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2015-8-28 Dispensational Views: What would it take for Steve to change his mind that he's wrong about Dispensationalism? Like seeing the Man of Sin in a 3rd temple?
2015-8-27 Sacred Names Movement (Hebrews Roots): Does Steve know anything about the Sacred Names Movement? (His actual question gives more information than Steve's answers.)
2015-8-27 Day of a Christian in the Early Church: What were the daily concerns of the body of Christ at that time? What would be the daily life of a Christian during the Apostolic times be?
2015-8-27 Doing the Will of God: How do we know what God we are doing God's will so we aren't guilty of not doing it when He says that people who say Lord Lord were ever doing His will? [Matthew 7:21]
2015-8-27 My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?: Since dying on the cross was God's plan all along, why did Jesus cry to God the Father, "My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?" [Psalm 22:1]
2015-8-27 The Blind Man: Caller is concerned about the meaning of the application of the "blind" man. Is it a Parable or a real, literal Miracle? [Mark 10:51]
2015-8-27 The Will of God: Caller says that the only will of God is just believe on Jesus, the Person God sent. [John 6:29]
2015-8-27 Faith & Works (Saved By): God's work & our work, but we are saved by God's work, but maintain our salvation by our works, caller thinks. [Philippians 2:12]
2015-8-27 Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me: God was just looking away for a minute sort've like when your own child might be seriously injured, you just sort've want to look away even though you love the child very much. [Matthew 27:46]
2015-8-27 Jeremiah: Jeremiah doesn't seem to be in chronological order.
2015-8-26 Eschatology - the word Zao in Revelation: You say Zao appears 3 times in the Bible (Revelation), but Zoe 148 times in the Bible.
2015-8-26 Abaddon - Hades - Sheol: Caller would like to know the difference between Abaddon, Hades, Sheol.
2015-8-26 Aroma When Praying: Is it a biblical phenomenon of smelling stuff as a result of you praying? [2 Corinthians 2:14-17]
2015-8-26 Alcoholic Consumption: People tell the caller that Jesus only made UN-fermented wine when He did the miracle at the wedding. They suggest that Jesus would not sin by drinking alcohol. But caller thinks it might be just about not getting drunk.
2015-8-26 Lord's Prayer - ON earth vs IN earth: Caller thinks in the Lord's Prayer, the IN earth is way more important than the way they've been changing it to "on" earth.
2015-8-26 Salvation Clear, but Complicated: Salvation is clear, what it takes to be saved, what the gospel is, but all this other stuff is so hard to understand, eschatology, Calvinism/Arminianism, whether we can drink alcohol or not.
2015-8-26 Blood Transfusions: There's a group (JWs) that says we should NOT take Blood Transfusions. Is there anything against doing that? [Acts 15:20, 29]
2015-8-25 Alcohol vs Marijuana Effects: What about the effects of Marijuana verses Alcohol?
2015-8-25 Using Drugs (Marijuana) Recreationally: What are Steve's thoughts on using Drugs, especially Marijuana, recreationally since they are legal in the state of where the caller is calling from?
2015-8-25 Signs of Jesus' 2nd Coming: Were there any signs that were referring to both 70 AD & His actual 2nd Coming or is there anything that was written later by the Apostles that talk about signs to watch out for Jesus' 2nd coming?
2015-8-25 Genders in Heaven: Will there be male & female in Heaven?
2015-8-25 Olivet Discourse: The first chunk of the Olivet Discourse is talking about 70 AD & the second chunk it is talking about His 2nd Coming, is that right?
2015-8-25 Healing & Addictions Broken by Praying: Caller was cured by praying directly to God for Healing, for addiction problems & immediately victory & healing.
2015-8-25 Evolution: Can you be a true Christian & still be a true Evolutionist?
2015-8-25 W/ out Form & Void: What about the time that was w/ out form & void BEFORE He started creating? Could that have been billions of years? Between [Genesis] 1 & [Genesis 2]
2015-8-25 Tommy Bertoli Debate & the Future: Caller watched the debate between Gregg & Bertoli, but wants to know what Steve think is going to happen in the next 100 years according to the Bible?
