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2014-8-06 Pastoral (Spiritual) Covering: Someone with that much power over you, how is that biblical?
2014-8-06 Angels or Men: Do Angels eat? Why do the words "angel" & "men" appear interchangeable between each other? Are they angels or men? [Genesis 18:1-5, 16, 19:1-10, Hebrews 13:2]
2014-8-06 Red lettering of Jesus speaking in a verse: I have a red letter Bible, & so shouldn't this print be in red because isn't it Jesus speaking? [Revelation 21:3,5-6]
2014-8-06 Reconciliation & Forgiveness: Our church says we need to forgive each other & have reconciliation before we can be prayed over, & we have these healing rooms. What do you think of this practice?
2014-8-06 Soul-Ties: Have you ever heard about Soul-Ties?
2014-8-06 Lent & Fasting: What are your views about Lent & Fasting?
2014-8-06 Praying to Dead Saints: What do you think about praying to dead saints?
2014-8-05 Being ordained to Church Leadership or Office: What about Pastors or churches ordaining people to church leadership, church offices & they don't work out? Are the pastors then somehow culpable? [1 Timothy 5:22]
2014-8-05 Pastoral (Spiritual) Covering: What do you know about Pastoral Coverings? Is it Biblical?
2014-8-05 Men Calling in on the Radio show: Caller is impressed w/ how many men call the show as opposed to women.
2014-8-05 12 tribes: Who are the 12 Tribes that are mentioned in the beginning of the book of James? [James 1:1, 2:1 & 7]
2014-8-05 The Book of James: Who wrote the Book of James?
2014-8-05 Righteousness exceeding in glory: What does it mean that our righteousness exceeds in glory more than the ministration of condemnation? [2 Corinthians 3:9]
2014-8-05 The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit: The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is that still be fulfilled, or was it fulfilled at Pentecost? Can it STILL happen yet in the future though? [Joel 2:28, Acts 2:14-21]
2014-8-05 Deliverance Ministries: What can you tell me about Deliverance Ministries, of delivering people from demon-possession?
2014-8-05 Cain being banished: Did Cain continue his lineage once he was banned? [Genesis 4:16-17]
2014-8-05 Jehovah's Witnesses: Jehovah's Witnesses are not wrong about EVERYTHING! They are right about SOME things!
2014-8-05 Knowledgeable in Spiritual Matters: What is the best way to become as enlightened as you? What kind of Study Bible, etc.?
2014-8-05 Deification (becoming gods): So we can become gods? I have an LDS background, & Paul seems to agree w/ that idea, didn't he?
2014-8-05 Sabbatarians: Can you explain what Sabbatarians believe, besides that they keep the Saturday Sabbath?
2014-8-04 Buddhism & Christianity: Michael the Buddhist defending his position on why he has never converted to mainstream Christianity.
2014-8-04 Fruits of the Spirit: There are people who aren't Christians who seem to exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit better than some Christians. [Galatians 5:22-23]
2014-8-04 Partial Preterist & a Futurist (Dispensationalist): Can you explain to me Partial Presterism & a Futurism (Dispensationalism)? You think most prophecies have been fulfilled that I've always thought still had yet to be fulfilled?
2014-8-04 Light of the Body: What does this passage of Scripture mean about the Eye being the Light of the Body? [Matthew 6:22-23]
2014-8-04 Christian Zionism: "Until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in", what does that phrase mean if Christian Zionism is wrong? [Romans 11:25]
2014-8-04 Genocide against Heathen Nations of Canaan: The Israelites in killing the Canaanites seemed to be committing genocide. Why would God permit this? In Amos it seemed more harsh than at other times. {Deuteronomy 20:15]
2014-8-04 The Blinding of Israel: What about the "Blinding of Israel", is that talking about Israel on a national level? Has it been removed yet? [Romans 11:7, 2 Corinthians 3:14]
2014-8-04 Hell - Universalism View: The father of aller believes in Universalism, that eventually, no matter what you believe, you'll end up in Heaven. What can I tell him?
