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2019-12-04 Third Heaven: What is Paul referring to when he spoke of being caught up to the "third heaven"? [2 Corinthians 12:2, Genesis 1:1,
2019-12-04 Prophecy about Damascus: Do you think what is happening today relates to the prophecy about Damascus in Isaiah? [Isaiah 17:1, 8, Isaiah Chapters, 13-23].
2019-12-04 Jesus' Birth date: What do you think about this idea for dating the birth of Jesus? [Genesis 17, Leviticus 23:24].
2019-12-04 How Many Traveled with Jesus? Do you know how many people were traveling with Jesus? [Luke 10].
2019-12-04 Christmas Celebration Caller comments on when to celebrate Christmas and suggests that celebrating tends to reflect doubt. [Romans 14:5].
2019-12-03 Elect Angels: When Paul refers to the angels as elect, just who does he mean, and how are they elect? [I Timothy 5:21, Jude 6, 2 Peter 2:4].
2019-12-03 Praying Souls from Purgatory into Heaven: Is there any biblical reason to believe that people can be prayed out of purgatory and into heaven? [2 Maccabees, I John 5:16].
2019-12-03 Suicide of a Believer: If a born-again believer takes their own life, will they go to heaven or hell? [Galatians 5:4-6, James 2, 3:2, I John 3:15, Job 5:7].
2019-12-03 Evidence that Jesus Was God: What scripture would you use to convince people that Jesus was actually God? [John 1:1, 14, Exodus 3:1-17, Psalm 137, Genesis 18:1, 32:24, I Timothy 3:16, John 14:9, Luke 1:34-35].
2019-12-03 Healing from Revelation's Tree of Life: What does the "healing of the nations" mean in the verse about eating of the tree of life in Revelation? [Revelation 20, 22:2, Ezekiel, Genesis 3, Ephesians 2:14].
2019-12-03 Jesus as Miracle-worker: Does prophetic scripture say that Jesus would be a miracle worker? [Isaiah 53:4, 35:5, Matthew 8:17, Matthew 11:2-6].
2019-12-03 Jesus Born Sinless: If Jesus was born of Mary, then how does one determine He was born sinless?
2019-12-03 Tongues Speaking Authenticity: Is there some criteria to determine the authenticity of a tongues speaker? [I Corinthians 14:27-28].
2019-12-03 None Good but God: Why did Jesus question those that called Him good, and say there is "none good, but God"? [Matthew 19:17].
2019-12-03 Christians Fasting: Should we be fasting? If so, how and when? [Matthew 9:15, Luke 5:35, Matthew 6:16].
2019-12-02 Two Swords Sufficient: Why were two swords sufficient? [Luke 22:38].
2019-12-02 Wood, Hay, Stubble: Would you help me understand what Paul means by building with wood, hay, stubble, gold, & precious stones? [I Corinthians 3:6-12].
2019-12-02 Total Depravity: What would you present as the best brief argument against "total depravity"? [Acts 10, 16, Romans 9,10,11].
2019-12-02 Jesus-a Celebrity: Do you think that Jesus was a Celebrity?
2019-12-02 Man of Lawlessness: When scripture says that the "man of lawlessness" will sit in the temple of God, who is it referring to? [2 Thessalonians 2:4, Matthew 23, I Corinthians 3:16, 6:16].
2019-12-02 Full-Preterist View: How do those that adhere to a "Full-Preterist" view see events unfolding in the future? [Matthew 24:2f, Luke 19:10, Romans 8, 2 Peter 3, Revelation 21].
2019-12-02 Salted with Fire: Would you elaborate on the scripture about "salted with fire" [Mark 4:49, Leviticus 2:13, Malachi 4:1, 3:16-17, I Corinthians 3].
2019-12-02 Lazarus & The Rich Man: Have you been able to verify that Jesus borrowed the motif for the story of Lazarus & The Rich Man from Rabbinic teachings?
2019-11-27 "Dang it": Are minced oaths, like "dang it," blasphemous?
2019-11-27 Angel's Ministry: Would you talk about the ministry of angels and their tasks in our behalf? [Hebrews 1:14, Psalms 34, 91:11-12, Matthew 26:53, Isaiah 37:36, 2 Kings 19:35].
