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2022-12-23 "Seed in the Belly of a Whore": Is there somewhere in the Bible that it says "it is better cast one's seed in the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground?" [Genesis 38:9].
2022-12-22 Legalism & Rituals: Keeping rituals and the Sabbath has made me critical and judgmental of others, can you advise? [Galatians 3:24, 2 Chronicles 16:9, Psalm 40:6, Psalm 51:16].
2022-12-22 Relationship with God: Doesn't God want to have a relationship with everyone?
2022-12-22 Understanding Parables: How were the disciples expected to understand the parables? [Mark 4:13, Matthew 13:11].
2022-12-22 Christmas Songs: Do you have a top 5 Christmas songs or hymns?
2022-12-22 Sleep-Metaphor for Death: Why do so many doubt the reference to "sleep" in the Old Testament?
2022-12-22 Soul Sleep: Seventh Day Adventist caller queries regarding "soul sleep" [2 Corinthians 5:18, 2 Timothy 4:6-8, Philippians 1:23].
2022-12-22 Praying & Reading the Bible: Are there guidelines for the right way to pray and read the Bible-and how often you should do so? [James 4:3, Matthew 6:9-13, John 16:23-24, James 1:6, Matthew 17:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Luke 18:1, Romans 1:9, Psalm 1:2-3, Joshua 1:8, Luke 12:48].
2022-12-22 Power to Call Down Fire: Did James and John actually have the power to call down fire from heaven to consume the Samaritans in Luke? Were they upset and angry? [Luke 9:52-55].
2022-12-22 David as a Priest: Is there anywhere in scripture that idicates that David was a priest? [Isaiah 13:14, Acts 13:22].
2022-12-22 God's Power: What is God's power-in His hands, His words, or what? [1 Thesslonians 2:13].
2022-12-21 First Resurrection: What is the ramification of the word for "having" being in the present tense, regarding the "first resurrection" in Revelation, and how does this affect the Dispensational view? [Revelation 20:6].
2022-12-21 Jewish Listener's New Book: Jewish listener shares information about his new book that is supportive of the Christian faith, but it is from the Jewish view. He also comments on the reason there was a need for the virgin birth. He refers to his book and radio show "The Bible Live."
2022-12-21 Addressing Jews or the Gentiles: Is Paul talking to Jews in Galatians 4, but then to the Galatian Gentiles in 5, regarding the grafting in of the Gentiles and them becoming under the law? [Galatians 4:4, Galatians 5:2].
2022-12-21 Impossible to Return to God: Does this passage means that people cannot return to God if they ever fall away? [Hebrews 6:4-6, Matthew 19:24-26, James 5:19, Luke 15:11-32].
2022-12-21 Hell-3 Christian Views: Which of the "three views of hell" discussed in your book on Hell, do you think has the most evidence? [Matthew 25:31-46, 1 Timothy 6:16, Romans 2:7, John 3:16, 1 Timothy 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9].
2022-12-21 The Two Shepherds at Christ's Birth: Is it true that the two shepherds were the first to worship Christ? [Luke 2:17].
2022-12-21 Marriage to an Alcoholic: What does one do if they are married to a hopeless alcoholic? Is that just the life they must lead?
2022-12-20 Amillennial vs Dispensational: Is Amillennialism, by definition, not Dispensational?
2022-12-20 Charismatic vs Cessationist (Filling of the Holy Spirit): Can you clarify the definition of "Charismatics" and if it involves a "second work of grace?" Recommended topical lectures; "Charisma and Character." [Acts 8-9, Acts 19, Acts 1:5, Acts 2:4, John 20:22, Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 5:18].
2022-12-20 Theologian, Spiros Zodhiates What do you know of the work of Spiros Zodhiates?
2022-12-20 Judgment-According to the Light Received: Can someone be saved if they don't fully understand Jesus, having limited light, but have sincere faithfulness toward God? [Acts 10:1-25, Acts 10:15, John 1:9, John 3:17-21, John 6:45].
2022-12-20 Faith & Grace: Do we supply the faith, and God supplies the grace? [Romans 5:2, Ephesians 2:8-9].
2022-12-20 Grace Is grace free? [Romans 4:4].
2022-12-20 Marriage & Divorce: If a woman married the wrong guy, can she divorce him, and marry the one the Lord wanted her to marry? [Psalm 15:4, Matthew 7:21-23].
2022-12-20 Faith: How do we get "faith"? [2 Thessalonians 2:11, John 7:17].