2014-8-04 Honoring ones Dad: So how would you recommend I get along w/ my dad who says it doesn't matter what you believe, that the Bible is not 100% inspired by God because it was written by men?
2014-8-01 God Testing us - or not: Why in some places of the Bible does it say that God tests us, but in James it says God does NOT tempt us? Is it 2 different things? [James 1:13-18, Luke 4:1]
2014-8-01 Blood of the Martyrs: "The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church". Who said that, & what does it mean? I know it's not in the Bible.
2014-8-01 Sweat Lodge: A Native American invited me to a sweat lodge because I donated to them a cedar tree that was in my yard. Should I attend?
2014-8-01 Passover Story: Did the Angel of death fly over or did God Himself fly over? [Exodus 12:13, 23]
2014-8-01 Holding my Peace & Let the Lord Fight: Does it say anywhere in the Bible, "If I hold my peace & let Lord fight my battles" or is that from a song or something?
2014-8-01 Sweat Lodge: A follow-up to the caller that was wondering if he should attend a Native American sweat lodge or not, just tell them that you believe in the Great Creator but that you don't want to attend.
2014-8-01 Valley of the Dry Bones: When the dry bones in the valley were resurrected, does that mean that the people who were resurrected were given a 2nd chance? [Ezekiel 37]
2014-8-01 Holding my peace & letting the Lord fight: A caller wanted a previous caller to know where the phrase came from that he was asking about, "If I hold my peace & let Lord fight my battles", that it came from a spiritual.
2014-8-01 Rich Man & Lazarus: What do you think about the Rich Man & Lazarus, the story behind it? [Luke 16:19-31]
2014-8-01 Universal Reconciliation & Unpardonable Sin: How do Universal Reconciliationists deal w/ the fact that whatever the unpardonable sin is, Jesus said that it would never be forgiven in THIS life or the next age to come? [Matthew 12:30-32, Mark 3:28-30: 28, Luke 12:8-10, Ephesians 2:7]
2014-8-01 Eternal: How come Ezekiel doesn't consider Tyre as a big player, & what about the word eternal?
2014-7-31 Strange Doctrine & Deception: What can we do to make sure people don't become deceived & accept strange doctrine?
2014-7-31 Parable of the Sower: It almost seems like the Devil has power to prevent us from learning about God. Is that true? [Luke 8:12]
2014-7-31 Calvinism: Caller thinks Calvinism is getting stronger & stronger in churches, & we need to be aware of it.
2014-7-31 Love God, Love Neighbor & Love Yourself: How do we know that are not loving ourselves?
2014-7-31 Lord Mithras Some people think that the anti-Christ is going to be somebody who is hiding in London who's Lord Mithras.
2014-7-31 Wives submitting to your husbands: How far does a wife need to "submit" to her husband as far as questionable sexual acts? [Colossians 3:18-19, Ephesians 5:21-25, 1 Peter 3:1 1, Ephesians 5:33, Hebrews 13:4]
2014-7-31 Laodicean Church: It has been said that the hot & cold were believers & non-believers, & it's also been said that the hot represents hot springs & the cold represents cold, crystal springs, & God wants us to be one or the other but NOT lukewarm. How does Steve interpret His admonition to the Laodicean church? [Revelation 3:14-16]
2014-7-31 Ritual laws - Sabbath: Why in Matthew 12 did Jesus seem to endorse breaking "ritual laws", the shew bread & the Sabbath, but in Numbers, someone got killed for breaking the Sabbath by picking up sticks? [Matthew 12:1-4, Numbers 15:32-36]
2014-7-31 Hot or Cold Laodicea: Cold could represent something good as well as when its hot, like passionate for Christ?
2014-7-31 Satan an Angel: Where does it say in the Bible that Satan was originally an angel? a Cherub?