of the state of the dead?
2018-2-21 Jesus Carrying the Cross: Did Jesus fall down 3 times when carrying the cross? Did He carry the cross at all?
2018-2-21 Life in Other Parts of the Universe: Is there life in other parts of the universe with which God interacts?
2018-2-21 Tithing: Is tithing a biblical principle?
2018-2-21 Soul & Spirit: Is there a difference between "soul" & "spirit"?
2018-2-21 Covenant Theology: Would you say you follow covenant theology?
2018-2-21 Mormonism: Does the scriptures indicate that Mormons/LDSs are not Christian?
2018-2-20 Taking God's Name: Not taking the Lord's name in vain. Does it mean you are not to say the word "Yahweh" casually as the Jews believe?
2018-2-20 Vision for Church: What did Jesus & Paul have as a vision of what "church" is? Is the way we do church today just based on tradition?
2018-2-20 Abortion in Numbers 5: Is the passage in Numbers 5 describing an abortion? [Numbers 5:11-31]
2018-2-20 Appointing Someone to a Church Position: Should you appoint qualified people when there is an open position in a church organization?
2018-2-20 Remarriage (follow-up): If my wife leaves me, does that mean I am free to remarry?
2018-2-20 Authority to Forgive Sins: When Jesus gives the disciples authority to forgive sins, is this just for Apostles or all believers? [John 20:23]
2018-2-20 OT Sacrifices: Were the sacrifices in the Old Testament believed to be for forgiveness of sins at that time or just a covering for future forgiveness?
2018-2-20 Forgiveness: If someone doesn't repent, you don't have to forgive?
2018-2-19 Israel Covenants: Who is the root in verse 16 and does it relate to verse 27? [Romans 11:16,27]
2018-2-19 Vocational Guidance: How do I know what career God is calling me to?
2018-2-19 God's Knowledge: What did God mean when he told Abraham "now I know that you fear me" with regard to Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son?
2018-2-19 Salvation through Christ: Can you resolve perceived tension between the following biblical statements: salvation is through Christ alone, the only way you can come to Christ is to be drawn [John 6], God is seeking people to worship him in spirit and in truth [John 4]?
2018-2-19 Last Supper at Mark's Mother's House: If the last supper was at Mark's mother's house, why did they not know where to go and had to be lead there?
2018-2-19 Broken and Fallen World: We were not given a choice to be born. Why do you think God chose to put us in this fallen world?
2018-2-16 Jesus Learned Obedience: What does it mean when the bible says, Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered? [Hebrews 5:8]
2018-2-16 Jesus Interrogation: Is Jesus interrogation for 4 days in Mark 12 parallel to preparation of the lamb in Exodus 12 when Jesus was being investigated? [Mark 12:1-7]
2018-2-16 Steve's Notes: Do you have notes when you are teaching? [Editor's Note: At the time of this call, was not available, but you can now find all/most of the at that site.]
2018-2-16 Key of David & Binding and Loosing: What is the key of David and what are we allowed to bind and loose? [Isaiah 22, Revelation 3, Matthew16 & 18]
2018-2-16 Kingdom of God: What is the kingdom of God?
2018-2-16 Ethnic Complexion of Adam and Eve: Were Adam and Eve dark in complexion?
2018-2-16 Jesus Appearance: Caller thinks Jesus physical appearance must be attractive.
2018-2-16 Middle Easterners Closer to God: Do you think that people living in the Middle East were closer to God than we are?
2018-2-16 The Mother of The Church: How can "The Jerusalem Above" be the mother of Jesus and of those on the day of Pentecost. [Galations 4:26]
2018-2-16 The Effect of the Word of God: Tell me more about the Word of God taking effect, whether positive or negative.
2018-2-16 Wife Falsely Accusing Husband: What should the caller do about his wife who is accusing him of something he didn't do?
2018-2-16 Jesus Prophecy about the Catholic Church: Do you think Jesus was foretelling about the Catholic church when he said not to call people "Father"?
2018-2-16 Early Dating of Revelation: Is there any validity in the early dating of Revelation and its prediction about the fall of Jerusalem?
2018-2-16 Dating an Unbeliever: My daughter is dating a nonbeliever in hopes of converting him. If she were to marry him, and he is still not a Christian, would you walk her down the isle? [2 Corinthians 6:14-18]
2018-2-15 Tithing: Caller wants to challenge Steve regarding tithing. [1 Corinthians 9:14]
2018-2-15 Mass Conversion of Jews: What is your opinion of a mass conversion of Jews? [Acts 1:6]
2018-2-15 Eating Jesus Flesh: Commentary on eating the flesh & drinking the blood of Jesus. [John 6]
2018-2-15 Word of Faith and the Tongue: The word of faith teaching and power in the tongue. [James 1:26-27, 3:8-9]
2018-2-15 Worship & Christian Music: What are your thoughts on contemporary Christian musicians?
2018-2-15 Female Pastors: What are your thoughts on female pastors.
2018-2-15 Suicide: Is suicide a sin if you have a mental illness?
2018-2-15 1000 Years is as a Day: What does Peter mean when he says, "1000 years is as a day, a day is as a 1000 years"?
2018-2-15 Fig Tree & Olive Tree: Were those the 2 trees in the Garden of Eden?