2022-12-20 Abuse & Divorce: If you are unequally yoked, what are the scriptures that indicate that you should not leave your spouse? [1 Corinthians 7:12-15].
2022-12-19 Contrary to Counsel: Is it still your own responsibility to make your best judgment regarding a decision regardless of a Christian leader's counsel? [Psalm 1:1].
2022-12-19 Wisdom in Decision-making: What decisions are the best ones on which to "wait on God" or does God step-in when necessary and intercede if He wishes? [Ephesians 5:17, Proverbs 3:5-6].
2022-12-19 Torah Observance for Christians: Can you give me some insight in responding to someone who has just become "Torah Observance?" Recommended topical lectures; "Torah Observance." [Galatians 5:4, James 2:10].
2022-12-19 Names; "Immanuel/Emmanuel" & "Jesus": Can you clarify the two names; "Jesus" and "Immanuel/Emmanuel"? [Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 7:14, Jeremiah 23:6, Exodus 34:5-7].
2022-12-19 Celebrating Christmas: Would you talk about Christians celebrating Christmas? [Colossians 2:16-17, Hebrews 8:13, Galatians 4:10, Galatians 5:4].
2022-12-19 Christians Need Not Become Jewish: At the "Jerusalem Council" [Acts15, 1 Corinthians 9:21, Luke 9:35, Mark 9:7].
2022-12-19 Rising "Again:" Can you explain the implication of the word "again" in the verse about Jesus' resurrection in Mark 10? [Mark 10:34].
2022-12-19 Hearing Jesus (or God): Do we hear Jesus today through His written word, instead of as the disciples did? [2 Corinthians 5:15-17, John 8:31].
2022-12-19 Steve's Email Address: Steve gives his email address;
2022-12-19 Steve Gregg's Salvation in Question: Are you saying that you are unsure of your salvation because you think that you could lose it and go to the Lake of Fire?
2022-12-16 Government Authority: Could you comment on the Romans 13 passage about government authority? [Romans 13:1-4, Matthew 28:18, 1 Peter 2:13-14, John 19:11].
2022-12-16 "Pre-Wrath" Rapture: Can you debunk the "pre-wrath" view of Revelatlion? [Revelation 16, John 6:39-40, John 6:44, John 6:54].
2022-12-16 The Saints in Revelation: Who are the Saints in Heaven in Revelation? [Revelation 7:9-17].
2022-12-16 Jesus' Return with Angels: Why do you think that saints will come back with the angels when Jesus returns? [Matthew 25:31, Matthew 16:27, Philippians 1, 2 Corinthians 5].
2022-12-16 Anthropomorphism & Delayed Judgment in Chronicles: Could you clarify "anthropomorphic" language and if it applies to the delayed judgment in 2 Chronicles? [2 Chronicles 12:5-7, Jeremiah 18:7-10, Genesis 3:9, Genesis 18:21].
2022-12-16 Earth's Continental Shift: Do you think that the scripture about "the earth divided' is about when there was continental shift that split the land mass? [Genesis 10:25].
2022-12-16 Transgender Caller: "Why Me, and How"? Transgender caller shares how he has awakened since his conversion, but still struggles with how he seemed to be gay as a very young child and asks "Did God curse some of us that made us gay?" [Romans 1:24-28, Romans 12:2].
2022-12-16 Government Authority: Caller disagrees with Steve, suggesting that we owe government more submission than Steve indicated in an earlier call.
2022-12-15 Church Stage & Altar When did we establish the church traditions with the stage and altar?
2022-12-15 The Twelve & the Great Commission: Wasn't Jesus talking to the twelve, rather than us, when he commanded them to go teach everything He commanded? [Matthew 28:18-20, 1 Timothy 6, 1 Corinthians 15, Acts 1:8, Ephesians 4, Matthew 15:24, John 10:16, Romans 10:12, John 14-16, Matthew 19:28].
2022-12-15 Describing Demons & Monsters: How would you describe demons to a child? How do we recognize them? Recommended topical lecture; "Spiritual Warfare"-lecture; "Demom Possession." [1 Timothy 4:1, John 8:44].
2022-12-15 144,000: I am fuzzy on the 144,000 in Revelation, can you clarify? [Revelation 14, Revelation 7, Hebrews 12:23].
2022-12-15 Allegiance in Politics: Caller shares how he was drawn to listen to the show because of Steve saying that he was not partisan in his politics, but his allegiance was to God.