2015-8-24 Partial Preterism: Time Indicators, "soon", "short", have to apply to the WHOLE book of Revelation, & not just apply it whenever you want, saying some things really are short & some things are a long time off. [Revelation 1:1, 22:6]
2015-8-24 Dispensationalism: Dispensationalists seem to "hijack" Scripture from the OT....claiming they are for the future, especially Israel claiming their land in 1948. Can Steve please comment on [Isaiah 11:11] as being a perfect example of this?
2015-8-24 End Times, Signs of the Times: Newspaper Eschatology, Nation Against Nation, Race Wars, Overturning Governments, Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes, how can we NOT think we are at the end of the world because all these things seem to be increasing? [Matthew 24:8]
2015-8-24 Two Phases to Jesus' Coming: It's said that He's talking about 2 different events, 70 AD & His 2nd Coming.
2015-8-24 Finding a good fit: How did Steve find a good fit for where HE fellowships?
2015-8-24 Healing & Charismatic Churches: Does Steve know of anyone who's been a deep Christian for a long time who hasn't been healed? [Isaiah 53:5]
2015-8-24 No Healing, No Faith: Some people think that if you are suffering from not being healed you are not strong in faith. [Hebrews 11]
2015-8-24 Talking to Steve After Show: Caller would like to have a private conversation w/ Steve in after the show.
2015-8-24 Pre-Tribulation View: There's a problem w/ what Dispensationalists believe because when they see all the Christians are gone, they'll get a second chance, witnessing martyrdom, & would do it right, but people for 2,000 yrs have been martyred & they only had a chance to know once. Or people might delay coming to the Lord because they think have a 2nd chance.
2015-8-21 Singleness/Simplicity: What does "singlesness" "Simplicity" mean in [Acts 2:46]? Duplicity.
2015-8-21 Catholics & Life after Death: What do Catholics believe happen to you after you die? Saints get to go directly to Heaven & if you were not a saint you have to go to Purgatory?
2015-8-21 Jesus & Tongues: Jesus was really into praying, but did He ever talk about speaking in Tongues? [Mark 16:16-17]
2015-8-21 Tongues & Prophecy: What about speaking in Tongues privately, just speaking to God privately & not publicly? [1 Corinthians 14]
2015-8-21 Pain Medication: Is it okay to take Pain Medication even though you are using a lot of it, & have the potential to abuse it & become addicted to it?
2015-8-21 The 3 Heaven: What is Paul talking about when he's talking about the 3rd Heaven? [2 Corinthians 12:2-4]
2015-8-21 No Resurrection, Most Miserable: If there was no resurrection, WHY would we be so pitied? [1 Corinthians 15:17-19]
2015-8-21 Spiritual Bodies: Why are we pitied though? We could be in Heaven in spiritual bodies?
2015-8-21 Judging the 12 Tribes of Israel: How could the Apostles be Judging the Jews, & the Christians even rulers of these people? How's that possible? [Matthew 19:28]
2015-8-21 New Heaven & New Earth: When Peter talks about a New Heaven & a New Earth in [2 Peter 3:13], is that literal in this case? "according to His promise we look for this", something in Isaiah?
2015-8-20 "Us" in Gensis (Trinity): Is the "Us" when God talk in possessive plura;, is it referring to the Trinity? [Genesis 1:26, 3:22]
2015-8-20 Creation Story in all Religions: The Creation story is in all the religions, so Genesis is not the first or original creation account (implying, so is it genuine?)
2015-8-20 Gays & Sex: Paul spoke on the subject of Homosexual sex, but the words he used in greek were ambiguous, so some gay sex was okay, homosexuals rationalize.
2015-8-20 Timothy Not To Neglect Gift: What is the Gift that was given to Timothy by hands & to not neglect it or stir it up. [1 Timothy 4:14, 2 Timothy 1:6]
2015-8-20 Son of Man & Ezekiel: Ezekiel is called, "son of man" many times, why is that?