2019-11-27 Demons, Extra-Terrestrials & UFOs: What do you think about the possibility of extra-terrestrial beings and UFOs? Are they possibly demons?
2019-11-27 Sexual Sin Door to Demons: Is sexual sin a doorway that opens one to demons? [Hosea 5:4, I Corinthians 5].
2019-11-27 Shekinah Glory: What can you tell me about the Shekinah?
2019-11-27 Communion or The Lord's Supper: Do you think that regular shared meals with Christians is actually communion as practiced in the Bible? [I Corinthians 11:24-25].
2019-11-27 Homosexual Elder: How do I think about my church electing an elder that is a man married to another man? [Matthew 19, I Corinthians 5, Romans 12:2].
2019-11-27 Religious Practices-Eastern Orthodox & Catholic: Is there much of a difference between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic practices and then how do those relate to the original Biblical practices?
2019-11-27 Priesthood: What is the word for religions that have a priesthood (Sacerdotal).
2019-11-27 Paul-an Imposter: Was Paul really a fake trying to infiltrate and damage the faith, as some claim? [Acts 15, 2 Peter 3:15-16].
2019-11-26 Communion-a Sacrifice & Passover: Do you not think that scripture supports the idea that the communion meal is a sacrifice? [I Corinthians 14:10f, Ezekiel 41:22, 44:16, Malachi 11, 1:7, 12].
2019-11-26 Heaven Coming Down: Do you think that the description of heaven coming down to earth is a literal event? [Revelation 21, Matthew 24].
2019-11-26 Our Faith Heals: Can we appropriate healing by faith?
2019-11-26 Time of Crucifixion: Caller suggests how to determine Wednesday as the day of the crucifixion. [Daniel 9:27, John 19:31].
2019-11-26 Keeping the Sabbath-on Sunday: Why would the requirement to keep the Sabbath not be continued into Christianity? [Matthew 5:20, 23:23, I Corinthians 14, Romans 14:5].
2019-11-26 Hard Working Poor People: Is it possible for people to work really hard and still be poor? Isn't it reasonable for us to expect an average lifestyle provided by God? [James 2:5, Luke 6:24-26, 12:13-21, Matthew 6:33].
2019-11-25 Reading Through the Bible: How often should one read through the Bible and should the emphasis be more on the New or Old Testaments?
2019-11-25 Baptized in Water & Spirit: Do you still need to be baptized in public and does it need to be water baptized, if we are already baptized with the spirit? [Luke 3:16, Acts 2:38, Acts 10].
2019-11-25 Sabbath Nullified: Did Jesus nullify the Sabbath? [John 5:17f].
2019-11-25 Shift from Evangelical Churches to Liturgical Churches: Would you talk a little bit about many Christians moving into more formal & liturgical denominations, like Eastern Orthodoxy & Catholicism?
2019-11-25 Roots of Relationships with God: Where did Christianity and relationships with God actually begin? [Hebrews 11].
2019-11-25 The First Relationships with God: Where did relationships with God begin? [Hebrews 11, Romans 8:14].
2019-11-25 Healing with One's Tongue: What do you think about someone who claims to heal by putting their tongue in another's mouth in order to heal?
2019-11-25 Full-Preterist & Don Preston: Would you talk a little bit about Don Preston, your debate with him, and Full-Preterism? Do you think it is a heresy? [Revelation 21, Matthew 24].
2019-11-22 Death, Resurrected Bodies & Soul Sleep: Scripture never supports the idea of re-energized resurrected bodies after we die, so why to you suggest that? [I Corinthians 15:20-24, Job 14, 19, Psalm 173:4, 146:4, Daniel, Ecclesiastes 9:5, II Kings, Revelation 6, 20,John 11:17-44, 5:24, 2 Corinthians 5:8, Philippians 1:23].
2019-11-22 Yoga Taught in Public School: What do you think of our daughter's public school teaching yoga?
2019-11-22 Demon Possession & Exorcism: What do you think about the church's avoidance of dealing with demon possession? Do you have any particularly good resources for deliverance ministries, etc.?