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2014-8-11 Motivation for Jews in OT times: What would be the motivation for the Jews in Old Testament times if they knew nothing about having a relationship w/ Jesus Christ or that there was eternal life?
2014-8-11 Still having Tribulation: If Jesus overcame the world, & told us to have peace, why do we still have troubles? [John 16:33]
2014-8-11 Heart in the Bible: What does the word "heart" bring to your mind, biblically speaking? [John 14:1, Romans 10:9]
2014-8-11 Triune-immersion Baptism: How can I refute the doctrine of Triune-Immersion Baptism?
2014-8-11 Seeing God: How could the Israelites have seen God as a sapphire stone if people can't see God? [Exodus 24:10]
2014-8-11 Casting out Demons & Laying on of Hands: Is the Gift of Healing still a spiritual gift for today, & casting out demons? Shouldn't we really believe every word of the Bible? [Mark 16:15-18]
2014-8-11 Being saved before the Cross: How were people saved before Jesus died? [Hebrews 11, Romans 4]
2014-8-11 Bugs in Heaven: Are there going to be bugs in Heaven?
2014-8-11 Diet in Heaven (New Earth): What kind of food are we going to eat on the other side of the glory?
2014-8-11 Sarai being Abram's Sister: Why did they have to say Sarai was Abram's sister? [Genesis 12]
2014-8-11 Emphasizing Healing: What do you think about emphasizing the need for healing over Salvation? Could people w/ problems such as blindness, deafness, being mute, have to do w/ demon-possessed, & so they need to be delivered before Salvation can happen?
2014-8-08 Jehoiakim Co-regent w/ Josiah: Caller thinks it's impossible to get the numbers/age wrong, so yes, that Jehoiakim reigned together with his dad starting at the age of 8. [2 Kings 24:8, 2 Chronicles 36:9]
2014-8-08 Masonic Lodge: Caller thinks Steve & other Christians have a gross misunderstanding of what the Masonic Lodge is about.
2014-8-08 Begotten: The word "begotten", does that mean Jesus being begotten from the God the Father like it seems to say in some places of the Bible or is it when He was resurrected? [John 3:16]
2014-8-08 Shane Willard: Do you know anything about a Shane Willard? He uses Rabbinical Orthodox Judaism to flush out the New Testament.
2014-8-08 Masonic Lodge followup comment: Secret idolatry in hidden chambers in temples, so one should stay away from secret societies like the Masonic Lodge. [Ezekiel 8-10]
2014-8-08 The Middle East & Chaldean Christians: There's a lot of persecution happening to the Chaldean Christians in the Middle East, & nobody is talking about it.
2014-8-08 Nightmares have ceased: Followup about a caller having nightmares, & they just wanted to say that they are no longer having the nightmares.
2014-8-08 Secret Rapture: Caller can't find the "Secret Rapture" in the Bible.
2014-8-08 Millennial Kingdom: So did the Jews believe in a 1000 gap between the 2 resurrections like some denominations do or not because Paul, when he was before Felix the governor, said he believed in the same resurrection as the Jews. [Acts 24:15]
2014-8-08 Atonement - Christus Victor, Penal Substitution Views: Can you please explain the differing views of the Atonement such as the Christus Victor view & the Penal Substitution view? [Romans 3:24-26]
2014-8-08 Adam & Eve First Humans: Were Adam & Eve were really the first 2 humans since you can't get all these races from 2 people of the same race?
2014-8-08 Associating w/ Jehovah's Witnesses: What's your view regarding associating, witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses, like wishing them God Speed & so on?
2014-8-06 James being written to the 12 Tribes: So how can we prove that the book of James wasn't just written to the Jews & not to the Gentiles as well? [James 1:1]
2014-8-06 Jesus' Witness being True....or not: Why in one place in the gospel of John (John 5) did Jesus seem to say His witness is not true, but then in another part of John (John 8), He says His witness is true? [John 5:30-33, John 8:17]
2014-8-06 Bringing Glory & Honour What kind of glory & splendor are the kings going to be bringing to the New Earth, the New Jerusalem? [Revelation 21:24]
2014-8-06 Atheist Advertising his Opposition to the Bible: Steve, how would you respond to an atheist who is wearing a t-shirt that is quoting a passage in 1 Samuel that says, "slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, do not spare them"? [1 Samuel 15:3]
2014-8-06 Book of a Compilation of Q & A's: Do you have a book for sale of questions you've been asked & answered?
2014-8-06 Belial: What does the name/term, "Belial" mean?
2014-8-06 Deliverance from Reoccurring Dreams: What does Steve think of reoccurring dreams or nightmares the caller is having?
2014-8-06 Pastoral (Spiritual) Covering: Someone with that much power over you, how is that biblical?
2014-8-06 Angels or Men: Do Angels eat? Why do the words "angel" & "men" appear interchangeable between each other? Are they angels or men? [Genesis 18:1-5, 16, 19:1-10, Hebrews 13:2]
2014-8-06 Red lettering of Jesus speaking in a verse: I have a red letter Bible, & so shouldn't this print be in red because isn't it Jesus speaking? [Revelation 21:3,5-6]
2014-8-06 Reconciliation & Forgiveness: Our church says we need to forgive each other & have reconciliation before we can be prayed over, & we have these healing rooms. What do you think of this practice?
2014-8-06 Soul-Ties: Have you ever heard about Soul-Ties?
2014-8-06 Lent & Fasting: What are your views about Lent & Fasting?
2014-8-06 Praying to Dead Saints: What do you think about praying to dead saints?
2014-8-05 Being ordained to Church Leadership or Office: What about Pastors or churches ordaining people to church leadership, church offices & they don't work out? Are the pastors then somehow culpable? [1 Timothy 5:22]
2014-8-05 Pastoral (Spiritual) Covering: What do you know about Pastoral Coverings? Is it Biblical?
2014-8-05 Men Calling in on the Radio show: Caller is impressed w/ how many men call the show as opposed to women.
2014-8-05 12 tribes: Who are the 12 Tribes that are mentioned in the beginning of the book of James? [James 1:1, 2:1 & 7]
2014-8-05 The Book of James: Who wrote the Book of James?
2014-8-05 Righteousness exceeding in glory: What does it mean that our righteousness exceeds in glory more than the ministration of condemnation? [2 Corinthians 3:9]
2014-8-05 The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit: The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is that still be fulfilled, or was it fulfilled at Pentecost? Can it STILL happen yet in the future though? [Joel 2:28, Acts 2:14-21]
2014-8-05 Deliverance Ministries: What can you tell me about Deliverance Ministries, of delivering people from demon-possession?
2014-8-05 Cain being banished: Did Cain continue his lineage once he was banned? [Genesis 4:16-17]
2014-8-05 Jehovah's Witnesses: Jehovah's Witnesses are not wrong about EVERYTHING! They are right about SOME things!
2014-8-05 Knowledgeable in Spiritual Matters: What is the best way to become as enlightened as you? What kind of Study Bible, etc.?
2014-8-05 Deification (becoming gods): So we can become gods? I have an LDS background, & Paul seems to agree w/ that idea, didn't he?
2014-8-05 Sabbatarians: Can you explain what Sabbatarians believe, besides that they keep the Saturday Sabbath?